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pitillogood morning00:56
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thrice`    interesting08:51
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marco82Hi Folks. For some reasons I like to downgrade the current ruby 1.9.1-p378 port to a 1.8.x version. What would be the most reasonable way to do that in Crux. Didn't find that in Documentation. Thx09:46
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teK_create a new repo /usr/ports/foo09:47
teK_copy the ruby port from opt09:47
teK_change version to 1.8.x ..09:48
teK_put /usr/ports/foo before /usr/ports/opt in your prt-get.conf09:48
teK_prt-get cache09:48
teK_&& be happy09:48
marco82Ok, so it's about recreating the port manually? I thought there might be a official downgrade feature or something..09:49
teK_for this to work the ruby port has to be functional with 1.8.x as it is with 1.9.1 (things change from time to time)09:49
teK_you are right09:49
estersHi, has anyome managed to boot CRUX on a LVM2 parition, I compiled the driver (dm_mod) as built in but it doesnt want to mount it says that it cant found the root device on (hd0,0) but its actually on (hd0,2)09:50
marco82Thanks teK_09:50
teK_esters: I think you need to use an initrd if your / is a lvm2-thingy09:51
estersmkinitrd ?09:51
teK_yeah, though I don't think there's means in CRUX to do this in a easy way09:54
estersOh goodie09:54
estersWell LVM didnt work on CRUX too09:55
estersI had to create volumes on Arch Linux09:55
estersAnd then install it as usual09:55
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