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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wireshark: updated to
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thrice`what a stupid concept mowing my lawn is11:06
frinnstpavement ftw11:10
thrice`I couldn't agree more.  I'd even be willing to paint it green :>11:10
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joacim_this is why i got a goat11:52
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frinnstengland - us13:28
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prologicso what am I missing here in my kernel damnit :)15:58
prologicext3 is compiled in15:58
prologicthe Intel PIIx4 driver is compiled in (IDE driver)15:59
prologicam I missing something else ?15:59
luxhthat you formatted / as ReiserFS?15:59
prologichuh no16:00
prologiclilo keeps complinaing of an unknown block16:00
prologicwhat am I missing in the Device Drivers section ?16:01
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* prologic tries again16:03
prologicmaybe it'e ATA support I need16:03
prologicand not Serial ATA16:03
thrice`libata does IDE these days too16:16
prologicby libata you mean the ATA/... stuff16:17
prologicas opposed to Serial ATA16:17
prologicI just selected the wrong set of drivers I suppose16:17
prologicno idea how the two differ really or what the other is for16:17
thrice`right, config_ata  or so?16:17
luxhworks now?16:18
prologicworks now yes16:19
prologicI'm referring to menu items in menuconfig btw16:20
prologicI always use make menuconfig16:20
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jamesmillshi guys (this is annoying as hell) but have small Xorg problem (again)18:40
jamesmills(EE) module ABI major version (2) doesn't match the server's version (3)18:40
jamesmills(EE) Failed to load module "dri" (module requirement mismatch, 0)18:40
jamesmillsI just rebuild xorg-server and the evdev driver (after xorg-server)18:40
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qid[ACETYLENE]hey all, I'm having trouble installing crux-i586... when it gets to the "copying files from squashfs" step, I start getting flooded with "cp: write error: no space left on device" messages, then when it tries to boot, I get "request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-0000"18:47
jamesmillsthe i585 iso is quite old afaik18:48
jamesmillsbut no idea why it'd be running out of space18:49
jamesmillsdo you have enough system ram ?18:49
qid[ACETYLENE]well, the one I grabbed is 2.6, same as the regular release18:49
qid[ACETYLENE]this system is limited to 64MB, which has never been a problem before18:49
jamesmillsI didn't realize we still built 586 iso images :)18:50
jamesmillsI'm not entirely certain, but I'm suspicious that 64M of ram isn't enough to boot the iso and unpack the fs (I dunno)18:50
jamesmillsI could be wrong18:50
jamesmillstilman: ping18:51
qid[ACETYLENE]ok... is there some way I can get around this? is it just inherent to the way the crux installer works?18:51
jamesmillshonestly I'd say it's the way the crux installer iso is built18:52
jamesmillsit's changed and improved over time18:53
jamesmillsbut it's certainly not built for machines of limited resources18:53
jamesmillsso ... grab the hdd, chuck it into a bigger host machine18:53
jamesmillsuse virtualbox and install on the hdd that way18:53
qid[ACETYLENE] desktop has no PATA ports >_>18:55
qid[ACETYLENE]would virtualbox handle a USB hard drive?18:55
jamesmillsi'm only a user - not heavy on the dev side18:56
jamesmillstry to come back later or hang around and speak to some of the guys responsible for creating the iso images18:56
jamesmillsbut installing from another host or vm is my suggestion18:56
qid[ACETYLENE]would it safely emulate an older architecture?18:56
jamesmillswell no not really18:56
jamesmillsbut you can build the system properly anyway18:57
jamesmillsvirtualbox (and most vms) emulate the host hardware18:57
qid[ACETYLENE]well, that's what I meant18:57
jamesmillsgrab a small live cd and run lspci on the 58518:57
qid[ACETYLENE]make crux think it's running on an i586 box instead of i68618:57
qid[ACETYLENE]well I can just boot it back off the HD for that18:58
qid[ACETYLENE]would it be easier to just upgrade through ports?18:59
qid[ACETYLENE]I'm not sure how much has changed since then, I know sometimes packages get removed or added or migrated around18:59
jamesmillsif you already have crux on your 58519:02
jamesmillsyes just upgrade through ports19:02
jamesmillsbe much easier at this stage since hte cd clearly doesn't work for you :)19:02
jamesmillsjust be sure you know how to properly upgrade the toolchain19:02
jamesmillsand don't b0rke it up :)19:02
qid[ACETYLENE]and how do you properly upgrade the toolchain? heh19:03
jamesmillsI have some docs about that here somewhere19:04
jamesmillshang around I'll try to get them fo ryou19:04
jamesmillsmy xorg is broken atm19:04
jamesmillsstupid ABI major version mismatch19:04
jamesmillsgah this is insane19:05
jamesmillsI have no idea what to do about this19:05
jamesmillsI upgraded to the latest nvidia 195.36.31 to no avail19:05
qid[ACETYLENE]I've tried to mess around with xorg before and decided that if I ever want linux with a GUI I'll just use ubuntu instead of doing it myself19:07
jamesmillsI hate Ubuntu :)19:07
jaegerProbably running out of ram, the squashfs files get copied into a ramdisk19:09
jamesmillsthat's what I thought :)19:09
jamesmillshey jaeger19:09
qid[ACETYLENE]that's what I was afraid of19:09
jamesmillsyou running the latest xorg + nvidia diver at all ?19:09
jamesmillsI having hell here trying to get my inputs to work (again)19:09
jaegernot sure which version I'm running, can check later on19:17
jaegerbooted into windows at the moment19:17
jamesmillsI'm gonna ask the nvidia guys19:18
jamesmillsthis is crazy :/19:18
qid[ACETYLENE]hmm, let me guess, the first thing I need to build is glibc? or gcc?19:18
qid[ACETYLENE]jamesmills: I see lots of ATI problems with that too, heh19:19
jamesmillsyeah it happens almost every other time an xorg update occurs19:21
jamesmillsreally annoying19:21
jamesmillsbut  anyway I have a mbp thank god19:21
qid[ACETYLENE]oh, here's something...19:23
qid[ACETYLENE]I wonder if that would help19:23
jamesmillsshould be similar to the doc I pasted aboave19:25
jamesmillsit's the same toolchain build process as LFS19:25
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qid[ACETYLENE]well that doc looks like it's basically how to run the setup from inside a running crux install... although it sounds like it doesn't go back far enough19:26
qid[ACETYLENE]I don't even have unsquashfs for example19:26
qid[ACETYLENE]plus I'd have to potentially run three upgrades, 2.3->2.4, 2.4->2.5, 2.5->2.6, and then still build ports19:27
qid[ACETYLENE]and if 2.6 is old enough I'd have to do the toolchain anyway19:27
jamesmillsin theory you should just be able to upgrade straight to 2.619:27
jamesmillsI see no reason why not19:27
qid[ACETYLENE]maybe I'll try that method first then19:31
qid[ACETYLENE]the setup utility is able to detect ports that have been moved or renamed and handle it accordingly, right?19:31
jamesmillswell to a degree yes19:34
jamesmillsalso here's a thought19:35
qid[ACETYLENE]I read through the changelogs and didn't see *too* many ports that got removed that are things I use19:35
jamesmillsyou could go grab another livecd that works on your 58619:35
jamesmillsget the network running19:35
jamesmillscopy over the 2.6 binary packages from the iso19:35
jamesmillsand pkgadd -u them all19:35
jamesmillsrun rejmerge19:36
jamesmillscheck over everything19:36
jamesmillsupgrade done19:36
qid[ACETYLENE]is that basically all the setup utility does?19:36
jamesmillsit's exactly what it does19:37
jamesmillsexcept you must run rejmerge yourself manually19:37
jamesmillsand there are no guarentees19:37
jamesmillsso check everything :)19:37
qid[ACETYLENE]it's been a while, what do you do to handle a package that has been renamed?19:38
qid[ACETYLENE]like, it looks like slocate has been replaced by mlocate19:38
jamesmillspkgrm slocate19:38
jamesmillsthen pkgadd mlocate (from the remote iso)19:38
qid[ACETYLENE]so it's basically manual then19:39
qid[ACETYLENE]have to remember to back up config files in that case19:39
jamesmillsjust tar/bz up your /etc19:39
jamesmillspkgadd -u all the new packages19:39
jamesmillsremove old ones19:39
jamesmillsrun rejmerge19:39
jamesmillscheck over everything19:39
jamesmillsand you should be up and running19:39
qid[ACETYLENE]is there a utility that will check the list of installed packages and tell you which ones aren't in ports?19:40
jamesmillsfrom prt-utils19:41
jamesmillsprtcheckmissing is useful too19:42
qid[ACETYLENE]what does that do?19:43
jamesmillsman prtcheckmissing19:43
jamesmillsbasically checks for missing files on your system that should be there that aren't19:44
qid[ACETYLENE]ah, nice19:44
jamesmills       prtcheckmissing  checks for missing files comparing the installed files19:44
jamesmills       on the system with the ones listed in the pkgutils database.19:44
qid[ACETYLENE]I wrote a script once that would scan through every file on my drive and check for ones that weren't part of any package, skipping over obvious directories like /home, to help find programs that got installed manually19:45
jamesmillsnormally you would install such things to /usr/local or /opt19:47
jamesmillsso a simple rm -rf /usr/local/* or rm -rf /opt/* is suffice :)19:48
qid[ACETYLENE]well, I would just go make my own packages for them19:48
jamesmillsyeah that's what I do normally19:54
jamesmillsgenerally the preferred way I think :)19:54
qid[ACETYLENE]any idea what the ng in util-linux-ng stands for?19:56
jamesmillsnext generation19:57
qid[ACETYLENE]is there a utility that will search through port .footprints and find the one that installs a file you're looking for? trying to find the replacements, if any exist, for netkit-ftp and netkit-telnet19:59
jamesmillsprt-get fsearch20:00
jamesmillsftp and telnet servers ?20:01
jamesmillsor the clients ?20:01
jamesmillsinetutils for telnet20:01
jamesmillssame for ftp20:02
jamesmillsprt-cache fsearch --full /usr/bin/telnet20:02
qid[ACETYLENE]ah, thanks20:03
qid[ACETYLENE]yep they're all in inetutils now20:03
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qid[ACETYLENE]hmm, strange, looks like mod_python's been removed entirely20:03
jamesmillsmod_python is not recommended anymore20:04
jamesmillsat all20:04
jamesmillsI'm a 6+ year python developer of various projects :)20:05
jamesmillsit's highly recommended you use mod_wsgi or fastcgi20:05
jamesmillsand a proper web framework like cherrypy or circuits.web (mine)20:05
qid[ACETYLENE]well I just use it to run trac20:05
jamesmillsthen replace with mod_wsgi20:06
jamesmillsand follow the mod_wsgi guide for deploying trac20:06
jamesmillscheck the mod_wsgi home page20:06
jamesmillsDO NOT use mod_python for any reason :)20:07
qid[ACETYLENE]cool, I'll give that a shot then20:09
qid[ACETYLENE]looks like the trac port is pretty out of date though :-\20:09
thrice`jamesmills, for your xorg problem, you need to rebuild *every* driver; prt-get update -fr to every `prt-get listinst | egrep "xorg-xf86-video|xorg-xf86-input"  or so20:10
thrice`dri ABI error probably means you forgot the video driver rebuild20:11
jamesmillsdude :)20:11
jamesmillsI'm using nvidia20:11
jamesmillsand evdev20:12
jamesmillsI've rebuilt them both :)20:12
thrice`it might be trying to load vesa for that ABI error20:12
jamesmillsappreciate the hints but I'm pretty sure I rebuilt everything in question20:12
thrice`that's the ONLY thing that could cause the error, so20:12
jamesmillsyes that's what  I'm thinking20:12
jamesmillsbecause the X server does work and display things20:12
jamesmillsonly "real" user problem is that my inputs don't work20:13
jamesmillsagain :)20:13
jamesmillsdespite rebuilding xorg-server and evdev20:13
jamesmillsperhaps it's worth removing any other video driver I'm not using20:13
jamesmillsjust to not get confused :)20:13
qid[ACETYLENE]jamesmills: thanks for all the help, going to try doing that toolchain upgrade now and see how it goes20:13
jamesmillsbut ... what am I not rebuilding correctly for the inputs not to work ?20:13
thrice`well, for input, x-server uses udev in 1.8, which will call the evdev driver (unless you have a xorg.conf  which tells it otherwise)20:14
jamesmillsI don't20:27
jamesmillsI"m using evdev and udev obviously20:27
jamesmillsbut question20:27
jamesmillsis xorg-inputproto suppose to be instllaed ?20:27
thrice`protos are just headers used to build x.org20:28
jamesmillsah k20:28
thrice`your /var/log/Xorg.0.log might show which driver it's trying to use20:29
jamesmillsit should be using evdev20:29
jamesmillsI've told it to20:30
jamesmills(==) Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d"20:32
jamesmills(EE) module ABI major version (2) doesn't match the server's version (3)20:32
jamesmills(EE) Failed to load module "dri" (module requirement mismatch, 0)20:32
jamesmillsodd - I only have the one video driver now (nvidia)20:32
jamesmillsand there are things on my screen20:32
thrice`you probably have xorg-xf86-video-vesa too20:33
jamesmillsremove that too20:33
jamesmillsremoved all other video drivers20:33
jamesmillsI see no reference to dri in my config either20:33
jamesmillsand inputs still don't work20:33
thrice`nvidia provides its own :>20:34
jamesmillscan I get you to look over this log ? (too much for my poor eyes :/)20:36
thrice`sure, can't hurt :)  plop it to a pastebin ?  (contrib/wgetpaste  might help)20:36
jamesmillsta appreciate it20:37
thrice`hm, looks good for your video stuff, but it simply ignores your input stuff :(  so, do you have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf, or ?20:39
thrice`I would remove *everything* input related in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and just have a little video-card section20:39
jamesmillsmight try that20:40
jamesmillsso just remove the entire Input section ?20:40
jamesmillsand yes I have /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:40
thrice`yeah.  in 1.8, you really only need little snippets for things in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20:40
thrice`like, /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/60-nvidia.conf   which your video-card section20:41
jamesmillsI have all input related sections commeted out20:41
jamesmillsthere's a .d dir20:42
thrice`yeah, so you *can* have a xorg.conf that is all-inclusive, but the idea is to have smaller ones.  the default evdev (from the system) is in /usr/share/20:43
jamesmillswell everything seems right20:44
jamesmillsany other ideas ?20:44
thrice`if you have everything input-related commented out, and still no success, then no :(  sorry20:45
jamesmillsthis sucks :)20:45
thrice`I guess you could try xf86-input-mouse and -keyboard and specify those, but it's not 'proper' these days20:50
jamesmillsI'd rather fix this :)20:50
qid[ACETYLENE]configure: error: Building GCC requires GMP 4.1+ and MPFR 2.3.2+.20:59
jamesmillsthat it certainly does :)21:00
qid[ACETYLENE]I don't even see those as packages...21:00
thrice`should be in core/ :)21:00
qid[ACETYLENE]oh! libs21:01
jamesmillsaren't you pkgadd (ing) the 2.6 packages ?21:01
qid[ACETYLENE]I'm following
qid[ACETYLENE]only thing I did so far is binutils21:02
jamesmillswell yes pkgadd the required libs form the 2.6 iso21:02
qid[ACETYLENE]should I just straight do package upgrades from the iso, and then check for updated ports?21:03
jamesmillsthat's what I suggested :)21:03
RyoSformat c:\?21:04
jamesmillsthis isn't #msdos dude :)21:05
jamesmillsor #windows :)21:05
RyoSjust consider the option, dude21:05
jamesmillshe can't boot the 2.6 cd anyway21:05
jamesmillsso he has to upgrade via other avenues :)21:05
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