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qid[ACETYLENE]looks like the new version of glibc doesn't like my old kernel :-S07:04
qid[ACETYLENE]maybe I'll build a new kernel first before I upgrade my toolchain, then upgrade the toolchain, then just rebuild the kernel...07:04
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Zabaqid[ACETYLENE], what exactly happened?07:18
qid[ACETYLENE]Zaba: trying to go from crux-2.3 to crux-2.6, but I can't boot from the install CD because I don't have enough ram07:37
qid[ACETYLENE]so I just grabbed the packages off the CD and I was installing those with pkgadd -u07:38
qid[ACETYLENE]and I was being a noob07:38
thrice`frinnst, not sure what you think, but imo opt-x86_64/firefox-flash-plugin should be nuked07:40
thrice`they have declared 10.0 as a big security issue, and dropped 64-bit support 'until a later date'07:40
* teK_ weeps07:40
thrice`so sad, I know :)07:41
qid[ACETYLENE]yeah, there's a 10.1 out now that fixes some nasty problems I think07:42
thrice`i've been without for 2 weeks, and surviving OK :)07:43
tilmandid anyone test this new free flash player thing?08:09
tilmanlightspark, i think?08:09
frinnstthrice`: yeah i saw that08:15
Zabatilman, there appears to be such an entity08:16
frinnsttilman: cool, never tested it08:16
frinnsti used gnash when there was no x86_64 plugin08:16
frinnstworked ok. but depended heavily on loads of libs that i had no other use for08:16
teK_building llvm right now. ;)08:17
Zabalightspark looks interesting, certainly.08:18
tilman"future goals: sound support"08:24
tilmanmmh ;)08:24
teK_and it won't build with llvm 2.708:25
ZabateK_, sucks08:37
ZabateK_, at which point does it fail?08:46
teK_I had to copy from System to Support/DataTypes.h08:47
teK_(llvm's include dir)08:47
teK_but then it tells me:08:48
teK_abc.cpp:26:34: fatal error: llvm/ModuleProvider.h: No such file or directory08:48
Zabaargh, it requires... pulseaudio08:48
teK_pkginfo -o doesn't know of it08:48
teK_.. explaining why there's no soundsupport yet? ;)08:48
Zabathat is so fucking retarded.08:48
teK_never criticise developers over the dependencies of their software08:50
teK_I did that once08:50
teK_(in form of  polite question)08:50
Zabaall I know is that directly depending on pulseaudio is as stupid as pulseaudio itself, if not worse08:51
teK_never had to deal with it08:51
Zabawell, honestly, running a sound server regardless of whether you actually need the serverness, is stupid.08:52
teK_isn't almost anything some kind of server in Kde (or Gnome)08:52
teK_i heard this semantic desktop thingy must be kind of bloaty08:52
Zabaone thing is when it's a daemon and it's running somewhere in background and the hell if you care08:52
Zabaanother thing is when it's a program that's running there, and for some unexplained reason you send all your sound through it before it goes to your sound device08:53
Zabait's.. you know.. far from wanted in like ninety nine percent of cases where you deal with sound08:54
teK_over-engineering is a bad thing in general :)08:54
Zabaand then some random program directly depends on the fucking thing08:55
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: xz: update to 4.999.9beta-143-g3e4910:02
tadzikwhat a version10:03
Rotwangtoday, my friend told me via im that he is going to end his life10:05
Rotwanga true story10:05
Rotwangso I went to his house, he didnt open door, i rang him, he didnt answer10:05
Rotwangso i called police, firemen and paramedics10:05
Rotwangthey came with signals on ;D10:05
Rotwangit turned out moments later that he is fine10:06
Rotwanghe is just retarded10:06
* tilman shakes head10:07
ZabaRotwang, better safe than sorry10:07
Rotwanghe opened when fireman was knocking with axe to balcony doors10:08
teK_I hope _he_ has to pay the mission10:08
ZabaFWIW, I would probably do the closest available equivalent of that.  I mean, if it was a friend, plotting suicide.10:08
tadzikknocking with axe -- euphemism, or literally?10:09
Zababut fortunately, I have no friends whose real world location I know with such accuracy, so I am free of any such responsibility.10:09
Rotwanghe was preparing to break the glass10:09
RotwangZaba: you have no friends? :C10:09
ZabaRotwang, depends on the definition of 'friend'10:10
tilmanhow does passwd(1) decide whether it should put the password in /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow?10:37
Zabathe password isn't kept in /etc/passwd10:38
tilmanyes, it is10:38
tilmanon my guruplug at least10:38
Zabaso everybody can read your password?10:38
tilmanit's crypt()'ed of course10:38
teK_Zaba: this was standard in the earlier days :)10:39
Zabaso everybody can john(1) your password?10:39
tilman# grep ENCRYPT /etc/login.defs10:39
Zabapasswords go into /etc/shadow.  passwd is world-readable.  shadow is not.  That's the whole bloody _point_ of having them separated.10:39
Zabaif somebody's going to go around defeating it, you ain't seeing me doing the same on _my_ systems.10:40
teK_# The second field stores information used to validate a user's password; however in most modern uses this field is usually set to "x" (or some other indicator) with the actual password information being stored in a separate shadow password file. Setting this field to an asterisk "*" is the typical way to deactivate an account to prevent it being used.10:40
teK_ (for your pleasure)10:41
Zabayeah, I know historical details.  But they're called historical for a good reason :P10:41
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tilmani think you misunderstood my question11:02
tilmanor rather, you're just saying what's common knowledge and not answering the question at all :p11:03
tadziksomething else: linux-pam, /etc/security/limits.conf: what loads these limits and where and when?11:06
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frinnstgermany vs australia13:29
tilmanany aussie soccer fans i can humiliate?13:38
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littleomarTell me a good program for using webcams?15:22
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Rotwanglittleomar: depends what do you want to do with that webcam [;15:33
tadziki have an alias 'mirror' which shows the webcam input with mplayer15:34
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frinnstdid anybody try lightspark?15:44
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tilmanfrinnst: tek said it didn't build with llvm 2.715:45
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frinnstwell, removed adobes crap from opt-x86_6415:56
frinnstnow how will i watch kittens on youtube?15:59
frinnstwebm ftw?16:09
frinnstfirefox 4 alphas support it i think16:09
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frinnstfirefox + webm = not very fast16:38
frinnst0.4 fps or something16:38
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jamesmillshey all, can anyone offer any light on this:22:43
jamesmills# /etc/rc.d/dbus start22:43
jamesmillsUnknown username "polkituser" in message bus configuration file22:43
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prologictilman: u around ?23:15

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