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tilmanprologic: yes00:03
prologicjust wondering if you can help00:12
prologicI'm at a loss with Xorg here00:12
tilmanwhat problem?00:12
prologiccan't get keyboard or mouse wokring00:12
tilmanwhat version of xorg-server?00:13
prologicthe latest in ports00:14
tilmanwhat does xorg.conf say about input devices/drivers?00:15
prologicI commented the relevant sectionsout a while ago00:15
prologicsince using evdev00:15
tilmandoes removing the mouse and plugging it back in help?00:19
prologicI did try that00:19
prologicbut no effect00:19
prologiclemme go quickly try that again though00:19
prologicyeah no effect00:21
tilmanwhat lines were added to the log?00:21
tilmani guess the problem is that your server chose /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d as the "system config directory"00:24
tilmanmy log says: Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d"00:25
prologicwhat do you suggest I do to fix this ?00:25
tilmani think i misread00:25
tilmanls /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d00:26
prologicwas just reading that file actually00:27
tilmantry :%s|dev/input/event|/dev/event|00:27
tilmanon that file00:27
tilmanif that works, undo the change, then fix your kernel (or udev?) to create evdev device nodes in /dev/input/ instead of /dev/00:28
prologicjust verified I have /dev/event* devices00:29
prologicrather than /dev/input/event*00:29
prologicI have /dev/input/by-id and /dev/input/by-path00:30
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prologictilman, ok that got x working thank god00:34
prologicnot really sure how to fix this though00:34
prologicyou mentioned kernel/udev00:34
tilmangoing to work now00:34
tilmancheck /lib/udev/rules.d/60-persistent*input*00:35
prologicI am going to upgrade to
prologicnot sure what I'm looking at here (other than input rules for udev)00:37
prologicI've not touched this file obviously :)00:37
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pitillogood morning01:07
prologictilman, thank you btw01:15
prologichopefully I don't fsck things up recompiling a new kernel01:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] firefox-flash-player: updated to 10.101:58
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] adobereader: security fix01:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: inadyn-mt: updated to 02.18.2602:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: geany: updated to 0.1902:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: geany-plugins: initial import02:30
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qid[ACETYLENE]well, crud10:04
qid[ACETYLENE]so, I'm trying to install crux-2.6 on a different box now10:05
qid[ACETYLENE]and getting "Kernel Panic - not syncing: init not found. try passing init= option to the kernel" on bootup10:05
entewhat's the problem?10:05
entetry init=/bin/bash to find out why ;P10:05
Rotwangqid[ACETYLENE]: could you show us your line from grub conf?10:06
qid[ACETYLENE]I'm using lilo, not grub10:06
Rotwangalso do you have to use initram?10:06
qid[ACETYLENE]and as far as I know I didn't set up any initram, initrd, whatever it's called10:07
qid[ACETYLENE]the lilo config matches what I've always used before, at least10:08
qid[ACETYLENE]so I assume I got something wrong in my kernel config10:09
Zabacould be a wrong root partition10:09
Zabacould be a missing init10:09
Zababut it's doubtful that it's wrong kernel config10:09
qid[ACETYLENE]I'm just a dumbass10:09
qid[ACETYLENE]and used the /boot partiton as root instead of the / partition10:10
* qid[ACETYLENE] sighs10:10
qid[ACETYLENE]well I had to recompile the kernel once because I built the IDE/ATA drivers as modules10:11
qid[ACETYLENE]which doesn't work when you need them to read the disk the modules are on...10:11
qid[ACETYLENE]there, now it boots10:11
qid[ACETYLENE]fancy that10:11
enteI find it funny that all binary distros need huge initramfses to work around kernel compilation while I don't need any such crap on crux10:13
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qid[ACETYLENE]this doesn't make any sense14:32
tilmanwhat doesn't? life?14:32
qid[ACETYLENE]every single time I reboot, the clock seems to move backwards several hours14:32
qid[ACETYLENE]then fsck goes nuts because the last modified time is in the past14:32
qid[ACETYLENE]and I get dropped to single-user emergency fix mode14:32
tilmanseveral hours? maybe UTC vs local time?14:33
tilmanif you think your system clock should be utc, tail -1 /etc/adjtime14:33
qid[ACETYLENE]it says LOCAL14:34
tilmandoes that seem right to you?14:34
qid[ACETYLENE]in rc.conf I have timezone set to US/Eastern14:34
qid[ACETYLENE]I thought the hardware clock would be local time14:34
tilmanthese two are not related14:34
tilmanthe hardware clock is typically local time only  if you're dual booting to windows14:35
tilmanin unixish systems, the hw clock is usually utc14:35
qid[ACETYLENE]ok, how do I configure whether that's the case or not?14:35
tilmantry 'hwclock -s -u'14:35
tilmanwhich stores the current time in the hw clock, as utc14:35
qid[ACETYLENE]well the current time isn't right either...14:36
tilmanrun that hwlock command anyway14:36
qid[ACETYLENE]should I attempt to fix the time first?14:36
tilmanthen run /usr/bin/rdate -nv pool.ntp.org14:36
tilmandoesn't matter14:37
qid[ACETYLENE]ok, I'll have to go manually bring the network up first14:37
tilmanthe hwclock will be stored on shutdown, too14:37
tilmanit's just important to run it with -u once14:37
tilmanto fix /etc/adjtime14:37
Rotwanghow cn I start numbering from new in \documentclass[10pt,a4paper]{article}14:38
Rotwang\section{something else14:39
Rotwang\part{something else else}14:39
Rotwang\section{something else else else}14:39
RotwangI want the second section to be numbered from one not two14:39
qid[ACETYLENE]what the14:40
qid[ACETYLENE]shutdown: /dev/initctl: No such file or directory14:41
qid[ACETYLENE]and now it just spontaneously appeared14:44
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qid[ACETYLENE]and now my clock has advanced back to yesterday14:44
qid[ACETYLENE]should I be doing 'hwclock -w -u' instead?14:47
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qid[ACETYLENE]because hwclock -s sets the system time from the hardware clock, -w sets the hardware clock from the system time14:48
qid[ACETYLENE]hitting ctrl-alt-del causes /dev/initctl to appear14:51
qid[ACETYLENE]otherwise it's not there14:51
qid[ACETYLENE]but hitting ctrl-alt-del doesn't actually cause a reboot14:51
qid[ACETYLENE] <-- in step 2 here, anyone know what "makecommand" is?15:01
qid[ACETYLENE]wait, maybe I'm reading this wrong...15:02
tadzikit's "makecommand" in the config file15:03
thrice`qid[ACETYLENE], grep makecommand /etc/prt-get.conf15:03
prologicoh yeah thrice`15:04
prologicmy input problem with Xorg on the weekend15:05
thrice`fixed? :p15:05
prologicwas misplaced /dev/input/event* devices15:05
prologicyeah for now15:05
prologicI'm not sure why mine are in the wrong place though15:05
thrice`old kernel maybe?15:05
prologictilman thankfully pointed me to editing the /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf file by hand15:05
prologicI do have an old kernel atm - yes15:05
prologicso I'm upgrading to
thrice`might want to copy that to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf  and edit it there - otherwise, it'll be overwritten on updates15:06
prologicbut I'm hoping a kernel upgrade will fix the locations of these event devices15:06
thrice`wonder if older kernels did the event stuff differently?15:07
prologicI only wished X was throwing an error of some kind15:07
prologiclike "No such device or file"15:07
prologicwell all my event devices are in /dev/15:07
prologiceg: /dev/event015:07
thrice`woah, I'd guess it's kernel related.  which version are you on?15:07
thrice`why not go at least 2.6.32.x ?  (an LTS kernel)15:08
prologicLTS ?15:08
thrice`longer support life15:08
prologicok :)15:09
prologicwhat makes 2.6.32.x more supported ? :)15:09
thrice`the maintainer :>15:09
prologicwe maintain kernel ports now do we ?15:10
* prologic is confused15:10
tadzikno :)15:10
thrice`nooo, kernel maintainer15:10
* prologic *nods* :)15:11
prologichow bout 2.6.34 ?15:15
thrice`your choice :)15:15
thrice`works OK on my machine, but so did .32 and .33 :>15:15
prologicgood :)15:17
tilmanqid[ACETYLENE]: oops. yeah, i meant -w15:23
tilmanqid[ACETYLENE]: i was think of systohc15:23
qid[ACETYLENE]yeah, that seemed to fix it15:27
qid[ACETYLENE]fixed the time with rdate then synced it to the hw clock15:27
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