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pitillogood morning01:03
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entewhy isn't SYSLOG in SERVICES=() in rc.conf?04:41
pitilloente: it's not in services, it's in its own SYSLOG var, which is readed in rc.multi04:43
enteyes, I just wonder why :-)04:44
enteto separate between syslog and services only started in rc.multi?04:44
pitilloI think to start it before services04:45
enteyou could just put it at SERVICES=(klogd ...)?04:46
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pitillofirst you start the syslog daemon and then you use the services to start one by one (loggin)04:50
pitilloif you start first the logger, I'm not sure that you can just log it04:50
pitillocheck the rc.multi script04:51
entehm, ok05:21
entebtw, that's what arch does05:21
enteDAEMONS=(syslog-ng .....)05:21
pitilloente: check the rc.multi script and you will see why, it runs first the logdaemon, and then it uses another for to go throught the services array, where it starts the service and the log for that service (which is different to the logic of the SYSLOG array, which starts the logger directly)05:25
enteah, alright05:25
pitilloI don't know how archs starts the logger and the services really, but reading rc.multi must answer you question about why is done in that way in CRUX05:26
entewell, thanks :)05:36
pitillonp :)05:38
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orly_owlhang on06:48
orly_owlthis is x8606:48
orly_owlyou're on penguinppc.org06:49
entehaha, the orly owl06:49
orly_owlthat's me06:49
ente I made a fan-site06:49
orly_owlfan site or dumped some pics into a dir?06:50
enterather dumped pics into a dir06:50
tadzikorry is missing06:51
orly_owlrm orly-wonka.gif thx06:51
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orly_owlso yeah06:53
orly_owli actually did want some help with imac g5 gnu/linux06:53
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enteoh, true. that one sucks06:54
orly_owlit does?06:55
enteorly_owl: the wonka one06:55
enteO RRY is funny06:55
tadzikgood afternoon06:55
orly_owlthe display goes weird during bootsplash06:56
orly_owlerror inserting module windfarm_pm9106:59
orly_owlare you powerpc ppl or not?06:59
tadzikduh, Romster could be a bit more active07:04
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acrux|xporly_owl, that's happened booting from cruxppc64 iso ?07:07
orly_owlw8 i think there is ubuntu-powerpc07:07
acrux|xpi suppose you'll get best help from mbutu users07:08
acrux|xpif' you try cruxppc you're wellcome07:08
acrux|xpthere is a forum too07:08
acrux|xp'cause we're not often present here on irc07:08
acrux|xpthus we prefere a diacronistic approach :)07:09
acrux|xporly_owl, sorry but i don't know about bootkernel config from ubuntu07:09
orly_owlthats ok07:10
orly_owlit appears to be a faulty lcd panel07:10
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orly_owlill upload a video07:27
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acrux|xp_orly_owl, if you are sure you don't have any hw problems (imac are subject to suffer these kind of problems)08:09
acrux|xp_and your imac is a revision with nvidia gpu08:09
acrux|xp_try declaring your framebuffer/resolution at the yaboot prompt08:09
orly_owlit booted ok a few times08:10
acrux|xp_anyway be sure that ubuntu bootkernel isn't kms/nouveau enabled...08:10
orly_owlthen i left it for a wek08:10
orly_owland it does this08:10
acrux|xp_mmh, k then we can suppose is ok08:10
acrux|xp_something like this08:12
acrux|xp_video=nvidiafb:800x600@60 panic=1008:12
orly_owlill try08:13
acrux|xp_now, i must go away.08:13
orly_owl10 is 10 seconds?08:13
acrux|xp_c u08:13
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orly_owlsame thing happened08:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: doxygen: updated to 1.7.009:12
pitillodoes someone here use webkit? or anyone know if newer versions depends on gail?09:13
thrice`I don't think so09:14
pitilloummm I will research a bit more, thank you thrice`09:17
thrice`checking a couple of other distro deps. seems to show it isn't too :>09:19
pitilloummm I think I checked yesterday gentoo too, and I remember I saw something, btw, I couldn't test on a fresh install to verify its deps09:20
pitilloummmm I think it can be related to the current contrib version09:21
thrice`maybe try 1.2.109:21
pitilloI will test this afternoon with 1.2.109:21
pitilloyep, thank you very much for your time and answers thrice`09:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libnfsidmap: initial release13:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libtirpc: initial release13:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: rpcbind: initial release13:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nfs-utils: NFSv4 support13:08
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pitillothrice`: seems it's a new dep13:40
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thrice`configure complains about it, or?14:23
thrice`I am only basing it on a gentoo installation I have, which does not have any libgail installed14:25
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mernilioohh.. hi all! :-)14:39
mernilioi thought i was still banned .. but thanks for letting me in14:40
tadzikoh, I remember you now14:41
merniliosweet memories i suppose ;-)14:41
frinnstholy fuck what a goal14:41
mernilioI'm not here to make a rally14:42
mernilioAcctually, i cant find the python bindings for Qscintilla. If you can find it, please alert me.14:43
tadzikfrinnst: damnit, who scored?14:46
tadzikah, ok14:46
tadzikif Korea scored, _that_ would be the goal14:46
mernilioBtw.. its non-opensource and free software to like world cup. South Africa have a president who thinks jumping after having sex with a hiv-woman will get him well. So much for black supremacy.. I rest my case!14:47
frinnstoh shut the fuck up14:47
frinnsthur jävla efterblien får man vara?14:47
tilmanwhat the fuck is mernil doing here?14:47
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*** mernilio was kicked by tilman (gtfo)14:47
frinnsti wonder whats wrong with that guy14:55
thrice`frinnst, did you say you tried the FF nightlies + webm?14:57
rauzmernilio is a dumbass15:07
pitillothrice`: yes, configure complains and there is a note in the changelog too15:07
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thrice`pitillo, strange, on my gentoo machine, I have 1.2.1 without a libgail of any kind :(  hm15:13
pitillothrice`: may be I'm making something wrong15:19
entewho the fuck is mernil?15:19
frinnstthrice`: yep15:20
frinnstusing it now15:20
enteand I wonder how many parts of the CRUX community are from .se :>15:20
frinnstany video causes xorg to eat up 100% cpu :)15:20
tilmanhe's not a part of the crux community15:21
frinnsthes a professional troll. banned from most chans i think15:21
thrice`I"m not sure he uses linux even15:23
teK_frinnst: removing the flashplugin for 64bit causes an instant update (with the 32bit .so); that's.. bad :p15:27
teK_(just as bad as using the insecure version)15:28
thrice`good thing there are only 5-10 users of 64-bit crux :p15:30
tilman"i doubt if there's enough money to blabla"15:34
tilmanis the correct english? "i doubt IF..."?15:35
thrice`sounds OK, or "I doubt enough money exists to .. "15:38
tilmanyes. i would have chosen that or "i doubt that there's.."15:39
teK_you are on teh internetz. There's helluva discussions about this :D15:39
frinnstteK_: anything is better than security vulnerabilities imho16:09
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enteteK_: anything is better than "r u srs?!?!?!?!"16:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rar: 3.9.1 -> 3.9.316:25
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thrice`new intel driver working here.  needed libdrm 2.4.21 :(19:47
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