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pitillogood morning00:59
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Rotwangon 64 bit crux:07:47
cipppRotwang: i don know about crux , but i think you need gcc-multilib08:07
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Rotwangdlded vbox binary08:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libdrm: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: mesa3d: updated to
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Kyle__Out of curiosity more than anyting else... is there some sort of schedule for when the core/opt/contrib ports are updated?  Or schedule for when the maintainers check versions of software?12:27
jseThe name of the game is to keep software at their most recent stable release. It all depends how busy maintainers are since crux is not exactly flush with resources. :p12:29
jseSometimes a port will be upgraded quickly, sometimes it might take a few days to a week or so.12:30
teK_Kyle__: I check for updates of my ports about twice a day12:33
pitilloand flyspray can be used to advise the maintainer (or email or here...)12:34
Kyle__Hum.  It's just that, I went to install net-snmp, and found it's using a version that's not even on their website anymore :)12:34
frinnstdaily for me12:34
Kyle__Wow.  OK.12:35
frinnst(firefox related)12:35
teK_ck4up makes this *really* easy :)12:37
frinnstdistrowatch's rss-feed is suprisingly quick12:38
teK_Kyle__: please poke mike_k aka Mikhail12:38
frinnstdont cover that many projects though12:38
Kyle__Heh, OK12:39
teK_sadly enough you can often sort outdated ports by their maintainers12:39
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teK_who asked for the ZSH-completion for prt-get?14:05
teK_good news: I dug out the mail with the script and even got it (sort) of working14:06
teK_[tek@basra][~]% prt-get depinst xorg-14:07
teK_zsh: do you wish to see all 104 possibilities (26 lines)?14:07
teK_that's the good news14:07
teK_bad is that there's some permission-related problems as the pkgdb only seems to be accessible for root14:07
teK_and: it's far from complete14:08
Rotwang/var/lib/pkg/db is 555 here14:09
teK_400 here14:09
teK_current workaround is to call sudo prt-get in the completion function which is.. ugly14:11
Rotwangand it makes you to use sudo ;f14:11
Rotwangwhich is even uglier14:12
teK_sudo is essential, man14:12
teK_but we already had this discussion, iirc14:12
RotwangI do live without sudo ;f14:12
teK_I don't run around as root.14:12
RotwangI do ;D14:12
teK_which suuuuucks14:13
teK_var/lib/pkg/db is not included in prt-get's .footprint so I suppose the value of umask has influence on the file's mask14:13
teK_again. umask 077 ftw \o/14:13
frinnsttilman: btw14:16
tilmanfrinnst: about what? footallen?14:19
tilmanfrinnst: btw: svenska teamen inte spelar en za?14:19
frinnsti got to tease a frenchie at work today14:19
frinnstkäft :)14:19
tilman"shut up!" ? :D14:20
frinnsthehe yeah14:20
tilman_you_ started the teasing :P14:20
treachtacka lasse lagerpärm. :/14:29
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Rotwangso, adobe dropped flash 64 bit support15:14
Rotwangwhich breaks flash plugin for me -__-15:14
Rotwangthats evil15:15
tadzikit was never good15:15
treachthat's not specific to flash. :/15:16
jaegerthey've only dropped it temporarily, according to them15:16
jaegerwe'll see if they hold to that, I guess15:16
tadzikyeah, right. They also said they'll make it opensource15:16
teK_they may have to change their strategy due to HTML515:17
teK_just as it happened to the virtualisation market15:17
Rotwangand what happened to virtualisation market?15:19
RotwangI'm not keeping up with news [;15:19
teK_only the 'enterprise'-grade things are not for free15:20
treachvmware had everyone for lunch, and they were the only one who left the party. :p15:20
teK_(there's even esxi)15:20
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teK_poor gemernas!!116:03
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entepoor germans :D16:18
entewtf :D16:18
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