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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: wesnoth: 1.6.5 -> 1.8.203:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: wesnoth-server: 1.4.7 -> 1.8.203:48
Romsteri've added a new scheme to my pkgutils fork for mirror://foo/ and i just add lines in /etc/ports/mirror/foo for it to look for the files for the speffic things like sourceforge gnu and other mirror sites, maybe crux would be keen on how i did it.03:51
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Romstertadzik, wesnoth updated.03:53
tadzikyay, thanks03:53
Romsterman they are big monsters to work on.03:53
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RotwangBERLIN (Reuters) - A German student  created a major traffic jam in Bavaria after making a rude gesture at a  group of Hell's Angels motorcycle gang members, hurling a puppy at them  and then escaping on a stolen bulldozer.06:14
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Rotwangrespect for german students06:14
Rotwangand from when "hurling a puppy at people" is a rude gesture?06:15
teK_doing anything to those bikers is considered rude (by them)06:17
RotwangI bet it is rude for the puppy06:19
Rotwangto be hurled into filthy humans06:19
teK_for sure, but it can't beat you up06:20
Rotwanganyway, exams are done, I'm on my way to set up clean crux environment for contrib ports06:21
teK_yay ;)06:22
Rotwanglets have some fun06:26
teK_theres a video where german police (+special forces) try to arrest a member of the hells angels who was karate champion06:31
teK_cannot find it06:33
teK_this guy suddenly started to punch one of the policemen06:34
RomsterRotwang, are you gonna test for breakage in contrib?06:34
RotwangRomster: what exactly?06:34
Rotwangbtw, hi Romster06:34
Romsteri need to run such a test on my ports.06:34
teK_I really dislike those stupid big and fat rockers since I had the pleasure to see how they entered an irish pub and acting like it's all theirs06:34
Romsterhi Rotwang your "Rotwang> anyway, exams are done, I'm on my way to set up clean crux environment for contrib ports"06:34
Romsteror you mean to set up one for updating your ports.06:35
Rotwangyeah, for updating06:35
Romsterah i use safe-build in my romster repo for that, it's just a wrapper for chroot populating and an easy to clean option to remove all but core ports.06:36
RotwangI'm going to set up virtual machine on VBox06:36
Romsterwhy go that far?06:38
Rotwang(13:26:34) Rotwang: lets have some fun06:38
Romsterseems overkill but go for it.06:39
Rotwangbesides i can easily test graphical apps, whether they work properly06:39
Romstertrue that's the only real benefit to do that.06:41
teK_~ 1:1206:48
pitilloyou can test graphical apps with a safe-env too06:55
Romsterbeen meaning to look at that, where is it's url again?06:57
Romsterif it's still using loop mounting i'd like to change that to use a logical volume06:57
pitilloyou can do that (test graphical apps) with your safe-build, using xnest must do the trick07:00
pitillothe safe-env script isn't hosted atm, sepen is really busy and he didn't move it to a new host (his host went down some months ago, and now it has it up with a CF card)07:00
Romsterah i've used xnest in the past, it wasn't really that good, maybe it's better now.07:09
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tri1when is it planed to release crux 2.7 ?08:21
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jse"when it is ready"08:22
jseIt's a bad answer, but it is the most accurate ;)08:22
tri1what are the "missing tasks" ?08:28
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Romstertri1, nothing stops you from using 2.6 + updates or in my case i'm already using the 4.5.0 gcc version09:00
teK_Romster: are you running 2.6.34?09:01
Romsterwith pf-patchset09:02
Romsterthe only thing i haven't bumped yet is udev it breaks my eth09:02
Romsterstays as eth1_rename and i haven't figured out why yet.09:03
teK_but 32bit?09:03
teK_I was hit by :>09:04
Romsteryes i'm still using 32bit i haven't made the move to 64bit yet.09:04
Romsteri found the CFQ scheduler in 2.6.34 is dodgy so i'm not using that until 2.6.35 is out.09:05
Romsterah i don't use CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE09:05
Romsterso i never noticed.09:05
Romsterplus i'm using runit not sysvinit.09:06
Romsterso that may also change things.09:06
Romsteri could test with that kernel option but i don't fancy breaking my system again just now.09:08
teK_ruinit? :>09:08
Romstertilman, i don't know if it's just me but a bunch of input ports for xorg do not compile.09:08
Romsterhas service supervision as well as it works in parallel.09:09
teK_there are quite some  project doing this09:10
teK_minit and daemontools come to mind09:10
Romsteri have managed to break some stuff using GTO and Graphite in gcc.09:10
Romsteri can boot my system in about ~20 seconds09:10
Romsterto a pekwm09:11
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Romsterrelro new dtags in binutils is also faster and stable.09:12
Romsternot sure on how the gold linker is currently been keeping clear of that until it's more stable.09:12
Romsterthere is a few init systems out there runit is just one of them.09:13
Romsteri have a very good question why does util-linux-ng not come with a hostname binary?!09:14
Romsterit's the only thing out of net-tools i still use.09:14
frinnstgo kiwis!09:24
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Rotwangvfs cannot open root device09:51
Rotwangobviously im doing something wrong09:51
frinnstin virtualbox?09:53
frinnsti remember my hd was called hda in virtualbox last time i used it with the crux kernel09:53
jaegerjust depends on which driver you used09:53
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jaegerlibata stuff shows up as sdX, the old stuff as hdX09:54
frinnstyeah. but the default driver used in virtualbox attached to crux's old ide-driver.09:59
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teK_localised virtualbox? is this crux?11:13
frinnstoh noes, internet is broken11:23
frinnstcant connect to most us servers11:23
frinnstyet my isp claims its a dns-issue11:25
frinnstresolve works just fine you tossers11:25
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demiurgany1 alive ?12:43
* demiurg is looking for a cheacp PPC SBC with Linux support12:43
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teK_Machete? Awesome! :D15:08
teK_Jessica Alba? Even more <315:09
frinnstcant watch it since intarnets is broken15:09
treachbtw, does anyone know of a good way to test harddrives, other than mkfs -c -c ?15:22
frinnstbtw, e din uppkoppling lika cp som min?15:23
treachkan jag inte påstå.15:23
frinnstinget utanför europa typ15:24
frinnstoh well15:24
treachhah, seems like it's broken here too now.15:24
treachI wonder what it is, some sites work, others don't.15:25
frinnstthey claim its dns. but they are wrong :)15:25
jse:>15:25, doesn't work, works.15:25
frinnstinetnum: -
frinnstnetname:        AKAMAI-PA15:26
frinnstdescr:          Akamai Technologies15:26
frinnstcountry:        EU15:26
frinnstlol, whitehouse hosted in europe?15:26
treachdidn't think of that, stupid.15:27
treachthat's what you get for assuming the whitehouse would be in the US, I guess. :>15:27
treachfrinnst: what ISP?15:29
jaegertreach: badblocks, smartctl?15:31
treachhm. I've tried smartctl, doesn't really say anything, will look into badblocks. thanks.15:31
jaegerI usually do badblocks runs and the smartctl tests15:32
treachok, good to know.15:33
frinnstbredbandsbolaget ju15:37
treachfrinnst: ok, I thought you might be on comhem..15:38
treachjaeger: I might be wrong, but reading the manpage for "badblocks" gives (at least me) the impression that it's the same as invoking mkfs with -c {-c}.15:41
jaegerAh, could be. I've never used mkfs -c15:44
jaegerSorry for the noise, then15:44
treachno problem, just thought it could be worth noting.15:44
tilmanRotwang: \o/ \o/15:44
jaegertreach: aye :)15:46
Rotwangtreach: at work I use mhdd15:47
* treach googles15:48
jaegerlooks pretty nice15:53
treachRotwang: found it already, reading. thanks, I'll definitely give it a shot.15:53
Rotwangits not bad, but I think badblocks are more accurate15:57
treachok, I'll try it anyway and see what happens. I'm getting paranoid as it is now anyway. :p15:58
frinnstyay, intarwebz is healed!16:01
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Romstertreach: hddregen off hirens cd, smartctl -t long /dev/...21:43
Romstersend him that when trench gets back, actually memoserv21:44
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