IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2010-06-23

pitillogood morning01:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tint2: disabled tint2conf and tintwizard executables. also fixed xdg paths03:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tint2-extras: new port03:16
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Romsterente, edit your mpd.conf file :)03:37
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Romsteri use libevent and it was taken off me if no one needs it i'll take it back over in contrib.03:43
Romsterhmm your talking about libnotify not event... my bad.03:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: menu-cache: new port05:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libfm: new port05:42
tadzikheh. I was just about to say "ho ho, pcmanfm is evolving." Looks like it's just being commited05:43
pitilloRotwang: the comments sections of ports can not be moved to a README file?05:45
Romsterwould anyone object to me adding a up2date_url="..." to my Pkgfiles? as this would greatly simplify me checking for updates, i don't use ck4up anymore.05:47
Romstersome don't even need that line if the main url points to a directory of files. just the sourceforge ones etc need it.05:48
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tadzikhow about: up2d8url :)05:51
pitilloI'm telling about a new #comment: line header on the last contrib updates... IMHO we must keep contrib ports as near as possible to other official collections too (adding more things to them seems to make contrib collection less official than it is)05:51
Romstercomments belong in README unless they are for the port maintainer use only05:54
Romstertadzik, didn't think of that but it looks to obfuscated05:55
tadzikyeah, that was a joke05:55
Romsteryeah i got the joke but nice one too.05:56
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pitilloRomster: I don't understand that, does it mean that the maintainer can add the #comments sections for maintaining ports?05:57
Romsteryour talking about # any comment in a port thing or as some subsitute for README05:58
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Romsterhmm i don't aprove of +# Comment:     required by pcmanfm05:59
Romsteras you can jsut add that port to the pcmanfm depends on:05:59
Romsterit's trivial to do a prt-get deptree pcmanfm if it fails to compile.05:59
Romsterand see there is a new dep.05:59
pitilloI'm talking about the "# Comment:" (sentence in the Rotwang's last 2 commits to contrib ports)06:00
Romsteryeah i just looked in contrib06:00
pitilloyes, I meant that06:00
Romsterthe meta area that prt-get reads.06:00
Romsteri know i added # Optional: as i didn't like the # Nice to have: but a comment one is just wrong.06:01
Romsterthose belong in README IMO06:01
Romstereven then that's not needed since crux is for experienced users and these should be able to figure out the new dep.06:02
Romsteralot must be afk currently.06:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pcmanfm: update06:06
tadzikI guess it's Rotwang's idea to remember about it one day while thinking (hrm, why tf did I add this port)06:06
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pitilloteK_: is there a problem to change the # Optional from qemu and poppler by # Nice to have: (like the other ports in opt using this kind of header) ?06:21
tadzikmpup would be great if multithreaded, like ck4up06:32
tadzikpitillo: typo in p5-xml-simple06:37
tadzikname is p5-xmlsimple06:37
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thrice`new pcmanfm no longer needs hal :O06:50
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pitillotadzik: thank you, Fixing before taking a bite...06:55
tadzikthere's a bug in pcmanfm, I'm pretty busy right now, anyone to report? '//' in address bar results in suprise segfault06:57
Romsterlooks like hal is dying.06:58
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tadzikI never liked it I must say. I'm not sure why, maybe I connect it with xorg's xml configs06:58
Romstertadzik, yeah but they can be spotted with prt-get dependent --all foo06:58
tadzikRomster: you're talking about my sentence just before jdolan's arrival?06:59
tadzikwell, that's right07:00
Romstertadzik, correct.07:00
Rotwangpitillo: no07:15
Rotwang# Comment thing is not important enough to be in readmy imo07:16
Rotwangso i simply put that in Pkgfile07:16
tadzikmaybe putting it at the bottom won't offend anyone. It won't look like an extended Pkgfile header then07:17
Rotwangand what is a Pkgfile header?07:17
tadzik I guess07:18
Rotwangbasically # Comment nor # Nice to have doesnt break anything07:18
tadzikYeah, I know that, that's why I'm not against it07:18
Rotwangyes I know handbook07:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: lxpanel: new port07:37
thrice`Rotwang, slow day at the IT desk? :)07:38
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Rotwanghaha, I've forget to push lxpanel dependency07:40
Rotwangbeing a helpdesk person is sometimes boring [;07:42
Romstergnupg: unrecognized options: --enable-static-rnd, --enable-dev-random07:42
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Romsteryeah i can relate to that Rotwang, i get to handle ISP calls.07:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: lxpanel: update 0.5.3 -> 0.5.507:51
RotwangIt is too loud in here07:52
RotwangI cant focus07:52
pitilloRotwang: well, the nice to have IMHO has sense, the comment sentence not much really. I see it like something to break the standards. One of them is a dependency which can be put in the dep line, the other an extended description, I can't see the point of adding that to the Pkgfile's header really07:58
Romsternether can i when you can see with prt-get dependent07:59
pitilloI think that's the way, not using another header line08:00
thrice`or, if the comment is critical, maybe just in the description line08:01
pitilloit's like making thing less homogeneous and a little farest from official collections08:02
pitilloif it's critical and long, better to use the readme file. The description line isn't more than that really, a little description. If you don't know what's something, just look the url and read about (or check sources)08:03
pitilloIMHO, custom things to custom repos or contrib can be wild, and without being an official collection, is good enought08:04
Rotwangif it is such a big issue for you08:04
pitilloRotwang: this is only my opinion, nothing more08:05
pitilloI think in keeping things as homogeneous as we can, to don't give a bad impression about the contrib collection (which like I said, it's good enought for me, good ports and good maintenance, this means that there are good maintainers working in this collection)08:06
Rotwangpitillo: I think there are bigger issues08:13
Rotwangthat we should worry about08:13
pitilloRotwang: well, you are free to comment them08:14
RotwangI know08:16
Rotwangpitillo: post a mail at crux-contrib08:17
RotwangIf other maintainers will agree with you Ill remove both comments from those two Pkgfiles08:18
pitilloRotwang: ok08:18
thrice`the only comments I like are related to build, like "--enable-crap is broken, avoid it!!" :>08:19
Rotwangmail it to the mailing list08:20
Rotwangthey work as a little reminders for me08:20
Rotwangsometimes people do such things in source code08:20
Rotwangas I said, post your complaint to the lis08:22
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enteRomster: it doesn't help to edit mpd.conf if mpd refuses to read certain tags in certain files08:29
Romsteroh i haven't had any thing like that. i was on the .9 version since the .8 crashed on seeks alot.08:35
Romsterhaven't bumped to .10 yet08:35
enteI bumped to 0.16~alpha1 yesterday08:37
entewell, I guess the problem is that older versions did something wrong reading the tags08:37
enteand mpd seems to have a bug so it doesn't write the database08:37
enteor something08:37
ente0.16 doesn't even accept connections08:40
enteI wonder how they can even release this shit08:40
thrice`ente, what part of 'alpha' isn't clear? :O08:41
entethrice`: I think one shouldn't release stuff as "alpha" if it doesn't even accept connections. I'm well aware that alpha is likely to be unstable, but connecting to a music player daemon is pretty much the core functionality08:45
* Romster facepalms08:45
thrice`perhaps they needed help, and wanted people to try it out? :)08:45
enteperhaps ;)08:46
tadzikperhaps it doesn't accept connection only in your specific case, and alpha's job is to find out ones like you? :)08:47
thrice`jaeger, out of curiosity, are you doing a 2.7 or 2.6 bootstrap (from spying on crux-devel) ?09:11
jaeger2.6 at the moment, will be doing 2.7 sometime soon09:13
jaeger2.6 just finished, worked out the nss/nspr/xulrunner/firefox issue it seems09:14
thrice`nice :>09:18
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jaegerdoh, need to add tcp_wrappers to the ISO09:35
thrice`do you have a machine that can do it nicely ?09:36
jaegerwhat do you mean by nicely?09:37
thrice`mostly speed :>09:39
thrice`and 'it' meaning create the ISO.  sorry, poor sentence09:39
jaegerno worries :) yeah, got a few options09:40
jaeger$ grep -i processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l09:40
jaeger$ free -m09:41
jaeger             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached09:41
jaegerMem:         12024      11578        445          0        270       494209:41
thrice`going to try a 64-bit version, or leave that to frinnst ?09:46
jaegerperhaps at some point09:46
Romsterah man i only got 4 cores at 3.4GHz and 8GB ram damn you jaeger << must be on some server.09:52
jaegerwow, hadn't done an updated ISO since november09:53
jaegerRomster: it's my workstation at the office, actually09:54
enteI don't know why people always call emacs an operating system09:54
jaegerthe servers have the same number of cores but more RAM :)09:54
enteobviously, eclipse is the operating system. it even has a bootsplash09:54
tadzikdoes it have the psychoanalytic?09:54
Romsterjaeger, must have some serious grunt what sort of cpu is it?09:55
jaegerXeon E552009:55
jaeger2 physical Xeon E5520s, 16 total cores @ 2.26GHz09:56
thrice`how quick can the iso be created on such a monster?09:56
jaegerthe default ISO build process doesn't do parallel builds but I'll try it sometime09:56
thrice`ah, ok.  probably safer09:57
thrice`could almost build it in ram :O09:57
jaegerprobably, heh09:57
jaegerok, new updated iso is uploaded09:57
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Romsterso most of the cores arn't doing much currently. -j16 would be interesting. and even with the BFS patch.10:06
thrice`if you're running 2.6.32+, the default scheduler does pretty well on its own10:07
Romsteri started using BFS around 2.6.29 or so.10:08
Romsterso i haven't tried the default in a while.10:08
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jaegerI've got it doing other stuff, so it's not all idle, but the ISO build certainly didn't tax it10:13
thrice`might be fun to play with a -j8 build or so10:14
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frinnstFußball \o/13:27
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* ente slaps frinnst with a trout13:46
frinnsti like fish13:47
frinnsti also like turtles13:47
frinnstcompiling qt4 is quite dull13:49
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jaegerAny virtualbox users ever run into this issue before? I created a single-CPU VM, installed linux, compiled a kernel, works great. THEN I changed it to multi-CPU on the VM side, rebuilt the kernel, rebooted, and after that it hangs up all the time14:32
tilmanfrinnst: so?14:47
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jaegerugh... guaranteed way to fuck up a VM, I have no idea how to fix it15:10
thrice`no clue here, sorry :(15:11
jaegeryeah, I've got nothing... no messages in the syslog, nothing on the console15:16
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teK_pitillo: of course not16:14
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teK_pitillo: i dont maintain poppler16:27
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: qemu: replace optional header with nice to have header16:27
thrice`poppler could use a kick in the butt :>16:28
teK_lucas hazel == nipul, right?16:28
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prologichey guys. I seem to have no spelling support in open office22:41
prologicis there something that needs to be installed or configured ?22:41

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