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pitillogood morning01:01
pitilloteK_: ok, sorry about poppler, it was my fault, and thank you for changing it in qemu01:01
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prologicanyone use use chrome on crux ?01:21
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enteteK_: why doesn't mpd have an rc.d-script? is this not common for userspace-daemons on CRUX?\02:09
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prologicnormally something you load yourself03:20
prologicI load it in my .xinitrc03:20
littleomar.xinitrc is nice03:20
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enteI load it in rc.local05:11
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enteif I'd want my music player to depend on the fact that I start X at some point, I'd probably not use mpd :P05:12
Rotwangmoc ftw05:18
entenever used it, but someone told me it sucks05:18
tadzikI prefer mpd05:18
entempd sucks too, but I like the daemon mode05:18
tadzikI see nothing sucky in mpd I must say05:19
entethought about implementing an mpd replacement using the same protocol05:19
Rotwangwell moc works really well for me05:19
ente- plugin system sucks05:19
Rotwangand xmms2 is nice05:19
enteand mpd uses 34% CPU on some files, but I'm not sure if that's an mpd issue05:19
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enteweird thing is, I can play some huge 24 bit flacs with lower CPU usage, and some other files make mpd use more CPU05:21
enteand it doesn't read all the tags successfully05:21
enteanyway, it is the best music player I've seen so far05:21
prologicente, dude (no offense) but is there anything you find that doesn't suck ? :)05:32
prologicand is there anything you don't want to write yourself ? :)05:32
prologicFYI, mpd causes a high CPU load on some files because of poor sound cards05:32
prologicnot because of mpd05:32
prologicit's not even the kernels fault05:33
entethat's interesting05:33
entedidn't know that, and I actually didn't blame mpd.05:33
prologicthere are some pieces of music encoded at rates that most common sound cards cannot support05:33
prologicso your system has to reencode them ont he fly05:33
prologicif you buy a better sound code you solve your problem05:33
entemakes sense05:33
prologicbut really if you have a dual core or better - who cares :)05:34
* prologic has a single core :/05:34
enteI also have a single core.05:34
prologicand subjective opinions aside - mpd is one of the nicest music players ever :)05:34
entethat's what I said05:34
prologicoh you said "moc sucks" :)05:35
prologicI dunno what moc is05:35
enteI said someone told me moc sucks05:35
enteI never used it05:35
prologic"someone told me it sucks"05:35
prologic<ente> mpd sucks too05:35
enteeverything sucks :P05:35
prologicoh gawd05:35
enteit's impossible to make good software05:35
* prologic sighs05:35
* tadzik sighs05:35
prologicno, it's not :)05:35
tadzikStop listening to Plan9'ers05:36
prologicno I'm curious :)05:36
prologicente, what makes for good software ?05:36
prologicchoose your next words carefully :)05:36
tadzikfor the history will judge you ;)05:36
prologicwell I won't :)05:37
enteand I won't talk05:37
prologicbut maybe 10 years of software engineering might!05:37
prologicaww dude c'mon05:37
enteI'm busy coding java in eclipse, which removed every doubt in me that all everything sucks :P05:37
prologicmy colleague and I discuss how badly software sucks and how bad typical programmers are all the time05:37
prologicconstructive/objective discussion - let's go :)05:38
enteconstructive? me? :)05:38
tadzikon another channel I'm on people now elaborate on how good PHP is and how good it's for beginners05:38
enteI started with python. I wouldn't do that a second time05:39
tadzikI relly like Dive Into Python05:39
tadzikjust love it05:40
ente o.O05:40
tadzikthe first real line of code: return ";".join(["%s=%s" % (k, v) for k, v in params.items()])05:40
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jaegerI'm really starting to hate trying to build gnome11:21
jaegerit's goddamn near impossible to build from source these days11:21
jaegerthe latest fun:11:22
jaegerxsltproc --nonet ./xml2po.1.xml11:22
jaegermake[2]: *** [xml2po.1] Segmentation fault11:22
jseThe gnome gang would be out of a job if it were simple ;)11:22
jaegerI suppose so11:22
jseEspecially if someone is paying them or otherwise subsidizing.11:25
jseReally makes someone wonder WTF they are doing these days.11:27
jseHistorically gnome has never been the easiest to package, but sheesh.11:28
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tilmangrrr, the guruplug's rtc (rtc battery?) sucks sucks sucks12:10
tilmanthe device has been offline a couple of days and the time is off by 8 minutes now12:10
Zabathat reminds me of my old mac mini13:08
Zabait's unused, but I used to run freebsd on it 24/7.13:08
Zabaevery damned time ntpd kicked in, it shifted the clock for some ridiculously high amount of time.  Every downtime made the clock drift insanely, too.13:08
tilmani moved the rdate call from daily to hourly. maybe that will be good enough13:11
entejaeger: just apply the ubuntu patches :P13:23
teK_prologic:you mean one of its frontends like gmpc? :)13:24
teK_(wrt mpd being the nicest player)13:25
jaegerente: I've considered it13:26
jaegerI wonder if my docbook-x{m,s}l packages are borken somehow13:27
tilmanthe b in docbook stands for broken13:27
enteis XFCE easy to package?13:27
entedoc broken ook?13:28
tilmanook? ook!13:28
enteone of the most stupid esoteric programming languages I know13:28
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jaegerbleh... I've got nothing on this xsltproc thing14:09
frinnstdont hack me bro!14:14
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jaegerwow... huge idiot or best troll ever?14:17
jaegerMy money is on troll14:17
frinnsti just became dumber watching that and various "related" videos14:18
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