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jueneed some help wrt the sourceforge issue; looks like they broke our ports finally04:42
juewith the following I got a 40404:42
juesource /usr/ports/core/flex/Pkgfile ; wget $source04:42
tilmanworks for me (it wget's
tilmanwant the full log?04:46
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juetilman: you've preselected heanet in hosts?04:55
tilman193.1.193.66 dl.sf.net04:56
jueworks with heanet for me too but not with switch; the strange thing is that your request got forwarded to ignum and is not served by heanet05:06
juethe whole thing is a big mess ;)05:08
tilmanmaybe switch is temporarily broken05:20
juetilman: yeah, looks like; you could do me a favour and try instead, please05:21
tilmanworks for me, too05:22
juebut, I guess, with a different response?05:23
jueyeah, that looks far better, is the IP of downloads.sf.net05:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: firefox: updated to 3.6.606:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 3.6.606:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] libpng: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libpng: updated to
tilmanthere it is ;)07:03
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libpcre: update to 8.1007:30
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: ppp: added -j1 to install target07:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission: update to 2.0107:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.0107:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: qemu: replace optional header with nice to have header07:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samba: update to 3.5.407:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lvm2: update to 2.02.6807:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission: tarball re-released, new md5sum07:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 256.3507:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: procmail: new source URL07:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 3.6.607:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] libpng: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission: update to 2.0107:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.0107:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.707:38
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thrice`reports that the 3.6.6 update to FF was only to fix a farmville issue :O08:42
enteI surely won't recompile ff :(08:46
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tadzikI'm _so_ glad I use chromium08:47
tadzikeven though the way they release stuff sucks08:47
enteunfortunately vimperator only works with ff08:47
thrice`oh, I guess just for flash in general08:47
enteonly drawback chromium or surf or whatever has08:47
thrice`   3 lines of code :>08:47
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tadzikthrice`: I'd say 2 chars ;)08:48
enteoh man08:48
thrice`yes, comments :D08:48
enteand they make a new release for THAT?08:49
tadzikFsck yeah Mozilla!08:49
* ente slaps tadzik for saying the way chromium releases stuff sucks ;P08:49
tadzikit does!08:49
enteff is worse :D08:49
tadzikno it isn't08:49
entethis diff proves it08:49
tadzikit fucking isn't08:49
tadzikfirefox is ./configure && make08:50
tadzikseen how it looks like in chromium?08:50
enteah, you're talking about the build system08:50
tadzikwell, the binary builds are almost ok08:50
tadzikbut when you want to see some stable stuff, you have to compile this cra08:51
enteno, they depend on gconf :<08:51
tadzikscrew gconf, they link against some old gnutls08:51
tadzikI had to make a port for this08:51
entecan't they just use -static?08:51
tadziknot for everything08:52
tadzikas it seems08:52
tadzikI'm really afraid to update it sometimes08:52
tadziklast time not only they added this dumb gnutls, they also fscked fonts08:52
tadzikI even got used to this serif everywhere08:53
entebtw, debian links exim against gnutls. I find that stupid :(08:53
tadzikwho cares :)08:53
enteme. certtool sucks and the certificates are incompatible08:54
ente(it seemed)08:54
tadzik(I was refering to debian actually)08:55
entealso me, I have some legacy server running it08:55
enteanyway, you can't use exim under debian :D08:56
entethat's a fact08:56
tadzikI recently found out that the oldest computer I own is still i68608:56
tadzikit's Pentium II08:56
enteah, I still have a Pentium MMX box standing under my desk08:58
enteeverything else is above... P3, P4 and atom08:59
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tilmanSUCK IT ENGLAND09:20
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thrice`what an odd goal09:22
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enteyou're actually watching that crap?09:28
tilmanSUCK IT AGAIN09:32
enteI hear people yelling09:32
tilmanthat's me and me coworkers09:32
enteyou are damn loud, I'd say :)09:32
enteand damn small. these people sounded like kids09:33
thrice`woah, so they don't get that?09:38
thrice`soccer is funny09:39
frinnstits called football damnit! :)09:40
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thrice`speil des fusses ?09:42
thrice`spiel *09:42
thrice`nevermind :O09:42
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thrice`den fussen I guess09:43
tilmandes fusses was actually correct09:47
thrice`the possession stuff always confused me too much09:49
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tilmanthrice`: you know the correct name is fussball, right?09:52
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thrice`yes, of course :>  I mean, in German, that's what I struggled with most in studying.  "the game of the feet" for example09:57
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thrice`or, the changing to des/der09:58
enteSpiel des Fußes? huh?10:00
enteFußball :P10:00
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thrice` 4 *10:26
frinnsti guess the octopus was right after all10:29
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tilmanfrinnst: what octopus?11:08
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frinnstthe german octopus that predicted the game?11:47
frinnstit ate the whatever from the german box damnit! ergo: germany wins11:47
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RotwangI feel less and less inclined to be part of crux over time12:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: getmail: 4.17.0 -> 4.18.012:38
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thrice`Rotwang,  but all other distros suck :>12:47
tilmanRotwang: why?12:51
tilmanfrinnst: i don't get what you're saying12:51
teK_CRUX is just awesome :>12:52
RotwangWhy focus on less important stuff like a commented entry in Pkgfile, but on more important things like say crux64 developement.12:56
RotwangIm referring to recent contrib ml posts12:56
teK_pcre fails with -flto in CFLAGS, btw :>12:56
teK_Rotwang: c'mon, I, for example am testing crux64 all the time..12:57
Rotwangme too12:57
tilmani'm not following the contrib mailing list12:57
teK_that's a good thing. Maybe we can ship 2.8 with support for both arches12:57
jaegerI wouldn't base CRUX's entire development philosophy on one or two ML posts anyway12:58
jaegerI still want an official multilib CRUX :)12:58
jaegerseems like most don't care about multilib, though12:58
* Rotwang doesn't care ;D12:58
* frinnst neither12:58
thrice`pure64 !!12:58
RotwangI do care about crux 64 in general though12:58
teK_jaeger: multilib would be cool for wine. I can't think of any other package I'd install right now12:58
jaegerwine is the big one12:58
teK_and flash. -,-12:58
RotwangteK_: virtualbox from contrib12:59
tilmanflash is on life support12:59
teK_Rotwang: qemu ftw :)12:59
tilmanhtml5/webm ftw12:59
thrice`what about a pure64 base, with a nice multilib replacement set ?12:59
frinnsttilman: ffs. there was some german paper or channel that employed a fucking squid to pick the winner :)12:59
jaegerperhaps wine, firefox-bin, flash, virtualbox12:59
frinnstoh right. flash12:59
jaegerthrice`: even that would be ok with me12:59
frinnsttime to get gnash working on my system12:59
thrice`i think they might start pushing out FF-bin packages12:59
teK_firefox-bin? In times of quad-cores? Compiling is a core part of CRUX :)12:59
thrice`er, 64-bit ff-bin packages *12:59
jaegerreleases with both 32 and 64-bit ISO would be good enough12:59
jaegerteK_: was just thinking of 32-bit flash, otherwise I never mind compiling13:00
teK_the only monster in compilation  is qt4 *shiver*13:00
thrice`seems like going from pure64 -> multilib is used more than multilib -> pure13:00
RotwangI use old 64 bit release of flash13:00
teK_thrice`: of course as it is more 'flexible'13:00
teK_Rotwang: me too. And it sucks..13:00
frinnstxulrunner/ffox feels quite close to q413:01
teK_frinnst: measuring build time out of interest. :)13:01
frinnstits no picknick compiling either on my eeepc :(13:02
jaegerI've got 6 cores to use at home, 16 at work, so compiling doesn't bug me...13:02
teK_oh. sure.13:02
frinnstjaeger: stfu :)13:02
Rotwangok, so I'm preparing OOo from source [;13:02
frinnstwow, good luck with that :)13:02
jaegerthat's an interesting project, I tried it a couple times a while back13:02
jaegera challenge13:02
frinnstyeah me too13:02
RotwangI did it once13:02
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Rotwangoverrated experience [;13:03
thrice`I am not sure our overlay solution is proper, but it seems to work pretty well overall, for minimal man-power-additoins too13:03
teK_so Rotwang everything's fine again, brave Indian? :>13:03
thrice`for 64-bit, anyway13:03
teK_thrice`: jue had some suggestions on that that made sense but I can't remember13:04
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thrice`but, most distros get by with a single tree for both13:05
RotwangteK_: I'm cool [;13:06
teK_thrice`: it'd be some if [ $(getconf LONG_BIT) == "64" ]; then ... fi   I think.13:06
Zabathe $(...) part should be quoted13:07
Zabaand it's =, not ==13:07
teK_Zaba: I won't look this up in the POSIX Standard.13:07
Zabaman test :>13:08
RotwangZaba: pkgmk depends on bash features anyway13:08
Zabathen you can use [[ ]] and not worry about quotiing and all that nonsense13:08
Zababecause, proper quoting in /bin/sh is crazy business..13:08
teK_take it as a piece of pseudo-code.13:09
thrice`teK_, ah, but what does that change?  looking for .footprint64 or something ?13:10
teK_yeah and build64 and patches and stuff13:10
teK_imho the overlay technique would be the best option13:10
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teK_you may have a look at {core,opt}-x86_64 ;>13:11
thrice`yeah, not 'best,' but least invasive more basics13:11
teK_gut jue had some good points on this topic13:11
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thrice`I don't think it will ever be solved :>13:11
teK_it's a good solution because it bears not much overhead for maintainers (the 64-bit special treatment ports are known) keeping the simplicity13:12
tilmanfrinnst: this weekend, i soldered the guruplug's original power connector to my jack(?), drilled a hole in the case for the jack -> ziomg awesome13:17
tilmanmaybe i should take a picture13:18
thrice`of course you should take a picture13:18
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teK_yeah. I want to know what the hell you are talking about ;)13:19
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jueRotwang: just read your comment about my response to pitillo's email from today, are you serious ? :(13:22
jaegeron a side note, I couldn't care less about the comments in Pkgfiles13:22
jaegersuch a dumb thing13:22
teK_but Rotwang apparently does, this should be respected :)13:23
jaegerI'm just trying to make the point that a single post to the ML doesn't dictate how everyone feels about the project as a whole13:24
teK_losing even more maintainer(s) 'd be quite bad13:24
Rotwangjue: no one had any arguments against "nice to have"13:25
juewell, I'm not talking about your email but your response here 'above'13:25
Rotwangwell, I'm not resigning [;13:27
teK_you won't fucking dare :>13:28
frinnstno, if you do we'll hunt you down13:31
Rotwangmaybe I'm bit paranoid recently13:31
jaegerso friendly :P13:31
Rotwangproblems w/ my personal life :{13:31
teK_who talked about eating my skin alive about two years ago? :p13:31
frinnstmy life sucked ass 6 months ago13:32
jaegerRotwang: I meant teK_ and frinnst, for what that's worth :)13:32
frinnstnow its great again13:32
frinnstups & downs13:32
teK_been a pleasure, jaeger13:32
teK_frinnst: ?13:32
frinnstmy new life philosophy13:33
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Rotwangbtw. is there a cisco packet tracer for 64 bit linux?13:40
jaegernot that I've seen so far13:47
tilmanthrice`: mmh, it's actually not that spectacular13:54
acruxRotwang: eh, today i've updated/compiled icedtea6 and OOo-3.2.1 on ppc6413:56
acruxnow i'm going to compile on  ppc32 :/13:57
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frinnstacrux: how many useless deps did you have to install to build ooo? :D13:58
acruxnot so much13:58
frinnstcan i look at the pkgfile?13:58
acruxand when you use the provided binary you need only three deps13:59
acruxi return away, bye!14:00
joacimlistorphans contains a everything from core, is there a way to avoid that?14:02
* joacim just happened to removed glibc14:02
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cipppwhy dbus its build with --disable-extras ?17:19
cipppi try to build handbrake and i need libgudev17:19
thrice`udev needs extras then, not dbus.  it's to reduce the dependencies from core cippp17:20
cipppoh , yes17:20
cipppi write wrong17:20
thrice`otherwise, things like glib would end up in core/  :(  you can rebuild udev pretty easily I think17:20
* ente imagines17:20
thrice`I think it adds glib (probably already have), and some usb items17:21
cipppthrice`: yes , i make "acl" and extras its build17:21
cipppi just ask17:21
thrice`cippp, or, you could just disable the GTK interface, and use only the CLI ;)17:23
cipppor use mencoder .. :)17:23
cipppah and mplayer its build without faad , i just found this :)17:24
thrice`yeah, it's port has a few "nice to have" deps that you can move in17:25
cipppi tfaac17:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gdk-pixbuf: 0.22.0 -> 2.21.422:04
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