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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xcb-proto: updated footprint for python 2.7.00:42
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pitillogood morning00:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: Removed ports: codeblocks, fcheck, jnettop, pokerth, pymp and wavemon.01:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xterm: updated to 26105:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: opera: 10.10 -> 10.1108:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: nut: 2.2.2 -> 2.4.308:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dmidecode: picked up port08:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: nut: fix user to nut instead of root08:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: beautifulsoup: fix source url08:16
* thrice` wonders if anyone would kill him for changing sv_SE to en_US in the handbook :O08:17
littleomarthrice`: me!08:28
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littleomarwith a chainsaw..08:29
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Romsterman i nearly made a booboo well a bigger one if i didn't get that fast, it would of locked root with the pre-install script08:30
Romsteras long as it's EN_US.UTF-8 :D08:32
juethrice`: yes, it's by purpose, you might see it as a tribute to Per08:32
thrice`yes, I wouldn't dare :)08:32
Romsterwish per came back he was god.08:32
Romstererr good.08:32
thrice`I hope the revisions are OK so far.  nothing too big, except I took out one reference to the installer about dep checking, since setup does this now08:33
Romstermore updates to come to some of my stale ports in contrib, working on then in a chroot.08:33
jueRomster: what's up with hvlinux?08:33
Romsteri'm still working on it in my own time.08:34
Romstermore of a learning project and testing grounds for new ideas.08:34
Romsteri'm already on the new gcc version since ages before crux 2.7 even started it seems to not break much.08:35
Romsterunlike previous gcc versions.08:35
juesure, you are always better than plain crux ;)08:36
Romsternah, i just wasn't to concerned about breaking since i think i only have 2 users currently using hvlinux.08:36
Romsterso i can pretty much do as i want, and not have the whole userbase like crux has currently.08:37
Romsteri'm relaly seeing the hvlinux direction being a different init system and enhancements to pkgutils and a few other minor things. not much more really. i have a full time job now since a about a year in a computer IT shop, so it's slowed my time on other things.08:39
thrice`work always gets in the way08:39
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Romsterwhich is why my personal (romster) and contrib ports have been neglected a little. when i used to be the everything was spotlessly up to date.08:42
Romsteroh which reminds me... you'll want to adopt gdk-pixbuf to opt for next gtk+08:42
Romstermaybe i'll now get at least 1 port in opt that was packaged by me :)08:43
Romsteri'm glad the soccer is over all i can hear was the damn vuvuzelas08:47
Romsterwhat happened to chanting?08:47
thrice`didn't you guys get booted out early? :>08:47
Romsteri didn't pay close attention to it i watched it for like half an hour and that felt like a lifetime.08:49
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Romsteri sure hope everyone seds there sourceforge urls so they actually work. like i said on the ML. i've had zero problems with that one.08:52
Romsterah nuts i didn't check to see if crux ha d a new enough glib before i pushed new gdk-pixbuf -_-08:53
thrice`glib 2.25.x is unstable (VERY unstable at the moment, if I understand)08:53
Romsteri'm on it and i've had zero crashes.08:54
Romsterso far.08:54
Romsternot to say anyone else wont.08:54
Romsterbeen using firefox, gvim, gmpc, pidgin, xchat mostly.08:55
thrice`it's a pretty critical system package, and broke ABI heavily in the 2.25.8 to 2.25.10 time frame08:55
Romsterthrice`, got anything i can test?08:55
Romstersure i did a revdep after i updated and rebuilt anything that was affected.08:55
Romsterif it was unstable wouldn't my stuff be falling over about now?08:56
thrice`i suppose; you just seemed negative about crux sticking to the stable release of glib, instead of one that is constantly breaking, labeled as 'unstable' by upstream,e tc :>08:56
thrice`Romster, glib does stable/unstable for odd/even, just like the rest of the GTK stack.  2.24.x = stable releases, 2.25.x = unstable releases (for building gnome 2.31.x, which is their development towards 2.32.x / 3.0 )08:57
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Romsterusers don't sysup every day, and if something breaks you can alsways pkgadd -u the older version and wait for a newer non-broken one.08:57
Romstereh i guess you want to stick to the even numbers for stable stuff.08:58
Romsterwhich means i'll need to revert the gdk-pixbuf update...08:58
thrice`definitely, until 2.26 is out :>08:58
thrice`and gtk 3.0 or whatever they do08:58
Romsteri didn't think about it i just like going though bleeding edge.08:59
Romsternow gtk3+ i was planning to hold back a bit, like the huge breakage between qt3 and qt4 did.08:59
Romsteri'd probably do what gtk1 is and alter gtk2 to be installed beside gtk3 for testing. like slotting stuff09:00
Romsteradjust include paths etc.09:00
Romsterthrice`, if you do have something that makes glib crash throw it at me, i'm not convinced this is unstable.09:01
Romsteruntil i actually hit a bug.09:01
Romsterand if we don't test it who will.09:03
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Romsteror do we leave that to fedora :D09:05
thrice`Romster, not personally, but it's quite common knowledge about the odd/even numbering system :)  here is an announcement eg.:
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Romsteri'm aware of the odd/even numbering, so like stuff like xz that's taking a revision than to use the stable tarball xz release, so some things you bump up and not others.09:38
Romsterheading to bed g'night09:38
luxhnight Romster09:38
thrice`mm, I think the '-h $HOSTNAME' can be ditched from our networking example these days?  I think it's the default now in dhcpcd09:44
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