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tilmanokay, cron is acting up on the guruplug00:40
tilmanthe @hourly jobs aren't actually run each hour00:40
tilmanhopefully that's not due to the slow/fast/whatever rtc00:40
tilmanon my desktop, the hourly jobs are ran bi-hourly it seems (according to /var/log/cron)00:51
tilmansame on the guruplug00:53
tilmancan anyone confirm?00:53
tilmancheck the intervals between log messages "FILE ... USER root PID ... job sys.hourly"00:53
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tilmanugh, and it looks like monthly will use yearly instead (missing break in switch omg)00:59
prologiccron has never known to be very accurate01:00
prologicor have a very good sense of time01:00
prologicmy hourly jobs run at 34mins past the hour and 1s01:00
prologiceg: 08:34:0101:00
tilmanit's _exactly_ one hour off.01:00
tilmanprologic: i don't care whether it's _on_ the hour01:01
prologicwell mine run hourly then01:01
tilman@hourly just says: run whenever it has been over an hour since it ran the last time01:01
pitillogood morning01:07
lennarthourly and daily work fine over here01:14
tilmandcron 4.4-1?01:14
lennarti forgot to do a 'rejmerge' though01:32
tilmanon the guruplug the job just ran again. again 2 hours interval.01:36
tilmani'll debug this shit tonight01:36
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Romsterwhy hasn't gstreamer nor wine been bumped yet? both new versions have been out for at least 3 weeks or more. gonna file a bug after i finish dinner03:18
Romsteri built gst-plugins-* with the newer gstreamer ages ago in the thought that gstreamer update would be less than 24 hours away....03:19
Romsterusually opt,core and xorg is kept to latest stable.03:20
Romster2010-05-16 Danny Rawlins gst-plugins-good: 0.10.21 -> 0.10.2203:22
Romsterand now i want to bump it to
Romsterwonder why i was reluctant to give way them ports that i depend on...03:22
Romstersure there busy with real life but 22 came out on the 27-Apr-2010, and now 23 is out on the 30-May-201003:24
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pitilloRomster: it could be good to talk between maintainers, and adopt other's ports. May be you can talk with sepen (in this case) if you are keeping up to date ports which depends on another one03:27
pitillothe option you told it's another good one (may be before asking for an adopt request) and if time goes ahead, then ask the maintainer to adopt a port (if there is no answer filling the bug in FS)03:28
pitilloI don't know if this can hurt anyone really, in my case, if someone would told me about adopting a non-up-to-date port which can be a dependency of another one in his hands, I would told to adopt it (I think that's the best for the comunity and that's why I think it mustn't hurt)03:29
Romsterpitillo, i gave gstreamer away due to a dep in opt it needed it.03:30
Romsterand no they wont accept me in opt, i'm probabbly to much of a renegade or something, or they think of me as dumb or not suitable for it...03:31
pitillounderstood, and where is the problem about joining opt? If you respect port guidelines (and they are good ports which I think they are... you have long time working on lot of contrib ports by your side)03:32
Romsterthey wont accept me i don't know why.03:33
pitilloRomster: I don't think so, you aren't renegade or dumb, may be it wasn't a good time for the request, or may be was thought that you will don't follow port creation/maintenance guidelines03:33
Romsteri'm like 50% of contrib03:33
pitilloyes, and long time ago03:33
Romsteri knwosome are broken atm fixing those but in all i don't get many bug reports from my ports.03:33
pitilloand I check FS and I don't see so much bugs related to your ports, which are a lot03:34
Romsteryeah ports to bug ratio is extremely high03:34
Romsteri have one atm working on that03:34
pitillothat's true, and that's my point, people who have been working hard on contrib (maintaining a big amount of ports and doing a great job, IMHO are good candidates to maintain ports on opt)03:34
Romsteri might even give the rest of my gstreamer away due to these issues of not being able to update deps i depend on to stable releases, i do also have a heap of ports in hvlinux that i maintain as well.03:36
pitilloI think the "rules" to be an opt maintainer are those, good maintenance and good job (respecting guidelines, answering bugs/request/suggestions...)03:36
Romsteri don't mind if tings are slow  to update but over a god damn month?03:36
lennarttilman: after rejmerge crond skips one hour and only runs bi-hourly03:36
pitillowell, really I have nothing to do on that aspect, I can tell you my opinion which mustn't be shared by core/opt members03:36
pitillowell, I think I would start counting from the point a bug is reported (if it isn't reported, it's hard to the maintainer to put hands on. It's his work, but like you said, there are lot of things in real world which can be in a time window prior to port maintenance)03:37
Romsterpitillo, you could use install program a little more see the changes i did to nut03:38
pitilloyes, I saw it yesterday, I started to look at the port atm (just readed here and let it in other window :)03:38
Romstercalling mkdir, chown, and chmod i condensed into one command.03:38
pitilloyep, install does its work there (I haven't touched nut in long time, my ups died and I changed by another one without serial/usb connection) and no-one filled a bug about it too03:39
pitilloI think I never got a bug about my ports... which is quite far from the thought that they are well done (only 1 related to e17 and svg support in some years...)03:40
Romsteri looked at buying a big unit but they look to expensive, being a electronics tech, i reckon i can build my own.03:41
Romsteri'll get a bit stuck at the either lan or usb interface part though.03:41
pitillothat sounds better (my replace was cheap... for free) but I think they are a needed accessorie to a home computer, not only servers03:42
Romsteri plan to take pictures of a prototype.03:42
pitillosounds hard for me to build one03:45
Romsterand dangerous to inexperienced with mains voltages stuff.03:47
Romsterbut with plans some would be capable of building it.03:48
Romstermaking it modular so i can even add on other stuff later like a remote engine start for a generator.03:48
Romsteranyways i'm stuck to the bug tracker for opt port bumps.03:49
Rotwangpitillo: can I take leafpad?03:50
Rotwangand xdg-something ?03:50
pitilloyep, dangerous, with or without knowledge, working with voltages and bateries03:50
pitilloRotwang: yes, feel free03:50
Romsteri assumed after pitillo dropped the other ports. and left the ones that Rotwang and I mentioned.03:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sylpheed: update to 3.0.304:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: leafpad: changed Maintainer line + little changes to footprint04:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xdg-utils: changed maintainer line04:27
* Rotwang awaits sepen to take ports04:35
Rotwangfrom me04:35
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: rc: add support for /forcefsck, FS#51105:30
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teK_requires glib requires glib 2.29.9 while glib from opt is 2.24.105:46
teK_maybe you check with tilman why he did not yet update it05:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: getmail: 4.18.0 -> 4.20.005:54
RomsterteK_, i am aware of it i'll have to drop it's version down...05:58
RomsterteK_, talked about it yesterday API changes and it's apparently unstable. but i'm running it with no problems so far.05:59
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littleomarWhat is a good ICQ/MSN/IRC client for the console (not pidgin, thank you)?05:59
tadzikirc: weechat, irssi06:00
tadziknot using these other 2 protocols06:00
Rotwanglittleomar: finch is really nice06:01
littleomarRotwang: it's "pidgin"06:01
Rotwangit is not06:01
Rotwangfinch is finch06:01
littleomartadzik: weechat does MSN/ICQ? or did you mean that it does not?06:01
littleomarRotwang: if you really want to misunderstand me, go ahead.06:02
tadziklittleomar: I mean that I don't use, sorry06:02
littleomartadzik: aha, ok. thanks06:02
tadzikbut weechat site says it's for many protocols06:02
tadzikbut I must say I haven't used it for anything else06:02
littleomarI wonder if that stuff builds on an old Solaris 5.906:02
lennartlittleomar: centerim should do the trick06:03
Rotwangspot the difference [;06:03
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littleomartadzik: actually, where did you read that it supports those? I can not seem to find it.. I kind of like to know before I try to make it run on this old machine06:09
tadziktheir site says it's for multiple protocols06:10
tadzik(irc and xmpp so far)06:10
tadzikso there's some light in the tunnel06:10 ?06:10
littleomaraha, so ICQ/MSN is not implemented yet06:11
jseYou could use bitlbee for that part.06:11
littleomarjse: was some time since I last used it.. but it requires admin privileges right?06:17
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jseAdmin rights are probably needed if you install bitlbee locally. They also do have a public bitlbee server that can be used instead.06:36
littleomarjse: Trying one of those out atm, thanks.06:36
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thrice`jaeger, did you mention you might try a 2.7 64-bit bootstrap too?  or, maybe just core or something?08:06
jaegerI plan to, yes, but haven't started it yet, only 3208:09
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thrice`awesome :)  wanted to help out testing, but was slightly hesitant to try myself :>08:10
jaegerfair enough :)08:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mercurial: 1.5.4 -> 1.612:58
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tilmanteK_: glib 2.ODD_NUMBER_HERE are UNSTABLE releases13:27
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teK_ah k13:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: skipfish: 1.42b -> 1.45b13:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pcmciautils: update to 01715:16
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