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pitillogood morning01:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: acoc, cream, stalonetray: dropped01:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: net-snmp: updated to 5.4.302:32
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tadzikoh you07:17
teK_maybe -.- is 5 in Morse-code? so OH YOU07:19
teK_i.e. -.- ~= 101(2) == 5(10)07:20
tadzikow snap07:27
tadziklooks at the ML07:27
tadzikTo get an idea of what crux define as stable, what version of gnome is currently in ports?07:28
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jaegergnome is unofficial, don't use it to define crux's stability :)08:14
tadzikthat's the thing. The guy will be disappointed :)08:14
crookseythat guy is me08:29
tadzikoh hey :)08:30
crookseyI was trying to estimate what crux defined as "stable", not how stable crux was08:31
tadzikas jaeger said, gnome is not very good example08:31
crookseye.g whether for instance the repo's only contained gnome 2.6.x or 2.8.x or w/e08:32
crookseyAs  bleeding edge does not bother me, but i have used distro's before where there "stable" packages were so out of date that other "stable" packages required a higher version of the exisiting package08:33
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thrice`almost always, crux does latest verions of packages, unless they are a pain (toolchain, stuff like libpng which requires users to recompile quite a bit).  Those things + other system-changes are usually done with a new release08:37
thrice`alot of people don't use gnome or kde, so those can potentially lag a bit08:38
tadzikkde is quite up to date08:38
tadzikand Alan quite cares about it I'd say08:38
thrice`yes :>08:39
tadzikquite quite quite, bleh08:39
tadziklast time when I reported outdated strigi he updated the whole suite just few minutes later :)08:39
jaegergnome is something of an anomaly because it's huge and a pain in the ass to build/maintain08:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ffmpeg-0.5: fix a port renaming issue where it wont find the file08:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gdk-pixbuf1: retreaved from gdk-pixbuf from last commit, use this one for older gtk108:42
cipppoh , why 0.5 ?08:43
jaegerAlan does a far better job keeping up with KDE than I do with gnome08:46
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cipppbecause gnome have 1000 libs and this need other 1000 libs ? :)08:48
jaegerThat's certainly part of it, hehe08:48
jaegerIt also uses a bunch of crap that never stabilizes, like policykit, devicekit, etc.08:49
cippp2.31.4 change again , need gtk3 ...08:50
tadzikI'm quite looking forward to gnome 3 I must say08:50
jaegerI haven't even been able to build gnome lately08:50
jaegergranted, I haven't had a lot of free time to work on it08:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gdk-pixbuf: removed been renamed to gdk-pixbuf1 as next gtk2 release will need this port in opt08:56
thrice`there will not be another gtk2 release :>08:58
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cipppi change Pkgfile for opera09:00
cipppand e17 build script work nice09:01
Romsteri don't know what the hell i was thinking when i did the gdk-pixbuf update. work + lack of sleep = too zoned out to think straight.09:01
Romstergtk2 version 2.22 will be after 2.21 unstable series.09:02
* jaeger gives jhbuild another shot for grins09:02
thrice`Romster, oh, are you sure it's not gtk3?09:02
Romsterjust because they are working on gtk3 don't mean that they wont do anymore to gtk2...09:02
thrice`the gdk=pixbuf split is specific to gtk309:02
jaegerDoes anyone in here have any experience with foundry/brocade enterprise wireless controllers/APs?09:03
Romsterthe unstable gtk 2.21 seperated gdk-pixbug alas not the now gdk-pixbuf109:03
Romsterthrice`, unless you think they will be moving straight from gtk 2.21 to gtk3?09:03
Romsteri don't keep up on the gtk ML.09:04
thrice`that was my understanding :(  maybe not.  isn't the next gnome release gnome3?09:04
Romsterelse i'm seriously confused.09:04
thrice`Romster, oh, they are doing 2.21.x AND 2.90.x, you are right :)09:05
Romsterbtw glib and gtk is at .1 and your still on .0 in crux.09:06
thrice`I remember the gtk1 -> gtk2 transition being not so fun09:06
Romsteryeah i'll end up running gtk2 and gtk3 when it's released side by side if that's not too much pain.09:06
thrice`gtk is at 2.20.109:06
tilmanthrice`: gtk3 is going to be "mostly api cleanup" iirc09:07
tadzikI'd love shorter function names09:07
tadzikno more gtk_tree_model_filter_convert_iter_to_child_iter()09:07
tadzikwhen you almost always have to case the first arg to GTK_TREE_MODEL_FILTER()09:08
Romsteruh i must have this chroot out of date i better check it.09:08
Romstertadzik, zomg that's solong.09:08
tadzikindeed it is09:08
thrice`Romster, just run crux, and you'll be fine :)09:08
tadziktry to fit in this 72-80 line width limit09:08
tilmantadzik: those casts are how gtk does upcasts, too... there's no other way in c ;)09:08
tadziktilman: well, see man db09:09
Romsternext we will have shortfunction service wrapper lib lol.09:09
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Romsterthrice`, eh my system has diverged to much to go back.09:09
tadzikfunctions are in structs, like db->blah(db, foo, bar);09:09
tadzikno prefixes needed09:09
Romsterstructs is indeed better IMO.09:09
tilmantadzik: consider language bindings, too09:10
tadzikthe thing is I'm writing in C09:10
tilmannot just c++09:10
tadzikwell, I know there are more languages here :)09:10
tadzikPerl bindings are quite nice too09:11
tilmani think language-binding wise, gtk can be considered very successful09:11
tadzikbut writing gtk in C is painful due to this function calls09:11
tadzikerm, are we on the latest stable gtk in crux?09:12
Romstertadzik, yes09:12
tadzikI think I found a bug -_-09:12
Romsterjust i went braindead and went on to a unstable release.09:12
Romsterstupid work is killing my brain.09:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: git: updated to
Romsterso many customers with no clue what so ever about a computer and adsl.09:13
tilmandid anyone debug the @hourly thing in dcron or do i have to do it?09:13
thrice`I don't use cron, sorry :(09:13
thrice`lennart confirmed that it worked with old config, breaks with new config iirc09:13
Romsteri haven't checked my logs to see if my dcron is acting up or not.09:13
Romsterwhat's the issue?09:14
tilmanthrice`: yeah, that's because @hourly etc are a new feature :)09:14
Romsterthen again i got to much crap todo as it is than to hunt another bug down.09:14
Romsterdcron seems to be going the way of another cron i saw on freshmeat that was more suitable for notebooks that arn't on all the time.09:15
tadzikI have few tabs in GtkNotebook, after changing some GtkEtries inside to editable GtkTextviews Ctrl+pgup/pgdn stopped working. When I wrote my own keypress callback on those, gtk_notebook_prev_page goes to second and then jumps to the last, while gtk_notebook_next_page goes one by one to the last and it does not wrap like a former does09:15
Romsterinstead of fixed times it ran stuff at set intervals, or immediately if it's over due.09:15
jaegerhmm, jhbuild still broken09:16
tadzikI just discovered my keypress_cb was always returning FALSE :S09:16
tadzikthat was the issue09:16
Romsterman i didn't think gtk would have such a weird bug as that.09:17
jaegerI'm quickly getting to the point where I'm done with gnome09:17
Romsteri think i'll call it quits for tonight to edit anything else, to out of it.09:17
tadziklooks like when I was returning false, the default GtkNotebook's binding was sometimes working and sometimes not09:17
tadzikand that might have been causing this09:18
Romsterjaeger, why don't you want to do gnome anymore?09:18
Romsterno time? or something gnome has turned into that you dislike?09:18
jaegerRomster: I'm unable to get it to successfully build, either from ports or with jhbuild09:18
jaegerit's so goddamn unstable now that I can't come up with a consistent way to build it09:18
Romsterme and nogagplz were looking at hacking at gnome to get it to build. at some point09:19
Romsterwe got kde4 working fine.09:19
jaegerdevicekit, policykit, polkit/devkit are such pieces of shit09:19
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jaegerfeel free to try it, I'm ready to give up on it09:19
Romsternogagplz did look at how i think it was BSD did it and that was working good but need to port it to Pkgfiles.09:19
Romsterin his words.09:20
Romsterjaeger, looked though gentoo for hints?09:20
jaegeryeah, I've looked through a few... fink, gentoo, arch09:21
jaegerhaven't check out freebsd's ports09:21
jaegeranother part of it is I'm not even sure gnome can be built without PAM anymore09:21
Romsterfrugalware slackware and that BSD would be good to look at too, oh heck maybe LFS might have a solution.09:21
jaegerlooks like freebsd is using 2.30.1, I'll give that a look09:22
Romsteri've been avoiding PAM like the plague.09:22
Romsterdoesn't most of gnome use vala now?09:23
tadzikdoes it? Vala isn't finish yet09:31
tadzikfinished *09:31
Romsteri was just wondering or is it waiting for vala to mature first.09:31
Romstervala could become another frontend to gcc than being on its own.09:32
tadzikWell, they're rewriting some F-spot or other tomboy crap to it. The whole goal of Vala was, afaik, make gnome devs not write C#09:32
jaegerI don't even know what vala is, heh09:32
jaegermaybe I'm way behind09:33
jaegerwell, besides what has been said in the last few lines here09:33
Romstergnome devs were looking at mono but thank goodness they tossed that out and went to make vala to (what i got told by someone else) replace mono with vala to allow writing lexer to C# but compile it to C for gcc to then compile it.09:33
Romsterjaeger, see vala in contrib09:34
RomsterVala is quite similiar to C#09:34
Romsteras the mono guys are now scared that they don't have gnome on there side.09:35
jaegerwish they'd make up their damn minds09:35
Romstertell me about it gnome love to change there minds alot.09:35
thrice`polkit can be done without pam; a slackware user wrote a patch, and it's quite close to being accepted by polkit (friendly David Z).  gentoo and slackware ship it already09:36
Romsteri only know this from another guy then i went and did some reading about it.09:36
jaegerI remember having problems making that patch work but I'll look into it again09:36
jaegerIt patched but polkit still wanted pam.h or something even though it didn't use it09:37
Romster by that i tink the mono devs will be worried that why run mono stuff when you can compile it to native code?09:38
thrice`jaeger, the patch adds a configure flag09:38
thrice`--with-authfw=shadow or something.  maybe that was why it hunted for pam09:39
jaegeryeah, I remember using that and still having problems09:41
jaegerbut that was a while back, it's probably improved since then09:41
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tilmani have a feeling that changing HOURLY_FREQ from 60*60 to 60*59 might fix it10:04
Romsterbeing a second off every day?10:08
tilmani think i found something10:21
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tilmanlennart: can you try; i think it should fix the off-by-one-hour problem10:54
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lennarttilman: will do11:36
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tilmanlennart: my fix works for me on the guruplug; it just ran the job again11:57
tilmanlet's see whether the next iteration is okay, too11:57
tilmanmy patch is certainly correct, but we _might_ need one more fix11:58
tilmanfrinnst: gieve flv?12:02
thrice`I need to try and setup greasemonkey + gnome-mplayer to handle flash12:03
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: hdparm: update to 9.2912:27
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: sudo: update to 1.7.312:27
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.1812:27
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: imagemagick: update to 6.6.212:27
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tilmanthe next iteration worked as expected, too13:14
tilmanjue: dcron is b0rked. @hourly is actually bi-hourly in DST, and @monthly is actually @yearly13:15
tilmanjue: i have patches for both; should i push them?13:15
juetilman: yes, I've done a lot of testing before the transition from 3.x to 4.x but missed that13:23
juethe new maintainer is a nice guy, he fixed all my issues instant13:24
tilmani haven't actually tested the monthly fixed13:24
tilmani just stumbled over the bug13:24
tilman missing 'break' :)13:24
tilmani submitted both patches to upstream13:24
jueTBH, I'm using fcron mostly ;)13:28
thrice`shame on you! :)13:29
tilmanjue: i like the anachron-like features of dcron.. and those @hourly things are sweet, too :P13:29
jueyep, that's nice and the main reason why I switched to fcron some years ago :)13:29
tilmanlet's see whether i can keep the guruplug's clock in sync when i adjust the clock once an hour13:30
jueyou didn't try chrony?13:30
tilmannot yet13:30
tilmani like the simplicity of openrdate13:30
tilmanif possible, i'd like to stick with it13:31
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: dcron: fixed @hourly and @monthly jobs.13:36
juetilman: what's your clock-drift within an hour?13:41
tilmandon't know yet :]13:42
juehehe, ok, than for 2 hours :)13:43
tilmandon't know that either, sorry13:48
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lennarttilman: the patch seems to be doing the trick14:47
lennarttilman: three times in a row @hourly worked fine14:48
tilmanokay, thanks for testing14:50
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: gettext, rsync, sed, vim: new dependency acl14:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dbus: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dbus-glib: updated to 0.86.15:54
thrice`poppler in 2.7 might be a good candidate :)16:01
tilmanwhy? did they break the abi, too?16:04
thrice` .so bump.  I guess not too much links to it, though16:05
thrice`(except pdf viewers, rakt for example)  :D16:07
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