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pitillogood morning00:57
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jkramer_Is there a howto for installing CRUX from an USB stick/drive? I think I've seen something like that before, but can't find it in the wiki06:42
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jkramer_Found it06:44
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cipppjkramer_: i think its more easy to install crux from other linux06:59
jkramer_cippp: You mean from another live distro?06:59
thrice`if you use one of the updated .iso files, they can be written to a usb stick very easily06:59
jkramer_Is the current 2.6 ISO "updated"? :)07:00
thrice`    try that one :)07:01
jkramer_Does the manual from the blog post above still work with that ISO?07:02
thrice`looks good; I thought jaeger had a document himself, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere :(  I'd give that a try, it seems like it will work fine :)07:04
jkramer_Ok, thanks :)07:04
cipppjkramer_: extract in a dir *pkg.tar.gz from iso , boot other linux ,cp pkgadd in /usr/bin , and pkgadd -r /mnt/where...07:04
jkramer_BTW, what's the difference between the normal and the updated ISO?07:05
cipppi think its work :)07:05
cipppnew pkgs07:05
thrice`jkramer_, yep, crux is a constantly-updating distro, so it will save you a little update time :)07:08
jkramer_I already pkgexported all packages from my current install, so that won't be a problem :)07:09
thrice`ah, ok - didn't realize you were a crux user already :)07:11
thrice`btw, better hurry, since 2.7 is being worked on too ;)07:11
jkramer_Is there a release date yet?07:12
thrice`nope, no date; depends on how the test isos go, I think07:13
jkramer_Will there be images for bootable USB drives? :D07:14
jkramer_Testing the USB stick, brb07:15
thrice`no clue :(  if not, I believe at least a script to convert the iso into a .img with ease07:15
jkramer_Looks like the HD devices weren't created properly07:18
jkramer_I think I'll put the ISO on a stick with grml and try installing manually like cippp suggested07:22
cipppjkramer_: if you wait a min07:22
cipppi make something07:22
thrice`     is a good how-to also07:23
thrice`though, you'll have to extract pkgutils  to /  before doing it, so it can call pkgadd07:24
cipppneed to work :)07:25
jkramer_Is that for the booted live system or for preparing the USB drive?07:27
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cipppfor install from other linux07:28
jkramer_Ok, thanks07:28
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jkramer_I'll try with grml now, brb07:30
thrice`hi :)07:35
jkramer_Looks good, now I'll put my new hybrid drive in my notebook and try to install :)07:38
jkramer_See you later07:38
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jaegerjkramer_: you can use the updated ISO with unetbootin easily08:23
jaegersepen also has a script to do the conversion but I can't remember where it is08:24
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cipppjue: it is any wiki page for upgrade binutils , gcc , ... with ports ?09:27
cippptoolchain its the word ?09:27
juecippp: AFAIK no09:28
cipppok , thank you09:31
thrice`I think a very cheap way would be to keep around the old shared libraries for mpfr + gmp, rebuild gcc against the new ones, and then remove them09:33
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juethrice`: sure, that's the way I've build the binaries the first time, but you have to install the 'old' ones to a different directory and add that dir temporary to /etc/
thrice`too much work compared to pkadd -u  ;)09:37
juebut that's nothing I'd suggest09:37
cipppthrice`: you have this bins ? :)09:39
thrice`cippp, sorry, what for?  I will use pkgadd definitely when 2.7 is out, instead of doing my own toolchain :)09:40
cipppmaybe because i use E17 i dont wait for stable :)09:42
thrice`I haven't tried that in a couple years09:43
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markus_Hello, I have problems with the latest udev update in the ports db (159). After applying it I get an error message telling me that /sys is busy and cannot be unmounted during boot.09:46
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thrice`jue, i don't understand the NFS transition, and was trying to word it correctly in the notes.  from iso.git, I see the /etc/exports backup, and the removal of nfs-utils + portmap.  but, you indicated that nfs-utils will not be upgraded ?10:03
jueyeah, that's at least the idea, because an update would pull in all new dependencies10:06
juebut as you ask me, not sure if it will work as expected ;)10:07
thrice`ok, so the user must then install it manually.  that is what I understood10:07
juehave to look10:07
jueno, that cannot work because setup-helper runs after setup10:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sylpheed: tarball re-released, new md5sum13:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: jre: update to 1.6.0_2113:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: masqmail: update to 0.2.2513:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mc: update to 4.7.313:06
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tadzikanyone else would _love_ to have pararell mpup?15:29
thrice`mm, not sure I follow15:30
thrice`same port from multiple repos?15:30
thrice`I actually cheat and copy stuff I use to /usr/ports/mine  :>15:30
tadzikwell, it syncs the particular ports15:33
tadzik that's how mpup.lst looks like15:33
tadzikit's a ports driver actually15:33
thrice`oh, yes; I mean, what did you mean by parallel ?15:35
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cippptadzik: and if its 8 mplayer ports , the best its ?15:45
tadzikcippp: I use the contrib port15:57
tadzikthrice`: I mean it could fetch these in parallel, like ck4up, so waiting for one server does not stop the other ones15:58
cipppi ask about mpup , but maybe i not understand what he does16:00
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tadzikcippp: look at the list, see e.g. tuxguitar16:01
tadzikit's not in the official ports tree, but in vico's. Instead of adding the whole vico's ports tree, I fetch only tuxguitar16:02
cipppits like search in ?16:03
cipppif i ask stupid thinks just say :)16:04
tadzikWell. Imagine you want this mentioned tuxguitar. Not in contrib, you have to get it from sb else's repo. Of course you can httpup/rsync it and copy to your /usr/ports/local, but you won't keep track of it's updates in vico's ports16:04
cipppah this its a point16:05
cipppcheck for updates16:05
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cipppi am play with ports this days16:15
tadzikwhy so many duplicates?16:25
cipppnew release16:26
tadzikwell, just poke the maintainers16:26
cipppwhere in mail ?16:27
tadzikI usually mail them, yes16:27
tadzikyou can also post bugs on flyspray, some say it works even better16:27
tadzikoh, you have my pmount :)16:28
cipppyes ?16:28
tadzikyep, there's my name in the Pkgfile header :)16:28
cipppits not build16:29
cipppi have but i dont know why16:30
cipppbecause its not used16:30
tadziksorry, I'm having trouble compiling your sentences :)16:30
thrice`he said 'you suck, i'm deleting it ASAP'  ;)16:31
tadzikoh, ffs, 4 pmounts in portd16:31
tadzik* portdb16:31
juetadzik: with xjobs you can do that, something like 'xjobs -j 8 -s mpup.lst'16:34
thrice`jue, btw, I think maybe your ck4up.conf for gtk-engines might benefit from a s/2.18/2.20 :>16:35
juetadzik: or even with xargs -P option, but not so easy16:36
juethrice`: thx, missed that16:36
tadzikhmm, it'd be nice to poke sepen about this16:36
thrice`jue, sure, was going to do a bug report, but since it's a simple port, maybe overkill16:36
tadzikhe'd maybe like to use this in his driver16:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gtk-engines: update to 2.20.116:46
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jkramer_My xorg doesn't want to play with kbd19:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libtheora: 1.0 -> 1.1.122:17
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