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pitillogood morning01:11
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cipppits almost done04:21
cipppgnome-session start04:22
cipppnautilus , gedit , gnome-terminal work04:22
cipppits build by hand , maybe i dont update all .footprint04:25
cipppi dont know if work with prt-get04:25
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Romstercippp, you ought to look at finddeps foo |cut -d' ' -f1 |xargs then add all those to # Depends on: line and then finally make sure that repo in in prt-get.conf and do a findredundantdeps -s foo. then fix the # Depends on: line, repeat for all Pkgfiles then try a prt-get depinst in a chroot, ignore footprints for the first round with -if and then update the footprints after.09:12
Romstersaw you working on gnome.09:13
Romsteralso that file shaeing site is ugh it messed the line endings on Pkgfile, ought to use github.09:13
cipppRomster: i will try09:14
jaegerooh, that reminds me, wonder where our github:fi license is09:14
cippptankn you09:14
cipppRomster: look in multimedia dir09:14
Romsteri alredy found it on the site.09:15
cipppits not site , its opera unite09:15
Romsterseems your getting as busy as i am with ports.09:15
cipppi share dirs with opera09:15
Romstersite = web page in my lingo.09:16
Romstercippp, you ought to jsut throw the stuff in a normal site and use portspage . > index.xhtml09:17
Romsterand httpup-repgen and get it listed in portsdb09:18
cipppim not sure if all Pkgfile its ok09:19
cipppmaybe later09:19
Romsteri'm sure i got some broken ones in my repo.09:21
Romsterit's easy enough to put them into a testing directory.09:21
cipppi build all gnome eith no *.a, *.la files :)09:25
cipppi dont realy care about gnome , i build more for help crux , and because i have time09:26
Romsterso you nuked all libtool files and no static libs09:26
Romsternuking the libtool files could pose problems.09:26
Romsteri'd love to see dolt replace libtool and libtool die out.09:27
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* jaeger makes some gnome dependency graphs10:16
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thrice`new slim \o/12:30
tilmani hope they fixed the bug i posted12:40
entewhat? new slim? o.O12:43
entethat thing hasn't been updated since ages...12:43
thrice`looks like only 2 changes :(12:45
thrice`Add support xauth secret.12:46
entewasn't one of the ex crux devs involved in slim too?12:46
thrice`Add xnest_debug mode.12:46
tilmanente: two. they started slim.12:46
entenice :)12:46
tilmanthese days slim's debian maintainer maintains it12:46
tilmanslim is based off of, which was written by crux's original author (per liden)12:46
enteslim appears to be the best graphical login manager out there (and the only usable one)12:47
ente(well, maybe xdm too)12:47
enteit's just not very stable :X12:47
tilmanwhat is?12:48
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enteI had problems in past... I don't use it anymore. maybe the arch packager fucked up or something, I don't remember anymore (or maybe I did)12:49
entemy sister still has it on her box12:49
tilmanare you talking about slim or about xdm?12:49
enteI prefer startx these days12:49
tilmanstartx is kind of lame12:49
entegraphical login has no real benefit except of looking nice12:49
tilmanunless there's 0 chance any other person can get near your computer12:50
RotwangI use startx12:50
tilman(ctrl-alt-f1, ctrl-c, :>)12:50
thrice`  might be interesting12:50
entestartx & logout :P12:50
entethere's also orthos12:50
enteanyway.. people around me can't use my setup12:50
tilmanentrance was cool12:51
thrice`enter just picked up development again :)12:51
* tilman is having fantastic tiramisu icecream :D12:52
* ente is listening to his dad's old vinyl records on his new turntable12:52
tilmani'm considering buying headphones for 400 euros12:53
tilmanrecently listened on a coworker's hps... amazing.12:53
enteI have sennheiser HD 55513:26
enteif your other equipment is high-quality too, why not buy good headphones? :D13:27
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rauzi use the akg K 171 MK II headphones13:38
tilmanyou'll love this:13:41
thrice`lilo 23.0 \o/13:49
tadzikgosh, reddit has rickroll as one of the ads13:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: syslinux: updated to 4.0114:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.3.314:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gstreamer: updated to 0.10.3014:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gst-plugins-base: updated to 0.10.3014:23
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