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pitillogood morning00:58
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teK_what's the easiest way to get prt-get to print out a list of packages that would be updated by prt-get sysup?08:27
thrice`prt-get diff08:28
teK_to complicated to parse (I could use prt-get sysup --test, then, too)08:28
thrice`maybe, 'what are you trying to do?'08:29
teK_completing my ZSH completion function for prt-get08:29
thrice`aaah, (!! awesome)08:29
teK_prt-get update[TAB] should return all packages that are candidates for prt-get update08:29
teK_err sysup I mean08:29
thrice`I thought you wanted just a simple list, and was going to recommend diff piped to cut or so08:30
thrice`not sure, then :(08:30
teK_the Z is to mighty to use external commands, fork() is evil08:30
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thrice`what works so far?  install, remove ?08:33
teK_      update|remove|lock|current) _listinstalled && ret=0 ;;08:34
teK_      path|depends|dependent|deptree|isinst|ls|cat|edit) _list && ret=0 ;;08:34
teK_      unlock) _listlocked && ret=0 ;;08:34
teK_      install|grpinst|depinst) _list_notinstalled  && ret=0 ;;08:34
teK_      info|readme) _list && ret=0 ;;08:34
teK_+ completion for alle commands with description08:35
jaegerI was thinking about writing a script that uses prt-get depends to make dot/graphviz dep graphs08:35
jaegermaybe not that useful but neat08:35
teK_hehe just like pkgsrc does?08:36
jaegerdoes it? nice08:36
thrice`teK_, that looks great :)08:37
teK_yes, thanks08:38
teK_wanna have it?08:38
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thrice`sure :>  I think we used to have zsh for prt-get at one point08:43
teK_zsh for prt-get?08:44
thrice`it got removed for being broken I think08:44
thrice`or incompatable08:44
teK_please inform me about any glitches you (will?) encounter08:45
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teK_i want to contribute it to zsh some time in august (+ giving credits to a friend of mine who helped figuring out ZSH completion)08:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: vala: 0.9.2 -> 0.9.308:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ncmpc: 0.16.1 -> 0.1708:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: docutils: 0.6 -> 0.708:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dhcp: 4.1.1 -> 4.2.008:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: bind: 9.7.1-P1 -> 9.7.1-P208:52
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thrice`mm, I wonder if udev should pull in a later version of LFS' rules than we are using09:37
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deus_exHas anyone built syslinux-4.0.1 from contrib?10:00
deus_exI get 'undefined reference' error.10:00
tadziksame here, but I suppose it10:04's from my --as-needed LDFLAG10:04
thrice`tadzik, I had to do an "sed -i {extlinux,linux,mtools,sample,utils}/Makefile -e '/^LDFLAGS/d'  to fix that :>10:07
cipppor patch's ?10:08
cipppi think its easy to find10:08
deus_exI have added 'export LDFLAGS="" ' to Pkgfile, still bombs out at the same place.10:10
cipppgitorious its ok for repo ?10:19
jaegerI haven't used it but I imagine so10:21
jaegeror github10:21
cipppi dont know why i dont want github , from yesterday i think ... github ... gitorious10:24
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jaegerhrmm... got a minimal gnome 2.30.2 built in a 2.7 chroot but can't test it properly from here, will have to wait until I get home10:30
jaegercippp: another option if you have your own server is gitosis, that's what I use10:30
cipppi dont have , i shut down my comp to save energy :)10:36
thrice`jaeger, not to be annoying, but were you considering a 64-bit bootstrap on 2.7 too ?10:37
jaegerI wasn't planning on it since frinnst already does that10:37
thrice`or just use frinnst's goodies?10:37
thrice`ah, ok10:38
cipppin syslinux , win32 , dos dosutlis its usefull for crux ?10:48
cipppwin32 i see its out in mandriva10:48
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cipppdeus_ex: i updated Pkgfile , now .footprint its like from contrib11:25
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cipppan i think mtols its obsolete now11:25
pedjacippp: good work, it builds fine now :)11:37
pedjayou should send the patch to sepen, he is the maintainer11:37
cipppyou send , i dont know english :)11:38
cipppi think people here dont speak because i speak bad english11:38
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jueteK_: prt-get quickdiff ?11:58
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sepenwhats the matter with syslinux?12:17
sepenoh found the patch reading the backlog12:19
sepencippp, many thanks ;D12:19
tadzikoh, sepen12:19
tadzikthought about pararellizing mpup?12:20
sepenhmmm, it would be interesting, yeah12:22
sepenand also I've some fixes12:22
tadzikfor now it's taking ages to wait for those servers12:24
sepencippp, syslinux.exe would be interesting if you're developing for w32 systems too12:24
sepentadzik, patches are welcome12:25
tadziksepen: I know nothing about shell scripting. I may rewrite it to Perl or something though :)12:25
tadzikiirc jue was mentioning xjobs in context of mpup12:26
tadzikmaybe that will help12:26
sepenhmm I should read this conversation12:26
tadzikhmm, lemee grep12:26
tadziksepen: around here12:27
sepenhmm interesting12:30
cipppsepen: np :) , i dont use syslinux , no idea :)12:32
sepenanyways thank for the patch ;D12:33
cipppits half stolen from mandriva :)12:34
thrice`sepen, it doesn't respect LDFLAGS either :p12:34
sepenthrice`, example?12:35
thrice`sepen, sure :)  in my pkgmk.conf, I export LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed"12:36
thrice`syslinux hard-codes stuff to overwrite them12:36
sepenahh ok12:37
thrice`maybe not worth fixing, since CRUX doesn't export anything by default12:37
sepensec, now I'm building it12:37
juethrice`: btw, thanks for the lilo hint, missed the new maintainer/release12:39
thrice`me too :>  quite nice that it's maintained again12:39
jueindeed :)12:39
tadzikheh. I googled for "perl garbage collection sucks" and the results mainly say "Java sucks"12:41
cipppits ok if i report here outdated from opt ?12:44
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cipppall with j* :) im lost12:45
sepenthrice`, sed -e "s|LDFLAGS.*= |LDFLAGS = $LDFLAGS|" should do the trick for every Makefile12:45
thrice`sepen, yeah, I just checked gentoo's build (they are making a big --as-needed push), and a simple sed does it:
sepenbut they removed all previous LDFLAGS too12:48
sepenmake sense to respect them?12:48
thrice`   is a very nice read btw :>12:48
cipppits hard life with this flags :)12:49
sepenthrice`, yeah but what about people don't using LDFLAGS in pkgmk.conf12:49
thrice`hm, right, I see12:50
thrice`well, it should still work I think12:50
cipppopt/mplayerplug-in-3.55 doesn't compile against xulrunn...12:51
cipppmplayerplug-in its obsolete by geko-mediaplayer12:51
thrice`cippp, noo, fedora and arch already do as-needed by default, and gentoo is close too I think :)  it mostly works12:52
sepencippp, I'll remove mplayerplug-in12:52
cipppthrice`: and mandriva12:53
sepenI tried many many times but its hard to say that it will run12:53
cippplot of packages its patched for this12:53
thrice`cippp, It's helped quite a bit on my system :>  especially doing the libpng bump12:54
sepenthrice`, for now I think I should append custom LDFLAGS, its ok for you?12:54
cipppthrice`: i think its a ok if crux have this flags by default , but for user ... hard to mantain12:56
thrice`sepen, seems ok :)  can test later too12:58
thrice`still at work :(12:58
sepenwell I'll try here13:00
sepenhmm, it failed here
sepenthrice`, just I used your export line in my pkgmk.conf but it failed with both methods for sed (deletion/substitution)13:28
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spacenin1awhich package should I recompile if the 3d acc is not working for xorg? It's working for sdl games.13:34
spacenin1ai've tried mesa3d and xorg-server13:36
sepenI think it depends on some many things and not only one package, but you could try with mesa3d, xorg-dri2proto, xorg-libdri, etc.13:36
sepena log from your problem could be more helpful13:37
spacenin1aI'll try reinstalling xorg-dri2proto13:41
spacenin1aand libdri13:41
sepenspacenin1a, did you use gl-select?13:43
sepenand gl-select status for you?13:44
sepenah ok, I see NVIDIA at log paste13:45
spacenin1aI get no errors doing it, should I run it while running xorg?13:45
pitillospacenin1a: is your user in the video group?13:46
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spaceninjaI tried to restart xorg after remove and recompiling those packages, but it didn't work13:50
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spaceninja[174134.409] (WW) NVIDIA(0): No usable AGP GART found.13:58
spaceninjamaybe that's something13:58
spaceninjacan I use wildcards with prt-get remove?14:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: syslinux: some fixes (thanks to cippp)14:47
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thrice`tilman, is the git-to-rsync script secret, or visible somehow?17:29
tilmanthrice`: ask me again in 10+ hours17:38
thrice`ok, it's mostly out of curiosity on how it works :)17:39
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cipppthrice`: git driver seems to work17:52
cipppwhat git-to-rsync do ?17:52
thrice`well, devs commit to the git tree, but we sync via rsync.  there is a script which coordinates such magic :>17:52
cipppi make gitorious cont , and all its new , keys . pus .pull ...17:54
cipppi need to sleep17:54
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