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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: freetype: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wine: updated to 1.2.10:02
cipppimlib2 its very out of date :)10:41
tilmangot a patch?11:29
frinnst-version=1.4.2 \ +version=1.4.4 ?12:00
thrice`sed + pkgmk -um + pkgmk -uf   :>12:02
frinnsturl should probably change to too12:02
cipppor with no *.a , *.la files12:08
thrice`i agree with tilman on that, would be cool for a function in pkgmk12:12
tilmanan pkgadd.conf INSTALL hook that avoids installing *.la12:17
thrice`mm, I guess pkgadd makes sense for footprint matches12:18
tilmancippp: i would avoid deleting libtool archives along with a plain version update. other libs that are depending on imlib2 might  give errors if the libtool archives disappear suddenly12:23
tilmancippp: anyway, you can ask the maintainer of imlib2 (sepen) to update the port to the new version12:23
cipppi try to ask a think :)12:27
cipppit is any tool to find broken deps ?12:27
jserevdep from prt-utils.12:28
cipppi am real stupid :)12:29
jseDon't worry about it. If you recently started using crux, it takes a while.12:30
ente o.O12:34
enteI don't see the point in setgid there12:38
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tadzikoh, ente15:18
tadzikstill willing to help writing this wifi manager, wicd replacement?15:18
enteyeah, why not15:18
tadzikhrm, so we will probably need to get hands dirty. Got xmpp?15:19
entetadzik: n0nsense@xinutec.org15:20
tadzikrequest sent (I hope)15:20
tadzikok, gotcha15:21
tadzikso, the part I'll need your assistance in is generating wpa_supplicant configs from `iwlist scan` results, I think that's how wicd does it, or do we have a better idea?15:22
tadzikRomster: your glew is a bit outdated15:26
entethat's how I'd do it too15:43
entesounds like easy regex15:43
tadzikMy iwlist scan "parser" might be still lying somewhere15:43
tadzik(damn, that'd be _so_ easy with Perl 6 grammars)15:44
entealthough we also have /proc/net/wireless15:45
tadzikwell, that's just stats, no?15:45
entelooks so15:45
tadzikor maybe not, I'm on eth0 now15:45
enteme too :D15:46
tadzikoh, I found somehting15:47
tadziknot sure if works, and have no wifis around to check it though :)15:48
tadzikworks fine?15:55
enteno, looks nice15:55
entedidn't test it15:55
tadzikit captures only some info, the ones I know what to think of :)15:55
enteI don't have any wireless nets around me15:55
tadziksame here15:55
enteI'd propose to make a bookmarks file and dump everything related15:56
tadzikgithub repo?15:56
tadzikit'll end up there anyway, methinks15:56
entealthough I don't have an account15:57
tadzikso, we'll need a name :)15:57
entenotwork-manager :P15:57
tadzikhaha :D15:57
tadzikor wifinotworks15:57
tadzikor just notworks :)15:57
tadzikwirelessness? :)15:58
entewirenessless :D15:58
tadziknotworks is short and suits perfectly :)15:58
* ente nods. and works15:59
tadzikoh, look16:00
tadzikI can paste you the actual iwlist output16:02
enteI know how that looks16:02
tadzikyep, but for this one16:02
tadzikthere is one important part, but I remember having some trouble with this one, it looked different in every network16:03
tadzik there it is, a four-liner16:03
tadzikand we can move to xmpp not to pollute here with our offtopic :)16:03
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cipppi put my ports here
cipppnow i need to use httpup for send to contrib list?18:06
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