IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2010-07-18

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tadzikanyone LaTeX/Beamer?08:46
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cippp=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.12:49
cipppits outdate12:49
cipppneed version=3.6612:49
tadzikpoke the maintainer12:50
* tadzik considers creating one, big Perl repo after 2.7 goes out12:51
tadzikautomated Pkgfiles generating, updates etc12:51
tadzikwith fuckload of modules12:51
cippptadzik: i dont understand maintainer and packager12:56
cipppwhy its not the same person ?12:57
tadzikthe difference?12:57
tadzikpackager is the person who initially wrote the port12:57
tadzikmaintainer is the one who changes digits^W^Wkeeps port up to date and cares about it12:57
cippppackager for me its a tarball maker :)12:58
Rotwangcippp: that makes sense12:59
Rotwangbut tadzik is right12:59
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enteI see13:09
entenever got that either :D13:09
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