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pitillogood morning01:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: imlib2: updated to 1.4.402:26
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pitillohello cippp, you can register your private repository in the portDB. To contribute in the contrib collection, check the contrib rules in the development section02:44
cippppitillo: i have no idea if its ok02:45
cipppno one try :)02:45
cipppand i dont know if i need to put httpup02:46
cippplike in contrib say02:46
pitillocippp: well, it's a bit early to make contrib ports, but you can register it to the public DB, may be in that way you can get feedback about your ports02:46
cipppi dont want to say contryb , i dont know to say :)02:47
cipppi search link :)02:47
cipppYou can register your personal HttpUp repository sending an email with the following information to contrib-admin at crux dot nu:02:48
pitillothere is the contrib collection and there is a public port DB, where there are lot of private repositories published02:48
cipppi need to have httpup?02:48
pitillohttpup or a rsync repository02:48
cipppi need a little time02:49
pitilloyou have all the time, there is no hurry really...02:50
cipppto feel ok with cit push commit ...02:50
cipppthen i try httpup02:50
cipppi never used any of tools02:50
cippppitillo: i put all ports in
cipppand now i want to put crux 2.7 in / btrfs02:58
cipppi make grub with btrfs patch02:59
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cipppi have litle work to do in gfxboot02:59
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cippp=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/contrib/gst-plugins-good/gst-plugins-good#0.10.24-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.04:41
cippp- think need --disable-gconf04:41
cipppfor other , i dont know04:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tint2: updated to 0.1104:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tint2-extras: updated to 0.1104:53
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Romstercippp you must be missing libdv and using gnome packages on your system i've built it in a chroot.07:44
Romstersnap he arn't here.07:46
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: lilo: update to 23.009:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: masqmail: update to 0.2.2709:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: tmux: update to 1.309:13
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Guest39975I was wondering if there was a way to use a compiled kernel of another distro as a base for the CRUX kernel...09:55
Guest39975I mean, can I load a config from, say, ArchLinux and then modify it?09:55
Guest39975Can you tell me how, please =)09:58
jaegerI'm not familiar with how Arch stores its kernel config but you just need to copy it from Arch to CRUX and build the kernel09:59
Guest39975Well, do you know how to do it with another distribution? I mean are you more familiar with another distribution?10:00
jaegerI'm not sure what you're asking... if you want to copy it from another distribution go ahead... you just need the config from that dist and the kernel source10:01
Romsterusually you can do zcat /proc/config.gz > /usr/src/linux/.config10:01
Romstermake oldconfig10:01
jaegersometimes /proc/config.gz isn't compressed, in which case it'd be /proc/config, but the idea is the same10:02
jaegerif neither of those exists, check /boot for a config file10:02
Guest39975Where do I do zcat? in CRUX or in the host system?10:03
Guest39975Same goes for /boot -10:03
jaegerthe system from which you want to get the kernel config10:03
jaegerarch or whatever10:03
Romsterhost system, save the config somewhere for use in crux.10:03
Guest39975Okay, that's what I was thinking10:03
Guest39975So I should replace zcat /proc/config.gz > /usr/src/linux/.config by zcat /proc/config.gz > /mnt/usb/.config. Then, I would copy /mnt/usb/.config to my CRUX (where? in /boot?) and run make oldconfig?10:05
enteyou could however also use the precompiled arch kernel10:05
Guest39975Oh? Can I do that?10:05
enteGuest39975: no, in the kernel source tree10:05
enteand yes, you can10:05
Guest39975Arch kernel uses initrd...10:06
Guest39975I don't want initrd... I want plain kernel.10:06
Guest39975Sorry if I'm lost... xD, but I'm new to kernel compiling! I tried several time to compile, but each time, boot process would say "VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown block"10:07
enteyou don't have to use an initrd.10:07
Guest39975But if Arch uses initrd, will the kernel alone be okay?10:08
enteyou need to compile your kernel with the file system driver you need to mount /, and with the driver for your disk system10:08
enteno, I think arch has most file systems as modules10:08
Guest39975Well, I could possibly use Slackware's kernel...10:09
enteof course. or arch's kernel with an initrd10:09
enteor you just make your own one and compile it with the sata and ext3 drivers this time (given that your hard disk is sata and your root partition is ext3)10:09
Guest39975As I said before, I tried to compile several times, but the error I explained would always prompt.10:10
entedid you add the information where the root partition is located in the configuration of the bootloader you use?10:11
Guest39975Yes... Maybe did I specified the wrong one? I'm pretty sure I did specify the good one tough.10:12
entemaybe you compiled without the drivers you need?10:13
Guest39975Well, I think I did...10:13
entewell, obviously, something is wrong10:13
Guest39975I know, that's why I'm here =)10:13
Guest39975By the way, am I bothering you guys?10:14
Guest39975Talking to a noob like me must be... boring (?)10:14
jaegerI was out of the office for a few minutes10:14
enteGuest39975: are you sure you didn't compile them as modules?10:15
Guest39975Pretty sure, yes.10:15
enteI also had problems when I first tried compiling my kernel. I can't recall what exactly I did wrong anymore, but after the third try or so it worked10:16
Guest39975What if I try to modify an existing configuration... Like the one coming with Slackware. Using the method you explained before, I will take out what I don't need from the configuration and maybe add some things, but I'll be sure every CORE concept will be intergrated.... is that right?10:17
jaegerif you're going to add and remove things, I'd recommend only doing one or two at a time at most10:17
jaegerthat way it's easier to troubleshoot what went wrong if something does10:17
jaegerBut yes, that should work10:18
thrice`keep in mind, too, that most distros like that (slack included) use an initrd to be able to mount the root FS10:18
Guest39975Is there a distribution that doesn't use initrd? What are the problems related to a distro using initrd (for my situation)?10:20
jaegerThere is no reason you can't use initrd if you know how and there's also no reason you HAVE to, it's up to you10:20
Guest39975Well, I don't want to use initrd. But can I use a .config of a distribution using initrd? (Does the .config need the intrd?)10:21
Guest39975Or could I use the CRUX cdrom's kernel?10:21
jaegerYou can use it, just disable the initrd and make sure to build the drivers for your filesystem and controller builtin, NOT as modules10:21
jaegerYou could start with that but you'd still need to tweak it yourself10:22
enteI think slackware doesn't necessarily need one10:22
enteit worked without on my netbook last time I tried it. I moved away from slackware again, though10:22
Guest39975I don't think Slackware has one... I installed it and configured GRUB without initrd...10:22
jaegerGuest39975: if you can paste the output of 'lspci' somewhere ( for example) we could suggest the proper drivers for your controller10:22
thrice`slackware's daily-use kernel requires one (the 'generic' kernel), while the one used for installation does not ('huge' kernel)10:22
enteah, yes, exactly10:23
Guest39975Huge must load to many modules for me... I want it clean.10:23
Guest39975I'll try pastebin.10:23
Guest39975Let me boot into Ubuntu from LiveCD (since I don't have X on my future-CRUX computer) and pastebin!10:24
Romsterlspci -k look at what you need10:24
Romstersearch in menuconfig with /10:24
Guest39975Okay, trying this!10:25
ente.oO(linux kernel compilation is cumbersome compared to BSD)10:25
Guest39975By the way, you guys (CRUX) have a great community! (Big +)10:25
jaegerglad you like it :)10:26
Guest39975Should I migrate to BSD :P10:26
enteI wouldn't recommend it, except for servers. The drivers on BSD are still a bit behind10:27
enteif you need wlan, for instance, it won't probably be too easy10:27
Guest39975Was a joke ;) "linux kernel compilation is cumbersome compared to BSD"10:27
enteit is.10:27
Guest39975Ubuntu FINALLY start.10:29
Guest39975Here is the lspci (no arg) command :
Guest39975And with argument k : (lspci -k) :
jaegerlooks like you want 'ahci' and 'ata_piix'10:35
jaegeryeah, that second paste agrees with me10:35
Guest39975Can you explain ahci and ata_piix please?10:36
jaegerthose are the drivers you want to build10:37
jaegerin the kernel config10:37
Guest39975Oh I see10:37
Guest39975What if I only built the kernel listed in the lspci -k command? Would everything be fine?10:37
jaegerone is called "AHCI SATA support", the other is "Intel ESB, ICH, PIIX3, PIIX4 PATA/SATA support"10:38
jaegerthat would get the proper drivers but might leave out features you want10:38
Guest39975I did you know the complete name? o_O10:39
Guest39975I can't wait to be such a guru ;)10:39
jaegerif you build a kernel with 'make menuconfig' you can search for them10:40
jaegerthat's how I looked them up, I don't remember them off the top of my head10:40
jaegerwhen you're in the 'make menuconfig' menus, you can hit '/' and type in something like 'ahci' and it will tell you where to find it10:40
Guest39975Okay, lastly, is Romster method correct? Can I run 'make menuconfig' and ... [grilled]10:41
Guest39975Okay! Thank you! I'm going to try that. Thanks and bye all!10:42
jaegergood luck :)10:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: diffstat: updated to 1.53.15:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dhcp: remove useless call of cat15:37
LukcUhuh. :)15:37
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frinnstyeah, that was a pretty shitty use of cat :)15:43
teK_screw you :p15:43
thrice`ha ha15:43
thrice`geez, who thought of that..15:43
teK_and noone noticed!15:43
Lukcfrinnst, if you say so. :p15:43
enteuseless use of cat sucks15:43
teK_no shit, sherlock15:43
teK_have you had a look at the commit?15:44
teK_it was stupid but not useless :>15:44
tilmancatless use of less sucks worse15:44
tilmanfound some pretty sweet music today15:45
tilmanvive la fete15:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gnupg: 2.0.15 -> 2.0.1615:46
teK_is Noir Desir representative?15:47
tilmanno idea, but <3 <3 <315:48
tilmanla verite and nuit blanche are nice, too15:48
teK_but it's french :P15:48
LukcFrench is good. \o/15:49
* Lukc says that because he's French. O:)15:49
teK_just kidding :)15:50
teK_ <- wtf15:50
tilmanteK_: yeah, that black bra is sweet :D15:50
teK_it must be a shadow15:51
tilmanit's not a shadow15:51
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Guest39975Hi jaeger :)16:50
Guest39975I'm still working on my kernel ;16:50
jaegermaking progress, I hope16:51
Guest39975I actually copied the iso's config (zcat /proc...) and 'make oldconfig'. I didn't know if I could run 'make menuconfig' with this .config so I manually edited the .config with VIM and / for the kernel drivers returned by 'lspci -k'. But again, I got 'VFS [...]'. I will try again tomorrow!16:53
jaegerhrmm, ok16:54
Guest39975Why 'hrmm'?16:54
jaegerjust not sure what's wrong16:55
jaegercan you post that kernel config file somewhere? pastebin or something16:55
Guest39975I might have specified the wrong root or forgot some options...16:56
Guest39975I can't paste .config since I don't have it anymore =\ I format my disk to dual boot CRUX and Slackware.16:56
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