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pitillogood morning01:27
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enteteK_: would you please add libassuan to the depends on section of gnupg?08:25
enteit is there08:26
enteteK_: sorry, my bad08:26
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jaegerAnyone have a copy of ? Can't get it right now09:07
jaegernm, apparently it's back09:07
entecan anyone recommend me a good, MIT/BSD/Public domain/... licensed library for MIME parsing?09:38
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tilmanente: no, but let me know if you find one ;)12:09
ente"I don't like the GPL too much, because of it's cancerous behaviour" - "that's the *GOOD* thing about it!" m(12:21
enteI just looked at glib. wtf were they doing?12:22
entetypedef void* gpointer...12:22
entethe only mime parsing library is GMime, which uses glib12:24
entewell, the best OSS one at least12:24
entetilman: <- this one also exists, but I can't say anything about code quality12:58
enteversion number 0.0.0 does not sound too promising though :þ12:58
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frinnstmeh, new firefox13:17
enteI think I set mine on lock13:17
* thrice` too13:17
enteI'll upgrade to the binary firefox that ships with 2.7 and set that on lock too :o)\13:18
frinnst    *  Fixed several security issues.13:19
frinnst    * Fixed several stability issues.13:19
thrice`I look forward to their 64-bit binary releases :>13:21
ente    * made it slower13:21
entefirefox *does* get slower with every release :>13:22
frinnsti have yet to find a good browser13:23
thrice`FF works well enough for me, I just hate building it13:24
frinnstonly qt4 takes longer to build13:24
enteI use surf most of the time13:25
tadzikchromium is usable13:25
entethrice`: your computer is probably newer than mine, and not a netbook13:25
enteI have a netbook and a pretty old p413:25
thrice`regardless, 20 minutes of compiling shitty software isn't enjoyable ;)13:26
thrice`frinnst, webkit too13:26
frinnstive never used chromium13:26
frinnstthe deps made me lose interest13:26
tadzik"Oh noes gconf"?13:27
enteI made an empty gconf.c and made my gconf of that13:30
entechromium works. dunno why they even link it against gconf13:30
thrice`if you change settings, do they get remembered?13:31
enteI think so13:31
tadzikgconf is one of the ways to set a proxy, iirc13:32
enteI know that chromium is ugly13:32
entebut you can turn it off13:32
entearch has a PKGBUILD that actually builds chromium from source13:32
thrice`building webkit blows :p13:33
enteI heard building webkit is hard from windows programmers13:33
thrice`just time consuming.  while xulrunner takes about 20 minutes on my core2duo, webkit is over an hour13:34
entewhen I looked at the Pkgfile, it looked like "./configure --prefix=/usr; make; make install DESTDIR=$PKG" or very similiar to me13:34
entewell, compile it and drink a coffee or go see your girlfriend or something in that time13:35
enteread a book13:35
thrice`no no, my girlfriend lives with me, I use linux to get away from her ;)13:35
entemaybe it gets faster with make -j2? ;)13:35
tilmancool, accept4() doesn't work on the guruplug13:56
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cipppiso 2.7 fail for me , less like 2.6 but fail :)14:02
tadzikoh, 2.7 is out?14:05
thrice`cippp, how did you create the media ?14:05
teK_he downloaded it, I guess14:06
teK_ thrice`14:08
cippptadzik: is testing14:08
cipppi put in / btrfs and work :)14:08
thrice`teK_, sorry, I meant, was it written to a CD, or hacked on to a USB somehow?14:09
teK_ah k14:09
tilmancippp: are you saying you solved the problem?14:09
cipppi install from curent crux14:10
cipppand 2.6 the same , from other linux14:11
cipppi think its simple to have  kernel like in slack , a hudge kernel with all inside14:25
cipppi mean for iso14:26
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thrice`hey sepen :)14:32
tilmanW T F14:33
tilmanglibc has:14:33
tilman#define __NR_accept4 28814:33
tilman#ifdef __NR_accept414:33
tilman // define accept4()14:33
tilmanwtf wtf wtf wtf?14:33
tilmanhow the fuck can they do that14:34
tilmanthat's almost guaranteed to only work on x8614:34
teK_ && have fun (fefe, again :P)14:35
thrice`tilman, isn't guru running debian?14:35
tilmanmine certainly isn't14:36
thrice`ok :P  I noticed on a friends debian box that it was using elibc by default :>14:36
tilmanwow, this is really annoying14:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xulrunner: [notify] upgraded to Fixes several security issues14:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: firefox: upgraded to 3.6.714:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.3.315:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gstreamer: updated to 0.10.3015:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gst-plugins-base: updated to 0.10.3015:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: freetype: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: updated to 1.2.15:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: imlib2: updated to 1.4.415:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: masqmail: update to 0.2.2715:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tmux: update to 1.315:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: diffstat: updated to 1.53.15:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnupg: 2.0.15 -> 2.0.1615:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xulrunner: [notify] upgraded to Fixes several security issues15:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: upgraded to 3.6.715:00
tadzik…merge branch 2.6…15:00
tadzikoh, he doesn't say it anymore?15:00
cipppgnutls                 2.8.5-1              2.10.0-115:01
cipppits a patch for ppopler15:01
cipppopt          poppler                0.12.3-1             0.14.1-115:01
* thrice` wants new poppler too :>15:02
thrice`mm, I can't get excited about lightspark with thier dependency list15:05
tadzikerm, pulseaudio?15:06
tadzikare they insane?15:07
tilmanpkgadd -u glibc on a running system15:17
tilmanhow badly does that break?15:17
thrice`should be fine :>15:17
tilmanmmh15:24 disappeared15:24
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tilmanwhich sucks because sshd links to it ;D15:25
tilmanand wheres my libssl15:28
thrice`your custom glibc is eating shared objects?15:30
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tilmani ran pkgadd -u and immediately afterwards i rebootet15:54
tilmanthe system complained it couldn't remount / ro15:54
tilman-> the upgrade wasn't actually synced to disc15:54
tilmanthe following fsck failed15:55
tilmanlibssl etc eventually showed up in lost+found15:55
thrice`ext4? ;)15:55
tilman(sd card)15:55
thrice`I don't think I even would have rebooted15:55
tilmanuntil you reboot, all your running programs are still using the old glibc15:56
tilmanuntil they exit()15:56
tilmanwhic might be a long time15:56
jaegerI wonder if a sync and drop_caches would have helped15:59
tilmanyes, i was thinking: "next time i'll sync before rebooting"15:59
tilmani'm also wondering whether the rc scripts might be buggy15:59
tilmanmaybe the problem only shows with reboot, but not with halt16:00
tilmani'm using laptop_mode and dirty_writeback delay etc so i'm not stressing the sd card as much. might be related, too?16:00
tilmani was just transfering the system to a larger SD card today16:01
tilmanso i still had a very up to date backup16:01
* tilman is a lucky bastard16:01
tilmanah, fuck this.16:01
tilmanglibc 2.11 says: "warning: warning: accept4 is not implemented and will always fail"16:01
tilmanat least i can actually call it from code16:02
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jaegerargh, why the hell is prtypes.h impossible to find?17:11
enteanyone on 2.7 already?17:20
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jaegerente: I've got it on a machine17:20
jaeger /usr/include/xulrunner- fatal error: prtypes.h: No such file or directory17:20
jaegerthis is getting aggravating17:20
jaegernspr is installed, prtypes.h exists... I can't seem to make the configure script realize that, though17:20
entejaeger: any problems?17:20
enteI'll help testing, I guess17:20
jaegernothing big, there are plenty of python/perl/whatever footprint mismatches between the 2.7 and 2.6 trees17:20
entewell, there are always plenty of footprint-mismatches ;)17:20
jaegerthis nspr bullshit is gonna drive me nuts, though17:20
entewhat's nspr?17:20
enteany plans on switching from glibc to eglibc?17:21
jaegerNetscape Portable Runtime, mozilla and other crap use it17:21
ente(I already did that on arch without problems, since their glibc build is pretty much borked)17:21
ente(and debian does it too)17:22
ente(I mean, debian does it officially)17:22
jaegerah ha, I finally got it to work with this bit of ridiculousness: export CXXFLAGS="${CXXFLAGS} `pkg-config --cflags libxul libxul-embedding`"17:22
jaegernow I have to go, back later17:22
enteweird shit :D17:23
entesee you17:23
entethrice`: what's your o__O about?17:23
entedrop-in replacing glibc by eglibc works just fine17:23
thrice`what's the point, though?17:24
entearch borked the package, and I wanted to check it out anyway. dunno why debian switched17:24
thrice`well, does it REALLY differ that much ?  I kinda thought they used most of glibc's code anyway17:24
enteI heard eglibc is based on the point that the glibc guy (ulrich drepper) is considered to be an asshole by huge parts of the OSS community17:24
thrice`right :>17:25
enteyeah, they do17:25
jseThe mad man of glibc...17:26
thrice`I might actually try debian squeeze; don't think i've ever used debian proper in my history17:27
entesounds like a good thing to me17:28
entejse: why is he "the mad man"?17:29
enteI don't know too much about him17:29
jseIt is impressive how drepper just stays in control of it all after all these years.17:29
thrice`he has a tendancy to close bugs with things like 'you're a fucking moron, I'm right'  and such17:29
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entedoes he do that with all the bug reports?17:32
jsePerhaps one of the more notorious assholes in charge. Communication ability and diplomacy are like, completely lacking as thrice` pointed out.17:32
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thrice`    probably the most famous example :>17:32
ente haha, why did he even implement it then?17:32
enteI wonder what kind of person he is in real life17:33
jseHopefully an ogre that matches his online reputation ;D17:35
enteThere is no bug.  Stop reopening.17:36
jse"you don't sign my check, I don't care"17:37
ente------- Additional Comment #45 From Mike Frysinger 2009-05-07 01:46 [reply] -------17:47
enteplease refrain from adding garbage on top of garbage.  regardless of the17:47
entethis is amazing :D17:47
enteoriginal garbage, adding more will gain nothing.17:47
thrice`he's the main gentoo dev too17:48
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entewho? drepper?18:06
enteawesome :D18:06
thrice`no, that Mike Frysinger18:07
thrice`drepper is a RH employee I thin18:07
enteyeah, I know that18:10
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Romstermidori is a nice browser or uzbl if yo want to use your own scripts21:38
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