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pitillogood morning01:01
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cippphello pitillo01:57
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pitillohey cippp02:01
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entesurf is nice too04:21
enteRomster: ^04:21
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Romsterhaven't tried that url?04:22
entewhich URL?04:23
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Romsterente, surf is nice too05:38
Romstersurf url it's a web browser right?05:38
Romsterelse why did you highlight my nick.05:38
* Romster pokes SiFuh 05:38
Romsterfix your darn connection.05:38
enteah, yes.05:38
enteI don't get "surf url" though05:38
Romsterwhat no tabs oh that's rough.05:41
entethat's something the windowmanager should handle05:41
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entetabs are a cumbersome and failed concept05:42
enteyou can use tabbed in combination with surf if you desperately need them05:42
Romsterfunnily enough i haven't used a browser that does not tab in god knows how long.05:43
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Romsteroi SiFuh your net sucks fix it -_-05:44
Romsterbigpond that explains it lol05:44
Romsterente, i'll put it in my to try list.05:45
entegood luck ;)05:46
mrksyou could give jumanji a try:
Romsterthis could be some list in disguise so i package them all up.05:57
Romsterdon't think that could be much different to uzbl05:58
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enteit's basically vimperator ported to be a standalone browser06:02
mrksdon't know, it is pretty fast though06:04
enteyes, vimperator is pretty slow ;)06:04
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Romstervimperator in firefox i see why they made jumanji06:16
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tadzik CRUX's listed :)07:07
tadzik(it should be higher, for it's more up-to-date than e.g. Arch's one, but whatever)07:11
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tadzikMakes me want to install compiz08:53
thrice`makes my head hurt :p08:57
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tilmangot the ssd today \o/12:48
luxhman, you're so cool12:51
* tilman puts on sunglasses12:52
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jaegertilman: which one did you end up buying?13:01
tilmanjaeger: x25-m ;D13:02
tilmani had no idea how small and cute 2.5" disks are13:03
jaegerNice. I'm looking forward to your reports on it, that's probably what my second one will be13:03
jaegeryeah :)13:03
tilmanstill pondering what to do about the boot loader13:03
tilmanseparate /boot partition with ext2/3?13:04
tilmanseparate / with ext3?13:04
tilmani'm leaning towards the first13:04
jaegershould work fine, I'd imagine13:04
tilmanwhat are those 'blocks' that fdisk talks about?13:09
tilman(not sectors)13:09
jaeger512 bytes?13:09
tilmanno, that's a sector13:09
jaegernot related to sectors or cells, I'd guess13:10
jaegerhave you read this?
tilmanyes :)13:16
tilmana block seems to be defined as 1024 bytes13:20
jaegerIs that always the same or detected based on the hardware, or user-controllable, or what?13:22
tilmani think it's hardcoded13:23
tilmanin fdisk13:23
tilmanunsigned int pblocks = psects; // num_blocks = num_sectors13:27
tilmanpblocks /= 1024 / sector_size // pblocks = pblocks / (1024 / 512) for the usual drives13:28
tilmanso yeah, it's indeed hardcoded to 1024 bytes13:28
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teK_tilman: $$$?14:56
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tilmanteK_: ~200 euros15:00
tilman80 gb15:01
tilmanapparently my mainboard doesn't allow me to boot from usb :(15:01
teK_it's my birthday soon :>  maybe I should *some* item to the wishlist :o15:02
cipppi have girls , dont play with cars ... :(15:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nspr: updated to 4.8.617:51
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Romsteruse parted, fdisk seriously misaligned as it starts the partition at sector 63 track 221:22
Romsterparted starts at sector 2 for the partition.21:22
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