IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2010-07-22

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pitillogood morning01:04
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cipppcippp[~]-> echo $(shell uname -m | sed -e 's/i.86/i386/')01:38
cipppbash: shell: command not found01:38
cipppi broken this ? :)01:39
pitilloshell? what's that? an alias?01:42
cipppi dont know , its from nvidia01:42
cipppand its broken now01:42
cipppfrom nvidia driver01:43
pitillowhere did you get that? shell isn't a command, or at least seems so01:43
pitillomake an alias for the shell to your shell01:43
cipppfrom makefile01:43
pitilloshell=$SHELL and it will use your shell, but shell itself isn't anything01:44
cippppitillo: i cant01:48
cipppcippp[~]-> echo $(bash uname -r)01:48
cippp/bin/uname: /bin/uname: cannot execute binary file01:48
pitilloyes, I saw that01:49
tilmancippp: your original quoting would work in a makefile iirc01:49
tilman$(shell ...) is a Make thing01:50
cippptilman: just a sec to try01:50
cippptilman: work , in 2.6 , in 2.7 its kernel not found01:51
cipppmaybe i wrong someting01:51
cipppthank you01:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.3.301:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gstreamer: updated to 0.10.3001:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gst-plugins-base: updated to 0.10.3001:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: freetype: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: updated to 1.2.01:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: imlib2: updated to 1.4.401:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: masqmail: update to 0.2.2701:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tmux: update to 1.301:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: diffstat: updated to 1.53.01:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnupg: 2.0.15 -> 2.0.1601:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xulrunner: [notify] upgraded to Fixes several security issues01:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: upgraded to 3.6.701:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nspr: updated to 4.8.601:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.701:55
tilmanHAHAHAH shit!01:55
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tilmanjaeger: with the hdd, starting up mutt (imap) would take a while, since it had to sync headers with the local cache and the remote server. took maybe 5 seconds. with the SSD, it's down to less than a sec01:56
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cippptilman: i put in pkgmk this : and here : its what i build until now02:03
cipppwhat you think ?02:03
tilmandon't have a browser atm02:03
cipppi paste here :P02:03
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juecippp: why do you think that removing all static libraries is a good thing?03:34
cipppjue: i dont know , i test03:35
cipppi see fedora delete this file03:35
cipppand for few keep like $name-static.rpm03:35
Romster$(shell foo) stuff is from a Makefile03:35
cipppglibc ...03:35
juewell, and what if someone wants a statically linked program03:36
cipppRomster: yes , i build nvidia with 2.6.34 , i broken something in
jueneed that from time to time if I want to install a program but not the libs it depends on03:37
cipppi dont know03:38
jueunconditional removing staic libs is restriction IMO03:39
Romsterwhy not just use --disable-static in the Pkgfiles like any sane person would do.03:39
cipppin all ?03:39
Romsteri do have a function in my pkgmk to remove info file though.03:40
cipppcippp[pkg]-> ls obsolete/*/|wc -l03:40
juewell, as I said above, sometimes the static libs are useful03:40
Romsteras that gets regenerated.03:40
Romsterwhich is why you don't disable the static libs on ones you do need.03:40
Romsterit's up to the packager03:41
cipppjue: static libs its build anyway and i cant make : export PKGMK_KEEP_A=103:41
Romsterwell maintainer i should say03:41
cipppand test03:41
jueno, I tend to consider that as a bug in the port03:41
Romstercippp, what your doing is trying to add USE flags like gentoo has.03:42
Romsterperhaps gentoo will suit you better?03:42
cipppi never used gentoo , maybe and for this :)03:42
jueRomster: in most cases --disable-static is a least unfriendly or even unsane03:43
juein the port I mean, if one absolutely do not want them, it's easy to add a install-hook to pkgadd03:47
cipppim play , i will stop to speak about if i irritate you03:53
jueno, no problem at all, I just wanted to comment03:54
cipppthank you03:55
cipppjue: and kernel from iso , why its build with modules and then load this modules from a list ?03:56
juein the past our boot stuff worked without an initrd, but it was less flexible03:59
Romsterwell, isn't thee some filter line in pkgadd to fllter out files already?04:00
juee.g. we had a lot of problems at the time of the IDE/ATA switch that the CDROM drive wasn't recognized04:01
Romsteror maybe not there is a UPGRADE and INSTALL event.04:01
jueRomster: no, not in the default04:01
Romsternot well documented but can't the INSTALL event be made to not install a regex?04:03
juebut adding something like 'INSTALL ^usr/lib/.*\.a$ NO' should do thge trick04:03
Romstersince it can accept NO04:03
Romsteryeah looking at that now.04:03
jueit's a regex actually04:03
Romsteri did just say regex ^04:03
Romstercippp, see ^04:04
cipppi think its better and with less troubles04:04
Romsteralthough it might break some things that use pkg-config that ask for the static lib.04:05
juepkgutils for example ;)04:06
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Romsterat yeah like that.04:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission: update to 2.0304:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.0304:20
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entewhat package contains host(1)?07:34
tadzikprt-get fsearch host07:36
enteoh, thanks07:37
entewtf, bindutils?07:38
entesick, I don't want bind :D07:39
Zabait's just the utils, i.e., nslookup, dig and host07:43
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Romsterprt-get cat bindutils .footprint07:51
Romsternot many things.07:51
entewell, ok... I was judging by the amount it downloaded, which was immense07:52
Romsterit don't install much of it though.07:52
enteyeah, ok07:53
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thrice`whatever happened to the threat of releasing e17?08:41
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cipppthey have snaphshots09:05
cipppbut i love to build from svn , its amazing  how its change09:06
tadzikwhat changes? :)09:06
cipppeverithin module for example09:07
cipppthis its the name :)09:07
tadziklink? :)09:08
cipppwith photos ? :)09:08
tadzikI'm trying to find out what are you guys talking about :)09:09
thrice`there was a big rumor of "you guys better be ready, e17 is releasing REALLY SOON" like two months ago09:10
cipppyou dont understand my english ? :)09:10
tadzikah, e1709:10
cipppi think i use linux for e1709:11
thrice`have a SS of your setup? :>09:11
cipppi like e17 , opera and porn :)09:11
cipppthrice`: SS = screenshot ?09:36
thrice`yes :>09:36
cipppsorry , one sec09:36
thrice`I haven't tried it in a few years, and can't make out which respresentations are current09:36
cipppfirefox-flash-plugin depend by firefox09:40
thrice`wow, those look awesome09:40
tadzikcippp: you can ignore it09:41
cipppi will make a opera-flash-plugin and this will depend by opera :)09:41
cippptadzik: need nss09:41
tadzikit'd be better to just fix the flashplugin port09:41
tadzikcippp: maybe, but not firefox09:41
tadzikI don't have no firefox in my system09:41
cipppthrice`: :)09:44
jaegerAnyone know of a program or website that can find images based on an input image? That would be cool for finding backgrounds used in screenshots or the like09:46
tadzikhmm, I knew about one…09:46
tadziknot exactly what you want, but may help you09:47
jaegerfor example, I have a screenshot I'd like to find the background from again... it had 'marbl' in the name if I remember right:
pitillothrice`: not only look :)09:50
thrice`pitillo, so, where is this rumored 1.0 release? ;)09:52
pitillojajajaa, in the same place like years ago...09:52
thrice`cippp, I thought your osx shot was also e17, and was quite confused :p09:53
cipppi dont use osx , i have crux :)09:53
pitillonah, there are some libs released and the rumored release started in a "plan" webpage (which I didn't know who started it, but it wasn't really official...)09:53
thrice`cippp,  ?09:54
cipppthrice`: i have09:54
thrice`ah, ok.  I was going to say, that's nice theming otherwise :>09:54
thrice`I like the mac-like dock though in your e17 shots.  is that the default app, or?09:55
cipppits in module-extra09:56
pitillothe ibar provided in e17 (core) is nice too (it hasn't same effects but same appearance)09:57
cipppbut ibar need a shelf09:58
thrice`this is why I've struggled to use e17 I think, I never know what is what :>09:58
thrice`and I blame e17 for that, because it's so poorly managed :>09:59
pitilloyou can use it like a gadget too (backgrounded if I'm not in wrong)09:59
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thrice`mm, e17 needs hal, I think i'll pass11:11
pitillothrice`: I think it doesn't need it anymore (at least forced)11:12
pitillolast snapshot I did I think I have it running without hal11:13
thrice`ok, so they don't do releases, their docs are wrong, .. ;)  not sounding like much fun11:14
pitillomay be the reverse, sounding like much fun... :)11:14
pitilloif you test and see something wrong, I hope you can comment about11:15
thrice`was just browsing the list of requirements :>11:16
pitilloah ok11:16
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cipppi dont have hal here11:32
cipppcippp[~]-> pkginfo -i |grep hal11:32
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cipppsepen: firefox-flash-plugin depend on firefox , i think nss its better11:49
sepeneing? you cannot run the plugin without firefox11:51
sepenor you can?11:51
tadzikone can. But the firefex dependency is not needed11:51
tadzikI have no firefox in my CRUX and flash works11:51
tadzikshould be rather named flash-plugin I think11:52
tadzikit's not firefox-only11:52
tadzikit does not even need firefox11:52
sepenwell so we need to accord a good location for it11:52
cipppand install path its strange :)11:52
tadzikinstall path works, who cares ;)11:53
sepenwhat about java plugin, do you have the same setup?11:53
tadziknot using11:54
tadzik…or am I?11:54
tadzikpackage firefox-java-plugin is installed11:54
tadzikbut I don't remember using it or caring about it, so don't ask me :)11:54
sepenok, anyways I think we should be homogeneus with browser plugins as possible11:56
cipppim not sure but i think by default browser search plugins in : /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/11:56
cipppnot sure11:56
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juetadzik: wrt flash-plugin, you don't mean contrib/flashplayer?12:05
tadzikjue: nope12:06
tadzikI don't even have contrib/flashplayer installed12:07
juehmm, than another browser/whatever is using the library, right?12:08
jueand what in your case?12:09
cipppopera here12:09
tadzikchromium here. firefox-flash-plugin installed, no firefox installed, flash works12:09
juenice, so indeed flash-plugin might be the better name, but renaming a port is always a pain for the user12:14
cipppmaybe same for java plugin ?12:14
tadzikjue: maybe a nice move for 2.7? :)12:15
sepenjue, a notify mail would help a bit12:17
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cippptoday i think i found a bug , and i reported to autor12:40
cipppand he say to report to mailing list12:40
tadzikmaybe that's their policy, or he has no time for this12:40
cipppi think its strange :)12:41
juesepen: yep, that helps12:49
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fsckrootmorning gentlemen20:12
thrice`it's 9pm local, but morning to you too ;)20:13
tadzik3 AM here :)20:13
fsckroot11:13AM here20:13
tadzikso yep, pretty morning20:13
fsckrootindeed - I wish this crappy weather would go away20:14
fsckrootintruding on my hike and all20:14
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