IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-07-27

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pitillogood morning06:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] apache: update to 2.2.1606:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: squid: update to 3.1.506:40
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cipppRomster: ntfs-3g its out of date07:54
cipppand sdl_image07:54
cipppand hello07:54
Romsteralot of things are i'll get to them.07:54
Romsterbumping sdl_image means i'd have to check all the ports that depend on it.07:55
cipppah , you know07:55
Romsteri'm aware of some ports being out of date, i just get to a few at a time.07:58
Romsterwonder why we still haven't got more contrib maintainers.07:59
Rotwangyeah, me and pitillo are the last ones that joined07:59
Rotwangit was ~2 years ago?07:59
Romsteri think i started using crux version 2.2 or 2.3 somewhere around then.08:00
cipppi dont know how crux work08:00
cipppand libmodplug :)08:01
Romsterlike any other distro it's mostly like LFS with a Pkgfiles08:01
cipppRomster: about organisation08:01
Romsteri bumped xine recently.08:01
Romsteri've been letting my ports get a little stale.08:02
Romsterwork and everything now.08:02
Romsterplus i have my own projects too.08:02
cipppi think its nice to have one08:04
cipppmaybe i will try some time08:04
cipppi will kill ubuntu08:04
Romster up2date script i'm working on, is one small project.08:05
cipppck4up work nice08:06
Romsterit does but i have other ideas. and this will work in a bigger project, it's a small piece of.08:07
Romsterthe reason why i forked is i got other ideas that the crux devs don't agree with. but i still try to maintain my ports in contrib.08:07
thrice`that's quite worthless, and counter productive IMO08:08
Romsteri don't like ubuntu but it has it's place for new linux users just stepping out of windows.08:08
Romsterthat's your opinion thrice`08:08
thrice`the only thing it does is hurt crux, but if that is what you want .. ;)08:09
Romsterwhat i would like most of some day merge some good features back to crux, if they accept it.08:10
Romsteri've already had heaps of things rejected.08:10
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Romsterthis way i can change things at will.08:10
Romsterhow is it hurting crux only running it on like 5 computers.08:10
Romsterand it still uses contrib ports.08:10
Romsterwhy do i feel hostility nearly every time i join here. this is largely why i rarely sit in here anymore.08:12
cippphostility ? not from me08:12
Romsternah not from you cippp08:13
thrice`I wasn't being hostile08:13
thrice`I just don't see the point of forking something like up2date, while crux already has a method, and poluting Pkgfiles with more lines probably won't ever happen :)08:13
Romsterthe end result is to minimise polutting Pkgfiles but i got some extra lines atm as i try new methods.08:14
Romsteri'm basically using it as a testing ground.08:14
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cipppone obsolete line i think its name=name i think name.pkgfile its nice :)08:15
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Romsteri'd like to do version.pkgfile or have some way to keep older versions just incase they are needed still.08:17
cipppin sorcer i think i see the same08:18
Romsteranyways i'm learning from it thrice`08:20
cipppRomster: about *.a files , like its bad idea ?08:21
cipppmaybe need to edit Pkgfile to look real08:22
cipppits without --disable-static and ###08:23
Romsteri've been following your discussion on static library08:23
Romsteri'd more think that libtool *.la files are bad, static libraries are not bad if you need to compile something staticly. like lvm mdadm pkgadd to be static for speffic reasons like initramfs use or to avoid breaking up sysup.08:24
Romster--disable-static on things that don't likely need it.08:24
Romsteris the correct way.08:24
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cipppmaybe 5 - 10 pkgs need static libs08:25
Romsterremoving all them la files would be more beneficial. but so many things depend on them. dolt is so much better.08:25
Romsteri've looked into that too.08:25
Romstercippp, probably about that.08:25
Romsterif anything that's in core,opt,xorg,kde,gnome,contrib needs static then yes it has to be left in.08:26
cipppi put out all and until now i found only livemedia to need static08:26
Romsterelse it could be --disable-static08:26
cipppand maybe because i dont search for --disable-static08:26
Romsteri tend to disable static in packages that wont likely need it.08:26
Romster./configure help08:27
Romsterlists heaps of options.08:27
cipppyes :)08:27
Romsterfiltering it out with INSTALL directive in pkgadd.conf is a ugly work around that's likely to one day bite you in the arse unsuspecting.08:28
cipppnot all have or respect --disable-static08:29
Romsterthose may have other options to disable static.08:29
cipppand its not my idea , i stolen from fedora :)08:29
Romsterlike scons cmake jam or other build system options.08:29
Romstergo libtool slaying first that's more productive.08:30
Romsterbut it'll break a hell of alot of things.08:30
Romsteri hate libtool with a vengeance.08:30
Romsterstatic libraries use bugger all hard disk space.08:31
Romstercippp, you seem to have ideas like i do. although i've set priority on tings that i think is more important tan just static libs. only way to find out is to do it to your own system see how far you get.08:33
cipppRomster: ^08:34
cipppall work fine08:34
Romsteryou do realise .la files have nothing to do with .a files? although .la they can be used to static and dynamic link?08:37
Romsterdid you also do this to all core ports?08:37
cipppno , from core glibc need static08:38
Romsteryou will at least have of broken pkgutils. it works now but recompile stuff without the *.a files it will probably fail.08:38
Romsterso after removing them files did you recompile all the packages?08:38
Romsterpreferably in a chroot.08:39
cipppall pkgs on build have files moved to /var/lib ...08:39
cipppi put this in pkgmk08:40
Romsterso you added to pkgmk08:40
Romsterthat really looks like a ugly way to do it.08:47
cipppi try , and dont know better :) but its a lot of files08:48
cipppcippp[ports]-> ls /var/lib/pkg/obsolete/*/ |wc -l08:49
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Romsterprt-get fsearch filename.a will lead it back to the Pkgfile then you go though that and disable it from building static libs.08:53
Romsteror as a last resort rm the .a files but you ave to be careful with *.pc and *.la files that say that static lib is available when it is not.08:54
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Romstereasyist to do is to setup another directory of ports you've edited and put that prtdir line above the other one. but it's alot of effort to maintain.08:57
cipppi dont know to grep fot .a08:59
cipppgrep -r '.a' * its not correct08:59
cipppRomster: all i build from surce , i put only core from bins09:00
cipppand all builds fine09:00
cipppbut yes --disable-static its a must have :)09:01
cippp grep -r '\.a' * its ok ?09:03
Romstergrep looks in files.09:07
Romsteri think you only just grasp the linux tools? and need to learn them more. before you go out of your comfort zone.09:08
cipppyes , i want to grep *.pc files09:09
cipppand grep looks in files09:10
cipppmaybe i need to use ubuntu :)09:10
mustelocippp, if you want to try something adventurous but don't feel quite up to compiling a kernel, you might try arch09:13
cipppmustelo: sure09:14
cipppmustelo: you have arch ?09:14
musteloon one of my partitions, yeah09:14
cipppi used arch i think 4 years09:15
cipppuntil 2 years ago i think09:15
cippparch its like ubuntu with pkgbuild now09:16
cipppsplit pkgs , optional deps , PKGBUILD look criminal now :)09:17
cipppi learn english with arch , and look to me :)))09:20
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cipppi think git clone git:// dont work ok10:59
cipppor lot of files its in ignore list10:59
cipppbut ... i see this files in browser11:00
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cippphello jue14:52
cipppi think git link for iso its broken14:53
cippp  git clone git://
jaegerseems to work fine for me, cippp14:55
cipppoh , i get old kernel conf and only few files14:56
jaegerare you on the master branch?14:56
jaegernothing useful there, really14:56
cipppthis i get instead of linux-2.6.34.config14:57
cipppmaybe i wrong something14:58
jaegercippp: after you clone, check out a branch like so:14:58
jaegergit branch 2.6 origin/2.6; git checkout 2.614:58
cipppthis is :)14:59
cipppif i ask "stupid" thinks about crux iso its ok ?15:01
cipppor better to ask google ? :)15:01
jaegerNever hurts to try google first but feel free to ask if you don't find an answer15:03
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* thrice` wonders what everyone is using for a pdf reader these days19:29
jaegerI mostly use evince19:31
thrice`within gnome, I guess?19:32
jaegermost of the time, though it works fine outside of gnome with the proper deps19:32
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