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tilmanhermes1908: what's the error for imlib2?01:20
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hermes1908tilman: No such file or directory: X11/extensions/shape.h01:33
hermes1908i ran depinst so it should have resolved all of the deps01:34
tilmanis xorg-libxext installed?01:34
hermes1908tilman: yes01:35
tilmando you have /usr/include/X11/extensions/shape.h ?01:35
hermes1908i have shapeproto and shapeconst01:36
hermes1908but no shape.h01:36
tilmancan you paste the output of "pkginfo -l xorg-libxext"?01:36
tilmanor rather, grep the output for shape.h01:37
hermes1908one sec01:38
hermes1908the computer isnt connected to theinternet01:38
hermes1908ill have to copy the file to a usb stick01:38
tilmanxorg-libxext should have installed /usr/include/X11/extensions/shape.h01:39
hermes1908tilman: do you have mplayer compiled on your sys?01:39
hermes1908hmm thats odd01:40
hermes1908it wont compile on mine01:40
tilmani built it manually though, not from ports01:40
hermes1908did you need to apply any patches to get it to build?01:40
tilmani just 'unset CFLAGS'/'unset CXXFLAGS' before running configure01:40
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hermes1908i ran pkginfo -l xorg.libxext as you said01:41
hermes1908and i couldnt find shape.h by grepping01:42
hermes1908or using the search in less01:42
tilmanweird. try installing xorg-libxext again01:42
hermes1908maybe its because i upgraded the system immediately after installing crux on thsi machine01:43
hermes1908ill try reinstalling the package anyway01:43
tilmanif files couldn't be installed that were expected to be, you usually get an error01:43
hermes1908i installed xorg from the cd binary packs01:44
hermes1908so it should have worked01:44
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hermes1908tilman: reinstalling libxext seems to have done the trick01:52
tilmanyou originally installed xorg-libxext via the 2.6 iso?01:53
hermes1908i dont know how my copy could have been contaminated01:53
tilmanie i'm asking where the bad package comes from01:53
hermes1908the cd01:53
hermes1908which is why its weird01:53
hermes1908how did you figure out it was libxext so quickly?01:53
tilmani ran "pkginfo -o shape.h"01:54
tilmanit lists all packages that installed a file whose path matches "shape.h" at some point01:55
hermes1908thanks for the tip01:55
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hermes1908im new to crux01:55
hermes1908installing it on one of my old laptops01:55
hermes1908my main system runs arch01:55
tilmanah okay01:58
hermes1908hmm it seems as though alot of the packages in the contrib section are broken02:01
hermes1908(ie link to invalid sourceforge links)02:02
hermes1908i find i have to manually change the download path for alot of packages02:02
hermes1908for example fluxbox02:02
hermes1908does anyone else have this problem?02:02
hermes1908*ports not packages02:02
cipppi have in /etc/hosts02:08
cippp216.34.181.59 download.sf.net02:08
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pitillogood morning04:26
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thrice`hermes1908, alot of the headers in changed packages, I'd guess you haven't updated yet?06:48
thrice`or, hadn't as of 4 hours ago :p06:48
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hermes1908thrice`: no, i had updated10:44
hermes1908or had10:44
hermes1908as of 8 hours ago ;)10:44
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jaegeryay, new video card coming today13:09
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hermes1908out of curiosity what do most of you use crux for?13:24
cipppdesktop here13:26
jaegerpretty much anything for which I'd want to use linux. desktop, server, etc.13:26
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thrice`the gnome census report is quite funny - poor canonical13:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: qt4: fixed symlink path issues17:37
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prologicAre pre-install and post-install scripts run in the $SRC dir of a package that's being built ?20:53
prologicI can't remember :)20:53
thrice`if you use prt-get, and tell it to ( /etc/prt-get.conf )20:54
prologicsay what20:59
prologicthat made no sense whatsoever :)20:59
prologicI just want to know what the pwd is for pre-install and post-install scripts20:59
prologicand what env vars are available - eg $SRC20:59
jaegercheck prt-get source, I guess =/ I don't know the answer, though I suspect they get run in the working dir21:00
jaegeras for env vars, pkgmk source for that21:00
prologicman lol I don't have time to check sources haha21:02
prologicI'll just guess :)21:02
Romsterprologic, from a pkgmk -eo i don't see any pre-install copied to $SRC so i gather it runs it from the same path as the Pkgfile is at.21:49
prologicmy thoughts exactly21:49
prologicI'm just wondering though if env vars such as $SRC are available too though21:49
prologicI want to write a post-install script that copies a few files from $SRC to the live system21:50
Romsteras for vars prt-get calls the pre and post install so i think it calls pkgmk first to parse the Pkgfile so all them vars should be accessible.21:50
Romsteradd a post0nstall echo $SRC21:50
Romstertest it21:50
Romsterwith the bash shebang line too.21:51
prologicI'll just assume $SRC is available :)21:51
prologicwriting a slightly better nagios port21:51
Romsterassuming is always bad.21:51
Romsteryou might wanna check out streamtuner2 in my romster repo. great for finding music streams.21:52
Romsterwritten in python too -_-21:52
Romsterback to work bbl21:55
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prologicjaeger, you able to investigate my url problems with the portdb for my repo at all ?22:12
prologicI believe portdb is adding an extra / where it shoudln't be22:12
prologicit's only a problem for Pkgfile md5sum and footprint links22:12
jaegerI've no idea where the portdb lives these days but I'll take a look22:14
jaegerhrmm, looks fine here22:19
jaegersame as the others22:19

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