IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2010-07-31

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Rotwangif you wish to install qt it is going to pull half kde along04:49
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pitillogood morning05:39
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tadzikhello pitillo07:12
tadzikwe're the first distro to have blizkost available in ports :>07:12
tadzik(as soon as cruxpl is synced with git07:12
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LukcIs the glib port ok?13:32
LukcSeems the source is bad, for me.13:32
Lukc(at least in 2.6)13:32
tilmanshould be fine14:28
tilmanwe're using the official download server afaict14:28
LukcIt hasn't changed?14:29
tilmanwhat's the error that you get?14:30
LukcThat the file has moved... :/14:31
LukcBut I didn't kept the error log.14:31
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hermes1908does anyone have intelfb working?18:54
hermes1908i cant seem to find the option to compile it in the kernel18:55
Lukchermes1908, you have problems with an Intel card ?18:55
hermes1908Lukc: not with x11, but getting frambuffer support18:55
LukcOh, so I don't know.18:56
cippphermes1908: you have one of this ?  i810/  i830/  i915/19:04
hermes1908cippp: 915g19:04
hermes1908cippp: thats not for framebuffer19:05
cipppcippp[kernel]-> ls drivers/gpu/drm/19:06
cipppdrm.ko  drm_kms_helper.ko  i2c/  i810/  i830/  i915/  mga/  nouveau/  r128/  radeon/  savage/  sis/  tdfx/  ttm/  via/  vmwgfx/19:06
hermes1908drm is for x1119:08
hermes1908isnt it?19:08
cipppkernel and x11 ? i dont know19:08
cipppbecause for 810 i found ./drivers/video/i810/i810fb.ko19:10
hermes1908i figured it out on #kernel19:11
hermes1908thanks for your help anyway19:11
hermes1908one of my depends was wrong19:11
hermes1908it should have been off not on19:11
cippphermes1908: but drm its not for x11 yes ?19:14
LukcGood night everybody.19:27
cipppgood night19:30
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kreedgood night19:32
kreedSomebody use 2.7 ports?19:35
cipppkreed: yes19:41
cipppkreed: i try to build a new iso based in 2.719:47
cipppwith no media detection problems19:47
kreedit's i686?19:47
kreedMy system x86_64 :)19:48
kreedSo, how you build iso? Early I wan't to create own iso, for fast installation.19:49
cipppi make a script based on default crux iso builder19:49
thrice`kreed, you are just after a 2.7 iso?19:49
kreedthrice`, no, I want create iso before switch to 2.719:50
kreedthrice`, And may be after too.19:51
thrice`oh, ok.  was curious, since there are already some secret 2.7 .iso files you can use :)19:51
thrice`agh, nevermind, you are on 64-bi19:51
kreedAnd I want build own iso, with some programs for me19:52
kreedcippp, thanks19:52
cipppits working , but its not finised19:52
cipppdont test if you have all what you need19:53
kreedcippp, you about 2.7 tree?19:54
cipppi dont understand19:54
kreedssory for my english19:54
kreed>>dont test if you have all what you need19:54
cipppits my english wrong19:54
kreedwhat I shouldn't test?19:55
kreedI think you about 2.7 ports, but may be you about your script?19:56
cipppyou need to install few ports , to have a kernel ports ...19:56
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kreedI interesting in gcc 4.5 and new glibc+binutils19:57
cipppthrice`: for you default crux iso its working ?19:57
thrice`I haven't updated to 2.7 yet either, because I use 64-bit too, and an ISO has not yet been made19:58
kreedthrice`, I think that iso need only for installing. You can switch on 2.7 ports in 64bit system.19:59
thrice`kreed, normally yes, but with 2.7, some of the package updates break GCC20:00
cipppfor me crux iso dont work , media not found ...20:01
cipppmy iso boot fine for me20:01
kreedfor me too20:01
kreedbut I solv this problem20:01
kreedI copy dir "crux" from disk to the /home20:02
kreedAnd when install, I copy it's from /home to /media/crux20:02
cipppso , its not working :)20:03
kreedMy solv work beautiful20:03
cipppbut iso dont work by default20:04
kreedah, it's true. i686-iso and x86_64-iso from don't work :(20:04
thrice`not sure, it works fine for me :(20:05
kreedGood night.20:12
kreedmy bad englis ;)20:12
kreedGood bye20:12
thrice`later kreed :>20:12
cipppgood night20:13
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