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prologicWhen trying to use esmtp as a relay-only mta I get:07:45
prologic# Invalid peer certificate (error 20)07:46
prologic0 (null)07:46
prologicThere any way around this ?07:46
prologic(using as a relay on my google app account)07:46
RyoSprologic: wait a sec, got that too07:51
prologicyeah I don't think esmtp is capable of using gmail07:51
prologicnot without turning startls off07:51
prologicand using an stunnel07:51
RyoSmeans starttls was requested, but it cant find the cert07:51
prologictoo much hard work07:51
prologicsomething like that07:52
prologicis there an easier way around this / to fix this ?07:52
RyoSdownload gmail cert and make it available for esmtp?07:52
prologicnot sure how you'd even do that ?07:53
prologicanyhoo I'll work it out later07:53
RyoSplace whatever you need in /etc/ssl/certs or ~/.certs07:54
prologicand where are you suppose to get the cert from ?07:55
prologicI spose gmail have it on their site somewhere ?07:55
prologicwhat are you suppose to do with the cert once you've downloaded it ?08:04
prologicputting thawte's ca.pem into /etc/ssl/certs/ made no difference08:04
cippppkgadd can read pkgadd.conf from other place or only from /etc/pkgadd.conf ?08:43
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RotwangI calculated it to be -(14/3)11:20
Rotwangbut it took me more than 30 seconds :C11:23
tilmanLukc: use -L with curl to make it follow redirects11:34
Lukctilman, ok, thanks. :D11:35
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tilmanRotwang: did you leave contrib?11:46
Rotwangno, why?11:46
tilmanyou don't seem to be a member of the contrib group on crux.nu11:48
tilmanhum hum11:48
Rotwangtilman: I am11:49
tilmanam i blind?11:49
thrice`maybe you missed the member ;>11:49
thrice`er, memo11:49
thrice`please move your office to the basement11:49
Rotwangwszystkie.fajne.loginy.zajete at  gmail.com11:50
Rotwangthrice`: ok, but I'm taking red stapler with me11:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pcmanfm: modified subjective description12:05
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