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pitillogood morning06:13
tadzikgood morning06:15
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kreedgood morning06:27
kreedIn my country 14:2506:27
tadzik13:23 here06:27
Lukckreed, here it is 13:25. :)06:27
kreedlittle difference06:28
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frinnstall your clocks suck! bow down to my mighty timepiece!06:32
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frinnstanyone running 2.6.35?13:18
frinnsti cant get a ip address from my initscripts with dhcpcd. when i run the exact same command seconds later it works just fine13:21
thrice`I tried one of the RCs a few weeks ago, something didn't work, and I haven't tried since; I think my /dev/sr0  disappeared13:22
tilmanfrinnst: i just rebooted into .35 on my desktop. i don't use dhcp though.13:23
tilmanfrinnst: _just_ finished building .35 for the guruplug :D13:24
frinnstwhen i bring the interface down, dhcpcd again fails the first time13:24
frinnstdoesnt seem to differ if i bring the interface up before dhcpcd with "ip"13:25
frinnstoh well13:25
jaegerhaven't tried it yet, myself13:25
thrice`and wicd is b0rken on python 2.7, so no cheating :)13:25
frinnstyep, sure is13:25
thrice`a pygtk app that gives simple networking for wep/wpa/ association13:27
frinnsti use it on my eeepc13:27
frinnstvery nifty13:27
frinnstrather, i used to use it before i installed the new python13:28
tilmani usually poke at /etc/wpa.conf for hours, tearing my hair out etc13:28
frinnsti have a port for it13:28
frinnsteew, lots of changes for my nic in the changelog13:30
tilmanseems contrib is being exported for 2.7 now13:30
tilmanjaeger: thanks for building that rc1 image btw. will try and test tomorrow13:31
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deus_extilman: you might want to update opt/lftp to 4.0.9 :)13:35
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tilmandeus_ex: will do, thank you13:38
deus_exGIMP...I do not understand it...13:38
deus_extilman: np :)13:38
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Lukc_o/ nekrodes13:39
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libarchive: updated to
jaegerAnyone using postfix to host both virtual hosted domains and canonical domains at the same time?13:42
jaegerWondering if that can be done13:42
tilmani think i have a setup like that at work (for testing purposes)13:44
nekrodeshi Lukc ;)13:46
jaegerok, thanks13:46
jaegerI'll play with it in a VM13:46
tilmani'll shoot you my config tomorrow13:47
jaegerthanks :)13:48
frinnstmeh, using the other builtin nic solves it13:48
jaegerperhaps they broke the NIC driver with those changes13:50
tilmanregressions? unposible!13:51
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jaegertilman: here's another odd case, I wonder if postfix could host a single domain with both virtual and local users14:24
tilmani guess setting up aliases (mapping virtual users to local users/mailboxes) isn't good enough?14:26
jaegerI'm trying to think of a decent way to migrate a canonical domain entirely to a hosted virtual one14:27
jaegerIt would be possible to do it with downtime but I'm wondering academically if there's a smoother way to do it on an individual user basis14:28
jaegervirtual mailbox domains are never supposed to be listed in the mydestination list14:28
tilmanwhat i did is (iirc!) put in mydestination14:29
tilmanand set up a virtual domain in addition to that14:29
jaegerseparate domains at that point, right?14:31
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tilmanand the canonical domain i used was also different from the system's hostname/network14:33
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kreedHello. If I  build my gcc with multilib options I'll be able to build 32bit's libraries?15:59
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hermes1908i recently installed some crux pre compiled crux packages16:14
hermes1908from another machine, for example mplayer16:15
hermes1908i know they are the newest versions of the packages16:15
hermes1908however when i do prt-get sysup16:15
hermes1908it attempts to recompile all of those packages16:15
hermes1908is there anyway to solve this?16:15
tadzikwhat does prt-get diff show?16:15
hermes1908tadzik: for mplayer the version is the same16:16
hermes1908i verrified this16:16
hermes1908but it still attempts to update it16:16
hermes1908by recompilling the same version16:16
tadzikstrange indeed16:16
hermes1908i installed the packages using pkgadd, if that makes any difference16:17
LukcIt is to pkgmk to use the already available package and to not recompile it16:17
tadzikhmm. Is prt-get itself also on the update list?16:17
hermes1908tadzik: yes16:18
hermes1908tadzik: but that is due to a legitimate difference in the version16:18
tadzikhermes1908: try updating it first and see if the issue remains16:19
hermes1908i am16:19
hermes1908i have version 5.1616:19
hermes1908the version that comes with the 2.6 iso16:19
hermes1908im upgrading to 5.1816:20
tadzik5.18-2 is the newest16:20
hermes1908im surprised how small the irc channel is16:20
hermes1908at least its active16:20
Lukc“how small” ? :o16:21
hermes1908Lukc: small enough that weechat can display all the nicks in the sidebar without having to scroll ;)16:22
hermes1908at 1024x768 in a frame buffer, though16:22
Lukchermes1908, at 1024×600, in Gajim, that's not possible. :/16:22
LukcYes, Gajim.16:23
LukcAn XMPP client. \o/16:23
hermes1908isnt that a jabber client?16:23
LukcYes, it is.16:23
LukcAnd ? :D16:23
hermes1908so how can you connect to irc with ti?16:23
LukcWith a bridge. :)16:23
hermes1908its funny you should mention that16:23
hermes1908because i use an irc bridge to connect to jabber16:23
hermes1908but that is for gmail chat16:24
hermes1908what do you use jabber for?16:24
hermes1908i never understood the purpose of jabber16:24
hermes1908is it to replace irc?16:24
LukcClient2Client chat, MUCs, some other things.16:24
LukcYes, it's one of it's purposes. :p16:24
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jseIt might, however it seems jabber was more or less designed as an alternative to msn, aol, icq.16:25
hermes1908well irc has dcc16:25
hermes1908which is pretty much client2client chat16:25
Lukcjse, it is designed as an alternative to these, but to IRC too.16:25
jseirc is going nowhere and jabber certainly is no threat to it.16:25
hermes1908i know16:26
hermes1908i was just wondering what its merrits were16:26
hermes1908or for that matter if any open source projects use it for communication over irc16:26
hermes1908tadzik: it still tries to update mplayer16:27
tadzikhermes1908: no idea then16:28
hermes1908oh well16:28
hermes1908this means i will have to update the packages manually16:28
hermes1908i guess i could write a bash script using prt-get diff16:28
hermes1908i wanted to start a small, local crux repo16:29
hermes1908what a pain16:29
LukcOr you could manually edit the /var/lib/pkg/db file to block updates.16:29
hermes1908block updates?16:29
hermes1908i want to update, just not all the uptodate packages16:30
LukcI dunno what's the word.16:30
Lukcprt-get info gives you the good version of the package ?16:30
LukcMaybe it's a downgrade because it has older ports.16:30
hermes1908what do you mean "good"?16:30
LukcA newer or the installed version of the package ?16:31
hermes1908 no16:31
hermes1908prt-get diff doesnt show mplayer16:31
hermes1908andi verrified the version is correct16:31
hermes1908i made the mplayer package two days ago16:31
hermes1908before reinstalling crux on this machine16:31
LukcYou can use prt-get lock, I think.16:31
hermes1908but then mplayer will never update16:31
hermes1908even when it needs to16:31
LukcYou can unlock after you sysup.16:31
hermes1908but then i have to lock all the packages i manually added from the old machine16:32
hermes1908which is alot16:32
hermes1908ill just write a bash script using prt-get diff16:32
hermes1908that seems to be the easiest way16:32
LukcMaybe. :/16:32
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kreedSomebody know program for take shots from webcam? With cli interface16:38
hermes1908kreed: mplayer :)16:39
kreedhermes1908, yeah16:40
kreedhermes1908, but mplayer take very bad image from my cam16:40
hermes1908mplayer should output raw video16:40
kreedhermes1908, ye16:41
hermes1908which you can then take jpg images of16:41
hermes1908if mplayer is giving bad images its prob your camera16:41
kreedIn mplayer image from cam is very dark16:41
hermes1908i dont think it will be any better in another program then16:42
hermes1908but you could try16:42
kreedIn guvcview I turn "Light frequency filter" on 50Hz and it's ok16:42
hermes1908you want to filter the video16:42
kreedmplayer can it?16:42
hermes1908i think so16:42
hermes1908either that or mencoder16:43
kreedso I try16:43
kreedI forgot about this16:43
kreedok, thanks16:43
kreedI write script in perl for make screenshot and camshot together. I think it will be interesting. ;)16:45
kreedIn one time*16:45
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hermes1908anyone here read k mandla's blog?16:47
LukcI don't know it, sorry.16:47
hermes1908oh well16:49
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joacimI dont read it, but I have checked it out at times16:57
jaegertilman: I did figure out a very easy way to test what I want with postfix with another machine, be it VM or in this case a VPS: the postfix transport map accepts "user@domain.tld smtp:[some.other.server]" so I can just shunt that particular user's mail off to another place17:02
jaegerI was under the impression that you couldn't use user@domain.tld in the transport map until today, though I've no idea why I thought that17:02
jaegerit was in the man page17:02
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