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aubichermes1908: thanks!00:43
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pitillogood morning04:28
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thrice`frinnst,    might be your problem?  dhcpcd is broken on 2.6.35 + amd64 I guess.  haven't bumped kernels yet myself11:58
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frinnstperhaps. but it works with my second nic12:00
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tilmanwhere's cruxbot?12:01
tilmani just updated dhcpcd12:01
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thrice`ah, ok :>12:02
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prologicare we gonig to be releasing a 2.7 soon guys ?12:17
frinnstyep, seems to fix it12:19
tilmanprologic: we're currently looking into using glibc 2.1212:20
prologicahh k12:20
prologicwhat are the implications ?12:20
frinnstbreakage :)12:20
tilmanhunting crappy glibc bugs12:20
prologicplease let me know if I can help in any way - I have 5 crux server installs12:20
prologicand a desktop12:20
frinnsthardcore :)12:21
prologicdude I only use CRUX for everything12:21
prologiccrappy glibc bugs huh hmm :/12:21
tadzikglibc bugs, or software not used to glibc?12:21
prologicit's likely the software linked against glibc that has bugs12:21
prologicnot the other way around12:22
prologicwell tilman I have a nice shiny mbp sporting a core i712:22
frinnstoooh, touchy subject12:22
prologicso I can compile things pretty quick to test12:22
tilmanmbp as in macbook pr0?12:22
prologicI'll even provide a remote crux vm if you like12:23
tilmanmeh, mac shit12:23
prologicwho cares about the mac12:23
prologicit's the hardware that's the best I have laying around!12:23
prologicI have a mbp and run Mac OS X for it's accessibility12:23
prologicremmeber I'm blind :)12:23
prologicanyway lemme know if I can help with the upcoming 2.7 release12:23
tadzikprologic: literally blind?12:24
prologichopefully I'll install 2.7 into a new client's server infrastructure here12:24
tilmansee #crux-devel, this might indeed not be a glibc bug12:24
prologictadzik, quite literally (I only have 1% sight)12:24
tadzikoh, sorry to hear that. Using espeak, right?12:24
tadzikI know a blind Gentoo guy12:24
prologiccompiz fusino + ezoom :)12:25
tadzikoh :)12:25
prologicI love how folks are always fascinated :)12:25
tadzikso just hardly seeing anything, right?12:25
prologicpretty much12:25
prologicgoogle up "lebers disease"12:25
tadzikSorry for maybe not too delicate questions12:25
prologicLinux / Mac really is the best for vision impaired persons12:25
prologicquite honestly12:25
prologicZoomText on Windows is a pile of crap really12:25
prologiccompiz fusion on my old crappy desktop hardware out performs ZoomText on Windows on any hardware12:26
prologicthis is a crappy AMD Ahtlon 64b (running in 32b) with only 2G of ram and a cheapish nvidia gfx card12:26
tadzikoh wow, you call this crappy?12:27
tadziko tempora, o mores!12:27
prologicdude my PC's hardware is like umm 5+ years old12:27
prologicit has an 80GB hdd for pete's sake :)12:27 :)12:27
tadzikmy desktop is P4 3 Ghz, 2 GBs of ram with the cheapest pci-e nvidia I could buy12:28
prologicjust saying12:28
tadzikbesides graphics my laptop is more powerful :)12:28
prologicyeah taht's fairly similar to my machine12:28
tilmani have a 80 gb hdd, too12:28
prologicexcept I like the AMD chips for some reason12:28
tilmanbut it's an intel ssd ;-P12:28
prologicoooh nice :)12:28
tilmanactually i'm not sure it was worth it12:28
prologicdid you customize /tmp and /var for optimal writes ?12:28
tilmansystem doesn't feel that much faster12:29
prologicI assume you run CRUX on it ?12:29
tadziktilman: no-op scheduler, huh? :)12:29
prologicit ought to be12:29
prologicwhich mode ssd did you buy ?12:29
tilmantadzik: no. i still have two spinning hdds in here12:29
prologicthere are lots of variations out there12:29
tadzikah, I see12:29
prologicsome better than others12:29
tilmanprologic: the affordable intel one. x25-m12:29
prologiccan't recall if that's the one I was reaing up on12:29
tilmanthat's all i tweaked so far12:29
tilmani put btrfs on it. that surely is affecting performance, too12:30
tilman(in whichever way)12:30
prologicahh k12:30
prologichow is btrfs anyway ?12:30
prologicI've not tried it12:30
tilmanit's stable (, now 2.6.35)12:31
prologicI also wanted to give that new scheduler a go too12:31
prologicwhat was it called ?12:31
prologictaht one12:31
prologicany benefits to using btrfs ?12:31
prologicsay over ext3/4 ?12:31
tilmani think i switched to btrfs mostly because of the SSD12:32
tilmanwhat if we only link to libarchive/libz/libbz2 statically, but link to glibc dynamically?12:34
prologicsay what ?12:39
prologicwhat are we linking ?12:39
tilmanlibarchive, libz, libbz2, libxz12:39
prologicoh ic12:39
prologiclibarchive against glibc statically you mean ?12:39
tilmani mean, only pull in those extra libs statically12:40
tilmanbut link to libc dynamically12:40
tilmanie create a dynamically linked binary12:40
prologicah k12:42
prologicwell if it works12:42
tilmanwe'd also have to link libstdc++ and libgcc_s statically then12:42
tilmanbut that can be done..12:43
prologicare those the only things affected ?12:43
prologiclibstdc++ and libgcc_s12:44
tilmanaffected how?12:44
prologicby having to link them statically12:44
tilmannot sure i get the question ;)12:45
prologicnevermind :)12:46
prologicas long as it works :)12:46
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* thrice` is worthless at helping with such things :(13:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mercurial: 1.6 -> 1.6.214:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: syslog-ng: 3.1.1 -> 3.1.214:54
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kreedHello everebody. I have question. On 64bit system I can build only elf64?17:08
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thrice`by default, the images on  are pure64-bit, yes17:19
treachthrice`: I think he's asking about cross-compiling.17:20
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