IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2010-08-11

tilmanthrice`: /j #crux-devel already01:30
tilmanftr: the glibc 2.12 build problem is this one
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: btrfs-progs: fixed the build with glibc 2.12.01:36
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rauzuse anybody btrfs ? have some trouble to compile  the userpsace utilities09:53
RotwangI've tried it before it was merged into kernel tree09:58
Rotwangso im not much help here [;09:58
cipppi have / in btrfs09:58
Rotwangcippp: nice09:59
Rotwangcippp: what are the pros of btrfs for a simple everyday user?09:59
Rotwangcippp: what boot manager do you use?10:00
cipppi dont fill any super speed :)10:01
rauzcippp: i have troube to compile the userspace tools
cipppi just try , i have other error :)10:09
tilmanare you trying to build manually or from ports?10:09
cipppbtrfsck.c: In function 'maybe_free_inode_rec':10:09
cipppthis its from port10:09
tilmancippp: what is the error you're seeing? you only pasted the irrelevant part10:09
cipppjust 1 sec10:10
Rotwangbtrfs is da bomb!10:10
Rotwangwill have to play with it some more10:10
jaegercippp: implicit declarations?10:10
jaegeradd #include <sys/stat.h> to btrfsck.c or update the port10:11
tilmanplease try the latter first :)10:11
tilmanit should be fixed already10:11
jaegeryeah, I only mentioned the former solution if you're not using the 2.7 port10:12
cipppits build fine after update10:13
rauzhow can i use the 2.7 ports ? try to manually install it from btrfs git10:13
cipppRotwang: why a bomb ? :)10:18
cippp2.6.35 have regresion10:18
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Rotwangcippp: it has snapshots, multi-device, subvolumes, checksums and ssd optimizations10:19
cipppoh , yes , i never check this :))10:19
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cipppflash plugin its out of date10:41
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cipppi think i try to change grub with syslinux :)13:45
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thrice`sounds interesting :)14:30
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