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cipppmorning sepen04:33
sepencippp, I'm playing with syslinux's Pkgfile, so seems that the patch is no longer need it with a little review04:37
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cippptroubles :) sorry04:46
cipppsepen: put this instead of patch04:46
cipppsed -i 's/libinstaller dos win32 win64 dosutil/libinstaller/g' Makefile04:46
cipppsyslinux its a great tool :)04:46
cipppi need bactrace04:55
cipppi build with -ns i put -g in CFLAGS04:55
cipppi need to do more ?04:55
sepenlet me 1 sec05:05
sepenI'll push the changeset if you're agree05:08
cipppsepen: i dont have to much ideea , for me if its build its ok :)05:11
cipppi have like this
cipppignore patch ***05:11
cipppsyslinux come now with gfxboot by defaut05:11
cipppgfxboot look great05:12
cipppbut i dont know to make menu to work , but look great :)))05:12
sepenso are you agree with my changeset?05:13
sepenok I'll commit05:15
cipppsepen: any idea about backtrace ?05:15
sepenyou mean gnu backtrace functions?05:17
sepensincerely I'm not familiar with reverse engineering, debug techniques, etc.05:19
cipppbut i need to report :)05:19
sependid you tried with strace, gdb, etc.?05:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: syslinux: fixed footprint, cleaned up and removed patch file05:20
cipppwith gdb i get backtrace if i have binarys wit backtrace05:21
cippp-g flag and --no-strip option05:21
cipppbut i think i miss someting05:21
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sepencippp, did you tried with .nostrip file in syslinux?05:23
sepenpkgmk reads this file and avoid the strip action on files defined here (by regexp)05:23
sepensee glibc/.nostrip for an example of use05:23
sepenIIRC if .nostrip doesn't exists, by default pkgmk will strip all unneeded and debug symbols in binaries05:25
cippppkgmk have options05:25
cippp-ns or --no-strip05:25
cipppi have to look to glibc05:25
sepenI never used it05:26
cipppi need for e1705:26
cipppi build e17 often , and some time have troubles :)05:27
cipppi think this .nostrip its ... a bit of trick05:31
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kmandlaHello all.06:21
kmandlaMay I politely ask if there is a bug tracker or error reporting system for prt-get?06:23
cippphello kmandla , i think here its ok :
kmandlaAh, okay. Thank you. For some reason I thought prt-get would be handled separately from Crux itself. Cheers.06:25
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cipppok :)06:26
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tilmanso current freetype builds come with the bytecode interpreter12:37
tilmani went ahead and removed /etc/fonts/conf.d/10-autohint.conf to switch from the autohinter to the bytecode interpreter12:37
tilmanand firefox _does_ render bitstream vera much nicer indeed now12:38
tilmanmakes me wonder whether^Wif i messed up all my previous tests with the BI12:38
cipppi like how its font in crux13:01
cipppi dont make any conf , i like this :)13:01
frinnstsee, i wasnt drunk!13:03
frinnstwell, i was13:04
frinnstbut i was right evenso! :)13:04
tilmanhaha :)13:13
tilmanfontconfig sets up the autohinter by default13:14
tilmanfyi ;)13:14
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teK_anyone using (xfce's) terminal present?13:51
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RyoStilman: +1 for BI14:28
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sepenteK_: installed but now using materm14:49
cipppsepen: flash plugin have new version14:52
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Lukc-Flash™ plug-in should be in an unfree repository. :D (/me doesn’t speaks for the FSF or other)15:11
sepencippp: what we were wondering about a better location where place it instead of /usr/lib/firefox15:24
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cipppsepen: sorry , i was out , /usr/lib/mozilla/15:35
cipppjust download firefox binary and see15:36
cipppif flash its in /usr/lib/firefox firefox dont found15:36
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teK_sepen: does materm forget your clipboard if you copied something from it, close it and try to paste into another window?16:16
cipppteK_: use a clipoard manager16:17
cipppi have troubles with copy/paste with opera :(16:18
tadzikno need for a clipboard manager, it sohuld just work16:18
teK_this simply sucks16:18
teK_its bullshit16:18
sepenteK_: let me try16:23
sepenteK_: it worked16:24
sepenhmm not exactly, I had more than one materm running, and it failed when I used only one instance16:25
sepenbut which app does it?16:26
teK_i'm trying to figure out which app is responsible16:26
teK_terminal _did_16:26
teK_just as firefox _did_16:26
sepenfirefox? no, or at least here16:27
sepenI think that your desktop environment did it16:27
teK_ <16:28
teK_fluxbox? I did not update it for .. ages16:28
nthwyattsepen: that's standard icccm for X windows. The client must provide the paste data to the client.16:28
nthwyattonly clipboard managers grab it immediately then respond to the copy request on behalf of the client that has exited.16:28
cipppteK_: try parcellite16:29
teK_I'd prefer not installing shit just to fix something that has worked for years :|16:29
teK_but thanks cippp16:29
nthwyatti use xfce terminal and it won't provide paste data after the last terminal window is closed.16:30
cipppi have same filing about opera , work before 10.616:30
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nthwyattd'oh s/sepen/teK_/g16:31
sepenteK_: xfce4-notes-plugin and similars are nice for this tasks too16:31
teK_nthwyatt: i use terminal+screen and another terminal -> data from terminal 2 is lost after closing it16:31
nthwyattterminal is pretty slim, don't think it spawns new windows from existing instance16:32
teK_it still does not work16:33
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nthwyatthmm, terminal <> terminal works for me.16:34
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nthwyattterminal exited -> screen(terminal) works16:35
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teK_funny thing: on my laptop (crux, too) it works16:36
nthwyattsame version of X?16:36
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teK_nthwyatt: well; strange16:41
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teK_parcellite won't help, either16:42
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nthwyattteK: same version of X on laptop?19:13
teK_prolly yes19:13
teK_both crux 2.6 (32bit, 64bit)19:13
teK_i'll check that tomorrow19:13
nthwyattk, i'm laptop crux 2.6 64bit19:14
teK_laptop is not remotely bootable ;)19:14
nthwyattxorg server is 1.8.219:15
nthwyattstrange indeed19:15
teK_i have another funny issue19:16
teK_(laptop vs. desktop)19:16
teK_same config for Terminal19:16
teK_desktop: ctrl + t == new tab19:16
teK_laptop: nothing happens19:16
teK_I gave up on that one ;)19:16
nthwyattdon't have any desktop crux so don't know if I can help19:16
teK_I don't think there's much of a difference at all19:17
nthwyattctrl +t does nothing for me either19:18
nthwyattodd that Edit>Preferences>Shortcuts doesn't have an item for new tab19:19
teK_i changed the default todo that19:19
teK_Open Tab19:19
teK_Action: File19:19
teK_first item19:19
nthwyattalt-F says it is Shift+Ctrl+t , hehe what you said :)19:19
nthwyattwhere did you change the default?19:20
teK_in the config because via GUI it would not take the changes..19:20
nthwyattgui let me change it there and it works19:22
teK_Failed to acquire keyboard.19:22
teK_Another application has already acquired control over your keyboard.19:22
nthwyatthmm, i wonder what is grabbing it. do you run hal?19:23
teK_ps ux19:25
nthwyattwhen I double clicked the Action: File first item it prompted me with a dialog to press the key I wanted to assign to the action.19:25
nthwyattDo you get the dialog or just the error message?19:25
teK_noe just error19:25
teK_on the laptop this works, iirc19:25
nthwyattyou ps makes fluxbox a suspect. Window managers love to hijack keys19:28
nthwyatti use xfce's wm19:28
teK_I got plenty of hotkeys but none with ctrl19:28
nthwyatti don't know fluxbox so I dont' know if you can have keys assigned to no action so it just throws them away instead of passing them to the client window.19:29
teK_switching to xfce.19:29
nthwyattgotta get back to work. good luck.19:29
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tadeucan anybody answer me if there's some port containing kernel sources in core or even in contrib?19:37
teK_it's not19:38
tadeujust confirming19:38
tadeualthough i think it would be nice19:38
teK_I have a script to my kernelupdates19:38
teK_noneed for a port.19:38
tadeuyeah, there's no need for a port, an even for a script, i can check it manually :)19:39
teK_% -t19:39
teK_new kernel
teK_% kernelupdate.sh19:40
teK_new kernel
teK_Fetching from kernel.org19:40
teK_you get the idea :P19:40
Rotwangrecently I had some thoughts that having binary repository with kernel packages and initramfs generating stuff would be nice19:40
Rotwangand core/opt/xorg/contrib stuff19:41
teK_it's kinda messy I think19:41
teK_wrt linking of optional stuff + cpu-power + space constraints19:41
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tadeui dunno, i think just the kernel sources would be fine19:42
teK_creating the port should be a nobrainer :)19:42
cipppyes ? :)19:43
tadeui don't think so, using your argument, we could get by induction that the whole ports thing is nobrainer19:43
teK_there's no discrete transition from one port to another19:44
teK_point a19:44
tadeuand write scripts checking for updates of every single program that's not available19:44
teK_point b leave me alone with induction19:44
tadeui just would like to confirm19:47
cipppi have port for kernel , but i cant open the link :(19:49
Rotwangahh, induction19:49
cipppits here linux-....19:50
* Rotwang installs heroes of might and magick for linux ;D19:50
cipppi build eflwebkit , its kill my comp :)19:51
tadeucippp: thanks, i'll take a look19:51
cippptadeu: you need a config file19:52
tadeucippp: i'm aware of that, thanks anyway :)19:54
cipppok :)19:54
tadeuteK_, you got is serious19:55
teK_the mkdir -p call is bogus, install(1)'d be beter19:55
cipppteK_: this source have 300-400 mb ?19:56
teK_after compilation it is:19:57
teK_% du -sh linux-2.6.3519:57
cippp┌[ cippp ] - [ /usr/src ]19:57
cippp└─>du -sh *19:57
tadeu683M? omg19:58
teK_hdd space is quite expensive nowadays19:58
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tadeuit's barely reasonable a kernel this big20:00
tadeuand barely beliavable, too20:00
tadeui won't even try20:01
teK_this is my kerneldir's size after doing a make && make modules20:02
teK_so i'm not to blame20:02
tadeuwell, gotta go20:03
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cipppcrazy webkit its 100% and still build :)20:05
cipppim so stupid , i need to slip :)20:05
sepenme too :D20:13
sepentomorrow I should work20:13
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