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Lukc-Are there Crux 2.7 packages available, somewhere ?05:08
Lukc-Or is there a way to bootstrap Crux ? :/05:09
cipppi fix iso detection with a trick but i start do do to much things , i think i will never finish05:18
cipppi pus squashfs inside initramfs05:19
cipppwith squash lzma patch initramfs have around 45 mb05:20
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cipppoh , all iso have 45 , without pkgs05:22
Lukc-teK_, thanks. :)05:24
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littleomarIs it a good idea to upgrade all the way from CRUX 2.6 to current?09:34
tadzikwhat do you mean: current?09:35
littleomarlatest versions of packages09:35
littleomaror pkg-files09:35
tadzikSure thing09:35
tadzikthat's what they're for, they're not unstable, experimental stuff09:36
littleomarNo particular reason why stuff would break, then?09:36
littleomarThe packages might be stable, but the upgrade might not09:36
littleomarI am more concerned about the migration path as such09:36
tadzikit might cause issues09:36
tadzikbut it shouldn't09:36
tilmaneg you often need to rebuild your X drivers after you upgraded xorg-server09:36
littleomar*nod* that's OK09:37
tilmanthings like that aren't handled automatically by the ports system09:37
tilmanalso, udev updates and kernel updates sometimes affect each other09:37
littleomarI am more interested in hearing if anyone _knows_ if there's a cruicial point where major versions change, causing stuff to break09:37
tilmannew kernel might require new udev or somesuch09:37
littleomarrunning 2.6.34, so it should be cool09:38
tilmanlittleomar: breakage like that is only done when we go from crux x.y to crux x.y+1 (or x+1)09:38
tilmanand _those_ upgrades are usually prefered to do via the ISO09:38
littleomargood thing you mentioned09:38
littleomar(stuff like that should be in the docs/www if it isn't already)09:38
littleomarmaybe I'm extra nervous.. I am not best friends with X in general.. :-)09:39
littleomarTried setting accelerationprofile of my mice - crashes with a thump.09:39
littleomarAnyway, thank you for your help.09:39
tilmanyell if you hit a specific problem. we might be able to help09:40
cipppif nothing its break , its not boring ? :)09:41
tilmandepends on how much time you're willing to spend with fixing your system09:42
cipppgood point09:43
tadzikif we wanted to spend more time working on our systems rather than using them, we'll probably be using gentoo09:43
littleomarDo cruxaders patch the software or just the "build" system to make it build?09:43
littleomari.e. is the a base of patches to fix stuff or not?09:44
littleomarapp bugs and such09:44
littleomaror is it plain vanilla09:44
littleomarI interpret the silence as vanilla.09:47
tadziklittleomar: well, it depends on the maintainer, but usually apps are patched only when they wouldn't work without 'em09:48
littleomarIs Per ever around here?09:53
tilmannot anymore09:55
littleomaraww.. what a traitor. I ran into him in the subway and I forgot to tell him I switched back to crux (previous debian)09:57
littleomarnow I'm not going to tell him.09:57
tilmanoh, you are an oldtime crux user?09:57
littleomarNot really.. I used it some back in 2002:ish something09:58
littleomarI worked with Per though, I don't now him personally09:58
littleomarduring that time I was mostly using debian and he was disappointed :-)09:58
jseBasing your choice of linux distribution on what someone else thinks, perceived or otherwise, is not wise. ;)09:59
littleomarsure isn't - I thought debian was a lot better than CRUX for a long time... then it started breaking on kernel and X updates, wifi messed up etc.. at least with CRUX I can control it, and I get away from the layer of crap that gentoo has10:00
littleomarit does need some more love though.10:01
littleomarof course, they are entirely different monsters and not really comparable10:01
littleomar(deb and crux)10:02
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littleomarmaybe I should not say too much until this upgrade is done :D10:03
littleomarthat's where linux distros always fail10:03
tilmandebian handles it very well though10:03
littleomarof course nobody has alot of time to test upgrades from all kinds of various configs10:03
littleomaryep, they do. once it doesn't work though, it's difficult to get into how stuff works10:04
littleomarthen it's easier with CRUX where everything is "simple"10:04
littleomarI often find myself trying to think how someone else pictured a user thinks it should work10:05
littleomar(i.e. all gnome:ish stuff)10:06
littleomarbut when i get the kernel, the progs and everything lying around vanilla i know how it works bottom-up10:06
littleomarwell, at least I have a fair chance.10:06
littleomarbut yes, when it works - the automated thing is mostly nicer10:06
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littleomarI am getting some "ERROR: Footprint mismatch found" on a few perl module packages. I might have been installing something locally without packagemanagement suport (that can be freely overwritten). What is the simplest way of fixing it?13:17
tadzikignore footprint mismatches, that's my solution13:17
tadzikand I think almost everyone does that13:18
littleomar-if ?13:18
littleomarOr -uf?13:18
tadzikdunno, I have it in my config13:20
littleomarok, np13:21
Lukc-littleomar: -if13:32
Lukc--uf updates the footprint.13:32
Lukc--if just ignores it.13:32
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m4rku5|Laptophi teK_ hiii13:45
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littleomarIt seems the update went well. Joy.14:02
tadzikhow is 2.7 going by the way?14:02
littleomarI'm gonna let that one wait for sure14:03
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littleomarOne thing though, it says /sys is already mounted on sys console at startup.14:31
littleomarOne thing though, it says /sys is already mounted on sys console at startup.B14:32
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littleomarI could use some help with the following problem: my right CTRL and ALTGR is generating "ENTER" and "LEFTARROW" commands. My native swedish characters are displayed when I press them so it seems that the locale is OK. If I hold down arrow keys, it also does not repeat so I can't scroll...15:28
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littleomartilman: Isn't X 1.8.2 an unstable version? Their pages say 1.7.X released..15:49
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littleomarthink I got the problem solved..16:13
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