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pitillo_good morning01:19
tadzikmorning :)01:19
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thrice`for the life of me, I could *not* get my cd/dvd-rom to show up with 2.6.35.x last night :(09:12
thrice`same config as 2.6.34, which works perfectly of course.  quite sad09:12
teK_dmesg was quiet about it, too09:15
thrice`yep, absolutely no sign of it existing.  oldconfig seemed very boring from 2.6.34, so I was very confused.  I can't check anything at the moment, unfortunately, but it was quite odd09:17
teK_and rebooting with .34 made it available again?09:20
thrice`indeed :(09:20
teK_then you have a very serious case of wtf-ness, sir09:21
thrice`I think the sr module is responsible, which seemed to load OK, but didn't create the device09:21
teK_have you tried mknoding /dev/sr0?09:21
jaegerif there was nothing in the dmesg output creating sr0 won't do much, most likely09:22
thrice`I'm pretty bad with device related kernel-configuration stuff, but none of the ata/scsi stuff changed options.  I'll play more later tonight :>09:23
teK_oldconfig tends to enable too much stuff, not too few09:25
thrice`Is there a better way ?09:29
teK_not that I'd know of09:29
thrice`I've never tried using defconfig or others09:30
teK_I hand-edit my config from time to time09:30
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Rotwangdo you know by any chance how to perform disk operations as different user?09:41
teK_define disk operation09:42
Rotwangie my users uid is 1002 and id like to write to files of user 100109:42
RotwangI've got root access also09:42
Rotwangthe problem is, there two users on this machine09:43
Rotwangand they mount a nfs share09:43
teK_group permissions?09:43
Rotwangall files on that share are 100109:43
Rotwangso user 1002 cant write to them09:44
RotwangI'm not allowed to change the files permissions on that share09:45
teK_you could mount it twice and map to each of your users09:45
RotwangteK_: could you describe it a bit more?09:46
teK_after driving home && eating: yes09:46
teK_i have to check documentation, too09:46
RotwangteK_: I've found something that does it11:19
Rotwangit does what I need11:19
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tilmanfrinnst: do you have easy access to your guruplug board? can you look up the ID of the nand chip for me?12:45
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frinnstsure, give me a few mins12:59
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tilmanthank you very much :)13:05
tilmani think i found the commit that introduced the 'bad erase block' warnings in 2.6.3513:05
tilman-> apparently the kernel believes that the bad-flag is stored in a different spot.13:06
tilmanit also believes that the chip is MLC... and i'd like to verify that using the proper part ID13:06
frinnstright, my guruplug is in pieces. never put it back together again last time i played with the cooling13:17
frinnsti can tell you what it says on the chip, if thats any use :D13:19
tilmanfrinnst: yes, it is13:29
tilmani deciphired the ID once already, but didn't write it down :(13:29
frinnstthats the chip thats on my guru13:31
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tilmanfrinnst: tusen tak14:01
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frinnsttack :)14:23
frinnsttime to start saving $$$ for intel's 600gb ssd \o/14:27
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rauzgg today i tried on our server in work to type prt-get and wondered why i get a command not found :D15:10
tilmanfrinnst: ffs, i can never remember. how much is the 600gb one?16:09
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tilmanfrinnst: according to a random headline on that page and also according to their part number decoder (your link, on the right) that chips is SLC. so the kernel is apparently buggy :)16:19
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frinnstthe 600gb ssd just got announced16:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: openvpn: 2.1.1 -> 2.1.216:41
jaegerfrinnst: what's the cost on those?16:48
jaegerpretty ridiculous, I assume16:48
tilmancrap, i was wrong.17:03
tilmanit's not the commit i thought it was17:03
tilmanaaaaaaaaaah crap17:08
tilmanshould have looked more closely17:10
tilmani think the patch landed in mainline already, but didn't make it in 2.6.35.stable ye17:10
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tilmanwhat a mess17:17
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prologicHow do you guys feel about CRUX (2.6) being installed on an Acer AR360 F1 Serie (x86 - Intel Xeon quad core) with onboard SATA II RAID Controller19:17
prologicrunning Samba (PDC) and some collab suite such as Zimbra, etc19:17
prologicOr should we just bite the bullet and install RedHat/CentOS/etc :)19:18
jaegerHow do YOU feel about it?19:27
jaegerI've used CRUX on servers and been happy with it19:27
prologicoh good :)19:28
prologicthat's what I was hoping to hear19:28
prologicbrb phone call19:28
prologicjaeger, basically this new box is going to become their office server19:34
prologicreplacing windows 2003 and exchange over time19:34
prologicthough no decision has been made on the exact collaboration suite to be installed/configured yet (eg: Zimbra)19:34
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jaegerI haven't run a collab suite on it but ran some other services... web, irc, jabber, ventrilo, shells, imap/pop, smtp20:07
jaegerno problems20:07
prologicI've run all that too over the years20:22
prologicbut now looking at building a new server for a client of ours (they run an eingineering firm - civil/structural engineering)20:22
prologicshare files, emails, contacts, calendars, etc, etc20:23
prologicso basically in my view, CRUX 2.6 + Samba (PDC) + Zimbra (for example) will do them nicely20:23
prologicplus also Postfix (they run their own mail server), maybe apache too20:23
prologiclow-traffic website, not much point hosting with an external company really20:24
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jaegerI guess it's a question of maintenance, then20:39
prologicwhen talking to my colleague whom I work with regularly, the question was basically, which do we want to maintain20:41
prologicRedhat/CentOS/etc or CRUX20:41
jaegerI'd rather maintain CRUX than RedHat/CentOS but that's me20:54
prologicno that's me too :)20:55
prologicsimplicity rules over anything else as far as I'm concerned20:55
prologicRedHat/CentOS/Fredora/etc are especially bad20:56
prologicif you know what you're doing you don't want it!20:56
jaegerI used to use nothing but red hat, years ago. Learned a ton about rpm and made a lot of my own packages... it's just not worth the effort anymore, CRUX is easier21:04
prologicI agree - used to be a Debian sysadmin for years21:06
prologicit's just far easier to work with a minimal architecture21:07
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