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pitillogood morning01:01
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jamesmillshi guys, James Mills (prologic) here, please help :)01:48
jamesmillstring to rebuild this box of ours that's dided01:48
jamesmillsfor the life of me I can't get it to boot (illo)01:48
jamesmillsis all we get01:48
jamesmillsI've tried lilo -M /dev/sda mbr01:48
jamesmillsno joy01:48
pt_wm8505jamesmills: is the disk well detected in bios?01:55
jamesmillsas the third primary master02:03
jamesmillsbut it comes up as /dev/sda in the CRUX 2.6 cd02:03
jamesmillswe just tried installing grub and it hasn't worked either02:04
Zabahow did grub fail? And how did you install it?02:05
jamesmillsgrub just loads stage 1 by the looks02:05
jamesmillsand goes no further02:05
jamesmillswe did grub-install /dev/sda02:05
jamesmillsno errors reported, etc02:06
* jamesmills edited /boot/grub/menu.lst02:06
* jamesmills set root to /dev/sda1 on hd0 (as per the grub device map)02:06
jamesmillsno separate paritions02:06
jamesmills / and everything else is on /dev/sda202:06
jamesmills /dev/sda1 is swap02:06
Zabathen root shouldn't be sda1?02:07
jamesmillshold on checking02:09
jamesmillswe believe it's SATA02:09
jamesmillsno root is not /dev/sda1 (that's swap)02:09
jamesmillsroot is /dev/sda202:09
jamesmillsverified, definately SATA2 drive02:12
jamesmillssuggesttions welcome guys02:12
jamesmillstime contraints here :/02:12
pt_wm8505and lilo.conf is setup right? can you pastebin it to take a look?02:12
jamesmillsyes yes02:13
* jamesmills set to boot /dev/sda02:13
jamesmillsroot partition /dev/sda202:13
jamesmillslilo starts and dispalys a single L02:13
jamesmillsand no more02:13
pt_wm8505strange if it doesn't show an error near the L02:13
jamesmillscan't pastebin sorry02:13
jamesmillsyes no error02:13
jamesmillsjust a single L02:13
tilmannipuL: :(02:16
pt_wm8505is there a reason to put swap in the first partition?02:18
jamesmillshabit - faster swap (first part of the disk)02:19
jamesmillsyou should know that :)02:19
pt_wm8505and which amount of disk space did you used for the swap?02:20
jamesmills300GB for /dev/sda202:21
jamesmills2GB /dev/sda102:21
pt_wm8505over cilinder 1024 then02:21
pt_wm8505you can find problems with lilo then if I'm not in wrong02:21
jamesmillswhat's the solution ?02:22
jamesmillsgrub didn't work either02:22
jamesmillsyou mean we need the boot partition under 1024 cylinders ?02:22
tilman"you should know that"02:22
jamesmillstilman if that was our problem all along02:23
jamesmillsthen I'm an idiot02:23
pt_wm8505tilman's shorter answer02:23
tilmandoes it print just L or L40?02:24
jamesmillsjust L02:24
jamesmillsnothing more02:24
tilmanoh well02:24
tilmantry lba32 anyway02:24
jamesmillsso turn it on in tbe bios obviously02:24
jamesmillsit was disabled before02:24
tilmanecho lba32 >> /etc/lilo.conf02:25
tilmanit's a lilo option02:25
jamesmillskk hold up02:25
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tilmangotta leave for work :(02:26
jamesmillssure thanks for the tips02:26
jamesmillsI hope you're right!02:26
teK_hf tilman (already there..)02:27
pt_wm8505more than one sure... :)02:27
jamesmillslba32 is already in lilo.conf02:28
jamesmillsit was before02:28
pt_wm8505was it in the bios too?02:29
jamesmillsno it was disabled in the bios before02:29
jamesmillsbut lab32 was turned on in lilo.conf02:30
jamesmillsit had a SATA2 drive (80G) and that was working fine02:30
jamesmillstill it died today02:30
pt_wm8505and same effect adding lba disk support at bios?02:31
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jamesmillssame single L02:33
jamesmillsI'm going to copy the hdd over to the other SATA2 hdd02:33
jamesmillsI'll configure it with 3 parittions02:33
jamesmills256M /dev/sdb102:34
jamesmills4G /dev/sdb202:34
jamesmillsrest /dev/sdb302:34
jamesmillsext2 on /boot ?02:34
pt_wm8505doesn't matter imho, the fs you prefer (here same as /)02:35
jamesmillswhat file system does lilo support?02:37
teK_"all relevant" except btrfs02:39
jamesmillswell I'll use ext2 on /boot anyway02:39
teK_then you'll be fine02:39
jamesmillsnow in ilio boot should be sda/sdb etc right ?02:39
jamesmillsand root will be the root fs in this case sdb302:39
teK_boot is the device, root the partition, yes02:40
jamesmillswhere does /boot come into play though ?02:40
jamesmillsonly in /etc/fstab ?02:40
jamesmills(see I'm getting all confused and stressed now)02:40
teK_you do not have to have /boot in your fstab file at all02:41
jamesmillswell I'm going to02:41
jamesmillslike I said02:41
jamesmillsI have 3 parititons now02:41
jamesmillsjust to be on teh safe side02:41
jamesmills256M /dev/sdb1 /boot02:41
jamesmills4G /dev/sdb2 swap02:41
jamesmillsrest /dev/sdb3 /02:41
Romsterjamesmills, L The first stage boot loader has been loaded and started, but it can't load the second stage boot loader. The two-digit error codes indicate the type of problem. (See also section ``Disk error codes''.) This condition usually indicates a media failure or a geometry mismatch (e.g. bad disk parameters).03:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-pango: new port03:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-gtk2: updated to 1.222 and fixed dependencies (now p5-pango is required)03:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-digest-sha1: updated to 2.1303:13
Romsteryou should be using LBA mode in the BIOS03:14
sepenRomster, hey, I fixed them03:14
sepentoo many thanks for being so active in FS03:14
sepenI found that p5-gtk2 now requires p5-pango which I added03:14
Romsteri got a few errors in mine i'm going though and i noticed those03:15
sepencpan changed their sources again03:15
Romsteri did't do a real through check of dependencies this time around03:15
sepenRomster, p5-extutils-pkgconfig was fixed, I think you had something wrong in your local git copy03:16
Romsterwhat i don't get is why the version they have is one behind Pkgfiles had03:16
sepensee my comments and the url in FS03:16
Romsteri probably forgot to ports -u...03:16
sepenops, I prefer to use the git copy for that03:17
Romsteri'll do that and recheck03:17
Romsteronnly 5 minute lag03:17
RomsterCBF using git in the chroot03:17
Romstermight be easier though but messes up having more than only core deps installed.03:18
sepenhere I'm still using safe-env ;D03:18
Romstersafe-build still -_-03:19
Romsterhas prove-en invaluable.03:20
Romsterthat was the only one i doubled up on?03:21
sepencan't translate your question03:22
Romsterwhich line?03:23
Romsterprove-en should of been proven03:24
sepenthis phrasal verb: doubled up on03:24
Romsterhas proven invaluable = very useful03:24
sepenIt's hard to understand some phrasal for non native speakers, or at least to me03:25
Romsterthat was the only one i doubled up on? = is that the only duplicate i did?03:25
Romstermy english isn't the best grammar either.03:25
sepenah ok, yeah for sure, I suposse that we duplicated it due to its too many useful03:25
sepenas a DIYer I tried to wrote my own code too, ;D03:26
sepenjust at least to learn03:26
Romsterdo you have your safe-env hosted anywhere?03:26
sepenwell I should migrate it from svn to git, but if you need something I could upload it03:27
Romsteri have not edited my safe-build in some time, it needs some minor improvements. it's in my romster ports tree if you want to see it.03:28
sepenits useful to compare things03:28
Romsterjust interested in the chroot area of how you do it03:28
Romsterbeen wondering how to execute something after the chroot.03:29
sepenRomster, my last development is 'portdbc', a portdb xml parse client written in C, but seems that people dislike it03:29
sepenRomster, chroot /path/to/mount/point /path/to/bin03:29
jamesmillshehe Romster03:30
jamesmillsI appreciate your help dude :)03:30
jamesmillsbut I do and can read :)03:30
jamesmillsjust the stress of it all trying to get this done by 5.30pm has gotten to me :)03:30
jamesmillswe've finally gotten it booting okay with another SATA2 500G hdd03:31
Romsteri got a urgent job and the pc is dead that's not going to be fun03:31
jamesmillswith separate /boot swap and / partitions03:31
jamesmillsgod only knows what the "real" problem was03:31
jamesmillsand btw, it's me, prologic :)03:31
Romsterhow did it break in the first place and you probably compound the problem with all them changes.03:31
Romsteri do know your real name..03:31
jamesmillsthe old 80G SATA2 hdd died :)03:31
Romsteri must of missed that in the backlog i only skimmed though it03:32
jamesmillsjust making sure :)03:32
* jamesmills is really tired/stressed03:32
Romsterit happens.03:32
jamesmillsI'd sure have liked to have known what the problem was03:32
jamesmillswe tired everything I could think of03:32
teK_sepen: I forgot to test terminal. will do it tonight..03:32
Romsteris smartmontools setup to do daily short tests and a weekly long smart test?03:32
Romsterand if it's critical it's better to use raid103:33
sepenteK_, I tried it but not sure how reproduce the bug you found03:33
jamesmillssay what ?03:33
jamesmillsRomster: you talking to me ?03:33
Romsterjamesmills, yes03:33
jamesmillsno no03:33
jamesmillsraid is not used here03:33
jamesmillsjust plain ol SATA203:33
Romstersmartmontools can be configured to do smartctl -t short DISK daily and smartctl -t long DISK for weekly.03:33
Romsterto warn you in advance of a problem.03:34
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jamesmillsemail me that :)03:34
Romsteranything we do for HA is raid103:34
jamesmillswe knew the hdd was dyging a while ago03:34
jamesmillsjust didn't expect the transfer of it's data and re-imaging the mbr to be so painful03:34
teK_sepen: k :]03:34
Romsterjamesmills, vim /etc/smartd.conf see the "Start extended self-tests" part.03:35
jamesmillsI only asked that you email me quick details of this03:36
Romsterprovided you installed smartmontools03:36
jamesmillsso I can remember later :)03:36
jamesmillsI won't remmebr now03:36
Romsterah k03:36
jamesmillsstress + legally blind == bad memory :)03:36
Romsternot having a good time are we.03:37
jamesmillsnot today no :)03:37
jamesmillsto say the least03:37
Romsteri get them days03:40
Romsterbiggest highlight the kettle broke no more coffee nooooo!!03:41
Romsterwhile working on a stressful job03:41
jamesmillsthanks for all your help guys03:52
jamesmillsbase system back u03:52
jamesmillsnow to get it back to where it was before03:52
jamesmillswithout too much headaches :)03:52
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Romsterlike i said your nuts to not use raid1 for production.04:38
Romsteryou should have backups to restore the configs at least and /home04:39
teK_< RAID10 or RAID504:40
Romsteror those04:40
Romsteranything with redundancy04:40
Romstersepen i wouldn't mind seeing your portdbc04:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: frozen-bubble: update footprint for new perl version04:59
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Romsteri'll have a look at it05:12
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jaegerthat whole discussion makes me really glad I used to use RAID10 for my oracle databases08:18
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Romsterwise choice10:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-sdl1-perl: update footprint for new perl version10:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-file-slurp: update footprint for new perl version10:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-xml-writer: update footprint for new perl version10:41
Romsteri should of fixed those ages ago.10:42
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tilmanteK_: i did not11:06
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Rotwangif i load ata_piix and piix and libata11:37
Rotwangwhat is the cause of not recognizing my ide discs as sda?11:38
cipppRotwang: its not found or its sdb ? hda ?11:51
Rotwangit is hda11:51
cipppmaybe tou need to change boot line : kernel = /dev/hda... in /dev/sda ? and  /etc/fstab11:53
Rotwangno, it is ok11:54
cipppi have sda , sdb , no idea11:54
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jaegerRotwang: the order of the modules, perhaps? or support from another module that overlaps13:02
Rotwangjaeger: ata_piix piix and libata13:02
Rotwangis order important?13:03
jaegerfor the libata stuff vs. older stuff, yes13:03
Rotwangso libata shoul be loaded last?13:03
jaegernot sure, I haven't tested it specifically... but I think libata might need to be first, and ata_piix next?13:04
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thrice`frinnst, the suspense is killing me; did you bootstrap work overnight?14:46
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teK_tilman: what did you not do?15:43
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tilmanteK_: having fun :)16:06
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xray7224_Hey, I've attempted to use a USB keyboard and its unable to detect it its saying 'usb 1-2: device not accepting address 3, error -110' and also 'unable to enumerate USB device on port 2'16:56
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tadzikxray7224: what is 'it'? The install cd?16:59
xray7224ah yes16:59
xray7224at boot i just used the default CRUX16:59
xray7224but yes i used the 2.6 install CD16:59
tadzikthe one from
xray7224hold on ill get you the link :)17:02
xray7224 <--- that17:02
tadzikthere is an updated iso image, but not sure where it lies :/17:03
tadzikmaybe someone will come up17:03
thrice`    *cough*17:03
xray7224Ah :P17:03
* thrice` hides again17:04
jaegerthat's not guaranteed to fix the problem but might work17:04
xray7224Ah ok17:05
xray7224cool ^_17:05
xray7224* ^_^17:05
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prologicthanks guys for your help yesterday17:43
prologicit's a shame though I'll never know what the stupid rpoblem was :)17:43
prologicit could have been the hard disk itself (bad mbr)17:43
prologicor anything really17:43
teK_sepen: terminal 0.4.5 won't build with the latest vte (0.25.90)17:48
thrice`.25.90 sounds dangerously beta-ish :>17:49
teK_trying 0.24.3 right now17:50
tadzikdoes virtualbox work for anyone on .35?17:50
teK_+ 0.24.2 -> 0.24.3 fixes only a security bug17:51
sepenhmm, I discard the 0.25.x version17:52
prologicon .35 ?17:53
teK_sepen: 0.24.3 works17:54
teK_(for me)17:54
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sepenteK_: thanks I'll update, so seems the best version available18:01
teK_no problem18:01
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prologicanyone here have experience with squid and diskd ?18:22
jaegera bit with squid but not diskd, sorry18:23
prologicahh k18:30
prologicwhat's the recommended fs to use for a squid cache disk ?18:30
jaegerI think I used aufs last time18:30
jaegerunless you mean the FS underneath, haven't really tested that much. ext2/ext3 have worked well for me18:31
jaegerI wonder if a raw disk could be used, too18:31
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prologicwhat would you recommend the size, directories, sub directories to be on a 320gig hdd?18:56
prologiccurrently trying 10gig 16 25618:56
jaegerI'd start with the defaults and test, depends on the traffic18:58
jaegerat my old job we set up a couple squid/squidguard boxes at a university and used 15g, 16, 256 I think19:00
prologicok thanks19:02
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