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pitillogood morning01:19
tilmanteK_: great, thanks for investigating this01:45
tilman+ morning01:45
tilmancool, the pkg-config bug is already fixed upstream01:47
tilmanslightly different patch than the one from macports/cippp01:47
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teK_tilman: no problem :)02:04
teK_+ hello02:04
tilmanoff for work :|02:14
teK_already there02:24
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tadzikinstalling old libpng and libjpeg next to 2.7 ones fixed most of my migration problems :)05:19
teK_have you made a list of packages that require the old lib's versions?05:24
tadzikwell, pygtk couldn't compile, chromium is broken for its binary, fontforge also couldn't make it05:25
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tadzikprologic: could you update your urwid port? It does not build on 2.705:27
tadzikhaha, on crux 2.7 and on python 2.7 :)05:27
tadzikprologic: just changing the version  fixes the issue05:27
tadzikanyone on wicd and 2.7?05:31
tadzikhmm. Updating a package is not removing the old files, is it?05:45
tadzikwicd needs patching python, I accidentally did it, I thought I was patching wicd actually06:01
tadziknot sure if I didn't break anything though06:01
teK_tadzik: I do hope it does remove old files06:02
tadzikteK_: for a moment I had wicd in both /usr/lib/python2.6 and /usr/lib/python2.706:04
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teK_if (o_upgrade) {06:11
teK_keep_list = make_keep_list(package.second.files, config_rules);06:11
teK_db_rm_pkg(package.first, keep_list);06:11
teK_db_rm_pkg can be found at;a=blob;;h=f549b893e12b92884a6b437cfb9b9752868606bd;hb=c436c58ab0f70a7586e61321ccaced614d1da7c706:11
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thrice`eew, you installed both? :p06:47
tadzikboth what?06:48
thrice`   is the wicd bug, which seems quite slow :)06:49
tadzikI acidentally patched python instead of wicd, I fixed what was at the bottom of the stacktrace :)06:49
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tadzikruby does not build for me on 2.707:21
thrice`out of curiosity, why did you install libpng12 too?07:37
thrice`(from back log)07:37
tadzikfor chromium07:42
tadziksame for old libjpeg07:42
tadzikI use the binary chromium, and it's linked against this old stuff07:42
thrice`ah, ok07:42
thrice`I thought it was from the upgrade :>07:43
tadzikwell, it is absent since the upgrade :P07:43
cipppopera its better :)07:48
cipppdont have any dep07:48
tadzikI won't say it makes Opera better, but whatever07:52
tadzikoh noes nmap does not compile on 2.7 :(08:24
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teK_nmap is one of my ports08:25
teK_can you paste the log08:25
pablo_hi, can binary packges of the opt or contrib repos be find? or they are not compiled?08:27
tadzikteK_: one second08:27
teK_except from the installation media: there a no official binary packages available08:27
tadzikpablo_: the packages from opt/ are on the install cd08:27
tadzikdamn this virtualbox08:28
pablo_tadzik: but no binary downloaded from the web?08:28
tadzikpablo_: as far as I'm concerned no one uploads theses08:29
tadzik* these. Although there was a project one day I think, pkg-get or something08:29
pablo_tadzik: so no binaries are distributed? neither packages from the core repo are compiled?08:30
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tadzikpablo_: nope, as teK_ said, the only official binaries are on the cd08:30
pablo_teK_: ok thanks08:31
pablo_tadzik: ok thanks08:31
teK_tadzik: ok thanks08:31
thrice`mm, needs an openssl-1 patch.08:32
RotwangI prepared custom init with gen_init_cpio08:32
Rotwangand im trying to boot it via pxe08:32
Rotwangbut kernel panics08:32
teK_thrice`: yeah obv.08:32
Rotwang/init from initramfs never gets executed08:32
Rotwangwhat the fuck?08:32
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Rotwangfailed to execute /init08:35
teK_thrice`: from iso.git I suppose08:35
Rotwanggen_init_cpio is in kernel sources08:35
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cipppRotwang: init its executable in initramfs ?08:38
cippplike : file /init init 755 0 008:39
cipppim play with iso and initramfs its build fine08:39
tadzikis ruby working for you guys, on 2.7?08:40
Rotwangive found teh problem\08:41
cippptadzik: i have ruby but its build in Jul 2208:42
tadzikcippp: the latest version from ports/08:42
tadzikhmm, it fails for meh08:43
tadzikI'll wait for 1.9.2 in ports :)08:43
cipppi dont realy need , i build for weechat plugin , but i dont have anyone in ruby :)08:44
tadzikck4up is in ruby, which makes ruby important :)08:45
cipppits work08:46
cipppyou have right08:46
jaegerbleh, had to set up a modeline for a machine here at work08:47
jaegerhaven't had to do that in years08:47
thrice`via. xrandr or so?08:48
jaegerI mean manually configure a modeline in xorg.conf :P08:49
tadzikoh, I have a working Pkgfile for Ruby 1.9.208:49
tadzikck4up works :)08:50
jaegerugh... spend tons of money on this nice video switching and wall mount system with nice 23" 1080p LCDs and the guy wants to run them at 1600x120009:01
jaegerwith wonky DPI settings09:02
lennartjust use a good resolution and tell him, it's what he wanted ;)09:03
jaegerhe's smart enough to know the difference09:03
jaegerhe's also smart enough to know that it's a completely non-optimal resolution09:03
jaegerbut it's "good enough" since the MRI video comes out ok on the camera... sheesh09:03
jaegerI just wonder why, if he wanted 1600x1200 from the start, he didn't order monitors whose native resolution was 1600x120009:04
lennartyeah, and what's wrong with 1920x120009:04
jaegerI don't think the MRI monitor goes above 1600x1200 but I'm not positive09:05
jaegernormally I don't have to deal with it but their sysadmin isn't here today09:05
jaegerthe monitor doesn't even really do 1200 height but whatever09:08
lennartanother account of why IT expenses in medical facilities are so high... just buy stuff you don't need because the one who wants it is important enough -- then again that goes for every business09:09
jaegeryeah, it's amazing at times09:11
jaegerThe crux (ha!) of this problem is that the expensive video switching gear completely eats EDID information09:12
jaegerI have 2 of the same LCD on my desk (via HDMI) and they work great but hook them up through that switcher (via dsub) and bye bye, EDID09:12
teK_if tehre's a crux (in09:17
teK_|with|about) it, then everything is fine!09:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: lighttpd: 1.4.27 -> 1.4.2811:17
Rotwangis there anything like equalizer for alsa?11:18
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: pkg-config: fixed pkg.m4.14:10
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: pkg-config: fixed pkg.m4.14:10
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.714:10
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scons: updated to
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frinnstis it just me, or are _ALL_ links dead? they all return a 40414:25 always works these days14:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: valgrind: fixed the build with glibc 2.12.14:30
frinnsterr, downloads.sourceforge.net14:33
cippp2010-08-23 22:37:11 (1.11 MB/s) - `scons-2.0.1.tar.gz' saved [559293/559293]14:33
cipppi have in /etc/hosts14:34 download.sf.net14:34
tilmanffs wtffff14:34
frinnstyeah sure, if you wanna mess with hosts14:34
tilmani'm _still_ using heanet (via /ec/hosts)14:34
frinnsti have run without sourceforge in hosts for about 6 months now. always works, never works :/14:35
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frinnstnew openssh too14:48
frinnstRelease OpenSSH-5.6p114:48
tilmanyeah, i've seen it14:50
tilmannot sure whether it needs to go into 2.6, too :(14:51
teK_why not15:00
tilmanthere were problems with merging the git trees :x15:00
teK_omg :p15:03
tilmanyaeh yeah, i know15:04
thrice`I've cheated and use  :p15:05
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prologichmm tadzik isn't here -- but yes I'll update the urwid port :) thanks!15:53
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