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pitillogood morning01:02
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thrice`# CONFIG_PATA_MPIIX is not set09:44
thrice`this was the cause of my 2.6.35 issues; I guess oldconfig didn't think I needed the controller anymore :p09:44
thrice`I didn't realize lspci would list optical drives too :<09:52
jaegerI've never seen it list those09:52
jaegerjust the controller09:53
thrice`well, the ATA controller09:53
thrice`right - I didn't make the connection I guess :o09:53
jaegerah :)09:53
* Rotwang1 revievs his curriculum vitae09:53
thrice`sick of helpdesk ?09:54
Rotwang1the latter one09:54
Rotwang1thrice`: yeah, I feel a bit bored09:54
Rotwang1after nine months of sitting on my ass and not doing much09:55
Rotwang1uh, someone stole my nick!09:56
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Rotwangsitting on my bottom and playing netris10:00
thrice`well, if you work on crux ports during the time, it's like being a paid crux dev ;)10:01
Rotwangthrice`: I sit in a place where is lots of people, and everyone is talking10:02
Rotwangits hard to concetrate10:02
teK_yeah Rotwang do that10:02
Rotwangwhat is regarded as good cv writing practice?10:15
Rotwangeverything should fit on one page?10:16
thrice`that's what I've always been taught10:17
teK_depends I'd say.10:17
teK_I'd not give a friggling fuck if someone sent me a two-pages CV10:17
thrice`at least in the US; I've heard of people simply throwing those out that are over 210:17
thrice`not the norm, I'd say10:17
teK_thats stupid10:17
thrice`nah, what is stupid is bloated CVs :>10:19
teK_stupid important manager being picky not having time to read more than one page10:20
thrice`indeed; often times they do such silly things to weed through piles10:20
Rotwangmine CV is usually 2 pages10:22
Rotwangmostly because of layout being spacial10:22
thrice`I jam everything into 1 personally :>10:22
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Rotwang For the inconvenience, please understand!11:02
Rotwangis it valid english sentence?11:03
jaegerIt's valid but a rather unusual way to say it11:06
jaegerPerhaps better would be something like "Apologies for the inconvience, your understanding is appreciated."11:06
Rotwangok, thanks11:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mercurial: 1.6.2 -> 1.6.316:10
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