IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-08-31

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pitillogoog morning00:58
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pitillocan someone confirm this building python?01:08
pitillo=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:01:08
pitilloMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/python2.6/lib-dynload/_tkinter.so01:08
pitillorebuilding on another machine (no safe-enviroment here)01:09
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pitilloif someone don't get it, can verify he has tk installed?01:13
pitillofilled a bug to wait maintainer answer01:30
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sepenhehe and finally "AMD Will Retire the ATI Brand"02:26
sepenI removed contrib/ati before ;D02:26
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teK_I wonder if this is clever or stupid02:28
sepenintel vs amd02:28
sepenjue, gm02:28
teK_hi jue02:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: python: footprint fix, FS#64102:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mpup: initial import02:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: python: footprint fix, FS#64102:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.702:30
juepitillo: thanks02:30
pitillojue: more thanks to you for your work and fast check ;)02:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: qiv: updated to 2.2.3 and cleanup (Thanks to Martin Kopta)02:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.3.402:36
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mrkshey, I need to build the m4ri library from hg repo (hg clone but there is no configure script to run. there is and and though, but I don't know how to create a configure script out of these? any tips?03:10
Rotwangmrks: autoreconf -f -i -v03:15
Rotwangusually does the thing03:15
mrksyay, thanks to you both. autoreconf -f -i -v did the trick03:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libexif: new maintainer03:28
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dum8d0gHi folks03:54
teK_yo dawg03:55
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dum8d0gYo dawg, I am here to say: "Yo dawg, I am here to say".04:25
RotwangYo dawg, I heard u like crux04:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mtools: port removed (now in opt)04:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: syslinux: port removed (now in opt)04:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mtools: port moved from contrib04:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: syslinux: port moved from contrib04:32
Rotwangso I join #crux while on my crux box so i can crux while i crux04:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: flash-player-plugin: updated and renamed port (previously called firefox-flash-plugin)05:11
tilmanbad idea05:13
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sepentilman, ?05:46
entearch has screen setuid root05:54
entethey seem to like making stuff setuid root05:54
pitillothere is a reason to put setuid bit on screen05:55
entedebian has setgid utmp06:00
pitilloI don't know about that, but for screen there is a reason for shared screen (-X to share between different users)06:01
juepitillo: yep, that's the reason for setuid06:02
pitilloyep, I readed about that sometime ago but about the utmp I don't know, but must be there a reason for it too... I don't think other distros play with setuid without a reason too06:03
juewell, it's the upstream's default, I reset it in the port and never got any complains about that06:05
jueanyway, I'd recommend tmux nowadays06:06
pitilloyeah, I prefer to do it by hand if it's needed in any case (I only tested it once)06:07
frinnsttyping screen is in my spine06:07
frinnstperhaps using tmux with aliases :)06:07
pitilloummmm tmux, checking and reading06:07
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tilmansepen: renaming ports06:31
sepentilman, ok, just I take a decission after waiting for comments in #63906:34
entefrinnst: yup, I made an alias screen=tmux too06:36
entefrinnst: but then realised that ad is much shorter (for tmux a -t d06:36
tilmanhaskellers around?06:36
enteah, no, that's a06:37
entead is tmux a -d -t d06:37
entetilman: define haskellers06:37
pt_wm8505tmux seems to be interesting too, I need to read a bit more the man page to see keyboard shortcuts... (or config)06:38
tilmanente: i have [IO(String)] and want to pull out the strings from it, to get [String]. i forgot the proper way to do that06:42
enteone second06:42
ente[13:43] < McManiaC> sequence06:43
ente[13:43] < McManiaC>[IO+a]+-%3E+IO+[a] ;)06:44
tilmani'll check, thanks06:44
tilmanyeah, that type signature looks about right06:45
tilman... and it compiles \o/06:47
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entewhat's the matter with libmpd being both in contrib and xfce?08:11
teK_what's xfce's version?08:11
tadzikwhat's the matter with xfce then? :)08:11
thrice`well, theoretically, things in xfce can't depend on anything in contrib, only core and opt08:11
tadzikdecentralization hell08:12
enteis xfce official or semi-official as well?08:12
teK_I think it's non-sense to disable contrib by default because 90+% of CRUXers use it I guess08:12
* thrice` agrees08:12
* ente too08:12
teK_I had something on my TODO list wrt contrib.. well :|08:12
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RotwangteK_: ++08:13
Rotwangente: it is semi official id say08:13
Rotwangwrt xfce repo08:13
entewhat does "wrt" mean?08:14
teK_with regard to08:14
entewell, if xfce is semiofficial, why can't it depend on contrib?08:14
Rotwangente: it was discussed many times08:14
enteI depend on contrib ports in my completely unofficial ports collection all over the place :D08:15
tadzikmy ports tend to depend on ports from other people's repos, I hate creating duplicates08:15
RotwangI depend on contrib with my lxde collection08:15
thrice`personally, I'm not sure, but I think that's the mind set, that gnome/kde/xfce shouldn't pull anything from contrib, since the user might not have it enabled08:15
teK_which is false 90+% of the time08:16
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Rotwangimho without much manpower we should tend to optimise collections08:16
teK_I do not differentiate between opt and contrib while maintaining single ports08:16
Rotwangby not creating duplicates08:16
entemanpower seems to decrease, is this impression correct?08:17
teK_except there are version-dependent incomaptibilities08:17
Rotwangfor now only option in this matter is to push duplicats to opt08:17
teK_ente: aon quit, nipul quit, .. yeah08:17
enteI mean, only tilman is left in core right now, right?08:17
Rotwangwhich isn't good solution08:17
teK_jaeger is doing a trmendous job, too08:17
enteglad to hear08:17
teK_CRUX is much like BSD but not dead!!1108:18
entedoes run on crux? :)08:19
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entetime to upgrade to rc2 I guess08:32
frinnsthaha ow, eats cpu :>08:37
Rotwangthere is no typespeed in ports08:39
dum8d0gand nmap fails to build :-/08:58
dum8d0gcould somebody confirm please?08:58
teK_ah wait08:58
dum8d0gyes, i68608:58
teK_your using unstable RCs? :)08:59
teK_containing openssl 1.x08:59
dum8d0gyes, 2.708:59
tilmanteK_: mmh?08:59
tilmanare there issues with openssl 1.x?08:59
tadzikduh, I remember how much "fun" did I have with openssl migration...08:59
teK_I have had no time to look for a fix08:59
thrice`send the maintainer an evil evil message08:59
tadzikbut migrating to new libjpeg/libpng was even funnier08:59
thrice`I mean, hum08:59 fatal error: openssl/md2.h: No such file or directory08:59
teK_tilman: nmap won't build which is nmap's fault imho08:59
dum8d0g<- that is the problem with nmap currently09:00
teK_dum8d0g: please open a ticket the next time09:00
tilmanah, i get it09:00
teK_so I can't forget09:00
dum8d0gteK_: I am at work right now, will do at night.09:00
thrice`I think gentoo has fixed almost all openssl-1.x issues in their portage, so just about everything should have a patch available.  that's where I've been snagging stuff09:00
teK_btw: who maintains slim the program right now?09:00
teK_thrice`: probably, yes.09:00
tilmansome japanese guy09:01
tilmanwho also maintains slim in debian09:01
teK_ok then we will see some years pass until he fixes the libpng issue :P09:01
tadzikmy slim works on 2.709:03
tadzikprobably because I keep an old libpng for chromium :>09:03
teK_it will work with either libpng version (on CRUX)09:04
teK_(because some fine bug-reporters reminded me to fix this)09:04
tilmani cannot build ghc 6.12.3 with my local build of ghc 6.10.409:08
tilmanvarious ghc binaries just segfault09:08
teK_have you tried the one supplied with ports?09:09
teK_(is this 6.10.4?)09:09
tilmanyou mean nipul's ghc ports?09:09
teK_I installed it just yesterday09:09
entetilman: tried the static one from my ports collection?09:09
teK_are there any others? I don't remember09:09
enteor wait, not sure if it's static09:09
tilmani started with an official build from (6.10.4)09:09
tilmanthen rebuilt 6.10.4 from sources09:10
teK_I just used the binary from
enteme too, made a port for it thoughj09:10
enteit's broken now though. meh.09:10
* ente reboots, brb09:10
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Rotwangtilman maybe we could clean list of maintainers on the flyspray?09:24
teK_open a ticket :p09:25
tilmansure, maybe09:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ncurses-ruby: fix for ruby 1.9.209:31
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*** pestilence is now known as \{09:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php: update to 5.3.309:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-fcgi: update to 5.3.309:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-mysql: update to 5.3.309:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_php: update to 5.3.309:50
*** \{ is now known as ente09:50
* ente hopes to be safe from terrorists who message him now09:51
tadzikI don't understand you :)09:52
entetadzik: some people think "ente" means that I'm the only hot chick on IRC and privmsg me :P09:55
enteat least that's my theory09:55
tadzikoh wow09:55
* tadzik met his love in IRC, but she had a female name as a nick09:55
tadzikwell, it's ex-love now, but whatever09:55
entenice :D09:56
entewell, ente is just any duck, but erpel would be "male duck", so I guess people assume I'm female, which is not true09:56
tadzikmoreover, on a linux channel09:56
ente#crux? :D09:57
tadziknah, #linuksowo, a Polish one09:58
tadzikthere are girls there, from time to time :)09:58
Rotwangfajne dupy?09:59
tadziknie wiem, tylko z jedną się umawiałem :)09:59
tadzikta druga (były dwie) do dziś nie pokazała nikomu zdjęć09:59
enteRotwang: what's that? some kind of desperate dwarf? :D09:59
Rotwanghmm, i tak warto zaryzykowac ;D09:59
tadzikjuż nie jesteśmy razem, ale i tak fajnie było :)09:59
Rotwangnie no, zartuje09:59
Rotwangente: it's a person holding his head10:00
tadzikno, that's another thing10:00
ente</:)> <- well, that's a dwarf though10:01
entelooks a bit like an XML tag10:01
tadziksholdn't dwarf have an horned helmet?10:01
entethat looks like a pharaonic priest or something :P10:01
tadzikshh, you'll make the dwarf angry!10:02
enteunless it's a nethack dwarf10:02
entethey have iron helmets iirc10:02
tadzikwith horns!10:03
tadzikor not10:03
enteO}:) <- holy cow, with horns!10:03
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dum8d0gEOF (End Of Fun)10:29
entewhat gives you the right? :P10:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libsdl: added patch, FS#64210:35
tilmand  <- dwarf10:37
Rotwangthat was quick10:37
tadzikyay, wesnoth^Wlibsdl fixed!10:37
tadzikente: ente is a german duck?10:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wireshark: updated to
dum8d0gScorpions - Sting In The Tail  <- awesome11:00
dum8d0g(new album)11:00
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tilmanupdated xorg on my laptop. now i don't have a cursor in urxvt anymore o_O11:30
entehad that too at my sister's box11:30
entetilman: intel graphics?11:31
tilmanyes. i94511:31
tilmanthe cursor works in the console though11:32
enteI think X complains about GPU hung in the logfiles at her box11:33
entethe intel drivers seem to be quite low quality somehow... ;S11:33
entetilman: maybe try the git version11:35
tilmani doubt it's a driver issue11:36
entewhich X version?11:36
tilmanlatest in crux 2.7 :)11:36
tilmanserver 1.9.011:36
tilmanwow, something's fucked :D11:39
* ente wonders what to do with his MMX box11:41
tilmanit seems as if enterfocus events weren't passed to urxvt properly11:46
frinnstworks for me (tm) on intel graphix11:47
frinnsthmm, i think, maybe i never restarted after updating xserver11:48
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frinnstnope, i never did. but still works :)11:55
frinnstbtw, is there a way to tell pkgmk to ignore new footprints in pkgmk.conf ?12:09
frinnsti didnt find any docs regarding that12:09
entealias pkgmk='pkgmk -if' :D12:09
entealias pkgmk='nice -n19 pkgmk -if' :D12:10
frinnstnot ignore it completely, pkgmk in 2.7 will have the option to just ignore new additions to footprints12:10
entein fact, I have a renice -n 19 $$ in pkgmk.conf12:10
frinnst -in,  --ignore-new          build package, ignore new files in a footprint missmatch12:10
entePKGMK_IGNORE_NEW=yes in pkgmk.conf12:12
tilmancursor shit works nicely  in xterm12:12
tilmanbut not in rxvt12:12
enterxvt or urxvt?12:12
frinnstah, must have missed that, cheers12:13
entefrinnst: it's not documented, but that's what -in sets in /usr/bin/pkgmk12:13
enteI guess it should work12:13
tilmanthat sucks12:14
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: pkgutils: updated to
tilmanente: fixed12:25
frinnstbtw tilman, the url in pkgutils' Pkgfile seems a bit outdated :)12:25
tilmando we have a page for pkgutils on
frinnstno idea12:26
frinnstmaybe point to gitweb?12:27
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: pkgutils: updated URL.12:28
entedoes per still use crux nowadays?12:31
frinnsti think he's a mac-slave12:31
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jue12:32
tilmanso i'm using openbox12:32
tilmanworkspace 1 has 4 urxvts12:33
tilmanworkspace has firefox12:33
tilman(err, workspace2 = ffox)12:33
tilmansometimes, when switching from workspace2 to ws1, the last focused urxvt is not drawn anymore12:33
tilmanand there are BadMatch+BadDrawable errors reported on stderr12:33
tilmani'm guessing from openbox12:33
tilmanoh, and BadPixmap :D12:34
enteofficial chromium linked against wrong libjpeg version I guess12:34
enteguess I need to compile it myself at some point :X12:35
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tilmanteK_: can you please apply this patch?
tilmanteK_: i need libgpg-error.a in order to build cryptsetup12:41
thrice`i've had weird intel drawing issues too12:42
thrice`tilman, I thought you had a radeon card for some reason ?12:43
tilmanlaptop: intel12:43
tilmandesktop: radeon for life dawg12:43
thrice`ah, ok.  running linux too?12:44
thrice`I think my next card / hardware will be radeon; intel seems to upset me more than impress me :>12:44
tilmanpffff, i'm not answering that question12:44
enteoh my gah :D12:45
tilmani'm not sure what kind of graphics card i used after the radeon 750012:46
tilmanmaybe the r420 (x800)12:46
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tri1can i use an ext4 boot partition with crux 2.7 ?14:12
thrice`lilo has no problems booting from ext4 :>  so if you use lilo, sure14:12
tadzikhello fellow Perl6'er :)14:12
entegrub2 has no problem with booting from ponies14:13
enteor pink floppy disks made of fairy dust14:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libgpg-error: enable static build for cryptsetup14:15
frinnsti use both lilo and grub2 to boot ext414:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libgpg-error: enable static build for cryptsetup14:16
enteI use extlinux to boot pretty much everything14:17
tri1i will use grub2 then14:19
tri1is there any sense to use ext4 boot partitions ?14:20
tadzikwhy not? It's rarely used anyway14:21
frinnstprobably not, perhaps to keep out other filesystems from the kernel14:21
tri1when i try to start setup it says "Directory /media/crux nof found. Aborting." ?14:25
tadzikmkdir? :)14:25
tadzikmake the directory, mount it, proceed14:25
tadzikhave you read your handbook today? :)14:26
tri1hm, it says nothing about "mkdir /media/crux"
tadzikoh right. What says that?14:27
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tri1"Type setup to start the package installation script"14:27
*** yngwin_ has joined #crux14:27
*** yngwin_ has joined #crux14:27
tri1now i have done the mkdir /media/crux and an mount /dev/sr0 /media/crux - setup starts now..14:28
tadzikmay be underdocumented14:28
tri1hm mkdir /media/crux is wrong - i just have to mount the cdrom to /media14:29
tadzikyes, that's what the handbook says14:29
tri1no, the handbook has nothing about "mount /dev/xxx /media"14:30
tadzikoh it does14:30
tadzikMount the partition on which you want to install this distribution.14:30
tadzik $ mount /dev/hd?? /mntMount the partition on which you want to install this distribution.14:30
tadzik $ mount /dev/hd?? /mnt14:30
tadzikwhoops, twice14:30
tilmanmounting the target device in /mnt is a good idea because setup-chroot assumes that /mnt is used :)14:31
tri1no, that is about where to mount your harddisk where you want to install crux14:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gnupg: remove obsolete configure options14:31
tadziktri1: and you want?14:31
tri1mount /dev/sr0 /media is a different thing14:31
tilmanthanks teK_14:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cryptsetup: updated to
*** tadzik has quit IRC14:34
tri1setup is running now - but i had to mount the cdrom to /media manually. is this "new" with 2.7 ?14:35
tri1normally the init script on the setup cdrom takes care about mounting my cdrom to /media, isn't it ?14:35
frinnstwhat iso are you using?14:36
tri1the 2.7 beta 2 iso14:36
*** rreyes2 has joined #crux14:36
tri1ah rc214:37
tri1BUT my cdrom drive is an external cdrom drive connected through usb14:37
tri1it is available as /dev/sr014:37
tri1maybe that's the problem ?14:37
rreyes2Hello, Cruxers14:38
frinnstbut probably detected too late - after mount has already run14:38
entetri1: where's the problem?14:38
tri1no problem right now14:38
tri1i just have to mount the installation cdrom manually to /media14:38
tri1i was just wondering if this is "normal" (maybe for me with the external usb cdrom drive) or it is an error in the init script on the crux iso14:39
frinnsttri1: having usb-media in /etc/fstab usually fails to automount during bootup14:39
tri1ah ok14:39
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frinnsti have the same issue on my pogoplug with a usb-connected drive running debian. the usb-subsystem starts up after the initscript has completed :)14:40
tri1ah ok - so, no issue, just normal behaviour with an external usb cdrom drive.14:41
tri1thank you :)14:41
rreyes2Where is an appropriate place to submit a bug report for an outdated gnome port that will not compile? I don't see a category for ports/gnome on the bug tracker.14:43
frinnsttry emailing the maintainer14:44
rreyes2Will do.14:44
jaegerrreyes2: there's no official up-to-date gnome tree at the moment14:47
tri1is kde up-to-date at the moment?14:52
rreyes2Ahh okay.  I was able to fix it just by updating the version number, so no big deal.  It was the gnome-mag port that was having trouble.14:52
tilmanfrinnst: haha, you have a pogoplug, too?15:13
frinnstits been running stable for hmm.. a year?15:17
frinnstdunno when i got it :D15:17
frinnstuse it for dns15:17
rehabplugand redundant irc15:17
tilmani thought rehabplug ran on a sheevaplug15:20
frinnstwhat did i say15:22
frinnstofcourse its a sheeva15:22
frinnstfuck im retarded15:22
tilmanokay, i thought you had _three_ of those plug computers =)15:22
frinnsthaha no15:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mdadm: update to 3.1.415:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: imagemagick: update to 6.6.3-1015:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.3.415:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libexif: new maintainer15:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mtools: port moved from contrib15:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: syslinux: port moved from contrib15:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: updated and renamed port (previously called firefox-flash-plugin)15:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libsdl: added patch, FS#64215:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wireshark: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libgpg-error: enable static build for cryptsetup15:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnupg: remove obsolete configure options15:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mdadm: update to 3.1.415:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.715:51
*** tri1 has left #crux15:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: python: wrong description15:55
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prologicguess what!16:22
prologicI'm an Uncle :)16:22
enteui ui16:22
enteprologic: congrats16:22
prologicthank you :)16:22
frinnstbeing an uncle rocks16:23
prologicI'm so excited :)16:23
teK_< uncle && godfather16:23
enteso you are the uncle of god's cousin?16:24
enteit will take some time until I become uncle, if ever :D16:25
teK_I had to look this one up. godfather not in the mafia style :p16:25
prologicgodfater means to be like another father - a guardian16:26
prologicquite common in many cultures16:26
teK_godfather ~= Taufpate16:26
entenow it makes sense16:26
teK_acc. to
entewhat's the female form? godmother?16:27
prologicand again same kind of meaning16:28
prologicit's both an honor and a privelege to be a god parent16:29
entemy uncle is my godfather too16:30
teK_he made you an offer you could not refuse16:30
tilmansoon you'll sleep with the fishes16:30
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macondo_hi, does crux use ext4?19:59
thrice`you create the file system and compile the kernel during installation, so it's your choice :)20:00
macondo_thank you20:01
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lowellgrippoCouldn't sleep so I decided to pour another hit of moonshine... ;)23:33
RyoScool, thanks for the info23:36
lowellgrippoJust wondering... what ever happened to yhafri?23:39

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