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pitillogood morning01:02
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: Revert "pkg-get: removed."02:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pkg-get: adopted, fixed deps and added a note to the README file02:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: Revert "pkg-get-bashcompletion: removed."02:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pkg-get-bashcompletion: adopted, fixed installation path02:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: bash-completion: adopted, updated to 1.202:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: bash-completion: switched to tar.bz2 sources02:44
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: crux-bashcompletion: adopted, fixed installation path02:44
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enteyay, pkg-get is back \o/12:39
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dum8d0gCan somebody please try to build contrib/nmap?14:19
dum8d0gneed to confirm openssl problem14:19
dum8d0gbtw, sepen confirmed and closed my port update of contrib/qiv, but when I refresh contrib, the old version is still here (closed yesterday). Do not understand that.14:23
tilmani think tek already confirmed the build problem with nmap14:24
thrice`    will probably help14:25
dum8d0gis it reported in flyspray?14:27
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tilmanhuh. installed ruby on 2.7. MISSING various binaries such as erb/gem/irb/rake/ri/..14:33
tilmanmaybe i should be happy that the ruby binary got installed at least ;)14:34
jaegerIt's a small victory but there all the same14:34
dum8d0gfinaly, nice xterm fonts ..14:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: glib: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libesmtp: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: ruby-cairo: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: git: updated to
dum8d0g( )14:37
dum8d0gso, I do not need to report nmap? Is somebody assigned to it already?14:39
tadzikiirc it's nmap guys' fault14:41
enteslay him14:42
enteor downgrade14:42
dum8d0gI'll just wait till its fixed14:44
dum8d0gbtw, does anybody have 'acpi' command?14:47
tadzikoh, no14:48
tadzikacpitool it is14:48
dum8d0grsync -aqz acpitool ?14:50
tadzikprobably, yes14:50
tadzikI don't have mu CRUX now, so I can't tell you exactly14:50
dum8d0gI'll try it14:50 :P14:52
ente64 bit crux is kind of semiofficial IIRC14:53
dum8d0gwill it be official?14:54
tadzikwell, the bug about x64 support is critical on FS, iirc :)14:54
dum8d0g(wtf is iirc)14:55
frinnstavoid the 2.7 test-iso14:55
frinnstunless you just need it to upgrade packages14:55
frinnstthe kernel is a bit b0rked so it probably wont boot properly14:55
entedum8d0g: if I remember correctly14:56
dum8d0gente: thx14:56
dum8d0gfrinnst: you mean 64b 2.7?14:56
entemoritz@niflheimr ~ % wtf iirc14:56
enteIIRC: if I recall correctly14:56
entewtf <314:57
dum8d0gente: it could be "Impedance Imaging Research Center (Korea)"14:57
dum8d0g( )14:57
dum8d0guh, wtf isn't in core?14:58
tadzikI think I even maintain this14:58
dum8d0gah, cruxpl14:59
tadzikI'm afraid I'm the only alive maintainer in it, but at least my ports are fine there15:00
dum8d0gtadzik: acpitool is cool, thanks15:01
tadzikI'm glad you liek it15:01
dum8d0gseems even better than ol' acpi15:02
tadzikPerl 5.14 coming next month15:03
tadzikso, when is 2.7 out officially? :P15:03
dum8d0gah, archlinux uses 'acpiclient' (sf). acpitool is much nicer15:04
dum8d0gbtw acitool should be in contrib15:04
entebtw gnome should be in core15:04
tadzikmaybe if I become contrib maintainer15:04
frinnstgnome should be in /dev/null15:05
enteno, gnome should burn in hell15:05
entetogether with this consolekit stuff15:05
Rotwanggnome > kde15:05
frinnstfor gnome to burn in hell it needs to exist. it doesnt deserve that15:05
entefrinnst: well, the gnome maintainers and users then15:06
entefrinnst: and gnome to /dev/null15:06
dum8d0gsrsly, how is possible, that crux user uses gnome?15:06
Rotwangdisagree with ente completely15:06
Rotwanggnome is nice15:07
entegnome is essentially hard to package, from what I hear15:07
* Rotwang lieks gnome15:07
frinnstwell i suppose it serves a purpose15:07
frinnstmy dad uses it with ubuntu15:07
frinnstand it makes my life a lot easier so..15:07
entemy sisters both use xfce15:07
dum8d0gwell, gnome is good for beginers and so15:07
dum8d0gwhat does it do in crux?15:07
dum8d0gmy dad uses pekwm15:07
enteobviously, some people use it15:08
tadzikkde is good for beginners too15:08
dum8d0g(he doesn't even know)15:08
tadzikevery friendly DE is15:08
dum8d0gno it isnt15:08
enteI think KDE wastes resources and looks ugly15:08
dum8d0gI tried to give gnome to my dad and it made him more confused15:08
enteeven compared to gnome15:08
frinnst"You should update Adobe Flash Player right now." Oo15:09
dum8d0gHe is very comfortable with openbox/pekwm/.. since it does have only one menu with hand-picked commands15:09
frinnststupid adobe15:09
Rotwangdum8d0g: using graphical environments is not a competition15:09
Rotwangnor it doesnt show your n00biness15:09
dum8d0gRotwang: I am not listening to you. My image of geekland should be untouched.15:10
ente"you should have updated your adobe flash player three months ago. Now the update routine requires a newer version of flash so it won't even upgrade anymore. and it's all *YOUR* fault!"15:10
dum8d0gacpitool is so awesome that I consider sending something to the autor15:13
dum8d0gI think image of kitten should be alright?15:14
tadzikI'd be glad to get kittehz for gtkabber :)15:15
Rotwangdum8d0g: send him a beer15:16
dum8d0gby mail?15:17
frinnsti did15:18
frinnstto the gnash devs15:18
frinnst4 of them15:18
* dum8d0g is trying suspend to disk (brb hopefully)15:20
dum8d0gah.. I forgot I removed suspend2disk from mah kernel..15:21
* Rotwang is learning typing without looking at the keyboard?15:22
dum8d0gMay I assume, that users have udev installed? Dunno if I sould distribute udev rule for my port or not.15:23
Rotwangdum8d0g: udev is in core15:23
dum8d0gbut can be uninstalled15:24
dum8d0gI guess I will just write a note to the readme15:24
Rotwangwe usually assume that core stuff is installed15:25
thrice`I think it's really hard to boot without udev these dyas15:25
enteRotwang: you can't type without looking at the keyboard? :D15:29
enteRotwang: I can even type when I look somewhere completely different, whicvh I'm doing right now.15:30
enteRotwang: it always drives people mad when you continue typing but look at them15:30
dum8d0gI do that sometimes. Its funny15:31
dum8d0gbut only for few seconds (I have small write buffer)15:32
entedum8d0g: what's so nice about acpitool?15:34
dum8d0gente: much better than acpitool15:34
dum8d0gente: it can cooperate with cpufreq and can do suspend15:34
dum8d0gente: also, much more information about everything15:35
entedum8d0g: wrong, not for me15:35
dum8d0gacpitool -e15:36
enteall of that can be directly obtained by reading the responsible file in /proc/acpi15:37
dum8d0gdunno how about you, but I am not happy about calculating mah battery life from current/design voltage capacity15:39
enteacpi can do exactly that too15:41
* thrice` just uses a little monitor15:43
* ente pipes acpi through awk15:44
dum8d0gI guess I am unable to be excited here15:44
enteI don't understand your excitement for acpitool, that's all15:44
tadzikthere's nothing to be excited about, just a good tool :)15:44
enteawww, a cute little hammer :)15:44
dum8d0gimma let you finish but openbsd apm is best of all time, of all time!15:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: vlc: initial import16:14
Rotwangvlc in contrib, I've been thinking about it for ages16:16
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tilmanmmmmh, what the hell16:27
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entetilman: found the cause for your xorg trouble?16:45
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entewhat about merging 2.7 and 2.6 contrib btw?17:30
ente2.7 contrib looks like it's a few weeks behind17:30
frinnst6 weeks actually17:59
thrice`mm, vlc is awesome :o18:00
enteI usually use mplayer18:00
entebut it sucks at DVD menus, IIRC18:01
enteDVD is a fail anyway18:01
thrice`mplayer just puked on 2 DVDs that vlc took flawlessly18:01
entedoes vlc also use less resources for decoding than mplayer? :D18:01
entethen I might install it again18:02
enteI still have some movies flying around my PC is actually too slow to play :D18:02
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rreyes1Hey guys ... Anyone have a suggestion for cross-platform webcam chat?20:46
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