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dum8d0gif [ "teK_" == "Thomas Penteker, tek at serverop dot de" ]; then msg "teK_: I have patch for you"; fi07:02
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: udev: updated to 162.07:02
teK_what's up?07:03
dum8d0gthe download url is 404, and version is outdated07:05
dum8d0gbtw, kexec still doesnt work.. ;-)07:05
dum8d0gmeh, I will try it again07:09
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dum8d0gIt worked!07:13
dum8d0gfirst time in my life, I saw kexec working07:14
teK_using Fedora? ;))07:14
teK_my ck4up URL for kexec siomply is b0rked07:16
teK_thanks for noticing07:16
teK_the tool crux maintainers usually use to keep track of updates07:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: kexec-tools: 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2 (thx dum8d0g)07:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: kexec-tools: update URL07:23
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aubicyo dum8d0g, why the 555 and 444 in your mksh port?08:11
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dum8d0gthey were in documentation to mksh08:37
dum8d0gand its not bad idea to remove write to binaries afterall08:38
dum8d0gaubic: if you are about to install mksh from my port, dont forget to manualy run post-install script08:45
aubicok, and thanks for explainig08:50
thrice`dum8d0g, you can set prt-get to run these automatically :)08:51
dum8d0gthrice`: they fail when scripts arent executable09:12
dum8d0gaubic: np, in case you will use my mksh port, I will gladly take any notes about it09:13
dum8d0gthrice`: I mean, prt-get doesnt run instalation script if those installation scripts dont have executable flags09:14
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juedum8d0g: that's wrong, prt-get runs the pre/post-install scripts even if they are not executable09:33
dum8d0gjust tried, it doesnt09:46
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juewell, works for me ;)09:55
teK_-r--------  1 tek users        22 [2010/09/04] echo.sh09:57
teK_[tek@basra][~]% sh echo.sh09:57
dum8d0gteK_: ?09:58
teK_scripts can be executed even if they do not have the x bit set10:00
teK_as you can see.10:00
dum8d0gmy fault, I was talking about prt-get but I constantly tried pkgmk10:01
dum8d0ganyway, prt-get doesnt run post-remove. Is this a feature?10:01
jueonly pre/post-install scripts are supported10:02
juethat's nothing to worry about, because *-remove wouldn't fit into crux. If you need such a feature in a reliable way you either need meta-data for packages or at least you have to store the port in the same version you've installed from somewhere10:12
dum8d0ghmm :/10:13
dum8d0gI was just studying where to put the right code in prtget.cpp. Guess you are right10:14
dum8d0gI removed *-remove from my ports10:15
dum8d0gand I should no more take inspiration from /usr/ports/contrib/lxmusic/10:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nmap: fix building against openssl 1.0.012:25
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rreyes2Does anyone know where to find gudev?  It is needed to build simple-scan, but the sourceforge page for it (gudev) seems to be dead.19:25
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rreyes2hrmm ... perhaps I need to rebuild udev without the --disable-extras option?19:34
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