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lowellgrippoI was curious as to which WM or DE you all run. Is everyone running Openbox or... something else? :)00:20
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dum8d0gthanks for the nmap fix04:00
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xcursorgen: fixed the build with libpng 1.4.x.05:03
dum8d0gWhat do you think about grub2? The crux64 must somehow solve the bootloader question.05:14
dum8d0gI personaly dislike grub2 and tend to use grub legacy where is possible. But grub legacy is slowly dying, development is going away from it, river of patches is drying up. Also, grub legacy is not very friendly with 64b systems these days. Crux64 must somehow solve this problem. Distributions I am familiar with are crossing to the side of grub2, or use 32b grub legacy in 64b system. But as you can see, there is problem with filesystems and disks too - e05:23
cippptry syslinux05:23
cipppi thing grub2 its strange :)05:24
dum8d0gyes, there are few alternatives like syslinux, loadlin, lilo, u-boot, xosl, ..05:25
dum8d0gBut as I look to them as replacement of grub-legacy, I miss the simplicity and power of command-line on boot05:27
dum8d0gDas U-boot does have capabilities of grub-legacy and much more, but it lacks simplicity05:27
dum8d0glilo does have simplicity, but it is too static05:28
frinnstwhats wrong with lilo?05:28
tilmanuboot is for embedded devices, not for desktops :p05:28
frinnstyes, grub2 is pretty shitty :)05:28
tilmanwhat's wrong with grub2?05:29
frinnstthe config for starters05:29
dum8d0gfrinnst: for instance, I like to boot grub-legacy without menu.lst and manualy select what I am going to boot right now (since I like to test various systems) -- this is imposible with lilo (AFAIK)05:29
dum8d0gtilman: grub2 is piece of #include <badwords.h>05:29
dum8d0gtilman: I think the u-boot is usable for anything05:30
dum8d0gu-boot is like small operating system05:30
dum8d0g(I have very little knowledge of u-boot so maybe I am completely wrong with idea to use it as desktop loader)05:32
tilmanfine. feel free to slap uboot on your desktop and weep05:32
dum8d0gI would like to talk more about crux64 way. Not my own systems.05:33
dum8d0gDo you have some ideas?05:33
dum8d0gOr we will just wait and "somebody will solve it"05:33
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dum8d0gI am curious about various answers, because so far I heard only "use grub2". I am NOT happy with grub2 ;-)05:37
dum8d0gI think curx64 should use grub2, but with some very minimal settings (if possible).05:38
frinnstyou could use the regular old grub05:39
frinnstjust build it on a 32bit system05:39
dum8d0gfrinnst: for how long05:39
frinnsttill it stops working?05:39
frinnstdunno, its the same "problem" with all arches05:40
dum8d0gfrinnst: do you really think that grub legacy will be still there, fully patched, supporting various new filesystems and hardware?05:40
frinnstofcourse not, and i never said that05:40
frinnstbut i dont really see your problem/point05:40
dum8d0gMy point is, crux64 is ahead and it must solve this issue somehow. I would like to know, what possibilities are there.05:41
frinnsti dont understand why this is a crux 64bit problem. its the same with all arches05:42
dum8d0gwhat arches?05:42
dum8d0ghow many platforms crux exists for?05:42
frinnstarm :)05:42
dum8d0gI think I missed something ;)05:42
tilmanthat's it05:43
dum8d0gAlright, screw you guys, I will continue watching anime and just wait till somebody will solve it somehow.05:43
tilmanmaybe you should bitch at the grub2 people05:44
tilmanbecause they are the one who (apparently) messed up their bootloader05:44
dum8d0gits kinda sad that there isnt decent replacement for grub-legacy05:46
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dum8d0gI really dont get whats the point of grub205:47
dum8d0gEverytime I try to use it, I end up with grub1 instead05:47
frinnsti use it on one box05:47
dum8d0gIf is there mountain range of software crap, sitting on top of mountain "grub2" will give you very nice view.05:49
tilmanwhat's wrong with grub2?05:50
RyoSgrub2 works very fine here05:50
dum8d0gas I said, there is anime to watch, so I am out05:53
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RyoSah thats why..05:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wireshark: updated to
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xcursorgen: fixed md5sum.12:18
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-cyrix: removed.12:18
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jaegeranyone know how to delete this?21:07
jaeger?????????? ? ?   ?      ?                ? .deps21:07
jaegerfs is reiserfs21:07
jaegerchecking with reiserfsck doesn't help, even with --rebuild-tree21:07
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