IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2010-09-10

pitillogood morning01:07
pitillotilman: sepen is lost... busy with his project. I hope he'll finish it soon01:08
entewhat project does he have?01:24
pitilloente: he's finishing the university project01:26
enteare you talking to him?01:26
pitilloente: since tuesday I didn't talk with him01:27
entewish him good luck from me, next time you see him :)01:28
pitillobut if you want him to push a new flash version, you can send him an email or fill a bug, I'm pretty sure he will check and update it when he has some time01:28
pitilloente: I'll do :)01:28
*** sepen has joined #crux01:45
sepenwhat about flash? only .deb is available01:46
sepenor am I wrong?01:46
sepenalso I'm mind to start using the full version number for next updates of the port, what do you think?01:49
sepengentoo guys are using an rpm source02:00
entesepen: good luck with your project :D02:03
sepenmany thanks02:04
sepenI'd like to finish it as soon as possible02:04
enteI actually don't care about flash right now, chromium does not work anymore under 2.7-rc2 due to libjpeg update02:04
sepenand google-chrome?02:05
entedidn't try02:08
entetried the chromium version from buildbot02:09
enteif I compile by hand, it should work02:09
entearch actually builds it... you can tell it to use system libs where possible, and also turn off gconf02:09
enteguess I'm going to make a port02:10
teK_someone else (me?) from opt can push the update, too02:11
sepenente, I've a google-chrome port02:11
teK_ah sepen :)02:11
sepenteK_, ?02:11
entewell, I'll try it :)02:11
teK_sepen: wrt flash02:11
entesepen: chromiums build system is pretty weird actually02:11
sepenteK_, please read my questions about a minute ago02:12
teK_sounds good02:16
teK_do they promote the *full* version number on their website?02:16
sepenI didn't find any tar.gz, but yes the 'release' version (rpm) seems that is using this version number02:16
sepensee the source line in my changeset02:17
teK_I meant on the downloadpage or something02:20
teK_in general: +102:20
sepenI don't have my up-to-date desktop here, so I should wait to go back home before push the change02:22
sepenooops ;D02:22
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tilmansepen: if you don't have time and want me to do the security update, just let me know04:28
sepentilman, could you see the patched I pasted here?04:28
tilmanthis one?
sepenI doubt about the rpm04:30
sepenand I'd like to use the upstream version number for next updates04:30
tilmanthey don't offer a tarball anymore? o_O :)04:30
sepencan't find them04:30
tilmanwhat exactly is your doubt?04:31
tilmanusing rpm2targz is okay04:31
sepenabout if they offer the tarball or not04:31
sepenI didn't see any tarball at webpage04:31
sepenonly a .deb file04:31
tilmanwhy is the package at instead of
sepentilman, well I've the commit but I'll wait to arrive back to home to test the plugin before push my changeset04:32
sepentilman, I think always was from macromedia, no?04:32
tilmanyes, i'm just wondering about that04:32
tilmanoh well04:33
tilmanlet's use the rpm04:33
tilmanif anyone finds the targz, we can switch the port again04:33
sepensince jaeger's days04:33
sepenyeah, seems fine to me04:33
tilmanyes, i'm not saying it's wrong04:33
tilmanjust curious04:33
sepenand sorry for the problems I caused renaming the port04:33
sepenthe fact is that we discussed that here04:34
sepenand seems all were agree with the change04:34
sepenI'll use as version, and also for newer updates, agree?04:35
sepens/also/same style/04:35
tilmanusing upstream's version = good idea04:35
sepenif someone could test my patch I could push the change directly without waiting to arrive back to home04:35
tilmani'll test it now04:36
sepenhere at office my crux is 2.5 ;D04:36
sepentilman, thanks04:36
cipppbsdtar extract rpm04:37
cippprpm2tar its broken04:37
sepenohhh nice catch04:37
sepenwell I'll try with bsdtar, great! but a patch for pkgmk would be fine too04:38
sepenfor the future04:38
sepencippp, so do you think we could safely remove rpm2targz from opt?04:39
RotwangI guess we could remove rpm2rargz in the future04:39
sepencpio is dangerous without no-absolute-filenames04:39
cipppits broken anyway , try a new rpm from fedora , dont work04:39
sepencippp, just I tried the flash's rpm04:40
tilmanno need for rpm2targz04:40
tilmanbsdtar can decompress rpm in 2.7 at least04:40
sepenI'll update the patch04:40
tilmanmight be different in 2.6!04:40
tilmanplease check pkgmk in 2.6 before changing the port for 2.704:40
sepentilman, is a patch prepared for pkgutils?04:40
sepenah ok04:40
sepenwell, I'll prepare a different patch, but the .so should work in the same way04:42
cipppbsdtar -xf opera-10.70-9044.i386.rpm04:42
cippp┌[ cippp ] - [ ~/pkgs/others/opera ]04:42
sepenoops the boss is near, I return in a while, sorry04:42
cipppdont need bsdcpio ..04:42
tilmansepen: in 2.6, you need rpm2targz. in 2.7, you can remove the two lines 'rpm2targz ..' and 'tar xzf ..'04:45
sepenhere again04:46
sepentilman, 2 lines, so pkgmk would be able to use rpm's04:46
sepenjust cool!04:47
tilmansepen: yes, you only may use those two lines in 2.604:48
tilmanah, you were talking about the pkgmk patch04:49
sepenafter merge 2.6 into 2.7 would be fine to make a changeset only for 2.7?04:50
sepenwell, I think this afternoon I could test rc3 and do that04:50
sepentilman, and did you take a look to my usbdisk's patch?04:51
tilmandidn't i reply to your email?04:51
tilmanpatch looked good04:52
sepenoops no idea, sorry04:52
sepennowadays I'm too busy (I'm still studing ;D)04:52
tilmanyou went back to school/college?04:53
sepenno, I didn't finish my project04:53
Rotwangsepen: hehe04:53
sepenI started to work at office before finish my studies04:53
sepen4 or 5 years ago04:53
RotwangI'm a student too, although I should finished it already04:54
cipppsepen: java plugin04:54
cipppi think need to be like flash04:54
sepencippp, agree and sure for next version, but a rename its required and I should write a little mail to our mailing04:56
cipppthank you :)04:56
sepento you too ;D04:56
tilmansepen: ah, i see04:57
sepentilman, about the usbdisk's stuff, I re-attached the right patch, did you received them?05:07
tilmansepen: but i think your bash skills are much better than mine. not sure how good my input can be ;)05:09
sepenthats mean that I should migrate the script to ruby?? ;D05:09
tilmanbut it means that i cannot give feedback that well05:09
sepenjust was a joke guy, today's friday!!05:10
sepentilman, the trap line invoques the msgError method when SIGINT or SIGTERM, thats all basically05:13
sepenother lines are cosmetical changes05:14
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sepenwe need more hellos :D06:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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* cjg
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tadzikI can has prt-get idea?15:34
tadzikin addition to Depends on: comment, there could be something listing required port collections, or something15:34
Lukc-Build depends ?15:35
tadzikso if my cruxpl port needs some gnome ports, there is # Needs: gnome or something like this15:35
tadziknot exactly15:35
tadzikand, not only15:35
treachthat used to be frowned upon, at least in the past.15:35
tadzikso prt-get can say "erm, you don't have gnome enable"15:35
tadzikand why was it dismissed?15:35
Lukc-Uh… O_o"15:36
treachdepending on other repos than the "official" or your own seems to be a short road to confusion...15:36
* treach imagines the dependency graphs would soon look like neutrons flying around in a neuclear reactor. :>15:37
* Lukc- likes that comparison.15:38
tadziktreach: what you're saying might be the main result of port duplication15:38
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tadzikother than "oh crap, everything's so outdated"15:38
thrice`I would like prt-get to steel gentoo's multiple source fetch goodness :)15:39
thrice`steal *15:39
treachI guess the outdatedness is more a function of being low on manpower, and hardly something you'll fix by messing up the deps beyond all repair, but what do I know.15:40
tadzikit's not about fixing the outdateness15:41
treachImagine pulling out all the pages in all your books, and throwing away the "redundant" ones. Now imagine trying to keep that mess updated. Feel like you're up to it?15:44
treach(yay, another methaphor, and still no cars in view. \o/ )15:46
tadzikThat doesn't seem to resemble the thing to me, but I think I see your point15:46
* Rotwang is a big fan of outdatness15:47
cipppi start to use crux because i found very up to date15:47
cipppand now , i think its the same15:47
thrice`it is :)15:48
tadzikofficial stuff is :)15:48
treachtadzik: I'm not any kind of expert, and obviously I have no say at all, but I suggest you think alot more about it, unless you want another orifice when tilman- gets you. :p15:48
tadziktreach: well, I just wanted to provoke some discussion :)15:49
treachsuccess so far15:49
tadzikabout less redundancy and a bit more user friendliness with ports with loads of deps15:50
RotwangI got a ticket today :C15:50
tilmantoo long, not going to read15:50
Rotwangfor crossing a red light15:50
Rotwang~30 euros15:50
* treach notes that he has to add more crap unless he wants to trigger tilman's tripwires15:51
tadziktreach: til-man should work :)15:51
treachRotwang: if it was here, you'd probably lose your licese too.15:51
tilmantreach: oh, i wondered where that dash came from15:51
treachtilman: sorry for failing, at least I tried. :)15:52
Rotwangtreach: can you lose drivers licence because of drunk driving a bike?15:52
Rotwangand I mean bicycle15:53
treachcan't answer that, I suppose you could, theoretically at least15:53
treachIt's classed as "reckless driving" or something like that.15:54
cipppi like youtube videos with drunks people :)15:54
Rotwangcippp: haha15:56
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Rotwangis he trying to drive upside down?15:58
tilmanRotwang: yeah, i believe in germany you can:D16:01
treachRotwang: just for fun, I looked up what you'd face for running that red ligth here.. 40 unit fines + license revoked for 2 months.16:02
treach30€ sounds like a bargain16:02
Rotwangtilman: in poland also16:02
Rotwangtreach: what?16:02
Rotwangtreach: where do you live?16:02
treachyour little fine.16:02
* Rotwang note to self "do not go to sweden"16:03
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tilmanwhy? you run red lights often?16:03
RotwangI've forgotten to say that I was walking, not driving16:04
tadzikoh wow16:04
tilmanerr, what!?16:04
treachjaywalking jailbird.. ?16:04
tadziktry walking outside of the zebra, the ticket is lower for walking outside of the zebra than for walking on the red light16:04
treachsounds like an ubuntu release.. :/16:05
tadzikoh you :)16:06
tadzikwell, the stripes on the road16:06
tadzikdon't they call it zebra in germany or anywhere?16:06
RotwangI thought jaywalking jailbird souds like ubuntu release16:07
tilmansilly tadzik :D16:07
treachwell, that's unplesant. Here you may walk on red iirc, but if anything happens it's on your head.16:07
tadzikoh :)16:07
* Rotwang note to self "delete previous note"16:07
tadzikyeah, that makes sense16:07
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tadzikRotwang: 120 PLN?16:08
RotwangI earn 100PLN a day16:09
Rotwangso this hurts16:09
tadzikisn't rather like 25 euros?16:09
tadzikduh, sure it does16:09
Rotwangit is not really important16:09
tadzikwell, it's too much either way16:09
RotwangI do not follow currenciy market closely16:09
tadzikbut I remember they threatened me with 100 PLN last time when they caught me on crossing the red light16:09
RotwangI have unpaid ticket for drinking alcohol in public place16:10
tadzikhah, I had a 3 hit combo once16:10
Rotwangso I may get double trouble now ;D16:10
tadzikdrinking in public place, underage drinking and, hmm, being to loud or something16:10
tadzikbut it ended up without a ticket16:11
* treach wonders if poland has police officers, or ticket machines16:11
tadzikit doesn't really differ much16:12
RotwangJP 100%!!16:13
tadzikoh come on ;)16:13
tadzikback in my days, JP standed for John Paul16:13
Rotwangnow it stands for "Jestem Programistą"16:13
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