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thrice`  :D09:33
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frinnstdoes flash "build" for you guys?09:37
enteno, didn't09:54
entesent sepen a patch09:54
entefrinnst: used this pkgfile09:55
cipppwithout rpm2tar09:57
entebsdtar <09:58
tadzik. o O ( why to targz a single file )09:58
tadzikwell, there's probably more adobe crap inside, isn't it?09:58
cipppbsdtar its from libarchive09:59
cippppkgmk depend by libarchive09:59
tadzikis from. depends on. (sorry)09:59
cipppinside rpm it is not only one file10:02
entethrice`: :D10:08
frinnstyeah, pkgmk handles it all10:14
frinnsti just removed the rpm2tgz and tar crap and it built just fine :)10:15
entetell sepen about it10:17
frinnsti will, next time i see him :)10:17
thrice`I'm not sure on 2.6, pkgmk can understand having a .rpm in the source line, though10:19
thrice`I'm too lazy to setup a 2.6 instance, though ;)10:20
* Rotwang has some serious failfox memory leak10:20
cipppwork only in 2.7 if you delete ..10:20
tilmani already told him that those two lines aren't needed/harmful in 2.710:20
Rotwangthrice`: sure it does10:20
Rotwangthrice`: my bad it doesnt10:21
thrice`yeah, so a bsdtar is probably all that is needed :>10:22
Rotwangffx eats up ~1,5GB of ram10:23
frinnstthat sounds normal :)10:24
thrice`maybe even on the low side10:24
Rotwangwith only 15 tabs10:24
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entetry LD_PRELOADing a garbage collector?10:26
enteif you really think it leaks10:26
Rotwanghow exactly?10:28
RotwangId have to rewrite failfox?10:30
entecompile it and then LD_PRELOAD the boehm collector, it can be used as drop-in replacement to system malloc, I just never did it10:30
tilmani doubt that will just work like that10:31
entepeople used to do that in early firefoxes, because it leaked like hell10:31
tilmaniirc mozilla uses their own malloc implementation eg10:31
enteI don't find the link anymore. should start to use bookmarks extensively10:33
tilmanfrinnst: i think opt/radeon-ucode needs an update to include the evergreen files (see the source url)10:47
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frinnsttilman: cheers11:41
frinnsti think my 2tb disk is dying11:41
cipppbecause is fat11:44
cippp2tb its to much :)11:44
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frinnstthats a bunch of files12:12
frinnstperhaps a tarball is in order12:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: radeon-ucode: updated to 20100912. Adds support for newer chips.14:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: radeon-ucode: updated to 20100912. Adds support for newer chips.14:38
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tilmanwesnoth is great15:00
tadzikyes it is15:02
Rotwangnot really :{15:09
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prologicI love wesnoth too15:25
prologicwish I had better sight to play it though :)15:26
prologicnice game, nice graphics, nice implementation15:26
Rotwangi liked only extreme addon15:27
Rotwangnot really sure how was it called15:28
Rotwangit made more of an rpg from wesnoth15:28
prologic"action" you mean15:31
prologicbloody european non-english speaking cruxers :)15:32
prologicjokes :)15:32
prologicnipuL, Romter and I must be the only AU cruxers around lol15:32
prologicused to be a few more :/15:32
* prologic missed the ol days with whoever his name was15:41
prologicwas so much fun :015:41
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tilmani thought i remembered that wesnoth was quite like warlords16:17
tilmanbut it's not ;)16:17
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prologicahh I can't remmeber16:29
prologicnot, it's more wow style isn't it ?16:29
prologicI think the SmartCard in this new Dell has a builtin DHCP server16:41
prologickeeps crashing my network :/16:41
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cipppi found a fix for bzr and python 2.717:24
cippppython need a small patch17:25
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prologichas this been sbumitted to python's bts ?17:37
cipppfrom 2010-03-21 :)17:41
prologicoh cool17:42
prologicI don't use bze so I don't care :)17:42
prologicbut glad to see the bug with xmlrpclib has been noted and fixed17:43
cipppi dont realy care about bzr , sometime i check nautilus elementary17:44
prologicahh k17:44
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prologicI just realized something17:46
prologicthis new Dell server sitting ont he floor next to me has enough RAM in it to not only have the 2.7 x64 iso copied over, but also to have it mounted17:46
prologic(the 2.7 x64 test2 iso failed to boot :/)17:46
thrice`I didn't try to boot it, only pkgadd -u  from it17:47
prologicahh yeah well I think I'll be doing that myself tbh17:47
prologicI'm just saying publically here that the 2.7 x64 iso does not boot correctly (at least on this Dell)17:48
prologicI don't really have any other 64b machines (except my desktop - which I cbf putting crux64 on it)17:48
thrice`yeah, I think frinnst knows :)17:48
prologicno point really :)17:48
prologicyes he does :)17:48
prologicI told him :)17:48
thrice`ah, ok; I remember him mentioning the kernel needed tweaking a couple weeks ago17:48
prologichopefully we'll get a test3 iso working for 2.7 at some point17:48
prologic*nods* I suspect so too17:49
prologicI should retire my current desktop and get me a new one17:49
prologicand actually install crux64 2.7 :)17:49
prologicie: a quad core desktop with 8G of ram and 2 SATA II 500G drives :)17:50
tilmanfuck, i just spent 5 hours playing wesnoth18:19
prologicwhoops ;)18:19
* jaeger is playing Mass Effect18:23
prologicjaeger, ping18:25
prologicknow much about Dells ?18:25
jaegersome of them. I had dell servers at an old job18:25
prologicand/or Dell SLA18:25
prologicahh good18:25
prologicwell this is a Dell R210 (I'm pretty sure)18:25
jaegerI may not be familiar with the new ones18:25
prologicit has a 64M Dell partition (/dev/sda1) and a 2GB Win95 partition (/dev/sda2)18:26
prologicI presume it's for the Dell Diagnostic Console (cd and 3 phamphlets in the box) that seems to only be for Windows anyway18:26
prologicI'm fairly certain they haven't changed much!18:27
jaegerSeems reasonable. I haven't ever had a need for those but that's a good suppostion18:27
prologicthe Smartcard remote management web app doesn't let anything but IE6 to use it :)18:27
prologicso they've likely changed nothing18:27
prologicso you'd just remove the 2 partitions18:27
prologicand start from a clean raid ?18:27
prologic(it's a hw raid controller btw)18:27
jaegerOr leave them alone. They're not wasting a lot of space18:27
jaegerIn the past I removed them18:28
prologicwhich seems to have been pre-setup by the factory18:28
prologicI think I'll remove them18:28
prologicthey're going to be useless to me anyway18:28
jaegerIf you ever needed that again you should be able to restore it using downloads from the Dell site anyway18:28
prologicI'm not sure if there are linux versions of Dell diag console or not18:28
prologicbut even if there is I don't think it'd be better than standard kernel hw monitoring and tools18:28
jaegerThere are linux versions of some of the tools18:28
jaegeromdiag, etc.18:28
prologicdo you remember/know if they require those 2 partitions ?18:29
prologicor just some space in /var (or such)18:29
jaegerThey don't as far as I know but it's been a few years18:29
prologickk it's nps :)18:29
prologicjust wanted a 2nd opinion18:29
prologicI cbf calling Dell18:30
prologicwhat would they know :)18:30
prologickams, well partitions are going18:30
prologicthe /dev/sda2 (2GB Win95) is marked as bootable :/18:30
prologicutterly useless really18:30
prologicI need/want an ext2/3 partition bootable for /boot :)18:30
jaegeryou could always back it up first just in case18:31
jaegerclonezilla image or something18:31
jaegerbut I don't think it's necessary18:31
prologictehre's nothing on either partition!18:32
prologicthey're empty!18:32
jaegerhow odd18:32
prologicyou're telling me18:32
jaegerin that case, nuke away18:32
prologicI think it's because we ordered the server with "No OS" option18:32
prologicprobably why we got it so quickly18:33
prologiccame from the US18:33
jaegerAh, could be18:34
jaegerLooking at the specs sheet it seems like a nice box18:34
prologicbtw, you still contributing to the crux isos ?18:34
prologicit is :)18:34
prologic(if we speced it out!)18:34
prologic4 cpu slots18:34
prologic8 stat ii slots18:34
jaegerI make small contributions here and there and I still build them18:35
prologic4 other stat slots (for removeable media - eg cd/dvd)18:35
prologicahh cool18:35
prologicwell I have a suggestion18:35
prologicif you wanna just do it on your own iso (which I'll grab a copy of)18:35
prologicthat is to have the cd's rc.d/net scripts start dhcpcd for eth018:36
prologicand have sshd turned on with ALL: ALL18:36
jaegerI've considered something like that in the past but you'd still need to load the proper module18:36
jaegeras it is now, you just have to load the module, run dhcpcd, start sshd, and set a root password18:36
prologicI think if you just compil;e the most common NICs as modules18:36
prologicthey'll load automatically will they not ?18:36
jaegergenerally no, unless something tries the use the hardware, I believe18:37
prologiconly reason I'm suggesting this is because we've been in situations countless times where we have no keyboard or monitor18:37
prologicwhere a cd chucked in and the server rebooted would be mighty handy18:37
prologicwe'd grab it's ip from the core router (looking at the dhcp server lease) and ssh into it18:37
prologichmm you're quite right actually18:38
prologicyou'd need to load them all18:38
prologicor laod a common set of nic drivers18:38
jaegerI've also considered trying to use something that attempts to auto-detect the proper module rather than simply loading every one but I guess either way would work18:38
prologicis auto-detection reliable ?18:39
prologicI know other distros can/do do this18:39
prologiclive-cds for example18:39
jaegerno idea, I haven't tried it yet, only speculated and read a bit18:39
prologicI think it's worth doing18:39
prologiceven worth me trying a few ideas out :)18:39
prologicnothing like a crux install and remote diag cd that you just pop in and reboot18:39
prologicanyway no important right now :)18:40
prologicthe crux iso's kernel doesn't have a Gigabit BCM5476 driver on it18:42
prologicswap 32GB (4x physical RAM), / 2GB /boot 64M /usr 4GB /opt 4GB /export/data (rest)18:58
prologicshould be ok right ? :)18:59
jaegerthat much swap is way overkill but won't hurt anything18:59
prologicof course it's overkill :)18:59
jaegerThese days I tend to make /boot about 256MB just in case, and no partition smaller than 10GB18:59
prologicI've seen these people and what they do18:59
jaegerI used to do lots of 2 and 4GB partitions and always regret it later, heh19:00
prologicthe likelyhood of running the server out of ram is there19:00
prologicyou make a fair point :)19:00
tilmanprologic: seriously, that much swap seems silly19:00
prologicok 2nd attempt19:01
prologicswap 4GB (0.5x physical RAM), / 10GB /boot 256M /usr 10GB /opt 10GB /export/data (rest)19:02
prologick we all happy now ? :)19:04
prologicthat leaves 464G for everything else (their data)19:04
jaegerSeems reasonable to me19:07
prologicdoes anyone have anything to say about file systems ? I'm just using ext3 all over (for now)19:07
prologicnot sure what to use for their data though (CAD and general office files)19:07
jaegerext3 seems fine these days, I use it and xfs/reiserfs3 still19:07
entegrrr my fake-raid-via-sata-controller does not show the drive19:07
enteit used to :<19:07
prologicjaeger, what would you go for to use as a shared resource in an office ?19:08
enteI have ext2 (usually /boot), ext3, and xfs for some data partitions19:08
prologicthis box will become as PDC as I said previously a few weeks ago19:08
prologicente, yeah I've tended to use ext3 for /boot19:08
jaegerIf it'll be serving mostly small files either ext3 or reiserfs19:08
prologicit hardly need journal'ing19:09
jaegerIf mostly large files, xfs19:09
prologicthey can get quite big (I've been told)19:09
prologicso I'm tempted to make the 464GB (rest of disk) XFS in that case19:09
jaegerI would qualify small files in this case as anything less than 2GB19:09
prologicwhen/if they request more disks go into the raid19:09
prologicwe'll worry about that then19:09
jaegerchances are you won't see much of a difference these days19:09
prologicahh hmm19:09
prologicyeah well point taken19:10
prologicwhen they talk about "big files" they're only talking hundreds of MB19:10
prologicso ext3 will be fine19:10
prologiceven reiserfs19:10
prologic*shrugs* I'm happy19:11
prologicalways takes more than 10mins to do a base install when you want to get it "perfect" :)19:11
entefucking via controller19:12
prologicgod damn19:13
prologicI can't beleve in 2010 you still have to reboot for partition changes to take affect19:13
prologicgeez christ :)19:13
jaegeryou don't if you have partprobe handy :)19:13
prologicwth is wrong with bios software writers19:13
prologicand how would I get partprobe running on the crux cd :)19:14
jaegerI'm not even sure what package contains it but I plan to add it sometime in the future19:14
prologicoh googie :)19:14
prologicit's a console tool ?19:14
prologiccause this is pathetic19:14
prologicsurely there is a way to force the kernel and udev to refresh what it knwos about the disk/raid-array's partitions19:15
prologicahh well :)19:15
jaegerthere's likely a way, I don't know it :)19:15
prologicme neither19:15
prologicI'll make a note in my list of things to learn and find out how to do19:15
prologicjust for the hell of it :)19:15
prologicmaybe there's a syscall for it19:16
prologicactually I didn't try restarting udev to see if that would have worked19:16
prologicman this Dell R210 is fast :)19:20
prologichaving some trouble getting the NIC to work (drivers I've selected don't appear to work)21:03
prologicBroadcom NetXreme II BCM5716 Gigabit Rev 2021:04
prologicthis is helpful21:06
prologicI wonder if a later kernel has resolved this21:07
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