IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-09-14

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pitillogood morning01:02
rauzmorning, puh my kde 4.5 build is finished yeah !01:53
teK_ports, ports, ports *sweat* *clappinghands*01:57
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frinnsta s d f03:28
frinnstkeyboard and mouse no longer work after each boot. have you yank the usb-cable and reinsert03:28
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Rotwangjaeger: you've told yesterday that it would be useful to write a script that compares footprints permissions with actually installed files, yes?05:24
Rotwangbut, there is a problem, there really isn't a way to tell from which collection actual port is installed05:25
frinnstRotwang: still got bookmark issues?05:33
Rotwangfrinnst: I can't reproduce it at the moment05:37
Rotwangbut after update to 3.6.9 I still encountered them from time to time05:38
Rotwangand I didn't check it on a clear profile, so I'm not sure if it isn't an addon issue05:38
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Rotwangcoreutils/chmod behaviour changed yet again06:31
Rotwangnow it is possible to remove setuid. setgid and sticky bits via chmods numeric mode06:32
Rotwangand the manpage is wrong06:33
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frinnstwtf. a nullmodem cable made X ignore my keyboard/mouse07:29
frinnsthow retarded07:29
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enteI wonder how perforce is like07:41
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jaegerRotwang: no way to tell for sure but it could guess based on the order of prtdir statements08:04
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frinnstkeyboard #&!/ยค("!#10:40
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dum8d0gI wrote maintainer of inkscape port like two weeks ago and he still didn't reply or update his port :-/12:24
frinnstprivate repo? cant find it in opt/contrib12:26
dum8d0gyes, private12:29
dum8d0gdoes crux offer some tool to poke maintainers over internet?12:29
dum8d0glike hammer or so..12:29
frinnstno, the violence protocol is proprietary12:30
dum8d0gwouldn't want reverse engineer that12:32
tadzikdum8d0g: don't worry, it still doesn't work after a version bump12:33
dum8d0gtadzik: inkscape? I use 0.48.0; no problem with that.12:35
tadzikdum8d0g: oh, got a Pkgfile?12:35
tadzikdum8d0g: it still cries about PDFDoc.h12:35
tadzik(for me)12:35
tadzikworks for you?12:35
dum8d0gyes, works nice12:36
dum8d0gI removed mah port after I sent a patch to that guy with 0.4612:36
tadzikcould you lookup PDFDoc.h on your filesystem? Who is it owned by?12:36
dum8d0gnot in /usr12:38
dum8d0gsearching over /12:38
cippppoppler ?12:38
dum8d0gdon't have that12:39
dum8d0g(only popt)12:39
dum8d0gah, popt is unrelated12:40
dum8d0galright, don't have PDFDoc.h anywhere12:40
dum8d0gmeh, I searched thru my external drivers. not funny.12:40
* dum8d0g will try to find that patch..12:40
tadzikwho owns it?12:41
tadzikmy fsearch didn't find it anywhere12:41
dum8d0gtadzik: If you talk about that header, I don't have it.12:42
dum8d0gtadzik: but I found that patch for inkscape port12:42
tadzika patch?12:42
tadzikWhatever I tried, it complains about lacking of that file12:43
dum8d0gas you can see, not so much a change12:44
dum8d0g--disable-static is not supported by inkscape configure anymore12:45
dum8d0g(I doubt it ever was)12:45
dum8d0gI can send you my package, if you trust me.12:45
tadzikI'll try building it, but I'm afraid I'm more than sure that it'll fail at the same point12:49
tadziklet's try though12:49
dum8d0gjust building it12:49
dum8d0g# pkginfo -i | grep pop12:51
dum8d0gpopt 1.16-112:51
dum8d0g# pkginfo -i | grep cair12:51
dum8d0gcairo 1.10.0-112:51
dum8d0gcairomm 1.8.4-112:51
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dum8d0gbuilding ram.. nice13:02
dum8d0g  CXX    extension/init.o13:03
tadzikyeah, just after that13:03
dum8d0gwell, I was there minute ago. No problem.13:04
tadzikmy build crashes just after this line13:04
dum8d0gdo you have all dependencies built?13:04
dum8d0gand updated?13:04
tadzikeverything is update, I'm running depinst so I guess deps are ok13:05
dum8d0g#ifdef HAVE_POPPLER13:06
dum8d0g<< on mah system is false13:06
tadzikcrap, am I to remove poppler to build inkscape? Madness13:07
dum8d0g$ grep -rn PDFDoc.h ~/tmp/inkscape-0.48.013:07
dum8d0g/home/dum8d0g/tmp/inkscape-0.48.0/src/extension/internal/pdfinput/pdf-input.h:38:#include "PDFDoc.h"13:07
dum8d0g/home/dum8d0g/tmp/inkscape-0.48.0/src/extension/internal/pdfinput/pdf-input.cpp:22:#include "PDFDoc.h"13:07
dum8d0g$ cd ~/tmp/inkscape-0.48.0/src/extension/internal/pdfinput/ && c++ -c pdf-input.cpp13:07
dum8d0g$ echo $?13:08
dum8d0g(sorry for little flood)13:08
tilmantadzik: madness? THIS! IS! INKSCAPE!13:08
tadzikyeah, seems so13:08
dum8d0gmust admit new inkscape is awesome13:08
tilman(i don't think inkscape is madness, but i couldn't resist)13:08
cipppi think ppopler its wrong build13:09
dum8d0gseems like somebody thought that something-pdf in poppler is useless13:10
cipppWhen configuring & building poppler, you need to do13:10
cippp./configure --enable-xpdf-headers13:10
cipppto get the (depreciated?) xpdf headers installed when you do a make install.13:10
cipppmaibe this is ?13:10
dum8d0gI do have xpdf13:11
dum8d0gbut thats.. kinda.. unrelated.13:11
dum8d0gbtw what is poppler good for?13:13
dum8d0gexcept it breaks inkscape build13:13
tilmancippp: no offense, but it's "deprecated", not "depreciated". at least in this context. "depreciated" is financial stuff ;)13:15
cippptilman: its copy/paste from a web page13:15
cipppim not the only stupid in internet13:15
tilmancippp: i'm not saying you're stupid. that mistake isn't that uncommon it seems13:16
cipppenglish make to look stupid , its not a big problem :)13:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] samba: update to 3.5.513:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: radeon-ucode: updated to 20100912. Adds support for newer chips.13:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: fixed issue with PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR (Thanks to Moritz Wilhelmy)13:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: removed rpm2targz depndency (now using bsdtar for cpio archives)13:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] samba: update to 3.5.513:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.713:29
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mhi^ente: Too many hardliners on the other channel ;]13:42
enteway too many13:47
entebut some of the suckless people are nice13:47
tadzikdum8d0g: inkscape installed, now I'm installing poppler again :)13:48
mhi^tadzik: yup13:53
mhi^ente: I have a hard time ignoring them, really. Idling there is almost not worth the pain. ;)13:53
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enteit's mostly fun13:56
enteI don't hate XML the way they do, if I don't have to touch it13:56
enteit's relatively sane, even though it's an uglier reinvention of s-expressions13:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: radeon-ucode: updated source url13:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: radeon-ucode: updated source url13:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.713:57
mhi^Well, it's mostly the "I use Plan9. I don't get work done, but at least my OS isn't flawed by design." attitude.13:57
dum8d0gwhat? suckless?13:58
frinnstthe mascot for plan9 is awesome13:59
dum8d0gits not just about plan9. mainstream of suckless community uses archlinux13:59
dum8d0gsome of them use openbsd13:59
mhi^And Slackware, yea, I just noticed that ;)13:59
mhi^It's just.. they're fuckfaces to everyone who is not sharing the same opinions.14:00
thrice`sounds nice :>14:00
dum8d0gtadzik: glad I could help14:00
dum8d0gmhi^: well, they sure have strong opinions. but if you look at communities without strong opinions, you will find something like KDE project - too many peoples with diferent ideas and almost everything gets implemented. somehow.14:02
dum8d0gmhi^: the way they are doing things is very similar to openbsd way14:03
dum8d0glike - we are doing great stuff as a side-efect of funhacking14:04
mhi^I agree with you on 'having strong opinions' can be of advantage. And I also like most of the suckless software. I just don't like the rudeness in the channel :)14:04
dum8d0gnever been there14:04
dum8d0gI just follow dev list14:05
dum8d0gsometimes throw a little flame into the battle14:05
dum8d0gmhi^: what software from suckless project are you using?14:06
mhi^I played around with 'surf' but in the end I missed some of FFs plugins :)14:07
dum8d0gme too. I also use tabbed, surf, slock, dvtm and dtach14:07
dum8d0g(dtach isn't actualy from suckless project)14:07
mhi^Ah, I use slock, too.14:08
dum8d0gAre you using my port?14:08
dum8d0gdid that few days ago14:08
mhi^Uhm, I compiled it from the sources from 3 months ago or so.14:09
tilmanwesnoth/sdl(?) is funny14:09
tilmanwhen i _quit_ the game, my second display is turned off14:09
mhi^tilman: :D14:09
frinnsti get the same with all fullscreen apps14:09
dum8d0gIt sure is feature14:09
dum8d0gThose features are common nowadays14:09
frinnstioquake3, teeworlds etc14:09
frinnstfucks up the desktop resolution and turns off my second screen14:10
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: xz: update to 4.999.9beta-180-ge23e14:10
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: zlib: fix for FS#58814:10
frinnstepic versioning14:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] sysvinit: update to 2.8814:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: nasm: update to 2.09.0114:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: perl: update to 2.12.214:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: xz: update to 4.999.9beta-180-ge23e14:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: zlib: fix for FS#58814:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.714:11
dum8d0gsomeday, I will develop and maintain some software just to have version like that14:12
tadzik[core.git/2.7]: perl: update to 2.12.214:13
tadzikReally, I hope not14:13
dum8d0gupdate of what? perl to 2* ? That would be super cool14:14
dum8d0gThen crux could say "even more freezed than centos"14:14
dum8d0gI think centos has some perl 5* which is 4 years old14:15
tadzikand I thought 5.8.* is the cancer14:15
tadzikyeah, that'd be this one14:16
juetadzik: no worries, just a typo :)14:16
tadzikwe have 5.12 out, and still not using 5.10 features for the sake of 5.8 compatibility14:16
tadzikjue: I'd be pretty amazed if there'd be 2.12 in core actually :)14:16
dum8d0gI think the only think you can really get use of from new perl is 'say' and '...' commands14:16
dum8d0geverything is just 'weird'14:17
tadzikand, as a result, given-when14:17
dum8d0gI am scared of perl regexes since I read 'Mastering regular expressions' from Jeffrey Friedl14:17
tadzikI'm actually looking forward to read that14:18
dum8d0galso, since I learned that perl has recursive regex operator and parallel matching14:18
tadzikdum8d0g: you should see Perl 6 regexes14:18
dum8d0gno I should not14:18
tadziknot Regular anymore :)14:18
dum8d0gI would prefer to stay sane14:18
tadzikthey're awesome14:18
dum8d0gthey lost their regularity because of ken long time ago14:19
tadzikI have an .ini file parser in like 30, readable, lines14:19
Rotwangperl5 regexes are also readable14:19
Rotwangjust like perl syntax14:20
dum8d0gyes, but nobody talks about the time spent on reading14:20
tadzikoh look, it's Perl readability jokes again14:21
tadzikthe label says: Python -- choose readability14:21
tadzikseriously, Perl (5) has many bad sides, but the argument about readability is just an utter bullshit14:22
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dum8d0gwell, I must admit that Perl is in fact very readable and friendly. But you must stay on track with it. I stopped for about a month and I couldn't read perl anymore.14:22
dum8d0gthe context concept is __awesome__, but only if you are aware of it on every character you read14:23
tilmanperl makes it _easy_ (tempting?) to write insanely insane, unreadable code14:23
tadziktilman: I never felt tempted I must say14:24
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dum8d0g<< my last project in perl14:24
dum8d0g(diff tool)14:24
mhi^21:23        dum8d0g | the context concept is __awesome__, but only if you are aware of it on every character you read14:24
mhi^I agree :)14:24
dum8d0gmhi^: are you using weechat?14:26
mhi^nope, irssi14:26
dum8d0gweird whitespace you got there14:26
mhi^it's the irssi theme (written in Perl!1) :D14:26
dum8d0gah :)14:27
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* dum8d0g is having nostalgia moment - going thru my old projects14:35
dum8d0ghah, brainfuck debugger :D14:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: p5-html-parser: update to 3.6814:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: p5-html-tagset: footprint update for perl 5.1214:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: p5-xml-parser: footprint update for perl 5.1214:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: p5-uri: footprint update for perl 5.1214:39
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frinnstA S D F14:44
frinnstfucking race14:45
frinnst9 out of 10 boots, my keyboard doesnt get detected properly by X14:45
dum8d0gyou dont need keyboard14:48
frinnstsweet, switched the kbd and mouse ports14:48
frinnstnow the mouse is dead14:48
dum8d0guse that14:49
dum8d0gand send me drivers after you will make them, thanks14:50
dum8d0gI dream about programming using thought14:51
dum8d0glike "make some condition on this shitty variable, yes like that, throw empty exception if true.."14:52
cipppfrinnst: usb mouse/keyboard ?14:53
cipppThe stable kernel update has been released. "It fixes a single bug that a number of users have reported in that their USB devices no longer work properly.14:53
frinnstnah, dont think thats it15:02
frinnstits a race issue. modpobe loads the ehci too late for udev/xorg to detect it15:03
frinnsti surrendered and compiled it in statically15:03
frinnstworked on first boot atleast15:03
dum8d0gI was going to say 'compile that in'15:04
* dum8d0g does disabled module support15:04
frinnsti have no idea why this has started to happen though. since ive been running basically the same config for a few years now15:04
dum8d0gmaybe hw is going down?15:05
dum8d0gnothing lasts forever15:05
frinnstdont say that, or it will come true15:05
frinnsti did add a drive with btrfs as a module in fstab15:06
frinnsti bet that delayed something15:06
dum8d0gI am also very afraid the day, I find my keyboard not working. It wouldn't be surprice after my aggresive typing.15:06
dum8d0g("aggresive typing" means in fact that I am super mad because of some stupid apache/php/centos/ubuntu/* and mindlessly hit the keyboard..)15:07
teK_so you accidentially typed rm -rf /?15:07
frinnstwohoo, worked twice in a row15:07
dum8d0gteK_: sometimes I would like to15:08
frinnstmy keyboard is pretty new15:08
dum8d0gnew things broke too15:08
frinnst"Logitech Illuminated Keyboard"15:08
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dum8d0gdamn, don't know what to watch now15:17
frinnstwhat are your options?15:18
dum8d0gI have hundrets giga of anime and complete Lost15:18
frinnstsend lost to /dev/null15:18
frinnstdont bother15:18
frinnstdo yourself a favour15:18
dum8d0gI am at the end of first season15:18
dum8d0glooks interesting15:18
frinnstits not15:18
dum8d0galright, I am going to watch lost now15:19
dum8d0gthank you for motivation15:19
frinnstthe writers of that show just made stuff up. there was no "plan"15:19
dum8d0gdont even think about spoilers15:20
thrice`isn't "it sucks" the ultimate spoiler? :p15:22
tilmandecent series with retarded ending is bad15:23
tilmaneg battlestar galactica15:23
tilmani think i was a bit angry because of that stuuuuupid ending :p15:23
frinnsti didnt mind the ending of battlestar galactica15:23
* mhi^ <3 Stargate15:23
frinnstit was pretty much what i expected15:23
RotwangLOST >:|15:24
cipppstargate its great :)15:24
* Rotwang wanted to hang lost screenplay writers by balls15:24
Rotwangending is just fscking terrible15:25
mhi^There is no end yet, is it?15:25
Rotwangthere is15:25
dum8d0gbsg was awesome15:25
Rotwanglost 6th season finished few months back15:26
dum8d0gI almost didn't do my exams because of bsg15:26
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mhi^Rotwang: :O15:26
*** tadzik has quit IRC15:26
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*** tadzik1 is now known as tadzik15:28
tilmanDexter _almost_ interfered with my exams back then ;)15:30
frinnstdue to bad memories thanks to lost, i think i'll watch season 5 of "its always sunny in philadelphia"15:32
tilmangod that show is so messed up15:32
*** jay__ is now known as jayd51215:32
thrice`new sunny season starts this week :o15:32
frinnstcharlie is awesome15:33
tilmani liked the last shot in the final episode of season 115:34
mhi^at least no one was mentioning "How I met your mother" so far.. it's pretty hyped here, ATM.15:34
tilmanhim sitting on the couch with the hat on :>15:34
*** lasso has joined #crux15:34
dum8d0ghimym is very good15:34
thrice`I think the "kitten mittens" episode is the best of the series :p15:35
teK_himym > *~scrubs15:35
teK_to speek in ZSH-extended-globbing-syntax ;>15:36
mhi^Really? > Scrubs?15:36
mhi^Maybe I should give it a chance..15:36
teK_himym is better than everythong else except scrubs15:36
dum8d0gmeh, I think himym has same level as house, dexter, bsg and southpark15:37
mhi^teK_: Ah, I just wanted to say..! :)15:41
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cipppflash-plugin its with no depends now , i think its wrong15:51
*** jayd512 has joined #crux15:55
entetadzik: ncmpcpp is outdated15:59
tadzikwow, my ck4up just segfaulted15:59
tadzikente: thanks, fixing16:00
entesomeone duplicated the port and bumped the version number :D16:00
enteit even has your name in it16:01
tadzikwhoever you are, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG16:01
tadzikaubic: oh you16:01
frinnstjue: wow, adobe really sucks16:02
prologicnow now guys play nice :)16:02
prologicfrinnst, you've only realized this now ? :)16:02
cipppjue: i want to say about : # Depends on: , i think need to be # Depends on: gtk nss16:02
frinnstAffected software versions: fucking everything we produce16:02
tadzikente: pushed to git, unfortunately http repo will probably get updated on the next round hour :/16:04
entedid it by hand16:04
entenot a big problem16:04
entea friend of mine notified me, the lyrics system seems to have significantly improved16:05
tadzikstoring them in a song dir sounds awesome16:05
enteit uses more than one database now and checks them all one after another16:05
entehe also said the media library is slower than on 0.5.3, but at least faster than 0.5.4 again16:06
entewhat did you mean about storing them in a song dir?16:07
tadziklyrics: support for storing lyrics in song's directory16:08
entesounds like a nice feature, but a nice feature I don't want :)16:08
frinnstprologic: btw, i built a new iso16:12
frinnstshould work now16:12
*** cippp has quit IRC16:13
prologicahh awesome :)16:14
prologicsame place to download ?16:14
prologicI'll have it tested on this Dell R210 for you :)16:14
frinnsti included a usb-image too, courtesty of sepens script16:14
frinnstjust dd it to a usb-drive16:14
*** cippp has joined #crux16:15
prologicI've never booted with a usb drive before :)16:15
prologicI put a link to your 64bit iso images on under Downloads too btw16:16
aubictadzik: sorry about the dupe, I used to have a git version because of the lyrics support breakage16:20
*** lasso has quit IRC16:20
tadzikaubic: why didn't you just poke me? :)16:21
entegit?! :P16:21
aubicdidn't know it's this easy16:21
entewhat did you think the "Maintainer" field with email address in the header is for? ;)16:23
prologicthis is true, and as a port maintainer you should always contact/consult the port maintainer listed in Mainteiner field before creating duplicates :)16:24
prologicbut even I'm guilty of having duplicate ports16:24
aubicyea ok, I got lazy and stupid :)16:25
tadzikthat doesn't matter, what does matter, is that you know now :)16:25
prologicin general the less duplicate ports the better :)16:25
* frinnst maintains dupes of postfix, bind and dovecot :)16:26
prologicI maintain duplicates of a lot of stuff too in my personal repo16:27
entefrinnst: what's better about them? :P16:27
prologicbut because our crappy radius systems need custom builds of these ports16:27
frinnstnothing probably.. but configured for my system16:27
entedoes anyone maintain sendmail? :d16:27
prologicif anyone ever needs a fully compliant and complete radius server and management solution16:27
prologicjust install crux and grab my radius ports and radiusmanager ports16:28
prologicmore to the point - does anyone even use exim ?16:28
enteI'd like descriptions in the portdb16:28
prologicI can't believe it's still the default MTA16:28
enteI use exim.16:28
enteI'm pretty happy with it, except for the lack of PAM support16:29
prologicare you kidding me ?16:29
thrice`well, you are on crux, no? :p16:29
prologicI stopped using exim in place of postfix about 10years ago :)16:30
entethrice`: the server runs arch, stupid mistake16:30
prologicI think we should make esmtp the default MTA on crux :)16:30
entemy CRUX uses dma16:30
thrice`arch for a server? :p16:30
prologicyou heratic :)16:30
enteI don't need a full blown MTA on my desktop16:30
entethrice`: for the lack of alternatives16:31
thrice`wtf?  there are hundreds of distributions16:31
enteyes, opensuse :P16:31
enteif I had known better, I'd have used slackware or crux16:31
entethe server is relatively stable though16:32
*** dum8d0g has quit IRC16:54
* mhi^ liked SuSE back in the days :>16:55
*** tadzik has quit IRC16:55
prologicbut now it's a complicated mess of spaghetti ? :)17:00
* prologic used to like Debian back in the days17:00
* ente used to like arch17:07
thrice`I can use just about anything :>17:09
enteme too, but some things are messier than others :P17:09
mhi^prologic: Yes, it was simpler back then. But that's the truth for all bigger distros nowadays, I guess. (Debian; I use that one mostly now :)17:11
entecan't say what I use mostly17:12
enteif you count the ubuntu boxes at university, I use mostly ubuntu17:12
prologicI use mostly CRUX :)17:12
prologicand one macbook17:13
mhi^Yea, another point why I mostly use Debian is, because we use it at work.17:13
enteI was thinking about going back to debian on the desktop17:14
prologicwhat's wrong with crux ?17:14
prologicso install the fonts you want17:14
prologicI actually love the fonts I have here17:14
entedid it, they don't show up17:14
prologicI use only non-anti-aliased terminus fonts17:15
enteall I want is simple non-xft pcf fonts17:15
enteproggyfonts in my case17:15
prologicthen you did it wrong :)17:15
entethey don't work17:15
entexfontsel does not show them17:15
enteI can't make it show them17:15
enteX sucks and I hate it17:15
prologicoh ffs17:15
thrice`do you have a Pkgfile you used to build them?  could be something simple17:15
prologicI ran out of hdd space on my desktop17:16
entethrice`: yes17:16
frinnsthow is that possible these days?17:16
prologicwell let's help you fix this font issue of yours :)17:16
prologicfrinnst, old pc/desktop hw :)17:16
prologicthis machine is like 5+ years old :/17:16
mhi^"X sucks and I hate it"; agreed. "xfontsel doesn't show them"; I'm no font guru, but I believe xfontsel is only displaying certain X fonts.17:16
entersync -aqz xorg-font-proggyfonts17:16
prologicgod damn17:17
prologicI only have 600MB of free space :/17:17
entemhi^: it shows exactly the same pcf bitmap font (that's what it's for, pcf bitmap) everywhere else17:17
entethe freebsd mailserver at uni has 600MB /17:17
enteand I tried to put a jail in there by accident17:17
frinnsti have 5TB in my desktop D;17:17
prologicgo way :)17:17
prologicaway* :)17:17
prologicI'll sawp you :)17:18
enteI have 500 GB17:18
prologicI seriously need new hw17:18
enteI just bought a new monitor and graphics card17:18
entenow I can finally go dualhead17:18
entewith my cheap office desktop built 2002 :p17:18
thrice`ente, mm, /usr/share/fonts/  is correct; are you *sure* post-install ran ?  perhaps running manually just to be safe ?17:18
entethrice`: yes17:19
entethrice`: I did it three times by hand, restarted X and WTF'd17:19
mhi^ente: There you go: I have no idea what you're talking about. Fonts suck :-P17:19
thrice`ok - sorry then :(  I haven't had fonts fail to show up in awhile now :<17:19
prologicmhi^, might be right about the xfontsel stuff17:19
prologicI don't even have it installed here17:20
prologicbut successfully use Terminus fonts in X apps17:20
enteI use terminus too, right now. it's ugly17:20
prologicare you certain your fonts.conf is right ?17:20
prologicwith the right paths ?17:20
enteit looks good in framebuffer though17:20
prologicI actually perfer it (legally blind)17:20
prologicanti-aliased fonts suck for me17:21
enteI'm not talking about antialiasing xft stuff17:21
ente <- take a look at proggy17:21
prologicactually I just realied I'm using Monospace 16 in X-chat17:21
prologicTerminus in Terminal (xfce)17:21
prologicif I get this font to work on my desktop17:22
enteprologic: what fonts.conf? ~/.fonts.conf? /etc/fonts.conf?17:22
prologicwill you upgrade your desktp to crux ? :)17:22
enteYUCK. XML17:22
entefucking freedesktop17:22
mhi^proggyfonts were too small for me. And yes, terminus looks ugly when >=12. At least with my (probably broken) X setup ;)17:22
prologicstop complaining and get over it :)17:23
prologicwe all hate freedesktop and Xorg :)17:23
prologicI especailly every other time nvidia dn Xorg break and conflict with each other :)17:23
prologicX sucks17:23
entesomeone I know was working on a replacement17:23
mhi^At least we don't still use XFree86 :-P17:23
entehe does not have enough coders thiough17:23
prologicente, pass me your Pkgfile for proggyfonts17:24
prologicI'll see if I can't get it working17:24
mhi^ente: Do you still know the name of the project? I know I was reading about something like that on
cippphow look for you ?17:26
prologiclooks great17:27
mhi^cippp: Which size? 14?17:27
prologicnot sure why you guys say Terminus is ugly17:27
prologiclooks great to me17:27
ente[00:16] < ente> rsync -aqz xorg-font-proggyfonts17:27
enteI shouldn't put WIP ports online I guess17:27
cipppmhi^: in front its urxvt with *font:       -xos4-terminus-medium-r-normal--14-140-72-72-c-80-iso10646-117:27
cipppirc its in evilvte with 12 i think17:28
enteOTOH, nobody uses my ports collection anyway17:28
mhi^cippp: yup, 14. I use that, too. It could be a bit smaller, though. But 12 looks evil already :|17:28
prologicente, ta17:28
mhi^ (terminus, 14)17:29
cipppnice , clear17:31
aubicmhi^: wuts that client?17:31
prologicirssi by the looks17:31
prologicI must be the only one that likes X-chat :)17:32
prologicbe nice if irssi were more multi-channel, multi-network friendlier17:33
prologicwrt to it's user interface17:33
mhi^I always thought it was :)17:34
mhi^Granted, I never really used any other client. irssi was the only real alternative back then and I had it running on another server (like so many)17:34
prologicI mean with displaying the names of channels, networks, etc17:36
prologicbut I guess an 80x25 terminal has limited usable space to display things :)17:37
mhi^Well, that's true :>17:38
prologicI don't wanna do any work today :/17:42
* prologic 's birthday17:42
*** cippp has quit IRC17:44
mhi^oi, congratulations, prologic :>17:44
prologichaha thx :)17:44
mhi^But some cake and give it to your colleagues. They love cake. And you can waste like 2 hours with smalltalk instead of working. :>17:45
mhi^(Depends on where you work, I guess :)17:45
prologicI don't start my new job till Mon17:46
prologicI mean I don't want to work on projects and other client work17:46
mhi^Ah :>17:49
enteirssis ui is fine17:52
entethe scripting interface sucks17:52
enteweechat changes the ui and ports the crappy scripting interface to other languages  ;)17:52
entehappy birthday, prologic17:54
prologicheh thanks :)17:56
prologicweechat is ncurses based too ?17:56
*** jue has quit IRC17:57
mhi^prologic: Yup, and apparently there are also GTK2 and QT4 frontends.18:01
prologicahh kk18:03
prologicI think I've heard of weechat before18:03
mhi^Well, I think I'd go for weechat if I had to start out with new configs.18:04
mhi^But my irssi config was well-crafted over the years and I don't see any big killer feature of weechat, which irssi hasn't. So no need to change.18:04
enteI switched back to irssi after trying weechat for short. what mailclients do you use?18:09
mhi^just recently I switched from sylpheed (claws-mail) to mutt18:10
enteI'm switching from mutt to something else18:10
enteusing nmh right now, but not really happy with it18:11
entewanted to go for notmuch, but I'm not an emacs user and I hate writing UIs18:11
enteso I guess sup is worth a try18:11
mhi^only heard of nmh once18:12
mhi^hmm, sup looks good18:13
enteindeed it does18:16
entenotmuch is probably faster though18:16
entesup has a working debian package in squeeze, I didn't get it to build anywhere else (failed at ruby bindings for curses)18:17
mhi^well, both seem to rely on that Xapian library18:17
jaegerbleh... time to take another look at my build box18:18
entethe notmuch emacs plugin is loved by all people who ever tried it, so if you're an emacs user I'd suggest to check it out18:19
entemhi^: if I understand it correctly, xapian is a searching engine18:19
* mhi^ nods18:20
mhi^and of course I'm a Vim user :>18:20
entewell, notmuch aims to "rewrite performance critical parts of sup in C", so I guess xapian is not the performance critical part18:20
entemaybe notmuch is just optimised on people who get 20000000 mails a day18:20
enteI don't need that, actually18:21
enteso maybe sup is sufficient18:21
enteand might become my mailclient of choice.18:21
mhi^well, even mutt was quick enough for high-traffic mailing lists, imho18:21
entethat's not the reason I was unhappy with mutt18:21
ente(I'm always a bit sceptical about performance of ruby programs :P)18:22
mhi^oi, notmuch is in the Debian repos, too18:23
enteIIRC, they focus on the emacs frontend though18:24
entesup focuses on curses18:24
mhi^install/notmuch: Handling install for emacsen flavor emacs2318:24
entemutt has strange keybindings18:24
entealso, I'd like to check the tagging possibilities out sup and notmuch offer18:25
entebut now, I'm going to bed, good night :)18:26
mhi^gn (and thanks for the 'sup' pointer :)18:26
*** mhi^ has quit IRC19:09
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