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pitillogood morning01:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.1001:27
frinnstoi, new x64 flash preview from adobe01:38
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RotwangWhat to do if my fonts ar eugly?02:49
enteI never understood the way fonts work in X02:51
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teK_Do you have the (ratio-wise) correct resolution set for your screen?03:03
Rotwangit is not crux though03:04
Rotwang   1920x1200      60.0*+03:05
teK_does xrandr show the correct dimensions for your screen? (I remember setting them by hand in xorg.conf)03:06
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tilmanwhat tek is after seems to be a DPI issue04:02
tilmanbut the screenshot doesn't look like it04:03
tilmanactually i find the screenshot okay04:03
enteme too04:16
Rotwangin some cases they are ugly04:23
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cipppnew flash for 6405:22
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enteI just hope flash dies quickly05:40
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tadzikI doubt it will ever die06:00
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nthwyatti/o,i/o,it's off to work I go. LoseThos livecd was no joy :(06:42
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mhiHi. I just installed CRUX, but I have problems with internet. I up wlan0, run wpa_supplicant and finally 'dhcpcd wlan0'. Afterwards I can ping my router with 'ping' via wlan, but I can't reach the internet. Any ideas why?09:36
mhiIt's working with the same config on Debian, BTW.09:37
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pitillomhi: nameservers and routes are fine?09:39
cipppput nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf09:41
mhi@both: I'll check, brb.09:42
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mhipitillo: cippp: It was the routes dhcpcd set up. It added 'metric 303' to them. No idea what that means, but when I removed it, it worked :>10:15
cipppnice :)10:16
mhiThat even makes sense, since that's the only difference between my distros. CRUX uses dhcpcd (which I'm not used to yet) and Debian uses dhclient.10:17
cipppi have static ip10:20
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cipppand i get internet from router10:21
mhiEhm.. when I encounter a md5sum mismatch.. what was the suggest way to correct that again? Removing the .footprint file?10:25
thrice`actually, the .md5sum file is what is responsible for the check10:26
mhiAh.. yes. What I meant ;]10:27
thrice`you can test temporarily using "pkgmk -im" (or prt-get) , and if you confirm the tarball has changed, open a bug.  often times, a mismatch is if your download doesn't complete properly10:27
cipppor pkgmk -um/-im10:27
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mhiOk, so the .md5sum was recreated. Now there's another error :> When I try to 'prt-get depinst w3m', it says: bsdtar: Unrecognized archive format10:29
cipppoh, you wrong something , i build fine w3m yesterday10:30
thrice`mhi, which means your tarball is corrupt most likely10:31
mhiso.. I remove the port dir and redo 'ports -u'?10:31
tadzikremove the downloaded tarball, with sauce code10:31
* mhi does10:32
thrice`try to tar it by hand maybe, see if it errors10:32
thrice`er, un-tar10:32
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cipppi try to find something like ck4up10:38
cipppany opinion about this ?
tadzikwhy to use something different than ck4up?10:40
cipppbecause ck4up crash now10:41
cipppnow work :)10:41
tadzikit segfaulted for me once10:41
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mhiIs there a command for just downloading the package, without trying to install it?10:46
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cippppkgmk -um ?10:48
jaegermhi: pkgmk -do10:49
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entepkgmk -just -do -it10:50
mhiAh, great :>10:50
mhiAnyways.. w3m's download path is wrong. It downloads a HTML file :>10:50
entemaybe that's some kind of shar :D10:51
entesince w3m is a browser, you need to execute some javascript to extract the sourcecode10:51
mhidoes w3m even support JS? :>10:52
entedoesn't matter, you're supposed to have firefox10:53
mhiI wanted a text browser to surf CRUX's documentation (to see if it says something about X11 config)10:54
cipppente: ^ :)10:54
entedoesn't matter, any JS capable monitor will do10:55
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tadzikjue: what has happened to Perl in 2.7?11:17
jueupdated to 5.12.2 or what do you mean?11:18
tadziksee the paste11:18
tadzika glance at gitweb shows an update to 12.2, so maybe there's something wrong with ports?11:19
juehmm, maybe your perl port is locked?11:19
thrice`or odd prt-get.conf  prtdir ordering?11:19
tadzikno, it isn't locked11:19
jueprt-get listlocked11:19
tadzikoh, I have it in my /usr/ports/local11:20
tadzikmy bad11:20
tadzikthanks for the idea11:20
tadzikI must clean the mess there11:20
Rotwangtadzik: rm -rf /usr/ports/core/perl11:30
Rotwangports -u11:30
Rotwangports -u core11:32
Rotwangthe latter one11:32
Rotwangjue: but ports works layer below than prt-get11:32
thrice`Rotwang, see above, he had a /usr/ports/local/perl  and probably that's at the top of prt-get.conf :)11:33
Rotwangok, I didn't read whole backlog [;11:34
Rotwangmea culpa11:34
tadzikRotwang: alredy fixed stuff11:41
tadzikoh, didn't read whole backlog :)11:41
Rotwangany whereabouts when perl6 is going to be released officially?11:44
tadzikThe Final Perl 6? Not soon11:44
RotwangI thought so11:44
tadzikbut there have been like 34 preview releases alredy, they work quite nice11:44
tadzikThere is Parrot and Rakudo in cruxpl if you want to give it a try11:44
Rotwangwhat hurts me the most, there wont be =~ operator11:45
tadzikthere is ~~11:45
Rotwangonly smartmatch11:45
tadzikand ~=, but it means quite a different thing11:45
Rotwangsmartmatch is weird11:45
tadzikas everything in Perl, before you understand it11:45
Rotwangdont know what ~= is, bitwise negation?11:45
tadzikit's an awesome tool once you get comfortable with it11:45
tadziknah, it's like +=, or .=11:45
tadzik$asd = $asd ~ $foo => $asd ~= $foo11:46
tadzik~ is the old .11:46
tadzikstring concatenation11:46
mhiWhy not keeping the .? Makes more sense to me.11:46
tadzik. is for method calling11:46
tadzikit makes more sense there11:46
mhieeks, okidoki11:47
tadzika sample code: class Rick is Cool { }; Rick.roll(10).perl.say11:47
RotwangI already hate it [;11:47
mhiyes :P11:47
tadzikI like this one: perl6 -e 'my @a = "hip" xx 2; say ~(@a, @a.WHAT.perl), "!"'11:48
tadzikhip hip Array!11:48
mhi@arr.WHAT.perl expands to 'Array'?11:49
tadzikWHAT returns a type11:49
mhiyup, but why the .perl?11:49
tadzikhmm, wonder why the .perl is there11:49
tadzikah, it'd probably be Array() w/o it11:50
mhixx is the new x, eh? :>11:50
juecippp: if you have problems with ck4up I'd like hear about that, maybe we can find a solution ;)11:50
cipppjue: work now11:51
cipppbut yesterday crash all time11:51
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mhitadzik: say is the new print? Why the ~(...)?11:51
juecippp: strange, ruby crashed?11:52
cipppyes , i dont know to say :( , a lot of numbers11:53
cipppbut now , all its ok , thank you11:53
mhi@devs: Would you mind if I would bashify some CRUX shell scripts? /usr/bin/setup etc.11:55
mhiThe shebang says bash, but it's often just regular sh syntax.11:56
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tadzikmhi: say is not new12:06
tadzik~ is stringifying, in this case stringifying a list12:06
tadziklike $sth.Str, there is ~$sth12:07
tadzikjue: it crashed for me too, once12:07
tadzikthere's a lot new syntax12:08
juehmm, never saw that, we are talking about 2.7 and ruby 1.9.2?12:09
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frinnstget ready to hate: new xulrunner/firefox release imminent13:05
Rotwangis sqlite released with new compile option?13:07
frinnstno, xulrunner uses the shipped sqlite13:07
frinnstchanging sqlite for just xulrunner is probably a dumb move, i bet it will break other shit13:08
Rotwangits just additional security option, it shouldnt me thinks13:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xulrunner: updated to Fixes a single stability issue.13:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: firefox: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.1013:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xulrunner: updated to Fixes a single stability issue.13:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.713:09
Rotwangsu -13:10
Rotwangwrong window13:10
Rotwangyeah [;13:10
RotwangI was lucky I didn't type in the password13:11
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tilmani like this one:16:22
tilman#define TRUE FALSE //Happy debugging suckers16:22
tilmanlong long ago; /* in a galaxy far far away */16:24
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tilmanOur DBA found this in the middle of a 3000 line stored procedure written by a third party.16:31
enteone of my favourites is "It seems to be perfect" in procmail.c :-)16:31
enteanother one is "c++; /* makes c bigger but returns the old value */"16:32
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frinnstcippp: awesome17:36
tilman     * ...and don't just declare it volatile and think you've solved17:46
tilman     * the problem. You young punks think you know what volatile17:46
tilman     * means... why in my day we had to cast it volatile uphill17:46
tilman     * both ways, and the code still didn't work! Whippersnappers...17:46
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* ente downgrades to ruby 1.817:59
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mhimy CRUX is almost setup now.. I'm glad I took the ~/.dotfiles step and just symlink everything to ~ now, makes migrating a pleasure :>18:10
prologicthe ~/.dotfiles step ?18:10
enteemg has a ~/etc18:13
entebut it's fairly cumbersome to do that18:13
enteanyway, sup works with ruby 1.818:13
entemhi: I suggest you to downgrade :S18:13
mhihaven't installed sup on my new CRUX yet :)18:15
mhiprologic: well, I have one dir with all the configs and just symlink everything to ~, e.g. ln -s ~/.dotfiles/vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc18:15
prologicoh ic18:16
prologic.dotfiles from your old system ?18:16
prologictip: use a version control system to version your settings and/or your home directory from one system ot another :)18:16
prologicI do this :)18:16
prologicusually on'y important stuff though18:17
mhiYea, that's the extended version. I even heard of people using git submodules etc.. but I find it quite nice and simple how I do it now :]18:18
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prologicyeah it's fine :)18:18
prologicversioning things is good though18:18
prologicI version my name server zones and settings across my name servers for example18:19
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mhiAh, that makes sense of course. I cancelled my dedicated server some time ago, but I'll remember that. (BTW, the server is still listed as CRUX mirror in the wiki, which is wrong, of course.)18:22
prologicwhich one ?18:23
prologicI'll go hit it on the head :)18:23
mhiprologic: - it was kinda replaced by which is the LUG of my uni.18:25
mhithanks :]18:27
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entemhi: I'm on arch right now19:18
entenow I can't continue since sup can't read MH folders :319:18
mhiguess you'll need a spool converter then :>19:40
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Buttom_Leftcrux != archlinux22:12
Buttom_Leftcrux == archlinux22:14
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lowellgrippoDoing an unscientific poll on which DE or WM CRUX users prefer. Which do you use?23:19
Buttom_Leftbut now I'm in KDE23:28
Buttom_Leftalso use archlinux23:29
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lowellgrippoKDE -1 The rest - 0. Anyone else?23:56

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