IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2010-09-17

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pitillogood morning01:01
mhigm, pitillo01:09
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cptngood morning01:25
pitillohello cptn, good morning01:30
cptnhi pitillo, long time no see! how are things around here?01:31
pitillotrue, it's a pleasure to see you again here. Things are going fine, people is working hard to get the new release working01:32
pitillothere are a lot of good talks from devs and users, seems that there is more people who met CRUX this lasts months01:33
cptncool, good to hear01:33
pitillohow are you? are all things fine there?01:33
cptnyeah, things are good :-)01:34
pitillogreat, glad to hear that :)01:34
cptnlacking time to do all I'd like to, but I guess that happens to everyone :-)01:34
cptnjust took the git user's survey earlier
cptnand it said "unless one uses source-based distribution like Gentoo, CRUX, or SourceMage [...]"01:35
cptnso I though "hey, you should hang out in #crux today" :-)01:35
pitillotrue, I think that the hard part of this is the time... work, studies, family... but people try to mix and make a little time hole for CRUX01:39
pitillonice, seems that people start knowing a bit more about CRUX... giving time to time will be good to let them know a bit more (and keeping a good work like people here is doing, it will be better), without being a focus for this distribution01:42
cptnyeah, seems so01:43
cptnwell, in any case CRUX' user base has always been quite stable01:43
cptnalthough small01:43
cptnwhen was it someone predicted it's dying?01:44
pitilloummmm user base and server base with a good admin behind too (IMHO)01:44
pitillodoes someone predicted that?01:44
pitillomay be CRUX was dying for him...01:44
pitilloI would like to see the topic in this channel which I saw the first day I came here... I don't know who wrote it, but he wrote the truth... ("Welcome to the temple of knowledge...")01:45
pitillogood thread... xD01:46
pitillosomething like a "CRUX policy" discussion... but really far to ensure that a distro is dying...01:48
cptnheh, yeah01:50
cptnwow, I don't know how much time I wasted in discussions like this01:50
pitillogood told... wasted time. It's a personal decision, just use it or don't use it, but tell it's dying... a bit surprising01:53
mhiHmm. Why would I get only 88 colors, although I compiled urxvt with 256 colors and set TERM to rxvt-256colors?01:59
cptnaccording to you'll need to create your own terminfo file02:01
cptnnot sure if that's still relevant, but worth a try02:01
mhiargs, X11 primary selection isn't working :> (just installed CRUX yesterday)02:02
mhibut thanks for the pointer!02:02
mhiHmm. It shouldn't be needed, since core/ncurses already provides the right terminfo file. (compared the blog entry with: infocmp -L rxvt-256color)02:28
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mhicptn: Args. The patch wasn't updating the configure script and thus I missed a compile option.03:08
cptnoh :-/03:08
cptnso is it working now?03:08
mhiyup :)03:09
mhiMaybe you could take a short look at and tell me if it's ok that way.03:10
cptnlooks good to me03:12
cptnbut I'm probably not the best person to judge this these days :-)03:12
mhi:) Thanks nevertheless!03:13
mhiBTW, what's the best way to clean /usr/ports from downloaded stuff? A little script using 'pkgmk -c' in each port dir?03:26
pitillomhi: using pkgmk vars to put sources and packages in other location. To clean up the ports directory when you don't split those vars in other location can be done with find, looking for packages and sources03:28
cptnprtsweep / prtwash from prtutils can do that too03:29
pitillogood to know, I never used them (taking a look now)03:30
ente :>03:30
mhiAh, thanks :)03:31
enteusrports reads like us-airports03:33
mhiWhen I had my personal httpup repo in the past.. I used a script to HTMLify my /usr/ports/local directory. What was the name of it? :>03:33
* ente never had a httpup repo03:34
entedoes httpup have any advantages over rsync?03:34
cptnmhi: portspage did that03:34
mhiente: Well, I like it when I can check the Pkgfile online03:34
cptnente: it only requires an http server03:34
mhicptn: ah, thanks!03:34
cptnor maybe portpage03:34
enteah, yeah03:35
cptnente: rsync is more efficient, but not everyone runs an rsyncd03:35
mhiah, it's even on the PrtUtils wiki page.. shame on me :]03:35
entecptn: I meant, other than that :D03:37
enteI can host someone's rsync ports if they want03:37
enteI love rsyncd03:38
enteit's so easy to set up compared to ftpds03:38
cptnalso, historically there was only cvsup and httpup support originally03:39
cptnand hardly anyone ran an cvsupd :-)03:39
cptnwow, now I'm feeling old :-)03:39
entewe ain't freebsd? :p03:39
tilmanomg it's cptn03:42
tilmancptn: hi :)03:42
cptnhi tilman!03:42
enteahoi cptn! :D03:42
cptntilman: how are things?03:42
enteah, you're Johannes :D03:43
enteI didn't even know your IRC nick03:43
entenice to meet you03:43
cptnente: yeah, there's still the quickdep issue open...03:45
cptnI'm sorry, time just flies :-(03:45
enteno need to be sorry, it's not really urgent03:46
tilmancptn: pretty good03:48
tilmancptn: you're not working on slim anymore, are you? :p03:51
cptnbut I might still have commit access :-)03:51
cptnno, I was removed from the list of developers03:52
cptnapparently it's used in Chromium OS :-)03:53
tilmanhah, cool03:54
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pitillohello sepen04:14
sepenwow cptn, nice to see you here!04:14
cptnhi sepen!04:18
sepenheh I remmeber the topic 'die happy' ;D04:19
cptngood times :-D04:20
sepencptn, what you have in mind in relation to next-generation prt-get?
cptnmmmh, I have to admit I've happily avoided doing any programming at home for the past year or so04:26
cptnminor patching aside04:27
sepenis sometimes necessary to disconnect04:27
cptnindeed, and there's lots of other things to do04:41
jseHaha die happy, crux! That's been quite a while ago.05:15
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littleomarIs there a x86_64 version?05:53
littleomar(of CRUX)05:54
jseThere's an unofficial 64-bit version done and maintained by frinnst.05:55 i think.05:55
littleomarjse: Thanks mate. Do you happen to know if it works "well"?05:56
jseCan't say anything else about it, sorry.05:56
jseHaven't used it personally since I don't have 64-bit hardware yet. :P05:57
jseI'm quite sure some have used it and said it generally works.05:58
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Rotwanghi cptn, hows it going?07:16
cptnhi Rotwang07:21
cptnquite good... what about you?07:21
Rotwangmy dog had a serious surgery today07:22
Rotwangbut he seems to be fine now07:22
cptnah, good to hear07:22
cptnfor a moment there, I considered making a joke along the lines "what kind of surgeon is it"...07:23
cptnbut that would have been inappropriate I guess ;-)07:24
tilmanlassie MD07:24
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thrice`maybe PD :p07:29
sepenente, wiki/PrnUtils? lol, I'd like to have pr0n-get too ;D07:30
entecopy con: prn: :P07:33
enteyes yes windows has a porn device  ;p07:34
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SiFuhWhat is wrong with IRC?08:17
SiFuhUse to be packed with users back in 2000 and 10 years later it seems to be slowly dieing.08:18
luxhfacebook and stuff08:21
SiFuhI would have thought IRC would be a terminal on your wall inplace of a phone ;-)08:23
luxhthat would be awesome08:23
SiFuhIRC was used to report on the 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt throughout a media blackout.08:24
enteIRC is dying?08:28
luxhlinux is dying08:28
SiFuhIs it?08:28
entelinus is dying, so linux is dying too08:29
SiFuhOpenBSD 4.5 Yenjie.MP#0 i38608:29
luxhwhat is that?08:29
SiFuhuname -a08:29
SiFuhlinux died08:29
enteopenbsd - security throught obscurity™08:29
SiFuhCrux is still going08:30
SiFuhI reember teaching linux in 2002 and I used crux as the platform.08:31
entethere are no other kernels for crux than linux :P08:31
entetoday, they'll expect you to present ubuntu08:31
enteeverything else is heretic :P08:31
luxhi hear ubuntu isn't brown any more. is that true?08:32
enteit looks worse08:33
luxhoh my08:33
luxhis that possible? :p08:33
enteit's violet x.x08:33
enteand it's everywhere08:33
entebrown was better08:34
luxhis that default theme or a os x imitation?08:35
entehey, wtf, that's the arch linux symbol on the startmenu button08:35
entebut that's the color they have everywhere08:35
enteand yes, that particular scrot looks like osx08:35
SiFuhWe had an ubuntu class once. I was invited to watch. I had to laugh when one of the guys who was teaching typed "mount mkdir"08:36
ente all purple everywhere08:36
cippppinguins its from mandriva wallpaper08:37
cipppmandriva its almos dead08:37
enteI hate these glossy penguins08:37
entegoogle tux, they're all glossy08:37
entewhat's this shit?08:37
luxhglossy glossy08:38
ente that's the default08:38
entestill looks like osx08:38
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cptnokay, I'm heading home09:54
cptnhave a nice day everyone09:54
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aubicRotwang: would you check for a footprint mismatch in contrib/iotop?10:15
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Rotwang2.6 or 2.710:23
aubicoh, 2.710:23
Rotwang2.7 awaits release, s for now ill let it be [;10:24
aubicok :)10:24
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jueoh, I missed cptn, too bad12:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mutt: update to 1.5.2112:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mpg321: dropped12:54
tilmanso what? mpg123 is better anyway12:55
thrice`omg, crux is dying12:56
tilmanever since mpg123 was fully free (2 years or so?) mpg321 has lost its point :p12:56
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jseCall the coroner and the morticians. This stinker has to got to go.12:56
tilmanso, new mutt12:57
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jsemutt revolves at a similar pace to this distribution. :P12:59
jseAn observation, not a judgement call fyi.12:59
tilmanphew :p13:00
jseHad your /kb all ready eh? :P13:01
jse"silence! we don't tolerate dissidence around here"13:01
jse...or something like that.13:07
* ente wonders if there's a ruby 1.8 port13:08
tilmanobviously not (
enteI had to downgrade in order to make sup work, but it will only run on my server anywaty13:09
tilmancan't you fix sup instead?13:09
enteit's more like a ruby-ncurses problem13:10
enteI'm no ruby coder13:10
tilmani wasn't a ruby coder either until i started writing ruby code13:11
enteso now you are one? :)13:12
jseSomething like that. :)13:12
tilmani know ruby, yes13:12
enteI have to make ruby work on MH first, that's higher priority13:12
enteeither that, or convert MH back to maildir13:13
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sepenjue: I think I've a better fix for the timeline15:42
sepenwithout markup ;D15:48
juesepen: looks good, the dups are gone :)15:52
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