IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-09-21

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pt_wm8505good morning01:00
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Ovim-ObscurumHow you're doing?03:19
tadzikoh nice03:19
tadzikI see some Archlinux notifications in my spambox, about outdated ports on AUR03:19
cipppwhy you left arch ?03:25
tadzikdidn't like aur and the maintainers forcing everything03:25
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tadzik„I removed your fixed loudmouth port, there is a loudmouth port in extra, please don't create you own one” – „But that one is broken” – „Then submit a bug to bugzilla” – „There is a bug there, untouched for a year or something” – „Then you are out of luck”03:26
tadzikalong with „We won't patch gnutls because our policy is vanilla packages with no patches. Loudmouth does not work with a patch? Oh, that' a shame”03:27
n0nsenseand everyone keeps complaining about bad packages in AUR03:29
cipppcomplaining foun anywhere03:30
tadziknow they flagged my wklej package out of date and keep complaining. Unfortunately, I can't reset my AUR password, I need to ask on it on a forum. I reset my forum password then, but I got the message „your password reset key has expired” followed with „You can't get another password so soon, wait another hour”03:30
tadzikthen sorry Archers, but your webservices are so fucked I can't even orphan my packages03:31
cipppneed to ask if you want to delete one of your pkgbuild03:32
cipppthis kill me03:33
tadzikso, as I said, I'm sorry, but I don't want to waste my time on this crap03:33
n0nsensedo you still have arch boxes?03:46
n0nsensewhen did you leave arch?03:47
tadziknot even an Arch box03:47
tadzikdunno, maybe a year ago03:47
n0nsenseI have 2 arch boxes, one of them is my server :X03:53
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luxhoh my04:02
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RotwangI need to put back crux on my laptop at work04:14
Rotwangcrux may be not production ready but it surely fits me on my work04:14
Rotwangwhat I lack teh most tho are binary repos in crux :C04:15
sepenheh, all my coworkers here are using centos or fedoras but my desktop is running crux since 2006 ;D04:18
Rotwangmost my coworkers are running debian/ubuntu04:19
sepensome servers here, but mostly centos5 or solaris04:20
n0nsenseRotwang: yes, i'd like a binary crux repo too04:21
n0nsensebut what package manager are we supposed to use? pkg-get?04:21
n0nsensealso, dependencies might change04:22
n0nsensemaybe port aptitude to pkguti;s?04:22
Rotwangn0nsense: nonsense!04:22
n0nsensethen what? port pacman? :D04:23
n0nsenserather aptitude!04:23
Rotwangbesides package managers does not belong to pkgutils, they work on top of them04:23
n0nsensethat's what I mean, modify aptitude to use pkgutils04:23
sepenn0nsense, only iso packages should be exported in a pkg-get repo IMHO04:23
n0nsensethere are mods for rpm too04:23
sepenCRUX is a source based distro, anyways you could start your own pkg-get repo to work with binary packages04:24
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teK_mhi: why did vlc fail04:45
cipppmaybe because depends from contrib its old ? , i build fine 1.1.4 ,
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teK_% pinfo vlc04:51
teK_Name:         vlc04:51
teK_Path:         /usr/ports/contrib04:51
teK_Version:      1.1.404:51
tadzikhah, I have it aliased for prtinfo :)04:53
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teK_< lazy04:57
pt_wm8505nfs shares (with pkgmk.conf setup) can help to share packages between similar machines too05:01
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mhiteK_: per default it seems to '--enable-lua', I had to negate that in the Pkgfile, since it wasn't installed :> (I don't think it's a needed dependency)05:22
n0nsensemhi: what? grub2? :D05:25
mhin0nsense: hm? :>05:26
mhin0nsense: ah, no, VLC05:27
n0nsenseah, well05:27
n0nsenseI don't see the point in lua support there either05:27
* mhi nods05:28
teK_mhi: so you got a foorptint mismatch or configure error?05:28
*** n0nsense is now known as ente05:28
mhiteK_: configure error05:28
Ovim-Obscurumente, ente, ente, ente, ente, ente. :D05:29
entehör auf05:30
* ente haut Ovim-Obscurum mit einem lart05:30
Ovim-ObscurumAua. :-D05:30
Ovim-ObscurumHast du "Beilight" gesehen? Fällt mir gerade ein, in dem war ich am WE. Sehr empfehlenswert.05:32
cipppmhi: its used for scripts , for example download subtitles
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: vlc: disable lua/debugging05:32
mhicippp: Yea, but I don't think a lot of users will need that. :)05:33
mhiteK_: Ah, right, I also did --disable-debug ;)05:33
teK_lua is not listed as a dependency so we need to be able to build vlc without it.05:33
teK_thx for the rpoert05:33
enteOvim-Obscurum: nö05:35
mhicippp: Nice irssi theme, BTW. Based on Vim's molokai, eh?05:36
cipppits weechat05:36
Ovim-Obscurumcippp: Nice desktop environment.05:36
cipppe17 , yes :)05:36
mhicippp: Well, nevertheless it looks pretty molokai ;]05:37
entenice transparency, with gedit in background :p05:37
cipppvery nice editor05:38
Ovim-Obscurumnever heard, on what toolkit is it based? GTK or QT?05:38
sepengeany too05:39
Ovim-ObscurumNice. :)05:39
Ovim-ObscurumOh it has a builtin explorer, thats nice.05:39
Ovim-ObscurumAnd syntax highlightning!05:39
cipppand dont need clipoard manager05:39
Ovim-ObscurumHas it a button for compiling?05:39
cippplike others gtk editors05:39
Ovim-ObscurumThats why I use scite05:39
Ovim-ObscurumSTRG+F7 => compiles java code05:39
cipppi dont know , i think no05:40
Ovim-ObscurumMhm, okay. That's the only reason, why I use that old and ugly scite. :-D05:40
teK_e17 is a monster.. the guy who wrote the script (subtle irony) is a ex-CRUXer, afaik05:42
cipppwhy monster ?05:43
Ovim-ObscurumThat's why I don't use it, I've got absolutely ´no idea how to configure it.05:43
Ovim-ObscurumThere are so much options and parameters.. urgs.05:43
cipppthis its true05:43
Ovim-ObscurumI simply use Openbox/wbar/pypanel or  LXDE, it's smart too, and easy to configure.05:43
mhidwm ;p05:43
teK_cippp: a friend of mine got me to give it a try.. so I used the script ... waited SOME time and then BAM error (random stuff).. I looked at my friend an he said: just run the script again, maybe they just fixed the error05:44
Ovim-ObscurumAh, tiling. Okay.05:44
teK_so I did and he was right .. it was crazy :p05:44
teK_noone using fluxbox? <305:45
sepenteK_, me at home (2.7-rc4)05:45
teK_I tried dwm and i3 and others but I always came back05:45
mhiI used it before dwm :>05:45
Ovim-Obscurumfluxbox, yuck05:45
cipppa script with ports :)05:45
teK_cippp: ok you must be crazy :P05:45
pitilloteK_: in a CRUX machine?05:45
teK_fluxbox, pitillo?05:46
teK_or what do you mean05:46
pitilloteK_: did you used the easy_script to build e17 in a CRUX machine? (sorry my bad explanation)05:46
pitillowhy not ports? is there a reason for that?05:47
teK_don't remember, maybe they were b0rked05:47
mhiente: explain 'warp' to me. It doesn't sound too useful :-D05:47
pitilloummm good to know, I never got anything related to b0rked e17 ports05:48
entewhat's the problem?05:48
teK_I don't remember, tbh :)05:48
teK_the script uses libnotify to show a little popup when compilation failed :D05:49
teK_it's a monster itself, too.05:49
entemhi: what's with it?05:49
mhiente: if focus changes, the cursor jumps to the middle of the new window.. I wonder what is it good for :]05:49
pitilloummm I really don't know about the script, never used it (only e17 snapshots and svn versions)05:49
enteyou don't have to drag your mouse all over the screen?05:49
entebesides, if you change the monitor, mouse also changes the monitor, so dmenu starts on the right one05:50
mhiHmm, I think that would rather confuse me :) And I don't use dmenu :>05:51
entemhi: after all, if you interact with a window, you usually click around in that window. since you can select a window with the, why shouldn't you be able to move the cursor with the keyboard?05:51
entemhi: check it out, I got used to it05:52
enteif you don't want to patch it by hand, I have a hg repo05:52
entemhi: hg clone
mhiente: Well, you have other use cases than me. I have a 12" laptop and have 2 windows on one tag at max. And the only program with a GUI I really use is firefox, so I don't really move around with the cursor normally.05:53
enteI use monocle layout on the netbook too, and the warp patch does not get in my way, so I don't care.05:54
entebesides, it never moves the mouse in monocle mode05:54
mhihmm, no :>05:55
mhijust decided that I don't need it05:56
entewell, alright :p05:56
mhibut, we can play question and answer..05:56
enteI don't need the transparency patch either :p05:56
mhiwhat audio players do you use?05:56
entempd, mplayer05:56
mhiok, cmus here05:56
mhivideo players?05:56
entenever tried it, but I like having it as daemon05:56
entealso mplayer05:56
mhimostly VLC05:56
mhihmm.. browser?05:57
entesurf, chromium, firefox05:57
mhionly ff here05:57
enteff is too slow on my netbook05:57
enteand eats too much memory05:57
enteunfortunately, chromium lacks vimperator05:58
mhibut there's a Vim plugin for chrome, too, I head05:58
entevim, vi, emacs (want to test it at some point)05:58
enteit sucks, compared to vimperator05:58
mhicat and vim ;p05:58
mhiah, okay05:58
entealso, there's no flashblock and adblock in chromium05:59
mhigrub or lilo?!05:59
Ovim-ObscurumI should stop watching for highlights on *vin05:59
mhinever heard05:59
enteoh, vim!05:59
entemhi: ext2/ext3 flavour of the syslinux family05:59
mhiah, I see05:59
mhiwell.. what did I forget?06:00
mhimail readers? :>06:00
enteI'm not yet satisfied06:00
mhipreviously claws, still mutt, and soon sup (I think)06:00
entepreviously nmh, and before that mutt (still use it on some boxes)06:01
mhiyou with your several boxes.. I only have one :P06:01
enteI don't understand how to import my mail with the right tags in sup, and my ml post didn't get any replies so far (if it even arrived there)06:01
entemhi: you probably have a sentbox too06:01
mhino online archive to check if it was sent correctly?06:02
mhiente: ah, I was thinking of different computers06:02
mhiente: your favourite top 5 tools?06:04
mhiOvim-Obscurum: I want you to answer all those questions, too. Now.06:05
entehammer, screwdriver, ... :P06:05
mhiNoted. Heimwerker-King ;p06:05
entewell, you mean from coreutils?06:05
mhiany software06:06
enteparticularly useful is /bin/cc, everything else can be rewritten :D06:06
mhigood answer06:07
mhitop 5 languages?06:07
entethat one's hard06:07
mhitop 306:07
enteI couldn't even tell top 106:07
mhiWell, do you enjoy all the same?06:07
entethere are many great concepts06:09
Ovim-Obscurummhi: What?06:09
Ovim-ObscurumI was afk, sry06:09
enteI like functional programming, so maybe lisp, I love C, I like meta programming, but you don't know these languages :p06:10
Ovim-Obscurum<- XHTML/PHP/CSS/SQL and Java06:10
Ovim-ObscurumAnd a little bit Visual Basic *hust*06:10
enteCSS and XHTML do not count06:11
mhiyou sound like a webdev ;p06:11
Ovim-Obscurumente: Pff!06:11
Ovim-Obscurummhi: Yep, indeed. ;)06:11
Ovim-Obscurumente: :P06:11
Ovim-ObscurumThats my job06:11
mhiOvim-Obscurum: not my world, I prefer the other (low-level) end :o06:12
Ovim-ObscurumHehe okay.06:12
enteah, another thing is that I like assemblers06:12
enteand logic. I'd love to build a processor06:12
mhimov eax, [ente]06:12
enteI also like parsing theory06:12
Ovim-Obscurumcool :)06:13
mhiwell, I'd like to build a simple compiler when I find some time06:13
Ovim-Obscurummy "mainjob" is "Fachinformatiker Systemintegration", so I configure servers, create networks, etc.06:13
Ovim-Obscurumbut my  side job is to develope webpages06:14
mhiah, I see06:14
* ente integrates Ovim-Obscurum into the borg main computer06:14
mhibut being a webdev means learning new uber complex framework each 3 months, right? :P06:14
Ovim-ObscurumI'm young and need money, thats why I have two "jobs":D06:14
Ovim-Obscurummhm.. yes06:15
Ovim-ObscurumBut I like all those new eyecandy stuff like AJAX :)06:15
entewhat do you need money for? :p06:15
Ovim-Obscurumfor my power invoices06:15
enteI don't. In fact, I hate them :>06:15
mhieyecandy is cool, but not at all costs06:15
Ovim-ObscurumIt's important to find something between "unnecessary" and "eyecandy"06:16
Ovim-Obscurumfor example I hate pages which absolutely require javascript06:16
Ovim-ObscurumI try to develope pages that way, so that EVERY device and browser can access the important information06:17
mhiOvim-Obscurum: wanna see my uber HTML/CSS skills?06:18
Ovim-ObscurumShow meh :)06:18
mhiAwesome, eh?06:19
Ovim-Obscurumonly got links-g right now, looks simple ;)06:19
Ovim-Obscurumwill take a look at it using firefox, one moment.06:20
mhiit's not simple, it's effective! :P06:20
Ovim-Obscurummhi: http://phpmycms.stankowic-development.net06:21
Ovim-ObscurumOne of my projects. :)06:21
Ovim-ObscurumAn open source content-management-system.06:22
mhithere's 'php' in the name ;p06:22
Ovim-ObscurumYep. ;-D06:22
mhinobody can XSS/SQLi/.. my pure HTML/CSS site ;p06:23
Ovim-ObscurumI'm very uninspied in finding names..06:23
Ovim-ObscurumHehe mhi :D06:23
Ovim-ObscurumThat's right.06:23
Ovim-Obscurumfor my portfolio I don't use a cms, pure xhtml/css , too: http://www.stankowic-development.net06:23
* mhi nods06:24
mhiI like the effect at the top, but I lack good gimp skills ;)06:24
Ovim-ObscurumThat's no gimp ;)06:24
Ovim-ObscurumThat photoshop :D06:24
mhiwell, I wouldn't use that, that's why I said gimp ;p06:25
Ovim-ObscurumI bought photoshop, so I use it. :P06:25
mhiah, that's why you need 2 jobs :-P06:26
Ovim-ObscurumNo, it wasn't that expensive. There is a special version for pupils and trainees like me. That version costs at about 280 EUROs, that's not that expensive. The "normal" version costs at about 2000 EUROs.06:26
mhihmm, okidoki06:27
Ovim-ObscurumAnd - I'm allowed to use that version for my customers. Tada! :-D06:27
Ovim-ObscurumIt's a fully functional version. *G*06:27
Ovim-ObscurumBut GIMP is good, too. But I use photoshop since 2004, so you won't get me to learn a new piece of design software. ;)06:28
sepenhmmm photoshop doesn't work on my CRUX box ;D06:29
Ovim-ObscurumHehe :-D06:29
sepenso I need to lear a new piece of software (winbugs) :D06:29
Ovim-ObscurumBut I read, that Adobe maybe ports on of the next photoshop version to linux, too. :)06:29
sepenyeah, sounds similar to nerolinux06:30
Ovim-ObscurumI use many operating systems, not only linux. I use Linux, Windows, Haiku, BSD,... so what? :)06:30
Ovim-ObscurumIt's okay to use windows for some purposes. ;)06:30
sepenI use the operative that speed up my work06:31
Ovim-ObscurumMy problem is, that I need photoshop for my customers and some properitary crap for school. So I need Windows. :D06:31
Ovim-ObscurumIn addition, when I bought my new thinkpad, there was a windows 7 license included to the price. So why not use it? :P06:32
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mhias if Perl weren't obfuscated enough ;]07:28
mhiWhat does it do?07:28
Rotwangcheck it out yourself ;f07:30
Rotwangnothing dangerous07:30
*** Rotwang has quit IRC07:34
mhiwhen I'm at home..07:37
entemhi: in my opinion, eyecandy conflicts with efficient workflow07:48
Ovim-ObscurumNot always!07:48
enteof course not always07:48
Ovim-ObscurumFor example, what's about site management in cms? With AJAX you can sort them by drag & drop.07:48
enteI wouldn't call that efficient.07:49
Ovim-ObscurumAnd with plain html, you have to click "order page 1 up", "order page 7 down", etc..07:49
cippphow about girls ?07:49
entecippp: computers are tools, girls are not? :p07:49
sepenente, so your (and ours) mothers are tools?07:50
sepen*err, s/r//07:50
sepenor maybe are computers ;D07:51
enteI said girls are not tools07:51
entewhile computers are tools07:51
entefor me, a computer is a tool to get work done07:51
sepenor just to get work07:52
enteor that, yes :p07:53
enteit still does not apply to girls07:53
enteI don't need my screwdrivers to look beautiful :p07:53
sepenits more interesting to do something like: $ sudo rm -rf .*07:53
sepenand tests results :D07:54
cipppi watch porn with my computer :)07:54
Ovim-Obscurum < ente> I don't need my screwdrivers to look beautiful :p07:54
Ovim-Obscurum < cippp> i watch porn with my computer :)07:54
Ovim-Obscurum99% of porn is in the internet07:54
Ovim-ObscurumSo you HAVE to use a computer for watching porn. ;)07:54
cipppi think i see all07:54
sepenharddrives are bigger and bigger thanks to pr0n07:54
sepenwhen dvd porn films appeared harddrives become bigger07:55
cipppRammstein - Pussy07:56
sepenbecause you cannot see pr0n in your old spectrum ZX07:56
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entealso, eyecandy has nothing to do with drag and drop :p07:58
sepencippp, this songs reminds me another one: 'we're living in america', sounds similar excepts for some drumbeats ;D07:58
entewhat's eyecandy and what's not depends on the eye that watches the candy, so for me, my dwm config looks well in my eyes, while some uber glossy KDE4 does not look well.07:59
entein fact, even though a computer is a tool, the look is not unimportant, since you stare at it all day08:00
cipppsepen: this song have nice video :)08:01
sepensure :D08:01
sepenin detriment of sound08:02
Ovim-ObscurumBah Rammstein08:08
Ovim-ObscurumSome years ago, they were pretty good.08:08
mhigood band08:08
Ovim-ObscurumBut the latest stuff just sucks.08:08
mhiAaargs. The CPAN shell is a pile of shit. Or Perl modules.08:10
tadzikuse cpanm08:10
*** Rotwang has joined #crux08:10
tadzikmhi: curl -L | perl - App::cpanminus08:11
tadzikthen cpanm Task::Kensho or whatever08:11
mhiI think the problem are the modules itselves. Even though I started CPAN as user they try to install to /usr/share etc.08:12
tadzikuse local::lib08:12
tadzikby default they're always being installed to /08:13
tadzikmhi: ooc, what do you want to install?08:13
mhiseveral POE components08:13
tadzikthen you can install the modules to your homedir08:14
Rotwanginstalling modules to your home dir is just a matter of putting right files in place and setting up @INC08:14
Rotwangwhich you can do by global variable of some kind08:15
RotwangPERL_5_LIB or something08:15
tadzikbut local::lib is always better08:16
tadzikas you will be able to just install them with cpan/cpanp/cpanm without fscking with 'em08:17
mhiI try it08:23
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux08:24
mhiso I downloaded local::lib to ~/perl/modules and built it there. How do I use that module in the CPAN shell now? (Sorry for being a Perl guy)08:27
mhiI mean, just perl -MCPAN -Mlocal::lib won't work, since the lib isn't in @INC, if I see that right.08:27
tadzikhave you set your env variables?08:28
*** jdolan has joined #crux08:28
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan08:28
tadzikbut why would you want to use the cpan shell?08:28
mhibecause it's installed already, I guess08:29
tadzikthen use cpanm from the net08:32
tadzikcurl -L | perl - Your::Module::Here08:32
tadzikmhi | (Sorry for being a Perl guy)08:33
tadzikI _so_ don't get it :)08:34
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC08:36
mhiAha, something happens there. *watches ~/perl5 growing*08:38
mhiSo, everything I need + dependencies gets installed to ~/perl5 now. How do I tell my Perl program then? Just expanding PERL5LIB?08:41
*** tadzik has quit IRC08:42
*** tadzik has joined #crux08:43
mhitadzik: Don't ping out on me, if I'm asking questions ;p08:43
mhiSo, everything I need + dependencies gets installed to ~/perl5 now. How do I tell my Perl program then? Just expanding PERL5LIB?08:43
tadzikif you followed instructions from cpan site I gave you, everything's alredy set up08:44
tadzikecho $PERL5LIB -- looks good?08:44
mhiI guess not, it's empty. I just did that curl part anyways.08:44
tadzik4. Now we need to setup the appropriate environment variables, so that Perl starts using our newly generated lib/ directory. If you are using bash or any other Bourne shells, you can add this to your shell startup script this way:08:45
tadzik  echo 'eval $(perl -I$HOME/perl5/lib/perl5 -Mlocal::lib)' >>~/.bashrc08:45
tadzik(Perl 6 is hell friendlier when it comes to modules, even at this stage)08:50
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux08:54
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mhiperl -I$HOME ~/perl5/lib/perl5 -Mlocal::lib=$HOME/perl/modules <- this gives me exactly nothing08:58
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC08:59
tadzikdid you follow every step in the bootstraping instruction?08:59
tadzikthere are 2 different paths in it09:00
tadzikyou bootstraped it to ~/perl/modules?09:00
mhiperl Makefile.PL --bootstrap=~/perl/modules; make; make install09:00
tadzikthen it should probably be perl -I$HOME ~/perl/modules -Mlocal::lib=$HOME/perl/modules09:01
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Rotwangwhile I had shell account on megiteam, they had very nice script for managing09:02
Rotwangperl modules locally09:02
mhiI thought that's where the other modules are that I downloaded with the curl command. But even with your command.. nothing happens.09:03
tadzikwhat's in your ~/perl/modules?09:03
mhilib and man installed by local::lib09:03
tadzikbut same here I must say09:04
tadzikmaybe a but09:04
tadzik* bug09:04
tadzikmhi: maybe try adjusting it for your needs09:05
mhibut @INC is actual the array holding the 'module pathes', right?09:05
tadzikbut no need to touch it yourself09:05
tadzik(in teh coed)09:05
mhiwell, I only need to set up everything once. It's for a script which gets an own account. With the curl command I can get all the modules I need, which aren't in the Debian repo. That rocks. Now I just need to tell Perl where to for those modules.09:07
tadzikthen you just need PERL5LIB09:07
mhiIs it empty per default?09:07
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux09:09
mhitadzik: PERL5LIB=$(perl -e 'print "$_," foreach @INC; print "~/path/to/my/modules"')09:10
mhidoes this look sane to you?09:10
tadzikwhat are you trying to do?09:10
mhipopulating PERL5LIB09:10
tadzikhow about PERL5LIB="/home/mhi/perl/modules:$PERL5LIB"?09:11
mhior should it just contain ADDITIONAL stuff to @INC?09:11
mhiWell, it's empty.09:11
tadzikwell, mine is too09:11
tadzik...besides my stuff09:11
tadzikso I guess, what you just said, the core modules don't need to be in PERL5LIB09:11
mhithanks for the help so far, BTW :)09:12
tadzikno problem :)09:12
tadzikto spare some propaganda, in Perl 6 it's just neutro i some-module and then adjusting PERL6LIB, no bullshit :)09:12
mhi(in fact Perl isn't that bad if you don't have to handle all this module stuff yourself ;)09:12
tadzikPerl is like an elder man. He has some disadvantages over the new kids on the block, but still his experience is impressive09:13
*** lasso|qt_ has joined #crux09:36
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*** cjg_ has joined #crux09:53
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*** lasso|qt has joined #crux10:00
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*** ulughbegh has joined #crux10:33
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*** jdolan has quit IRC10:44
Rotwangwho maintains portdb now?10:44
RotwangI've got a change to make10:44
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux10:56
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC11:01
cipppThe Qt 4.7.0 release is out , happy building :)11:18
tadziknoooo :<11:18
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux11:26
enteat least it's out before the final release of 2.711:27
enteso I can download the binary package from there I guess :D11:28
frinnstqt isnt included on the iso iirc11:28
enteOvim-Obscurum: Qt is not any worse than GTK11:28
Ovim-ObscurumIt is.11:28
entetilman: please include Qt on the ISO11:28
frinnstlol, no11:28
frinnstqt should die11:28
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC11:28
entesame for GTK11:28
tadzikgtk is lesser evil11:29
tadzikat least it's not a C preprocessor11:29
frinnsteven firefox/xulrunner builds faster than qt11:29
frinnstand that makes it bad11:29
*** pt_wm8505 has quit IRC11:29
entehow about setting qt on lock?11:29
enteI think I don't even have it installed11:30
frinnstwant it someone in here that patched python, allowing wicd to work?11:31
*** pt_wm8505 has joined #crux11:31
enteGTK has glib11:33
cipppi patch python for bzr11:33
tadzikfrinnst: I did11:33
entethat's a fucking retarded PITA too11:33
tadzikbut I did it accidentally I must say, I was sure I'm patching wicd :)11:33
mhiente: if I wanted different view modes on different tags.. I want 'pertag', right?11:35
frinnstany patches available? i need it working11:37
tadzikhold on11:37
tadzikshow me your stacktrace11:37
entemhi: pertag sucks11:38
enteit's badly done11:38
mhiente: is there another option?11:38
entemhi: I wrote a "tagexcepts" patch for dwm-gtx 5.211:38
tadzikfrinnst: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 17411:39
tadzikcomment this line, problem solved11:39
entewhich adds exceptions for a number of tags11:39
mhiente: gtx is your port?11:39
entegtx is gottox' port11:39
entemy branch was based on it11:39
enteit's discontinued, I guess11:39
enteI can dig the patch out if you want, but not now :)11:39
mhihmm, I didn't really intent to dive into dwm's sources11:40
enteit's not hard11:42
enteand it's good code11:42
entevery straight forward11:42
tilmanente: no11:43
entewhy is ff there, by the way?11:44
Ovim-Obscurumff there?11:44
Ovim-Obscurumnew version of ff?11:44
tilmanente: way back per decided to put it on the iso11:45
enteOvim-Obscurum: no, binary ff on the iso11:45
Ovim-ObscurumAh ok11:46
enteOvim-Obscurum: people tend to use the binary version and never recompile for obvious reasons11:46
Ovim-ObscurumWhy not? :)11:46
thrice`it's nice to be able to do a crux install, and have X + network + a browser out of the box imo11:52
Ovim-Obscurumthats why its included11:52
Ovim-ObscurumIt's your task to recompile it and keep it up to date @ ente11:53
tadzikfrinnst: got your wicd working?11:57
mhiwhat exactly does '--with-x' do in configure scripts?11:58
frinnstline 174 or whatever it was is just an if-statement?11:58
tadzikfrinnst: one before I think12:01
tadzikor remove the whole if, leave just else12:01
tadzikcan send you the file12:01
frinnstsure, guess it cant hurt12:10
*** Zaba has quit IRC12:18
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux12:23
tilmanmhi: configure args aren't really standardized like that12:26
tilmanmhi: you may only _guess_ that it enables some kind of x11 support12:26
mhihmm :]12:27
*** Zaba has joined #crux12:27
mhiI only know Vim needs --with-x to get clipboard support, so you can copy from Vim to firefox, for example.12:31
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC12:46
pitillotilman: hello, did you finally found the problem about the invisible/hidden cursor?12:59
pt_wm8505so strange, thank you anyway13:00
frinnsttadzik: thanks13:10
SiFuhtilman: Xorg related? Option     "SWcursor"13:10
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux13:10
tilmanSiFuh: what pitillo means isn't in x but in the terminal13:12
SiFuhok then i have never seen it13:12
pitillosorry tilman, I found it in X directly, not in terminal (I didn't remember you got it only in the terminal)13:13
pitillohidden cursor in X directly with 2.6.35-4, I was reading about the swcursor and some tests suspending the laptop.13:14
SiFuhI was thinking mouse cursor/pointer pitillo. I have seen many not show up because of graphics card.13:14
pitillosorry for the noise, tilman, I didn't remember you got only the hidden cursor with the terminal13:14
*** cjg_ has quit IRC13:15
SiFuhso we use to toggle  SWcursor to resolve it13:15
pitilloyes SiFuh, I readed about that problem with this kernel and some intel cards (here 855GM)13:15
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC13:15
pitilloummmm seems that it wasn't fixed in some cases. Thank you for that clue too. I'll make more tests13:16
SiFuhits mouse pointer? or Text cursor ?13:17
pt_wm8505SiFuh: mouse pointer13:18
SiFuhthat mouse pointer issue has been aaround on and off since 2001 that I can recall, depending on hardware, X and kernel. It can be resolved, but reappear many years later on a new version of linux13:18
pt_wm8505I never noticed that with this card... I had other histories with it, but this one only with, using works fine13:21
SiFuhI am willing to guess that its just a silly Xorg setting, that acts a little differently with the newer kernel.13:22
pt_wm8505I'm not sure if that option is used with the intel driver. I'll continue making tests, thank you13:27
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux13:40
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mhiAm I making it wrong or how do you people can live without Vim's clipboard support? :>13:48
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux13:49
SiFuhsure you are using vim?13:49
tilman:set mouse=13:49
tilmanmark text13:49
tilmanpaste happily13:49
tilmanworks just fine.13:49
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC13:49
cipppi have : set mouse-=a13:53
mhitilman: from Vim to another X window?13:53
*** Rotwang has quit IRC13:55
mhiIsn't working for me. I can select text from FF and paste it in urxvt etc., but I can't yank from FF to Vim or vice versa.13:57
tilmantry shift-insrt resp shift-mouse313:57
mhiThat's cheating. :-P I need my "* and "+ registers. Guess I'll just edit the Pkgfile then.13:58
tilmanare you saying it's working when you hit shift, too?13:59
mhiYea, that's X' primary selection or whatever it is called.13:59
tilmani'm using urxvtt too14:00
tilmanpasting from vim to urxvt works withou shift, too14:00
tilmanhave fun ;)14:00
mhitilman: can you enter ":set clipboard?" ?14:01
tilmanoption not supported14:02
tilmanmhi: i'm marking text with the _mouse_ in vim14:02
tilmanto copy14:02
tilmannot yanking it or anything14:02
mhiyup, that's primary selection14:03
mhiI'll test a bit :>14:03
mhiHmm, I need a own build anywhere, since I need Python and cscope support.14:23
mhi*an own build anyway14:23
*** Rotwang has joined #crux14:38
*** kreed has quit IRC14:46
mhiwget'ing patches from within the Pkgfile isn't suggested, right?14:52
tilmanput the http urls in source14:54
tilmansource=(http://blah/ball.tar http://blah/patch1)14:54
mhiAh, cool, thanks tilman.14:54
tilmanand use $SRC/patch1 in build()14:55
RotwangI hate saying that something is crap15:31
Rotwangbut thunderbirds build scripts are crap15:31
*** pt_wm8505 has quit IRC15:35
mhiwhat about md5sum checks within the Pkgfile?15:52
Rotwangwhy would you do that?15:53
mhichecking if patches were transferred correctly15:54
tilmaneverything in sources is already checked by pkgmk itself15:57
mhiah, awesome15:57
mhithen.. who can create a personal repo on for me? :)15:57
tilmanwe don't usually do that15:58
tilmandon't you have webspace somewhere?15:58
mhiAh, misworded. I meant who can add my repo to portdb :)15:59
tilmanplease use the web form16:00
mhiah, I missed the 'register' bit16:01
RotwangI have lost access to ftp server, in wich my repo is located ;f16:01
mhiaww :|16:19
Rotwang# ls -al /sbin/reboot16:36
RotwangBus error16:36
mhiWhat did you do? :>16:45
RotwangIve ate up all the disk space for my vbox virtual machine16:46
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mhiwho is the Wiki maintainer?18:04
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