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SiFuhRemove the CRUX CD-ROM from your drive and reboot from harddisk.00:18
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pitillohello good morning01:03
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sepenI'll fix also the FS-ticket with this update01:35
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entedoes anyone have a compiled version of qt for i686? :>02:05
entewhee, they have precompiled ones02:07
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laincan I ask a question about writing Pkgfiles?07:33
lainI've read and have some questions07:34
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tadziklain: go on07:34
tadzikDon't Ask To Ask, they say07:34
lainok. it's silently here, that's why07:35
tadzikwas on a dogwalk :)07:36
lainmy question is where to place strings to download source from svn, git and others. Should I place it in pre-install, or immediately in Pkgfile? Which way is more beatiful and following the principles of ports?07:37
tadzikat the beginning of build() I'd say07:37
tadzikI think everyone does it that wat07:37
lainI've seen that everywhere, but why doesn't pre-install should do this?07:38
pitillolain: try to look for other Pkgfiles to get an idea how packagers/maintainers do that07:38
tadzikbecause it's pre-build rathar than pre-install07:39
tadzikinstall is about copying files, building is about downloading and compiling07:39
tadzikif you're installing, it's alredy too late07:39
lainthere's no prebuild in crux ports though(it will be too complex)07:39
tadzikthere's no need for it07:39
laini.e. pre-install script runs after the compiling?07:40
tadzikthey are two completely separate steps: building and installing07:40
tadzikif you put aside prt-get for a while, and use just pkgutils, you will notice there are two scripts: pkgmk and pkgadd07:41
tadzikpkgmk is building the package, pkgadd is installing07:41
tadzikafter the package is built, a tarball with the files is created, pkgadd just installs them into the filesystem07:41
tadzikinstalling isn't the integral step of building, and the other way around too07:41
lainnor pkgmk, nor pkgadd uses pre-install and post-install scripts07:42
lainonly prt-get have internal support for this07:42
lainaccording to man pages07:42
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tadzikprt-get runs pkgmk (or pkgmk -d), then optionally pre-install, then pkgadd, then optionally post-install (I think, I haven't looked at the source)07:43
tadzikin some meantime it resolves dependencies and stuff07:43
lainso are these scripts more applicable for hand-executtion?07:43
tadzikwhat do you mean?07:44
tadzikI think everyone uses prt-get, and there is rather a low number of paranoics without "runscripts" in the config07:45
lainI mean that if user doesn't use prt-get he should manually run these scripts for correct install07:45
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entebbl = bubble07:45
lainalso, thanks for prt-get working sequence, just now wanted to ask07:45
tadzikyou're welcome07:45
tadzikI must say I know the sequence only from observations07:45
tadzikso don't be so sure about it :)07:45
lainI though about this way of prt-get working too, but if two humans are sure about something, this is more сonvincingly :-)07:47
Ovim-Obscurum < ente> bbl = bubble07:47
tadzikhttp = hot potato07:47
Ovim-Obscurumftp = fail transfer protocol07:47
tadzikhttps = hot potatoes07:48
Ovim-ObscurumLinux for pussies: HeulSuSE07:48
lainunserstood. I'll fix my repository now.07:48
tadziklain: do you have some nifty ports in it?07:48
lainwill remove unnecessary pre-install07:48
lainI have 3 ports07:48
lainim client and it's dependencies07:49
tadzikI like to use pkgmk/pkgadd sometimes, I feel so oldschool then07:49
enteOvim-Obscurum: you're not funny07:49
ente°lama is a lama with a bubble gum07:50
enteOvim-Obscurum: IMO http is much more fail than ftp07:50
enteftp served it's purpose, HTTP is extended by everybody to support special methods07:50
lainI often install packages that are not from core, opt, contrib so I'm using pkgmk more often than prt-get07:50
entelike SVN with it's OPTIONS request07:50
Ovim-Obscurum < ente> Ovim-Obscurum: you're not funny07:50
tadziklain: you might want to have a word with mpup07:50
entelain: yeah, mpup is probably what you want07:51
tadzikand my /usr/ports/meta is now full of joy07:51
pitilloand getting bigger for sure07:53
tadzik4.2 MBs of joy07:53
pitillohere too :)07:54
tadziksepen: is pararell mpup on your todo maybe? :)07:54
entedid anyone compile qt already? :D07:55
lain/usr/ports/aditional: 6.8M07:55
pitilloI think there were some comments about (and he told me yesterday he has something new prepared, not sure if it's something fixed or newer things)07:55
entehmm maybe I should join contrib07:55
tadzikI thought about it too07:56
tadzikI think the prerequisite is having your own ports tree for a year or something07:56
pitilloexperience porting and a ports collection, then submit the ports you want to add to contrib collection and contrib maintainers will check them07:57
pitillotadzik: you can remove mpup from the meta collection, now it's provided in opt07:59
tadzikoh, cool08:00
pitilloI would like to see portdbc in opt too, let's see if it cames there one day too08:00
lainthanks for mpup, really nice program08:01
Ovim-ObscurumWhats mpup?08:03
pitilloOvim-Obscurum: a really nice program... :P meta driver for ports, instead of getting all ports from a collection you can set it up to get only the ports you want from a collection08:05
enteallows you to update single ports from multiple repos08:05
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laintadzik: fixed port in my repo. Thanks for answers!08:10
tadziklain: you're welcome08:14
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entelain: serial experiments? ^^09:14
lainI watched, yeah. But I like only the idea of person searching for him/herself. Just because of that09:38
mhiWhich picture viewer do you use?10:07
mhiokay, same here10:11
mhiIt should replace gqview in opt, IMHO.10:11
mhilast release dec 200610:14
lainalso, could it draw animated GIF?10:15
mhigeeqie inherents the look and feel of gqview10:15
lainonly one program that could do this(except browser) was gpicview10:15
mhino idea, I don't use GIFs10:15
lainsometimes I get them and run into this trouble10:16
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tadzikHow do you make Lady Gaga cry? Poke her face!12:19
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enteP-P-P-P-Poke her face!13:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xulrunner: added missing dependency13:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.0.313:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mutt: update to 1.5.2113:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: w3m: fix source13:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xulrunner: added missing dependency13:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.713:50
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SiFuhsomething worng with Thai people14:13
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RyoSaccount on18:19
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