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pitillohello, good morning01:10
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mhialmost weekend! ;]05:08
Ovim-Obscurumoh hai05:08
Ovim-Obscurummhi: Doesn't matter for me, i'm in vacation for this week05:08
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jamesmillsHeya guys06:17
jamesmillsIs anyone interested (at all) in assisting me with upgrading compiz ports to 0.8.6 (current stable) ?06:18
tadzikwhat kind of assistance do you need?06:18
jamesmillsI'm (tbh) utterly conufsed by both their compile/install instrictions on their wiki as well as their (very poor IHMO) layout of tarballs in their page :/06:19
jamesmillsmostly of the reading kind :)06:19
jamesmillsI'm probably the only legally (<1% sight) CRUX user :)06:19
tadzikthe easiest way is always stealing Arch PKGBUILD's :)06:19
jamesmillscompiz 0.8.6 is confusing as hell06:19
jamesmillsas easy as that might be :) and I've used the same technique myself too hehe06:20
jamesmillseven their ports are a bit convuluted06:20
tadzikthey're always more complex than they should bee06:20
jamesmillsone thing for example06:20
jamesmillsthere is compiz-0.8.6 tarblls06:20
jamesmillsbut not compiz-bcop-0.8.6 tarballs06:21
jamesmillsI blame the release maintainers of co piz06:21
jamesmillsthey must be getting lazy06:21
tadziklooks like ./configure && make && make install to me06:21
jamesmillssee what I mean thougH ?06:21
jamesmillsit's as if I have to compile bits of 0.8.6 and bits of 0.8.406:21
tadzikI don't know much about compiz06:21
tadzike.g. what's that bcop?06:22
jamesmillssome settings crap that compiz uses06:22
tadzikwell, archers have compiz-core 0.8.6 and this bcop 0.8.4, so I guess you're right06:22
jamesmillsmy suspicions were correct then06:22
jamesmillsuseless devs (compiz)06:22
jamesmillsI wish people were a ittle more consistent06:22
jamesmillsk well what I might do is follow their install wiki page06:23
jamesmillsand update all necessary ports to the latest 0.8.x tarball I can find06:23
jamesmillsand pray :)06:23
jamesmillsI'm on my macbook right now :/06:23
jamesmillsit's funny though you know06:24
jamesmillsthey list build-essentials as a dep06:24
jamesmillshilarious really06:24
jamesmillstry doing a prt-get search build-essentials :)06:25
tadzikwell, that's debian crap06:25
jamesmillsif you have pkgutils installed - that's our build-essentials!06:25
tadzikI think only debian guys have such a dependency06:25
jamesmillsI will try to get them to change this a bit and cleanup their docs on deps06:25
jamesmillsas it's all a pile of crap06:25
jamesmillsI'm honestly quite sick of distros packaging -dev packages separataely06:26
jamesmillsit's not like disk space is a high commodoty anymore06:26
jamesmillshasn't been for 15-20yrs06:26
tadzikdoes anything besides debian do this?06:26
tadzikthen who cares?06:27
jamesmillsDebian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, CentOSD06:27
jamesmillsyou name it06:27
jamesmillsthey're all fools06:27
tadzikRedHat too? Well, their choice06:27
jamesmillsbut then what drives me uttelry crazy is when this happens06:27
tadzikthey're not targeting programmers, must be06:27
mhiI don't think that the devs of the big distros are fools06:28
jamesmillsa person tries to compie a C extension module for python and forgot that they need python-dev installed06:28
jamesmillsand so the build fails :)06:28
jamesmillsthen they email the python mailing list about htis06:28
jamesmillsdespite there being a milllino and on google hits for this06:28
jamesmillsmhi: no I don't either :)06:28
tadzikwell, as I said, they're not targeting programmers/developers06:29
jamesmillsit's the whole coporate thing06:29
tadzikand assume that if there are, they're smart enough to remember about -dev packages06:29
jamesmillsbaskwards compatibilty06:29
jamesmillswell I'm fairly sure 15-20yrs ago, Debian must have decided on separating out -dev packages to conserve disk space06:30
jamesmillsit was a high (enough) commodity back then :)06:30
jamesmillsbut now it's hard to change06:30
jamesmillsI don't really think it has much to do with targetting developers/programmers really06:31
jamesmillsanyway night all06:34
jamesmillsI'll see if I can't get compiz ports updated by this weekend06:35
jamesmillshappy cruxing :)06:35
tadziksame to you :)(06:35
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tadzikthat's a hot-blooded guy06:35
* mhi nods06:36
mhiI don't understand HTML. :-P06:36
mhi2 tables with exact the same col widths... aren't the same size.06:37
tadzikin Soviet Russia, HTML does not understand you!06:38
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Rotwangthe most awesome dog ti ever live!!09:17
jaegerI can't get the link to load, is that the one that answers to xerxes? :)09:18
jaegerah, it loaded, not the dog I was thinking of09:20
Rotwangits mine09:21
Rotwangand it wears a shirt!09:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: monit: updated to 5.209:34
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frinnststallman is awesome11:41
tadzikI thought it would be some picture of him eating something from his foot11:42
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teK_stupid irssi14:10
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tadziklol @ Arch guys packaging Parrot14:24
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ente[18:42] < tadzik> I thought it would be some picture of him eating something from his foot16:26
entejust what I thought :D16:26
tadziksee, that's what Stallman's really famous for16:28
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