IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2010-09-26

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cipppi build libxft and freetype like here
cipppand i have very nice fonts now (my opinion :))03:55
cipppi put Pkgfiles here
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frinnstfucking online paper, giving me F1 results on the frontpage before i get to watch the race09:59
frinnstmay the editor burn in hell09:59
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* ente wonders whether to put CRUX or slackware on the next server10:41
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jkramerAnyone here using bluetooth?=11:36
tadzikyeah, sometimes11:40
jkramerUsing the old bluez-{libs,utils} ports or the latest 4.x version?11:42
tadziknah, my ports11:42
tadzik* 6411:42
jkramerSo using bluetoothd, not hcid?11:42
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tadzikthat's what I use11:43
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tadzikI don't really know how it works I must say11:43
jkramerLooks like a current version to me, but my port doesn't contain the hidd tool. Could you share your /etc/bluetooth/main.conf please?11:44
tadzik I don't remember touching it11:45
jkramerLooks pretty much like mine11:46
jkramerDo pair your phone with your notebook or the other way?11:47
tadzikhmm, good question. I have no freaking idea how this works, and why does it su&% so much11:47
tadzikI'm not bluetooth profficient really11:47
jkramerYeah, it really sucks. :( No documenttion at all, and the bluez people aren't very helpful either11:48
Zababluez sucks12:20
tadzikis there an alternative?12:21
tadzikThings having no alternative usually suck12:22
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RotwangI asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.13:22
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tadzikIt's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission13:48
cipppthis one pray a lot13:50
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frinnstkarl pilkington is a genious14:25
frinnstplus hes got a head like a fucking orange14:25
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cipppente: you say about proggy fonts ? its working now ?14:41
entefonts are damn cryptic14:42
cipppyou dont found in xterm , urxvt or ?14:42
cippplook ok ?14:43
entewhat did I do wrong? :)14:44
tilmanwhat exactly doesn't work?14:45
cipppyou need to edit fontpath in xorg.conf14:45
enteI did14:45
tadzikwhat DE is that?14:45
cipppadd fontpath
cippptadzik: my ? e1714:46
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enteblah, stupid fontpath14:56
entecippp: thanks forgot xorg.conf14:56
entenow everything finally looks pretty again :) <314:56
cipppim play with fonts now and ...14:56
enteI wish proggyfonts were available as vector fonts14:58
cipppi try lot of fonts and always dejavu its come back :)14:59
cipppi build libxft and freetype with patches from here
cippplook great14:59
entedejavu looks awful on CRUX, and nobody can make me dive into xft, because it's complicated as hell15:00
enteI think X should finally die15:00
enteI always come back to proggy :)15:01
Ovim-Obscurumwho needs a GUI? :)15:02
tilmanpeople who bitch at x are usually less than clueful about x ;>15:02
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entethe XCB guys bitch about X15:06
enteand I dislike the way extensions are added and deprecated again15:06
enteI have no clue15:07
tilmanso because XCB isn't the panacea that some thought it might be means that X should die?15:07
tadzikhating X is fashionable15:08
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andariusgreetings and salutations18:18
andariuspretty good here. I have beer and new hardware (presents from the girlfriend) :)18:20
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