IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2010-09-29

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pitillogood morning00:59
carpogood morning01:03
carpo :)01:09
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DarkNekroshoy :)01:27
* Rotwang need a little space for his private ports01:52
RotwangI've lost access to my old ftp01:52
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luxhhey guys02:43
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Romsterdo i feel like i'm the only one in the southern hemisphere03:02
luxhwhere are you?03:03
carpono, you are the only one currently active on the #crux irc channel03:03
tadzikwell, I see 4 persons03:05
Romstertrench is too which isn't here atm. i forget who else oh and prologic.03:09
Romstereveryone else is morning when it's going dark :)03:10
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carpoanyone tried running the courier-mta server on crux?05:43
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jaegery0 d4wg09:49
jaegerok, I'll probably never do that again09:49
enteI herd u liek mudkipz09:50
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sudirjaHello. Does anyone knows if theres already a date for the 2.7 release?12:00
tilmanfriday 1312:01
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tilmansudirja: it's close12:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: medit: fixed url12:17
RotwangIll ask rudely, does anyone can spare me some space for lxde httpup repo? [;12:18
mhi^I would if I still had my dedicated server :(12:20
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Rotwangwe will see what will happen next12:25
* tilman just got the new THE CROWN album12:26
tilman\\o o// \o/12:26
frinnstoh, from treach's hometown12:27
tilmancan't wait to see them live12:27
* tilman hopes for a tour soon12:27
mhi^Trollhattan? Haha :)12:27
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tilmannew album seems to rock12:34
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mhi^Is it bad style to set Bash options in a Pkgfile?13:17
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teK_mhi^: I'd not do that13:48
mhi^rm -r !(blubb) would be nice sometimes, but okay :)13:50
teK_everyting, except blubb?13:51
RotwangI do that13:51
Rotwangin contrib/tinyxml13:51
Rotwangpkgmk uses bash so why not use it features?13:51
teK_find  . ! -name blubb -exec rm -r '{}' \;13:51
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mhi^Well, I'm kinda reluctant to use find, since I (as the maintainer) exactly know which files are there. Without 'find' or Bash's extending globbing I fall back to: rm -r /usr/share/{dir1,dir2,dir4}13:54
teK_Rotwang: because it would rock if you could replace bash by dash13:54
teK_if some stupid fucking ports* 'd not use /bin/sh but rely on bash features. * glibc13:55
RotwangteK_: not for me ;f13:55
teK_dash speeds up configure significantly.13:55
Rotwanganyway my tinyxml port might alter somehow pkgmks internal code13:55
mhi^Nicest way would be that the PKG tools pay attention to the Pkgfile's shebang and either fork dash or bash.13:58
mhi^I don't think checking the first line and doing if/else would be too complex :P13:59
teK_reading the first line (shebang) is just too exhausting :>13:59
RotwangteK_: ++14:00
mhi^Well, I guess I can refrain from using Bash syntax in Pkgfiles..14:01
tilmanteK_: i posted performance comparisons between dash/bash to crux-devel some months ago14:02
tilmanteK_: not sure i'd call the speedup significant14:02
teK_and if the ports only'd relied on sh if they call  /bin/sh we'd only have to make pkgutils ready for /bin/sh..14:04
* ente is not even sure what's bash and what's not :S14:04
enteis {} expansion bash?14:05
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mhi^well, almost any modern shell supports brace expansion14:06
teK_SUSV 4, anyone?14:07
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mhi^but, if dash is 100% compatible to sh, then there's no expansion at all :(14:08
entenot even tilde expansion?14:09
mhi^that should work :>14:10
teK_dunno, look at the standard14:11
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mhi^BTW, what do you think of --disable-static in Pkgfiles?14:33
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Rotwangmhi^: I do that usually, others too14:51
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mhi^Rotwang1: Oki :)14:52
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Rotwangpidgin ml is special15:00
Rotwangand thats one of many15:03
luxhthat's why you should write an IRC client instead15:04
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luxhi must admit, i'm bored15:05
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* luxh hands Rotwang a new shiny, not broken /15:12
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cipppi like jokes with allah16:09
mhi^Hmm, how do you deal with programs which only exist in repos?16:11
mhi^Pkgfile-wise, I mean :>16:11
* ente bets cippp is from denmark :P16:12
entecippp: lol, I love that one :D16:12
Rotwangmhi^: I don't understand your question16:13
mhi^Rotwang: Do I just put the clone command at the top of build() and let $source be empty?16:15
mhi^ah, thanks16:17
* mhi^ looks up $PKMK_ROOT16:17
mhi^nice :]16:18
* Rotwang never liked checking out sources inside Pkgfile16:19
RotwangI preffered to do that in a pre-indtall script16:19
mhi^hmm, didn't think of that either16:20
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entewhat about a pre-build script?16:21
enteisn't pre-install like... before the package is installed rather than before the package is built?16:21
Rotwangente: I can't find anything on pre-build scripts16:23
lain23there is pre-install and post-install that are supported by prt-get16:23
lain23*there are16:24
lain23nothing more16:24
lain23so appropriate place for "clone" command should be a Pkgfile, as I understand16:25
enteyes, I understand it the same way16:26
enteRotwang: features can be added16:26
lain23ente: features you mean... into the pkgmk script?16:27
enteinto prt-get16:27
enteif prt-get does not support/have a download-sources script, you can create that16:28
lain23thanks, understood.16:28
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mhi^cippp: BTW, such ports should also depend on git :]16:35
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cipppi wrong here16:36
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