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prologicnthwyatt, I'd say you have some dns issues00:02
prologicI can resolve crux.nu00:02
prologicbut it seems your crux box can't00:02
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ROKO__crux amd64 -> multilib | gnome ?05:10
tilmancare to turn that into an english sentence?05:11
ROKO__i look new release of crux linux05:13
ROKO__and ask for crux 64 bit05:13
ROKO__and multilib05:13
ROKO__also gnome desktop05:13
tilmanthe contributed crux x86_64 image isn't multilib05:13
tilmanie it only supports x86_64 applications05:14
ROKO__no support -> skype flash wine and etc ?05:14
frinnstflash is supported05:14
tilmani believe flash works05:14
tilmanskype will only work if there is a proper x86_64 binary for it05:14
tilmanwine is ... different ;)05:15
ROKO__so have x86_64 skype binary ?05:15
tilmanask skype.com05:16
ROKO__i know skype is 32 bit but have some distros that distribute x86_64 binary05:17
ROKO__like mandriva linux05:17
carpo-homeROKO__: are you sure they are not using 32 bit in a 64 bit multilib distro?05:17
ROKO__its use distros that have support for multilib05:18
frinnstthey seem to have a static binary on their site. i guess enabling IA32 support in the kernel will allow it to run05:18
ROKO__and manual install of 32 bit dependencies ?05:19
frinnstalso theres a 64bit package for ubuntu, you could give that a try05:19
tilmannp: - lightforce05:19
tilman<3 <3 <305:19
tadzikskype is there reason I have 32bit crux05:19
ROKO__frinnst how :>05:20
tadzik64bit packages use multilib05:20
ROKO__crux support .deb ?05:20
frinnstwell the static package isnt very static at all05:20
tadzikit has static qt05:20
tilmanROKO__: the program "alien" can convert .deb to tarballs iirc05:21
ROKO__yes i know05:21
ROKO__but what is crux binary format ?05:21
carpo-homeROKO__: compiled from source05:21
ROKO__i allready look handbook05:22
tilmanyou can always manually install software to /usr/local or /opt05:22
tilmancreating a crux package from an alien'ized .deb is probably not something a newbie would try to do ;)05:22
tadzikROKO__: what kind of package do you need?05:23
tadziks/kind of/d05:23
ROKO__64 bit system skype flash wine05:23
tadzikskype is not 64bit05:23
ROKO__only that specific packages05:23
tadzikthe only way is multilib05:23
frinnstflash is available..05:24
ROKO__i just try05:24
tadzikand I don't think anyone's working on multilib in CRUX05:24
carpo-homefrinnst: any time frame for CRUX-64bit to go multilib ? :)05:24
frinnsti have no use for it, so dont look at me :)05:24
tilmanmultilib is a crapload of work05:25
carpo-homefrinnst: just kidding05:25
tilmanand it's ugly (duplicated ports...)05:25
ROKO__carpo-home inache ot kade si05:25
carpo-homeROKO__: Silistra. A ti?05:25
ROKO__no sam doshal w BG ot Russia05:26
frinnstWARNING: at fs/fs-writeback.c:87 __mark_inode_dirty+0x131/0x260()05:42
frinnstbtrfs ftw \o/05:42
jsefrinnst: that's the burden of pioneers. Get to hit every snag before those wrinkles are removed.05:43
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carpo-homeno, this is caused by a patch by Jens, see
carpo-homeand its basically harmless05:46
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carpo-homejse: somebody got to do it... and when it works - its awesome!05:49
jsecarpo-home: yeah. It's always a tough break for new file systems. Especially when it is not yet considered stable enough.05:54
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carpo-homewell, I managed to run CRUX-2.6 on some Pentium MXX 233 with 256 MB ram, kernel 2.6.34 on BTRFS as ROOT partition for a month and a half...05:55
carpo-homefor me - it works!05:55
jseHaha cool. :D05:56
carpo-homemaybe not yet ready to go on as the FS of choice, but still - it works reasonably well05:56
tadziknothing to lose ;)05:56
jseDoes btrfs still not properly handle a full disk/partition?05:57
carpo-homejse: this, AFAICT is fixed, but you need a recent kernel05:58
tilmanjse: i think it does. google for ENOSPC05:58
carpo-homethe kernel from 2.7 should do it...05:58
carpo-homeor better yet - clone Linus' tree and build yourself a kernel from it!05:59
tadzikget a branch 'from-linus'05:59
jsetilman: yeah, looking at btrfs' wiki pages.06:00
jsecarpo-home: 2.6.35 supposedly has it fully implemented.06:01
carpo-homejse: I will not argue... I'm just saying I used it, and it worked fine06:02
carpo-homejse: My use was a NAT server, which had a PPPoE tunnel, and that's it06:03
tilmanthe biggest problem is that there's no fsck for btrfs yet06:03
jseI am not arguing here. I have not kept a close eye on btrfs.06:03
tilmani had a couple of kernel lockups some week ago (not due to btrfs), and i suffered minor data loss after reboot06:03
carpo-hometilman: I think there is, but somewhere I read they decided it will not fsck a mounted partition06:03
tilmani would't recommend btrfs until the fsck thing is fixed.06:03
tilmancarpo-home: btrfsck cannot fix errors yet...06:04
jsetilman: at least not on important machines or files. :P06:04
tilmanjse: and not if you don't have proper power supply06:06
tilman(ie you either live in western europe or have UPS ;)06:06
jsebtrfs: the gambler's choice of fs :)06:07
jseAt least for now haha.06:07
jsecarpo-home: as a firewall and gateway, disk use is not going to be much anyway.06:09
carpo-homemy opinion is that if I'm running a serious purpose machine - it has UPS.06:09
carpo-homejse: That's why it worked perfectly for me06:09
carpo-homejse: The last Thursday I switched the machine in question to XFS, in hope I could put some old kernel from the stable series, say, and forget the machine existed, but... it turns out only kernels >= 2.6.34 start on that old Pentium...06:11
tadziksounds weird06:13
jseThat is strange indeed.06:13
tadzikI remember having a motherboard which didn't work with 2.6, but that is slightly different thing06:14
carpo-homeI'm guessing its some motherboard/CPU/BIOS issue, that is somehow fixed in recent kenrels06:14
carpo-homeon 2.6.27.y - it doesn't even show Decompressing the kernel... - it just reboots06:15
ROKO__its problem with lilo06:15
tadzikI don't think you want /dev/#DEVICE#06:16
tadzikread the lilo config once again06:17
ROKO__oh ^^06:17
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tadzikno flightgear on crux /o\06:24
tadzikhello jue06:24
jseNo BASICS, either.06:24
tadzikI wonder if it'll run on my intel06:24
carpo-homeGuys, I was wondering, how much space is needed to setup  a complete mirror for CRUX ?06:34
orcaintel i3 moron?06:36
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jsecarpo-home: depends what you host.06:47
carpo-homejse: what are my options?06:48
carpo-homejse: I mean, HTTP and FTP mirror can use same files, so space will be only what is for one of them, right?06:49
jseIf you look at the downloads page on the web site, some just host the iso, others host that, plus the usbdisk and source iso.06:49
carpo-homeI am interested in the total HDD space it would take06:50
jseYou'll have to talk with someone who is a crux core member about this though.06:50
jsejue or tilman for example.06:50
carpo-hometilman: can you help on the matter?06:51
jseHow much bandwidth do you have for mirroring?06:56
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cipppBETA Release of core EFL07:10
horrorStruckstill can't sync my port tree am I the only one ?07:47
juelooks like your dns setup is broken, do you have a valid entry in /etc/resolv.conf?07:51
horrorStruckusing my ISP dns, let me try with google's07:51
horrorStruckbut yeah, /etc/resolv.conf points to my router address to answer your question07:52
jueoh, just see that it seems to work for contrib but not for the rest, that's strange07:53
horrorStruckyep, with google's dns, it worked better but failed with xfce repo. super strange07:56
horrorStruckjust got a new connection (new isp) yesterday07:56
horrorStrucksome additional weirdness:
jueah, might be that the xfce 2.7 repo isn't exported to rsync yet08:00
juewill ask tilman to add that08:01
horrorStruckwell, it's been few weeks i'm using it without any issue.08:01
juehmm, are you sure, a 'rsync' gives me a 40408:02
horrorStruckyes definitely sure :) maybe the 2.7 release made this happen08:04
jueI mean using the 2.7 repo of xfce?08:05
horrorStrucki have been using 2.7 excusively on this machine (installed -rc2), for the xfce repo, i just installed one port out of it (librsvg) but i never noticed any problem when syncing the tree until yesterday08:08
kreedHappy new CRUX08:09
horrorStruckjue: ok forget it, it seems that I modified xfce.rsync yesterday evening to make it point to 2.7 oh and yeah i completely forgot. please someone kill me08:13
horrorStruckanyway, thanks for the heads up wrt the broken dns of my new isp08:14
horrorStruckbeer doesnt make you a happy cruxer :P08:16
cippphorrorStruck: i make some ports for xfce-git if you want to try ...08:19
horrorStruckthanks cippp but in fact i'm not using xfce, i was only interested in one port08:19
juehorrorStruck: to be independed from my provider or anyone others dns resolver I'm using unbound, works very well and you can use DNSSEC with it08:19
horrorStruckjue: thanks jue, i dont know unbound but i'm going to serach for it just right now08:20
jueIMO the best dns resolver currently and very easy to setup08:21
horrorStruckdescription looks great... and it's in opt :)08:22
jueyeah ;)08:22
horrorStruckbuilding it as we speak08:24
tadzikyay, I got xine-lib working08:35
cipppi have08:36
tadzikyeah, same issue08:37
tadzikyou can poke Romster to update it08:37
thrice`so nice seeing the crux penguin on distrowatch :p08:40
horrorStruckjue: thanks a lot for mentioning unbound ! got it working with DNSSEC in no time, works great so far.08:42
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cipppI guess that this is because I compiled, eina, but I didn't install it yet.08:53
cipppI wanted to wait and see if I can compile everything before I start the08:53
tadzikdoes valgrind work for you on 2.7 guys?08:53
cippptadzik: why dont work ?09:02
tadzikcippp: illegal hardware instruction09:02
cipppoh , x86_64 ?09:02
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tadzik1 0 * * * | perl ~/ > $(echo ~/emmentaler/views/`date +"%d-%m-%y"`.tt) -- is there anything wrong with this cronjob?11:55
tadzikIt gives no results, yet I have no mails with errors11:55
jaegerperhaps the pipe is messing it up? just a guess, haven't tested11:57
tadzikthis is running on 00:01 everyday, isn't it?11:57
jaegerlooks like it, yes11:59
jaegeris in the path when crond runs it?11:59
tadziklooks like no, it's in ~/.perl6/bin, which is set in my .profile12:00
tadzikthat probably explains it12:00
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ROKO__how update crux ?12:23
tadzikhow to?12:24
ROKO__how up to date my crux12:26
ROKO__what is cmd line ?12:26
tadzikthe command is ports -u && prt-get sysup12:26
ROKO__system is up to date12:27
ROKO__how search packages12:28
ROKO__and how install it ?12:28
treachman prt-get12:28
treachfor updating to a newer release, have a look in the handbook12:28
tadzikread the handbook anyway12:31
treachheh, it's more of a "flyer" than a "book" :P12:32
tadzikit contains everything you need though :)12:32
tadzikWhich is good, has a higher chance to be read :)12:32
ROKO__give link12:33
* treach looks around and wonders what happens if he leaves to the north12:34, look around12:34
tadziktreach: A wild Archlinux appears!12:34
* treach runs12:35
ROKO__tadzik pkgmk -d ?12:35
ROKO__in port directory12:35
ROKO__or easy use prt-get ?12:35
tadzikCan't escape! Archlinux uses KISS! It's not very effective...12:35
tadzikROKO__: just read the handbook, or the man pages12:36
tilmanThe Archlinux hits!12:36
tilmanThe Archlinux hits!12:36
tilmanYou die...12:36
tilmanDo you want your possessions identified?12:36
tadziksure, Elder Kain!12:37
tilmani didn't think that's what elder kain says12:37
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tadzikme neither12:38
tadzikI think it was Kain in the first part, maybe I had some borked translations12:39
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ROKO__[CRUX]Linux host #2 SMP Sun Oct 3 17:03:46 UTC 2010 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux12:39
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tilmantadzik: i just googled it; it's cain the elder in the first part12:39
tadzikoh my bad :)12:40
tilmantadzik: "stay a while and listen" i think12:40
ROKO__[CRUX]guys what is meta packages for desktop installation12:41
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tadzikROKO__[CRUX]: define: desktop installation12:41
ROKO__[CRUX]gnome, xfce, and etc12:41
tadzikthere are external repos for 'em12:41
ROKO__[CRUX]where is12:42
tadzikman, work on your english one day. You can find them on
ROKO__[CRUX]cannot undarstend12:47
thrice`ROKO__[CRUX], add the xfce repo from, add it to /etc/prt-get.conf, and then install it :>12:52
ROKO__[CRUX]okay thanks12:53
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frinnstim amazed at the number of infected sites still trying to bruteforce ssh13:50
jaegeryeah, that's kinda ridiculous14:01
frinnstjust had a look at my sheevaplug's authlog :)14:02
frinnst5.2M Oct  3 06:25 auth.log.114:02
frinnsti.. maybe logged in 2-3 times during that week14:02
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andariusgreetings ands salutations17:50
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lowellgrippoJust burned 2.7 to CD and can't wait to install. Thanks guys for all of your hard work on this great distro! :)21:34
jaegerenjoy :)21:42
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